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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Made Over Ch. 03

fetish gbr2004 2017-11-23

Embarrassed to look up at him, I answer, "Yes Sir, it's so big." He release my hand but I don't move it and slowly move my hand so I can feel his cock better. "I want to suck your cock Sir, I want you to cum in my mouth." Moan as he pulls my hair pulling my head back and then licking up one side of my face. "Walk for me Stevie, show me how much you want to go out and be a good little fagboy for me," he says to me. So scared I answer him, "I will be a good sissy Daddy." My face feels like its on fire. Dan looks at Daddy, "I can't just give her a good grade for sucking my cock," he tells him.

Her Panty Obsession

fetish Stories 2017-11-23

One day when I was doing laundry, I noticed a stunning pair of panties that belonged to my mother. I moved my hand back down inside my panties and gently began rubbing my swollen clit. I held my mothers panties to my nose and continued inhaling deeply, enjoying the way she smelled. I began fingering myself through the nylon material and in a matter of moments I came, still inhaling my mother's sweet aroma. Satisfied that I had had enough foreplay, I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled her sweet smelling pussy. Getting more creative, I turned the panties inside out and began licking the crotch of them, tasting the sweet, bountiful flavor of my friend's juicy pussy.

Submission to Sasha

fetish cby2 2017-11-23

Sasha grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and grinded her body against my cock. Without warning, she removed her wet fingers from my mouth and slowly placed them in my ass. Are you going to fuck my ass good?" I was so ready to penetrate Sasha's perfect ass, but it appeared as if it was going to be me who was going to be fucked. Sasha began to lick my ass and finger it as she had done before. "Sasha, I want to fuck you," I screamed. "I want to fuck you, Sasha!" I stood up and held Sasha by her ass as she continued to fuck me in the strattled position.

Scent of a Cuckold

fetish cuckytoher 2017-11-23

Patrick immediately began chatting Nikki up at the bar when she turned to me and said she's forgotten her cell phone at the house and I needed to go back and get it for her. A big hunk like Patrick, a gorgeous Road King, a beautiful vacation home in the mountains with a hot tub and a master bedroom that he is DEFINITELY master of!" She laughed again as my cock started to harden. And when I tell her I'm ready, she'll bring me right to the edge and just as the cum starts to come out of my cock she'll remove her hands and laugh as she watches my cock twitch and jerk as I try in vain to latch onto something for friction which she does not allow.

Episode 62: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

fetish dasx2 2017-11-23

Baby Bear gagged, but kept on sucking, not wanting to miss a drop – then finally her own orgasm starting as a funny fluttering feeling in her tummy spread down into her freshly licked pussy, flooding Daddy bear’s mouth with cream. Dog growled; Goldilocks panted, Mummy Bear was panting too, Daddy Bear had already cum all over his tummy, Baby Bear licked it up – they were all loving this sex scene. Goldilocks smiled up at her reflection in the mirrored ceiling – her mouth full of Daddy Bear’s cock, her ripe young tits being kissed and mauled by Mummy Bear and Baby Bear’s snout snuffling around her crotch, searching for the way in.

Horny, Pregnant and Dripping Ch. 01

fetish xxistential 2017-11-23

"Sure," he said with a sigh, "it's not like I'm getting anywhere fast with this." He stood and started walking down the hall to Mae's office. Dave always got along with Mae, and They often went out for drinks with other co-workers after work hours 5'6" tall, fairly petite, with shoulder length black hair and green eyes, Mae wasn't too bad to look at either, if a bit skinny for his tastes. "What," said Dave, looking at the screen, "sex with a guy with a 14 inch cock while bent over a motorcycle?" Dave's mind reeled as his mind built an image of Mae, her legs spread and propped up on her desk, skirt raised, fingers buried in her panties as she looked at the hardcore sites on her computer.

First stallion ... (feat. Weedstar)

fetish 2017-11-23

Since I noticed that had the NEN new stallion, a brown, a little younger and pissed then squinted grad and I'm holding times on his cock, already had experience with dogs. I was getting horny, the stallion had So'n giant acorn and got an amazing cock... My juice was already running through their fingers because I was really horny by the tail, and as my friend, this enormous, black, veined part massaged and jerked ... The stallion was getting restless ...'m like a dog on his penis sucked licked and nibbled. So I sucked like crazy and she jerked the giant cock faster and harder, this was now loose 35-40 cm long and almost as thick wie'n Mixerydose!

A Deal Offered

fetish LockedSissySubmissive 2017-11-23

"Look, give me a sec and I'll come down a talk to you." I wanted to take off this ridiculous outfit now, knowing it was going to continually antagonise her, but she was having none of it. If I hadn't of interrupted you, sorry about that baby, you would've shot our wad into your panties just like a little girl." She was stroking my dick gently as she said this occasionally running her fingers gently over my bottom too. To be a little Sissy making cummies in her panties?" As she asked this she turned on the vibrating wand I hadn't realised she had and began running it along my exposed shaft. It looks like we have a deal Sissy." I was shaking uncontrollably as Emma came around the chair and stroked my sweating face.

