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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Laura's Smelly Sex Games

fetish escalon 2017-11-22

Then, looking down at her feet thoughtfully, she added "although I guess it was just as hot toady and I walked even more so maybe they are just as bad." Again pretending to sound genuinely concerned, Laura turned to Erin and said "but really, tell me if it's too much and I'll put my shoes outside the door when we come back after a lot of walking, I mean I won't be offended or anything. "I want to lay her on the floor and walk on her with my little, sweaty would be so hot to rub my tan feet on her white thighs and soft pink breasts, then make her smell and lick my stinky soles and suck my oily toes...," Laura said with relish, salaciously emphasizing every word for her and Alec's enjoyment.

Devil in The Red Dress

fetish HornyPup 2017-11-22

She jabbed and thrusted hard and sank her cock deep into my throat cooing and trying to calm me but not letting go, pulling my head firmly down on her. “It is time for you to take my seed, now listen carefully (she caressed my face and hair), I want you to open your throat up to me as much as possible and scream for my cum, yes scream as I begin to rip your innocence away and make you a SLUT. She thrust her cock deep into my throat pumping wildly her balls ready to erupt in seconds, her body tightening ready to cum then she raised the dildo above her head like a knife and stabbed deep into my ass.

Squirting for the first time!

fetish weetoby68 2017-11-22

I moved my hands down, started stroking her thighs, I love the feel of nylon stockings, I reached up and found the top of her thong and pulled it down over her thighs and boots, I could see her pussy was all nice and wet already. I started rubbing my dick over her clit and entrance to her pussy, just pushing the tip in and no more, pulling it out again, covered in her sticky cunt juices. She told me that her pussy had now recovered and was ready for my tongue again, she was standing above me, I could see her pussy was still running with her juices, down her thighs and soaking the top of her stockings.

Teased, Denied and Sissified Ch. 04

fetish subbieman 2017-11-22

Looking up at her, I watched as she reached down for the back of my head, "C'mon sissy...just like I taught you...take it all the way." She pulled my hair back with her hand, then pushed my head down on it, "If you're not going to do it right, I'll do it for you." She began pumping her hips and fucking my mouth, pulling me deep and holding me there for a moment. A big smile came across her face as she slowed to catch her breath, "There we go sissy...a little squirt for me!" She reached down to gather with her fingers what wasn't trapped in the cage, "Clean it up like a good girl." I sucked the cum off her fingers as she pulled the dildo out of my ass.

Talyns Adventures: Part 1

fetish JasmineCS 2017-11-22

She gently pulled on the ring for a moment before releasing, a soft sigh escaping her lips as her legs began to kick slowly, treading water. Her legs suddenly dropped, the sand falling away into the darkness, leaving the elf to kick her legs and hold on for dear life, breathing in and out of that pocket of air. " The light Iltressa was holding dropped down her body, revealing those voluptuous breasts, flat smooth stomach, a long, thick cock that swayed down nearly to her knees, then finally the rest of her legs and slightly webbed feet. A small string of pearls remained outside her sex, and they slowly began to form a small circle, pressing out and up to encircle Talyns clit, vibrating heavily as the woman struggled to hold herself up.

A Work Mate's Girlfriend's Feet

fetish Jayuk000 2017-11-22

As the night wears on Megan starts to complain that she's been standing most of the day and that she's feeling sore being a little bit more confident with all the alcohol I had drank I cheekily asked "would you like a foot rub" her eyes brighten "that sounds great" she says she lifts her legs up and flicks off her dolly shoes revealing her beautiful feet and places them in my lap.

The Pack Ch. 07

fetish Quin 2017-11-22

I didn't need the jeans, I was told and though I didn't want to feel too naked and exposed I lifted each leg in turn stretching it out behind me and allowed the men to undress me down to knickers and bra. I had four cocks to satisfy – and if I wanted to complete my walk and get home in time without causing suspicion I knew I had better work hard – and give them good sex. I wasn't prepared to acknowledge 'The Pack' and felt nervous, in a weird sort of way, not being able to muster up enough bravado to simply say a carefree good-morning and deny them the pleasure of knowing they had rattled me, by pulling across my path, forcing me to walk in between the strangers.

Smurfette's Absolution part3

fetish wsgy411 2017-11-22

Now the green smurfs were doing renovations since I saw some of them doing roadconstruction, theywere paving the dirt roads with a concrete mixture, it wasn't long before I discovered that me and Chernov were now driving on a paved road. That is where Rick operates Green Smurf Radioand where any electronic message gets routed through before going to its final destination, in fact that's where me and Chernov were headed. "Mom doesn't mean it Dashie." said Rick. "Sure thing Dashie." said Rick. We followed Rick out of the Command Center, leaving Dashie to resume her daily nap. "How did you fall in love with Dashie?" asked Chernov. "I gotta goget Dashie some moonshine guys," said Rick, "I'll see you guys later."

