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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

When in Rome Anything Is Possible

fetish lustyinlove 2017-11-21

Stacy whispered, "I am not going to touch you for this entire flight but I wanted you to have a little taste of what's to come when we get to our hotel." This guy was amazing and after my anxiety went down a bit I looked over at Stacy and said, "I love this! Stacy looked up at me with her eyes wide open and said, "come on my pussy baby, I want to feel your hot cum run down my pussy." As we continued walking, I looked up at Stacy's beautiful ass and thought to myself how I wanted a taste of that pussy. Think about something you want and let's see what happens," I said with my eyes pinned wide open from awe.

Men Are From Mars

fetish londonsmut 2017-11-21

I had looks, a nice apartment, a country home and enough cash passing through my account to live a life of excess. I dived in like a teenager feeling her belly rest on top of my head, it cushioning her writhing and I explored her moist sex. A girl I passionately liked and had enjoyed a steaming hot night with, But her response confused me. She then looked me square in the eye, grinned and sensually began eating it. Kate's wardrobe was changing so, fully clothed, it was hard to spot the difference, but with her clothes off I noticed her belly lower, her breasts fuller, her ass folding over and her upper arms beginning to overhang.

Fuck My Face Daddy!

fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-21

From around the room he watched the other men, their thighs and hips stroked and licked, ass cheeks flexing, thrusting forward to open mouths, tongues lapping hard flesh. The room was grinding now; a burly, hairy man was holding his girl's head tightly in his hands as he thrust a huge cock in and out of her willing mouth. Holding her face tightly to his groin, his cock buried deep in her throat, he shot his load straight into her belly, thick spurting spasms, as her lips stroked him, her mouth milking him, sucking down off his shaft until only the head remained in her mouth, still suckling the last drops from him.

College Sorority N.Y.L. Ch.01

fetish fanofpantyhose 2017-11-21

About an hour later, a knock on the door woke me up -- Brenda was back and when she saw me barely awake on the bed and all my bags still unpacked she laughed and said "That's what I thought! She also started with caressing my hair, then exploring my face, but after playing a bit with her fingers in and out of my mouth, she brought her lips to mine, kissed me a couple times gently on my lips and then reached out with her tongue until she found mine. Brenda clearly had some experience with this because she massaged my lips and love spot with great skill, also teasing me at times.

District A1: Week 03

fetish Valantsa 2017-11-21

"You know I can't resist boobs like that." She reached out quickly, giving the softest possible squeeze she could to Sonia's breasts before she could react. "Like what, that thing you assaulted me with me when I walked in?" Sonia asked, looking over at the dildo that still lay on the floor. "Boob massages?" Emma asked, sliding her hands down Sonia's chest and over the tops of her partially exposed breasts. If I spend a lot of time standing or moving around or whatever, my upper back really starts to hurt." Emma slid her hands up Sonia's back as she said this and started applying pressure to and rubbing her upper back in response.

Helping Helen Ch. 02

fetish bluelamp 2017-11-21

Her panties where pushed to one side as she slowly thrust a smallish sized cucumber in and out of what sounded like a very wet pussy. Sucking each nipple in turn, first soft and slowly, then harder while biting and pinching them, as I got rough with her she moaned louder and rubbed her panty confined pussy on my leg to spur me on. I then took her toes into my mouth and began to suck, they tasted so good encased in the nylon and looked so sexy painted red. 'Oh your cock feels so big, don't stop, I think I am going to cum, blow you hot load in me please.' She begged and screamed

After Work Drinks

fetish furnivalgate 2017-11-21

It was around noon in the middle of summer and I was sweating slightly from the unusually hot British weather when I walked into the office and I was stood there trying to talk to the manager while Davina kept glancing up at me, then looking away when our eyes met. Davina had been in The Park for 20 minutes by the time I got there, but I saw the back of her perfect little head sat in a seat near the aisle as I walked over to the table. I gave him my order but kept my gaze fixed on Davina's now, prompting a coy smile from her (and a rather evil one from the barman) as her eyelids narrowed around her blue eyes and I once again felt my cock pushing against my boxers.

Explanation to the Sorority

fetish escriterra 2017-11-21

Scott is going to have be quite descriptive for us this evening, so let's all agree that, while ladies don't talk this way in public, when toying with a man before taking him---as we are doing with Scott tonight---part of the sexiness is giving ourselves the freedom to use language designed to arouse the male." She leaned into my ear while looking at the girls in front of us and said, "Now, Scott, do you enjoy licking pussy?"


fetish 2017-11-21

Ok so the other day I fingered this girl and was able to make her orgasam multi times, thought if like to share this with some females, feedback is always good 2!!! Ok so first start out with one finger or two how ever you like it and start rubbing your pussy at about letsa say 20 percent. Next, after the minute go in and out of your pussy at about 30 percent and then work your way all the way to 100, once you reached 100 perecent go back insde and draw the abc's twicw as fast as you can then go in and out of your pussy from 100 percent to 0!!!