The Research Subject

fetish manypaintbrushes 2017-11-23

I gripped his hand, stared into his pupils and thought, without any idea why, "Here's the man who's going to destroy me." I thought I caught a hint of a smirk from him; oh how little I knew then. I wondered if he thought I would spend half the day crying and the other half worshiping him the way our superiors seemed to. We were put together on a team of scientists studying a rare virus and working to develop a vaccine. Without a hint of irony, he looked up from the specimens he was studying and said, "I guess you look slightly like Geena Davis". One afternoon I was preparing to leave for the day and was looking forward to joining my colleagues for happy hour after work.

Daddy's Piss Receptacle

fetish ChewToySub 2017-11-23

my dirty daughter likes licking my cock clean, hm?" He asked, relaxing on the couch with my mouth wrapped around his dick head. I was expecting him to slowly pull out, then back in, then we'd be fucking like Daddy and Daughter should! I could feel my ass being filled like an enema, but the warmth and source of the fluid turned me on so much I started leaking pre-cum in my panties. So there I was; standing at the front door, fully dressed like a girl, with a special buttplug sealing in a healthy supply of my Daddy's piss in my ass, my booty shorts and panties holding everything in place. Daddy pulled down my shorts, and my panties, and took them right off this time.

An Afternoon Encounter

fetish MrEroticaMax 2017-11-23

You're a cock sucking whore." As he said it Max took a second step towards Nikita. Now open your mouth, slut." Max didn't wait for Nikita to respond - he forced her head towards his cock, pushing the head past her lips and into her mouth. She looked up at Max with her sparkling blue eyes as she sucked the head of his cock. Max took over the blowjob at this point, firmly gripping Nikita's head and pushing his thick cock in and out of her mouth. Roughly, Max pulled Nikita's head off of his cock and slapped her across the face with his other hand. "Thank you for the cum and the opportunity to suck your cock sir." Nikita smiled as she said it.

My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 5)

fetish illdoitforyouinhull 2017-11-23

I slowly kissed down her stomach while moving both hands up and down her sides, to her knees then back up inside her legs finishing with massaging either side of her soaked love lips. I pulled out my spunky fingers and raised my hand to her waiting mouth, she sucked them dry and she said "That was amazing I have never had anyone clean me afterwards like that, they usually turn over and go to sl**p!" I replied "Well that's not me, I like to show a woman a good time and take care of ALL of her needs..... As I rasped my tongue over her clit again while easing two fingers inside her, she began to moan as I pushed them in and out "HHhhmmm Steve, Oooooooo Steve, Steve Mmmmmmmmm!" I started to do the "come here" motion deep inside her with my two fingers.

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 02

fetish magic_tantra 2017-11-23

I told her it was too big for the first time but Claire insisted because she wanted to teach him a lesson about anal penetration; showing him how much she put herself through when he fucked her in the ass. Good things had to come to an end and Claire pulled her tongue out of my asshole giving me a lot painful slap across my ass cheeks to get my attention. Grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them as far apart as she could Claire opened her mouth and let out the scream of the banshee shifting her hips forward driving the dildo all the way into my rectum. The moment Claire came she released my lower lip and cried out pushing the dildo all the way into me so hard my bladder immediately let lose like a fire hose.

Oh Jack!

fetish Gemsissy 2017-11-23

I smiled and walked over, keeping a hand on my shorts, feeling my cock already stirring. "Oh, right," she said quietly as her hand began to massage my ass through my panties. "Now, if you want me to put this cock in you, pull your panties down to your ankles, squat a little so your legs can spread against the ladder." Tell me what a sissy you are and ask me to fuck your pussy!" she said in a firm, pushy tone. Please fuck my pussy," I blurted loud this time, desperate to feel that beautiful cock pushed in me by this lovely woman. "Oh god, yes, yes!" I carefully got down off the ladder and pulled up my panties.

Two-way Golden Enema

fetish RayneDor 2017-11-22

He then set down the device for a moment and motioned for Lana to turn around, When she did so, he slipped the tube between the pretty cheeks of her bottom, pressing the neck against her waiting anus and squeezed. Lana took the condom attachment for the clear plastic tube and held it up as Todd reached for the pitcher. Lana watched in the mirror as the bright amber fluid snaked down the tube, filling both nozzles, and then she gasped as the hot liquid began flooding her waiting asshole. She gripped tightly with her anal muscles, holding the nozzle in its grip, and began to move back and forth, fucking Todd with the wide plastic nozzle at his end, forcing the tip back and forth over his swollen prostate.

"The Infamous Five": A Tribute

fetish 2017-11-22

At their boarding school, the sadistic Headmaster takes a special interest in Dick after he was caught being sodomized in the toilets by a few of the older boys on the rugby team. To prevent the whole sorry affair going onto his permanent report Dick begged and pleaded with the headmaster to allow him to "lick Sir's special place until it makes you happy" each afternoon, just before tea. Julian takes Aunt Fanny's well-worn panties to sniff when he's jacking off over the toilet. It was all a bit messy, but Aunt Fanny seemed happy to lick the cum off Julian, although she would sometimes push his head down and f***e him to lick his own cum off the toilet until it was clean, slapping his ass as she did so.