Wife Helps Me Suck My Own Cock

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-22

I started masturbating myself and getting my cock hard, then I bent over towards my cock to see how close I could get to the head of my cock, the shower door opened and my wife had been watching me. My wife likes to control things, So she inserts a remote control vibrating bullet up my ass and when she wants to see me cum she cranks up the power on the remote and my prostate starts contracting and cum starts pouring out of my cock straight into my mouth. My wife looked over at me and started laughing, she said that "I would never be able to stick my cock in my ass, it wasn't long enough." She said that if I wanted to feel a cock in my ass that she would see if Bob would fuck me.

Sorority Male Slave Auction

fetish Chrs_Straight 2017-11-22

The young woman lucky enough to administer the actual whip strokes that made Perry first start to bleed, would be declared the “Princess of Pain,” and would get to choose any of the remaining men to be her personal slave victim for the night. The excited young woman delivered hard overhand strokes that streaked from Perry’s naked right shoulder down his back. He would wince as the hard, knotted leather whip struck his back, and then recoil as another young woman’s hands slapped his cock hard enough to make it bounce from side to side against his thighs. Perry’s bound, naked body shook in pitiful spasms each time she hit him with the knotted whip.

bbc slut

fetish cw67 2017-11-22

"Yes, it's Eric, the big black guy I work with." "Well you see Michael" she laughed, Eric is a real man, a dominant man cock, and I intend to make you pay for that." Eric says I have a right "Hello Big Cock" she laughed when he answered, "the wimp knows the "How do I look?" she asked, "do you think Eric will want to fuck me?" Have a wank imagining Eric's cock deep inside me if you like." thinking about what a slut Vicki was and it felt so good when I came. "Michael" she started, "now that I have sampled Eric's big cock, I have Eric has decided he wants to fuck me in our bed, to

the text

fetish Sir_Stephen345 2017-11-22

As she leaves her marital bed tonight she washes up, slips on a nice set of thigh highs to go with her dress, thong, scarf, coat, and boots. Pushing her with my body I bring her to the pavilion, reach down and pull her thong to her knees and sit her on the blanket I laid out on the table. A shot with my left so she clenches and then releases just in time for the right to come down hard, stinging my hand and the redness begins to glow instantly. Nothing to look at folks, just two people playing with an ipod at midnight in a park under a blanket with their asses in the air and nothing else going on.

The Chair Ch. 38

fetish Rickd_1960 2017-11-22

It was then near time that they should leave for the club so he and Dawn helped the redhead slip into the tight latex outfit. They were stroking both her arms, both her thighs, both her feet, her sides, both her breasts, and finally one hand ventured between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the latex. The latex encased redhead took Dawn's hands and helped her stand up. Dawn on the other hand was going to be forced to ride in the taxi completely naked except for the layer of body paint, some of which had begun to wear away since her time in the vacu-bed.

oral pleasure

fetish 2017-11-21

My tongue moves down i kiss hard into her groin then sucking repeating up an over her clit just avoidig contact till i reach her other groin her hips rocking herr pussy towards my tongue i resist move away lightly blowing her wet pussy a mixture of her juices and my mouth a cold shiver and she lifts her ass up to my lips i oblige my lips around her clit i suck it in my tongue flicking at it pushing her back down on to the bed her legs now tight around my neck my finger now circling her pussy feeling her juices surround my finger my lips teleasing my tongue slides down meeting finger and pussy the taste so good.

At My Wifes Mercy Part 3

fetish Cappsters 2017-11-21

"Good." I heard her hang the paddle somewhere on the wall, and then, looking into the mirror beneath me, saw my wife get under the table and kneel before my dangling cock—which, to my shame, was a little harder now than it was before Rachel started swatting my ass for the hell of it. But making you come, and then abusing your cock long after you've released your load...that sounds like a lot of fun, and I want to try it." Still gripping my shaft, she took her left index finger and started circling the head of penis, like she had done earlier, right before she dig her nail into me.

Lake: Isabel

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-11-21

The web page of pictures of women missing legs slowly fills as my hand strolls over my erection, my pants resting on the floor around my only foot. It is an ongoing fantasy, that she would have wanted to be like the woman in the pictures, or at least pretended to be that way. The remains of the past climax swirl down the drain like hopes of having Isabel back. I watch the water drain over the short stump of my left leg in drips and rivulets then splash over my remaining foot. I lean over, and kiss and nibble her lips, letting my tongue visit the inside of her mouth a few times.


