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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Night with Sir

fetish Tommyboy99 2017-11-22

Laying back again on this bed, cock hanging out of his jeans with no shirt on, Rich wondered what he was going to do to make Rick get a quick boner. He didn't want to come too soon for Rick tonight, he looked through a draw that held cock rings and ball stretchers. Rick watched as Rich moved to as he was told, his legs apart and his body leaning against the cool metal pole so there was friction between his cock, skirt and pole. "How many times did you come today?" he asked as he watched Rich move against the pole, moving with his hips to caress himself against the smooth metal.

Lesson Plan Ch. 04

fetish GettingItDone 2017-11-22

Uncharacteristically for Jerome, my prize comes earlier than expected, as he rips his stiff pole from my mouth and begins to spit out shot after shot of warm spunk onto my flushed face. What do you say slut, do you want me to piss on your face to wash away the cum?" "Oh please sir, will you piss on my slut face to wash off all the cum on it?" "That's a good slut; let my piss wash your face. He then began to turn and walk away, leaving me to collect my thoughts and decide if I wanted to cum now or wait until I got home.

Part the Third

fetish 2017-11-22

I pushed my shorts mid way down my thighs and let Lily snap a phots of my pussy which she then sent to Beth Crawford. I watched Lily and Joel fuck on the rubber raft before tumbling beneath the water as Beth and I howled with laughter. We sucked and fingered on another for a good period of time when Beth suddenly rose from the bed and walked over to a large chest sitting on the floor. Lily was sitting atop Joel, her back to him but facing us and riding his cock with quick sharp thrusts of her hips. Beth reluctantly withdrew the dildo from my cunt and began fucking Lily as Joel took over and was now ramming his cock into my agitated cunt.

Creamy Resolution for the New Year

fetish DiggerDave 2017-11-22

Each time that Sally told me that she wanted to use one of her cards and give me a 'special' night I wondered if she had found a lover and was going to give me a fresh cream pie. I think that some of the success of our special card nights was the anticipation, the waiting, and the wondering exactly what was going to happen that lead up to them On Friday I came home from work and was surprised to see Sally's car already in the drive. Sally laughed and said "I did think long and hard about your seventh special card last New Year and not long ago I got Simon to fill me up just like you wanted."

Bitter Sweet 05

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2017-11-22

I'd expected Dafne to be still in bed waiting and was pleasantly surprised to find her sitting at the dressing table wearing a sports bra. She paused to watch me bundle it down the chute then said "Come, you can wash my back." She paused again at the shower, letting me step in to turn it on and wet my hair for a second time. I picked up our cups then walked over to the door and down to the kitchen where I found Dmitri preparing bowls of cereal for himself and Chloe. I turned away and crossed to the bed, sitting so I could still watch her as she finished positioning her breasts inside the tight blouse.

Sara's Vanilla Soles Ch. 01

fetish fcker912 2017-11-22

Shannon would never let her hear the end of it if she saw her neglected toes, so Sara thought it would be best to keep them hidden. Sara wriggled her toes in pleasure, flexing her smooth feet. And Sara's feet were pretty, but Julian knew he could make them look gorgeous. Julian loved legs nearly as much as feet, and Sara's were delightful. Sara was fully relaxed, enjoying the thorough pampering she was receiving, unaware of how much Julian needed this today. He rubbed plenty of oil into her skin, gliding his strong hands over her perfectly smooth feet. Sara looked down at her feet, admiring Julian's talent. She rubbed her soft, oiled feet together in total admiration of Julian's careful attention.

The magic toes of a young women

fetish 2017-11-22

She unbuttons my pants, unzips me and pulls my cock out with her toes. While holding my cock she bends and suck the head, while stoking the shaft with her toes. Pretty nice and my sexual pressure is going nuts, I am imaging some great sex after dinner. first time I give oral and feel toes working my head in position and speed. I mount and she arches her ass up to me, legs wrapped around my body and we fuck like no time in my life. her leg over me like an arm as she runs her toe over my mustache. To allow me on top she wraps her toes around my cock.


fetish bjnightengale69 2017-11-22

"Darling you are so very responsive." He pushed her thong to the side and grazed her naked clit, pressing firmly he slapped her hard again on the ass. "Lovely darling, I know that you've been a very naughty young lady." She moaned in agreement and wriggled her ass, he slapped it forcefully. "You are so ready darling." She heard the crinkle of a wrapper and he slapped her again, and again, and again, the pain mounting, she moaned at the pleasure of the sting, he slapped her hard, lifted her hips and was inside her. "Oh bella, darling, I'd better finish you off." He pulled out quickly and flipped her over so that the belt bit even further into her wrists.