The Writer and the Black Master

fetish dsoul 2017-11-22

The book signing event at the Barnes and Noble shop was proceeding perfectly into the evening. And you're buying." "Sure, sure, I'm buying. "Let's just get me watered down, and maybe we'll see how good thing night goes." "Yes, if you won't mind following me." One thing I'd like to know, all those erotic escapades you wrote in your books, are they for real?" Yes, they are all real. Shango heard that and looked at him and said: "Lead the way and we'll follow." Damien slid into the backseat first followed by Casey and then Shango who shut the door. The man had ounces of stamina; he was like an Energizer battery that could go for days.


Pee In the Park

fetish B_Couric 2017-11-22

He opened his eyes and looked down, surprised to see Monique using his penis like a faucet, pointing it at her left hand, her palm receiving the flow as she redirected it to the ground. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of him filling her up, slowly but surely as his small strokes opened her up to his invasion. He never wanted it to end, the pure bliss his cock felt as it penetrated Monique, but he passed the point of no return, forcing himself deep into her, wishing he could pee again, pretending to as his cum spurted deep against her cervix, dropping through, sperm racing furiously looking for a prize.

Consultation with a Castratrix

fetish madismaximus 2017-11-22

Before I can ask her what sort of things she is referring to, Ms. van Gelder tells me to go through a door to her exam room. Ms. van Gelder asks Nurse Elaine how the milking is coming. Ms. van Gelder and Nurse Maryann watch, giggling and smirking slyly, as Nurse Elaine firmly, but sweetly, milks my bursting cock. After I am done squirting, Ms. van Gelder tells me what a good boy I am, and thanks me for giving them such a sexy show. "Excellent, excellent," said Ms. van Gelder, smiling smugly and squeezing and plucking at my profferred scrotum, "that's more like it." She nodded to Nurse Maryann, who handed her a scalpel.

Thea and Brad

fetish Timewell 2017-11-22

"In the movie you watch as her feet slide across his lap," Thea looked right at him while running her hand back up her calf to her knee tortuously slow. Brad imagined that for her knees to be so high that her feet could be resting on his shoulders that her thighs and all that her skirt concealed must be just inches behind his head. Thea slowly turned her feet inward so that her toes touched the inside of Brad's thighs, mere inches from where his jeans were bunched up stifling his throbbing cock. He looked down his spasming body gasping uncontrollably and watched thick waves of spunk pour from the head of his cock ontp Thea's feet and his own belly.

Enter Mister Big

fetish WatchingAndWaiting 2017-11-22

"Like a big, ol' cock!" Tasha handed it back to chewing-gum girl, who wrapped it back up and put it back in the box. The cavity was bigger around than my erection, and regardless of what chewing-gum girl has said, there was very little flexing going on. I was fucking Tasha, but my own cock was just hanging out, slapping against the inside of Mister Big's interior. I dutifully humped faster and more vigorously and I noticed that it was pleasant to feel my own cock slapping against the insides of Mister Big when I was fucking especially hard. "Baby that was amazing," Tasha was lying back with her eyes closed, breath coming in gasps, as I extricated my raging hard-on from Big's innards, and positioned to pump myself to glory.

Lolita Livingstone Ch. 01

fetish shiveringgirl123 2017-11-22

Lolita Livingstone opened up a bottle of firewhiskey and pressing it to her lips tilted her head back gently, she closed her eyes as the hot liquid warmed her throat and the heat spread through her body. Most of the time was spent focusing on their new swollen chests but Lolita, feeling adventurous had let her hands wander further over Athena's body, finding her clit and gently rubbing it until Athena's moans got so loud that Lolita had to press her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet as her body shook with pleasure and experienced her first orgasm before slipping off into the sexiest dream she'd ever experienced. Smiling as the memories filtered back to her she became aware of the cool air on her skin, they's slept naked above the covers, goodness knows what the other girls had thought when they'd returned to their beds that night to find Lolita and Athena there.

Barely Legal Birthday Boys

fetish teengirerin 2017-11-22

The next day a high school boy, Buzz, arrived at my house with a pick-up truck full of firewood. So right there in my backyard i pulled down Buzz's pants and underwear and took his penis in my hand and started stroking it. I have this weakness for shy guys, so i told Buzz that of course i would wish his friend a happy birthday. Then, this guy was about to cum, he moved up to my face and put his right hand around the base of his cock and began using his penis like a bully club and he beat it really hard against my face. For one thing, the next time Buzz brought over one of his birthday boys, i was leaving my panties on.

Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love Ch. 03

fetish RVon 2017-11-22

For the next several minutes as his car inched its way out of the parking lot, Tom fought an intense internal battle between his desire to give in and fill Angelina's mouth with cum and his resolve to keep the enjoyment going and yet hold it in for later. Tom unzipped Angelina's leather jacket and removed her arms from the sleeves, re-inserting the cigarette holder back between the index and middle fingers of her right gloved hand. With each stroke and every glance he took of the cigarette holder Angelina held in her gloved hand or her booted legs with the 4" heals, he threatened to cum, but still Tom held out.