Naughty Naomi Ch. 07

fetish toocold 2017-11-21

You want to wet yourself, piss in my bed, poo in your knickers and, I think, even filthier things?" She glanced over her shoulder and Naomi nodded. I think I know what you like, but you mentioned you'd had other thoughts?" Naomi blushed again, which just made Christina want to hug her. Because you want something in your dirty cunt, is that it?" The tip of the dildo parted Naomi's pussy lips and she gave a muffled sigh, which turned to a wince as Christina firmly gripped a sore bottom cheek with each hand and pushed, sinking the fake penis into Naomi, stretching her wet pussy until the head of the dildo hit her cervix.

Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 05

fetish xleglover 2017-11-21

Although aroused, Jen felt hurt and upset, so she pushed her husband away with her foot. Michael buried his head between his wife's legs, pulling her panties to the side, reveling in the soft delicate flesh that he knew Jen kept completely hairless from her ass to her bellybutton, except for a thin landing strip above her clit. He took her foot in his hand and lovingly caressed the high heel shoe, running his fingers along the smooth patent leather, lightly clutching the stiletto like it was his penis. "God, it feels good," Michael groaned, the feeling of Jen's high heel and her stockinged foot almost too pleasurable to bear.


fetish Serafina1210 2017-11-21

She fled, leaving an astonished Mr. Billings staring after her, mouth agape, and returned to her dorm room, where she closed herself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She felt euphoric, in a trance, empty, as if everything that made her human had left her, and she didn't have a thought, didn't know who she was, didn't feel anything but the smell, the flavor, the strange sense of her inside being outside, her digestion working in a beautiful circle. The room was quiet except for the liquid softly hissing through the urethra, then the splash, the acrid smell rising: it was strong and its heat startled her, and the gurgling, drain-like sound in her mouth aroused her, the knowledge that this was somebody else's pee - Amanda was an other-directed person.

At the Adult Store

fetish joe6977 2017-11-21

The other day i was at the porn shop looking for some fun toys that me and my husband would enjoy together. When i turned around to go to the next isle i noticed a couple looking at toys as well they looked very happy together. I told her it was ok but she kept insisting but the more she padded me the more her hands started to cup my breast. Her husband decide to get behind me and started to fondle my ass. I didnt know what to I was so turned on that a complete stranger and her husband would have the inclination to come at me like this. He was like what got into you, i told him i was feeling generous.

A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2017-11-21

I lifted up the beer and took a long swallow as his fingers gently and quietly pulsed in my cunny, gaining ground each time I heaved. Suddenly, deep in her cunt, two fingers jammed to the hilt as she bore her entire weight down on my hand, I felt something hard and round, like a marble. I took her face in my hands and began kissing her lips and nose, tasting her perfect teeth, a lingering odor of mud mixed with beer and Cuban tobacco. The combination of her gyrating to my pulsing finger and my probing relentless tonguing yields more cum, in fact, I pull everything out, and keeping her buttocks apart, the lovely hole stays wide open; all the spunk I deposited in her rectum dribbles out without so much of an effort.

The Best Yet

fetish lucky_guy_49 2017-11-21

Knowing she doesn't like me to rub her g-spot, instead I pushed my fingers toward her back, putting pressure on her that she could feel deep in her ass. I was bent over her, with the Feeldoe next to my face, and my own two fingers up my ass, gently stretching it, but when I looked at her, she was gazing at me and breathing hard, her mouth open as she watched me. I actually was reduced to whimpering as I was overwhelmed by all the sensations at once: straddling my beautiful wife as she moved the full length of the Feeldoe inside me, my dripping cock in my right hand, and a fluttering in my abdomen unlike any orgasm I'd had before.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 08

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2017-11-21

As with most car swap meets, vendors appeared selling craft items, flowers and shrubs, new reproduction car and bike parts, and clothing. Dollie regularly bought leather or vinyl biker type clothing and lacy undergarments from the same older woman vendor. Again, just a few vendor spaces down from the lady who gave Dollie clothing discounts and pasties was a new biker wear vendor into female leather clothing only. As I scrounged through dirty rusty car parts across the isle, Dollie tried on an extremely low revealing leather biker babe top in the guy's cube van. The vendor man explained he'd been looking for a model to demonstrate his clothing line on his internet web site.

New Neighbour New Role Part 2

fetish waraxe13 2017-11-21

'Take the camera Jen.' Said Cassandra, but Jen had other ideas, as Jamal was busy fucking her mouth with the biggest cock I'd ever seen – it was as thick as Mistress' forearm and just as long. Sandy grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, making me gag on her cock, which seemed the better option, as if I tried to pull out, Cassandra's fist would go deeper. 'How does it feel,' Cassandra said, as she placed her hands together as if in prayer, 'Having your manhood taken away from you,' Pushed the hands inside me, 'And knowing deep down that you are not a man, but a worthless, sissy slut, who is only good for being fucked?'