Mary My Milf Nylon Queen! (she Travels On The Sam

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2017-11-22

"Dear Mr nylon fan thanks for the time spent looking at my legs each day, sometimes it made my day after a hard day at the office, I've told my husband how you admire my legs and he really gets off on it, so as a special treat we bought the stockings/tights for your lady I've presumed she's medium to large, hope I'm correct, and not being rude, if not maybe you can get some pleasure from them yourself (well it is 2013) also i bet you wondered if I wore stockings or tights, we`ll now you know, as you can see I wore both depending in my mood, I could always see you guessing and trying to find the clasps of my suspender belt or if id slip up and give you a glimpse of thigh it stocking top and I knowI never did LOL!

I'm A Ticklish Girl Pt. 01

fetish tklish 2017-11-22

Steve stretched my right arm right above my head, anchoring it with his strong left hand, and started to lightly pinch my right waist with his fingers as he whispered to my ear: Beware of the spider dear, he is crawling all over your bare skin..., Well, darl, are we ticklish today? But Steve was already carried away, I felt his heavy breathing, he pulled a blanket over us, and moved his hand in small circular motion, barely touching my right armpit. Steve continued the chin massage over my ribs, and started groping my soft full tit under the blanket, pinching my sensitive nipple as I scream at him: Ohhh, you beast, stop thaaaat!!

University Life Ch. 03

fetish blindjack 2017-11-22

I needed more. "It's now time to see how kinky you really are. I no longer had the force to shoot my come into the air, but it continued to ooze from the tip of my manhood, covering her toes and feet. This was all the encouragement I needed. The warm water had made me feel like pissing, but I had not wanted to do it in the shower; with Cynthia watching. It would be great if you could shoot a stream of sperm like that all over me." Getting to her feet; Cynthia again surprised me by saying, "Now it's my turn. The sight of that golden waterfall flowing from her hairless brown crotch was making me hard.

Better the Second Time Around

fetish anonymous3 2017-11-22

A few minutes later Tasha reappeared and tilted her head toward a door in the back left wall of the shop. As I took my seat next to Tasha, she said, "Ethan, this is Kim." She pointed at the brunette in the recliner. Tasha added, "We've been good friends for like five years." Kim, Ethan has been a regular at the coffee shop for about nine months. I looked the guest in the face and said, "Kinda got the "possibly naughty librarian" thing going with the glasses and the hair. Kim was watching with interest, and she smiled slyly as I looked at her over Tasha's shoulder.

"My Wife Would Never Cheat on Me" Blacke

fetish 425olds 2017-11-22

Ginger was the total opposite of Toni, knowing she looked hot and taking advantage of her incredible body. With Jeff's mouth over her clit and Ginger's mouth on her nipple, Toni lost the battle and began Cumming. Knowing she was going to fuck him over, Ginger reached down between her legs and began to frig her clit towards an orgasm. Ginger watched Jeff hold Toni's hips tight again and deliver his second load into her married friend's fertile womb. She wanted to know exactly when he saw Toni being cum in by that huge cock fucking her married little cunt. With that comment Ginger hung the phone up and frigged herself to another even more powerful orgasm while she listened to Jeff fucking Toni and Cumming in her again..

Fantasies Fulfilled, All at Once

fetish Yuppers12345 2017-11-22

But Stephanie and Rachel knew how to look up a history and decided to see where I had been. Rachel was staring at pictures of women sitting on each other's faces, while the woman underneath was forced to lick her ass. I think we should go thank Max for letting us stumble upon this." Rachel said. It was soon, but I really wanted to feel Stephanie cum all over my face. I couldn't hold it anymore, the feeling of my tongue in her pussy, my fingers in her asshole, and Rachel's feet on my dick. Stephanie wanted to taste my cum, so she licked my cock cleaning it up, then grabbed Rachel and kissed her passionately, tasting my jizz from her mouth.

Part 3 - Lisa Comes In

fetish ahsleymills 2017-11-22

I tried to reach down to feel my cock and Lisa slapped my hand away saying, “No, you can’t get off yet.” But then suddenly, almost at the same time, Kelly and Lisa both came like they timed it. We really couldn’t get much action this way since I had to do all the moving and trying to lift Kelly at the same time but feeling Lisa’s long cock deep in my ass was incredible. Kelly climbed off of me and laid on bed, spreading her legs saying, “Come on over here and fuck me good baby.” I went over to Kelly and pulled my panties aside, releasing my cock.

Introduction to Chastity

fetish klammer 2017-11-22

chastity belt and I agreed to wear it and for her to keep the keys to I wanted to wear a chastity belt, but knowing Carla, if I didn't agree Monday after work I was measured for my new chastity belt. "Carla I need you to unlock my belt. I finally started to figure out that me locked in a chastity belt and locking me in my new chastity belt and helping me to become a better A couple days after my second orgasm Carla came home with something new. "I bought some nice accessories for your chastity belt Peter. store wearing nothing but your chastity belt and thigh bands you will chastity belt and three on the thigh hobbles.