Collar Me Ch. 03

fetish puppyplay 2017-11-21

Marcus moved his left hand to her hair and he gave it a good pull before lunging his lips and teeth for her neck. She pulled her pussy away from the tongue that probed it and pushed Marcus against the wall before getting on her hands and knees on the floor and lifting her ass up. As Marcus came up to her from behind with his cock ready Kim screamed, "fuck me like a dog! Kim continued to whimper until Marcus removed his cock and let the collection of their sweet nectars slide happily out of her. Marcus laid his head back against the wall and ran his hand over Kim's back as the water washed away the cum from her inner thighs.

Finally Found Her

fetish hyperpress 2017-11-21

I draw your left foot up to my mouth and run the tip of my tongue along the tips of each toe as lightly as I possibly can imagine doing—then I try to be more delicate. Your eyes close, your mouth opens, and from within you escapes a moan that sounds as if it's coming from inside my mind, the moan itself is like a guiding hand, telling me what to do next, how to lick and suck your toes and you are turned on but you can't touch yourself because your nails are still wet but your urgency is immediately clear as you thrust your hips up and your feet deep into my mouth.


fetish rhyze 2017-11-21

He placed his hands on her shoulders and began firmly pushing down on them, letting her know what he wanted from her without a word. This was not what he expected when he decided to fuck around in the office after Quinn insisted on staying, but it was a lot better than sitting around watching porn and jerking off behind her back like he originally planned. There was no denying Quinn could stay like this for a few more hours yet just enjoying herself, but Jason had picked up the pace. She felt him pull free with a grunt and then she felt the familiar warmth as he came on her lips, clit and hand.

Best Flight Ever - A Milk Run

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-11-21

Marcia and Tom looked at each other for a long time. Tom took the two cotton pads from Marcia's hand and sucked the wetness from each. His lips instinctively suckled at the nipple and he began to feel the warm mother's milk flow into his mouth. He eagerly sucked and Marcia stroked his head with one hand and gently held and squeezed her enormous breast through the heavy bra with the other. Marcia could taste her milk on Tom's lips and tongue. After a minute or two of this initial embrace and release of passion, they moved so Tom's hands had access to Marcia's huge tits and warm, wet pussy and Marcia's could massage Tom's rampant cock, heavy balls and ass.

Sow Primer Ch. 02

fetish InYourDreams 2017-11-21

Still speechless, unable to open her mouth, compliant in his hands, Katie allowed Ricky to steer her through the restaurant to the table at the back. Ricky nodded to Carl while Katie stared back across the table at him, searching for the courage to speak up for herself. She sat staring into Ricky's face as she felt Carl's deft fingers oiling her. The material swept away to either side of her legs, and but for the cover of the table, she was spread open before her trainer with Carl busy lubricating her entrance for him. Katie desperately needed to feel his hard cock inside her she dragged him along to her bedroom where he tore off her skirt in one swift motion, the remaining buttons scattered, a tinkling chorus across the wooden floor.


Shag for a Fare

fetish Irishqt1980 2017-11-21

As her arse came into view I cursed softly, it was perfect, round and ample the thong that split her cheeks was as I suspected black; she turned to face me and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, her tits encased by the black lace I had seen earlier sprung free, I could also just make out two silver barbells that seemed to run through the nipples. “I can help you out with that if you’d like love,” I slowly eased out of her mouth and brought her to a standing position, “do you wax, shave or are you hairy?” I asked as my hands squeezed her arse.

My wife's a FILTHY Whoring SLUT

fetish TampaHouseWives 2017-11-21

parties where we would have 30 or 40 guys jerking off in her slutty mouth while others are fucking her pussy and or ass! The men all started in on them and I watched as guys put their cocks in her slutty hole and while my wife was fucked in her pussy, her imaginable to the girls and after they had been fucked by every guy there several times each, they were filthy with cum, sweat, piss and dirt from the floor. The group of gang members then took turns fucking the girls in the ass, right there in the alley and they pulled them out and made the women

Truck Driver's Lucky Day

fetish dearhusband 2017-11-21

We were headed North on the interstate and I encouraged her to start flashing the truck drivers. She pulled her jeans down to mid thigh, which I have always thought was hot, and started giving that swollen clit some much needed attention. My wife then removed her shirt completely and he started feeling her tits and rubbing her ass. I stood there in the back of the cab watching and caressing my wife as she was giving this complete stranger what appeared to be the blow job of his life. I could tell by the way he was looking at me and the way he was getting off on my wife's finger that he had either been with a man or he was definitely curious.