Soft Dribble

fetish Spar 2017-11-22

As she began to bend her knees, the lips slowly spread apart, a clear viscous string of her cum draping across her cunt-hole. "You did such a great job of eating we, sucking my cunt and ass, I am going to dribble my pee all over your face. "Oh, fuck, yes Mistress, please pee, just dribble all over my face, my lips." Take some of your cock-juice on your baby-finger and work it softly into my ass. Spread the hole open, softly." Her middle finger worked vigorously in the small space between his nose and mouth. "Now I plan to make you dribble, Nasty Boy." As she spoke, her right hand, slick from her own juices, encircled his cock.

First Time Cuckold Ch. 05

fetish Angelscuck 2017-11-22

Oscar started sucking my well fucked pussy with great zeal, licking up all the cum that Jordi had deposited. Oscar looked up at me, his face dripping with saliva, cum and pussy juice and asked, "Do you want me to continue Bea? He then, unable to look Jan and Betty in the eye said, "My wife, eh, I mean mistress Irene has gone on vacation with her lover Jordi because she needed a real man's cock to satisfy her because my penis is too small and she cannot feel it. She has made me her sissy maid to remind me that I am not a real man and if I am good, she lets me watch her fuck other men and suck their cum from her pussy.

A Wet Afternoon

fetish marielit 2017-11-22

He crossed the room wearing only a black t shirt and a pair of tight boxer shorts, his cock and balls tight and swollen in front of him, he stood watching her up close and started to rub his cock in front of her, she looked up to watch him, it looked about 8" hard and his hand moved effortless up and down making delicious sloshing sounds, she loved the way his hand moved quickly back, hitting his balls each time, a feeling she could tell he enjoyed by the deep breathing and twitching of his cock each time he did it. He quickly pulled out rubbing his throbbing hard on, Alice's pussy juice smeared all over his cock, dripping from the tip, and moved up her body on his knees, she watched and rubbed her cunt as he squirted hard all over her face, pumping out squirt after squirt of cum in her mouth, in her hair and all over her neck and chest.

My Girls f****y

fetish albion64 2017-11-22

Diane was cumming and her hot young cunt sucked the cum out of Jim's cock forcing him to fill her wet pussy with a big load of sperm as he reamed his thick prick up Diane's slick hole banging her balls deep with each climatic thrust. Mary watched as I plunged my long stiff meat up her daughter Kim's hot tight pussy ramming my prick balls deep into Kim's slippery slit with hard fast strokes as Kim licked and sucked Diane's sperm filled cunt and fingered her tight little anus with two fingers. Dan started to thrust in the young girl's hot cunt hard and fast as he shot his load deep in her cunt making her climax as his daughter Jill pulled on the girl's erect nipples and flooded her face with her own climatic juices.

A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 02

fetish chauncygardner 2017-11-22

She pursed her lips sexily at me, shook her bosom (but kept her arm bra in place), then turned to Magnus. Then she leaned forward and placed her face near the top of Magnus's pre cum oozing cock head. "I want you to say 'I like Magnus's cock in my mouth'." Say you like Magnus's cock in your mouth!" She indicated her chest, hidden, although somewhat inadequately, by her arm. She straddled him on the sofa, ran her fingers into his hair, and rubbed her Asian tits into his face. When she rose from the kiss her cum coated tits were right before my eyes. Magnus made his way back upstairs, CJ had gotten me a glass of water finally, then helped me from the wheelchair.

Laundry Room

fetish Story_Guy00 2017-11-22

I helped her with the baskets into the laundry room then said good-bye and headed back to my place. She was totally covered in milk, and I moved forward to start licking the sweat fluid from her body. I grabbed her head and told her I was going to cum and instead of lifting her head which I expected, she just took me into the back of her throat and made that tongue dance. I introduced myself to her and told her how I have always had fantasies about a woman with lactating breasts, and when I noticed the nursing bra in the laundry it made me hard.


fetish velvetpie 2017-11-22

After a long moment, catching her breath, Pam removed her fingers and let her body recover. She smiled, licking pussy cream from her fingers. The convenience store that Manny and his gang planned to rob was called Speedi Mart and she arrived at the appointed time: 12:55 am. She pushed her sloppy pussy onto his pole, riding it to her own nut and clutching the gun to her throat the entire time. Pam backed herself in between the Doritos and Ruffles and shoved her fingers as far as she could into her pussy, coating her digits with his cum and shouting again as she orgasmed at the thought. Pam turned away, licking her fingers with a guilty smile on her face.


Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 5

fetish Croozer 2017-11-22

She caressed my neck and shoulders, and to my shock said, "My poor boy...Gramma will comfort you." I must admit, she did look a bit like a sexy and trim granny the way she was dressed, but her words stunned me. She gently pulled me down onto the bed with her and said, "Please touch Gramma's breasts and belly, honey." After a few minutes of feeling her up, I climbed on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Mmmm...Gramma's slip feels so good on your cock, doesn't it?" With that, she pushed me up, pulled the straps of her slip off her shoulders, and said, "Here honey...put your cock between my breasts." She pushed them together, and I rubbed my throbbing and leaking penis along her cleavage.