Dr. Love's Exam

fetish ElRoylk 2017-11-21

Terry slipped off the bed and walked slowly to the door, half expecting to see a crowd of janitors or nurses, or someone, standing out in the hall to watch her. "To get the most accurate weight, it's best if you stand here..." he turned her gently to face towards the door to the reception area, his glove covered fingers brushing against her naked thigh. She spread her legs a little to keep her balance, realizing she was exposing herself to him; the feeling of being exposed, in the room, with just him, was so much more arousing than the possibility of being exposed to just anyone coming in off the street.

The Really Big One

fetish Avalanche Man 2017-11-21

Now, it was a regular and full time part of their almost daily sex sessions, as Bill took great delight in using her ass as he rubbed and pulled her clit. The vibrators and dildos were varied and different almost every time, and Lucy eagerly looked for the extra stimulation and additional climaxes that Bill was determined that she have each time. She kept a light suit type coat in her office for the rare times she had to go to the main office, but wore sheer blouses and button up skirts or dresses without either bra or panties. Fortunately their anal activities gave them both great climaxes, as her pussy no longer shrank back to its former size, and she craved the larger dildos to get the needed stimulation in it.

Jennifer Starts Her First Assignment

fetish WylieBCoyote 2017-11-21

She took her mouth off my cock, looked up at me, and asked, "Are you enjoying yourself?" Then she dribbled some saliva onto the head of my cock and started stroking it with her hand. I ran my hands through her hair as I watched her slide her beautiful painted lips back and forth on my cock, then held her head gently and slowly fucked her mouth. We took the elevator up to my office, got out, and right before I was about to open the door for her she looked at me and quietly asked, "Did you enjoy yourself this morning?" and, after a short pause, said, "Now I have to work with soaking wet panties."

Tickle Fight

fetish auntchel 2017-11-21

I teased him, dangling the keys at arms length, playfully switching hands. He grabbed my arm and moved behind me to try and pry them from my hand, but I held them close to my stomach, wiggling, trying to escape his tight embrace. Feeling his penis rubbing my rear had me weakening a bit, but I held tight to the keys. Then moved that hand up to my other breast, lowered the bra and massaged my other breast like bread dough he couldn't wait to let rise and eat. His hands moved with conviction, down to unbutton my jeans, pulling them past my hips and pushing them to my ankles. When his hand moves over to my hip I know my treat is coming.

Sucking Sidney

fetish SteveLee1146 2017-11-21

She ground her cunt against him for a few seconds and, then, began fucking herself, moving up and down, letting the cock slowly pull out and then dropping down so that she was completely penetrated again. As I lay there on her, I looked sideways and realized that my head was level with Sidney's cock and, because its recent activity in my wife's cunt, it was still sticking straight up. My first reaction was to jerk back, but Jennie kept her hand firmly on my head, pushing harder, and, suddenly, I had a cock in my mouth. I really had been in something of a shocked daze, not actually thinking, but suddenly I realized, Jennie was fucking my mouth with Sidney's cock!

The Pantyboy Diaries Ch. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2017-11-21

When he got on the train, he was still wearing the hot pink Hiphugger panty that he bought at Victoria's Secret. Sydney had somehow arranged for all of the women sitting in the car to be seated all the way in the back where Jaymie had to begin his march. The other woman whispered "You really do look good in pink, pantyboy" she said and gave Jaymie's rock hard cock a little tug through his Amtrak panties.. Further down the line was the conductor, Zoe, who originally gave Sydney Jaymie's Amtrak panties before his march. Sydney then pulled down her yoga pants a little bit, unveiling bright red panties, which immediately caused a tent to form in Jaymie's crotch.

Changing Things Up

fetish BrettJ 2017-11-21

She also knew that once Carrie got a good look at Michael's cock, she wouldn't believe its size. "God Michael, if you could see how hot the two of you look," Candy said in a low voice, not wanting to throw him off. "I hope I can fit that big pecker in my mouth, but damn, I sure want to try." Carrie started licking his cock and balls and got them nicely lubed before daring to take him in her mouth. "Hey Candy, come over here and we'll share his cum." Carrie had an ulterior motive and Michael knew it, so he just went with it. "We're going to be lovers." Carrie let out an excited squeal and made sure Candy got all the pussy juice and cum she could ever desire.