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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Goldenrod Prequel

fetish rlmmike 2017-11-21

The next time they met, Margaret had removed her jacket and traded her white tee for a black one, but his clothes hadn't changed. "Russ, listen," she said, holding up a hand to silence him. "Okay," she said, brushing her hands clean on her hips. "Watch, now." Resting her palms flat on her sides, she transferred her weight to one leg, and then gradually to the other, again and again, until her shoulders tilted in opposite time with her hips, and her breasts rocked to the left and right before him in slow motion. Margaret was loading dry cleaning into the back of Tammy's car, which was filled with small boxes. "I'm moving out," Margaret said.

The Harem Slave Ch. 03

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-11-21

Now the log stood out a good five inches from her asshole, suspended between her fat, round ass cheeks. Once painful and agonizing, the log now slid easily out of her anus, drooping after twelve inches or so and finally falling out of her ass and into the hole. Despite her embarrassment and shame, Sophie was now so horny that she didn't care when her asshole opened and another soft, gooey shit slipped out into the hole. Sophie, a little lit and painfully horny, got behind him and spread his ass cheeks with her hands. Sophie hadn't anticipated the speed with which his asshole sucked the object in, and she found her face planted between his ass cheeks.

Gloryhole Sharing

fetish bioralpleaser 2017-11-21

finger-fuck her to 2 or 3 orgasms. cock, but I usually waited until we got home to drop my expected, she said "They never show two GUYS sucking!" I told her I'd suck a cock if she wanted to see it! "I'm going to suck a cock, if you really want to see me see the head of a very nice cock peeking into our the stranger pushed his cock all the way in! to suck this beautiful cock, while my wife watched! eyes as I licked that cock up one side and down the got his cock into my mouth just as he started cumming! she pointed and laughed at the HUGE black cock sticking cocks we sucked.

The Librarian Who Loved To Fuck

fetish wastedaway 2017-11-21

I wonder if your face would have that look on it if I put my lips on your nice hard prick and started sucking on it." She smiled, pursing her lovely lips and unfastening her long golden haIr. The boy hardly recognized Laura when she let her hair down and took off her glasses. In fact, she liked the feel and taste of the young man's prick in her mouth so much that she wanted to suck his cock all the way to his balls. " "It feels hot, Mrs. Weber," the boy said, feeling the warmth of her cunt soak into his exploring hand right through her panties."Would you like to have a look at my pussy, David?

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 05

fetish Benny_Blank 2017-11-21

I could hear Jerry out of the corner of one ear, "......and then we'll move over to the edge of the pool and 'Hemnunm' will be getting his cock sucked by Wanda who's in the pool and Tanya will be working over 'Menumnn' jacking him off over on the chaise longe.....and....." I didn't know this until I watched the final cut of our shoot, but Tanya had gotten Hemnunm off just by stroking his cock with her hand and, well, with maybe a little lip and tongue play on the head When he came, his load shot straight up into the air about a foot high with some of it landing on his stomach and the rest cascading down Tanya's hand.

Draped Over His Knee

fetish CherriedLove 2017-11-21

"Nice blocking honey," he said as he kept spanking me while slyly dodging my hand. It wasn't long until Toby got tired of working around my hand, so he pinned it behind my back. Do you want some more?" He began spanking my bum fiercely. It seems like someone is enjoying her spanking a bit too much." This caused me to squirm and blush. Before long I found two fingers inside of me, one on my button, and a hand resting on my sore cheeks. The embarrassment of the spanking and inspection of my pussy, the pleasure of being fingered by my love, his teasing. "Babe, you can get up now," Toby called to me as I laid twitching on his lap.

interesting walk

fetish 2017-11-21

hell yes....he fondled my ass and moved his hand under my dress before sliding his strong fingers between my cheeks and along the back of the silky bikini panites, obviously horny and looking for more, he reached around to the front and up under the hem of my dress to squeeze my hardening cock. at that point, i felt that perhaps things were getting out of know...on the downhill slide with eye glazing over, aching nipples, hardcock, short dress in public in the middle of the city with a black man kneeling in front of me and the toes of my right foot in his mouth and his hands under the leggings massaging my leg

David's Remote, Reloaded

fetish Thorilla 2017-11-21

I decided that I didn't need a tree so stood in front of three matronly looking women who were frozen in mid-walk, unzipped my jeans and pissed wildly, staring into their impassive faces. She was Spanish looking, with shoulder length hair, and was arranging stuff on the lower shelf and was squatting down, legs apart, her skirt draped on the carpet in an arc shape behind her. This was the moment to release the mornings pent up energies, I thought, as I wrapped the hems of her smooth pleated skirt and slippery nylon petticoat around my exposed glans and began the pleasurable experience of jacking off.

Caught Cumming

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-21

I could tell I was going to cum hard and fast so I stopped and went and got a cock ring. I put the cock ring on and lubed up my hungry ass rubbing the lube into my hot asshole, I inserted the dildo into my ass and was fucking my self with it. Kay told my wife that she had brought over what Cindy had wanted on the phone. Then Cindy my wife told me to sit down and eat Kay's pussy. Cindy shoved my face back into it, telling me to clean her pussy real good that her husband had just fucked her twice.

Bianco Boys Lose a Bet

fetish BugGirl 2017-11-21

Tycah had four older brothers (Merle, Preston, Wilder & Trevor), who really loved having such a hot younger sister. The drugs relaxing her body and calming her brain, the feeling of throwing up so much cum and of course the constant invasion of her ass as she filled up with water. As she made her way around the room, the swollen nozzle began to feel very heavy inside her abused rectum. As soon as she dropped the nozzle on the floor, she began rubbing her neglected clit and the enema exploded from her asshole. Double fisted, multiple cocks at once, cum everywhere, Tycah felt her insides were being pushed up into her throat.

Impressionable Youth

fetish Lynabo 2017-11-21

I leave at 3pm, would you like a lift?" This very direct offer embarrassed the boy no end but he accepted and Irene Crow had her way; all that remained now was to get him into her house. This intense teasing was more than Jamie's young flesh and blood could endure, he was aching to shoot and he thrust his cock right into Irene's mouth spurting a heavy load with a moan and quivering legs, jerking out his cream in powerful jets. After Jamie's clothes were on the ground, Bert opened the door and frogged marched the naked Jamie downstairs, locking Mrs. Crow in the bedroom behind him.


fetish juderboy 2017-11-21

So while this new man of mine and I dated and got closer, my black obsession kept my poor little pussy very well fucked. What I saw made me wonder if this is what my son felt like all those years ago (when he caught me)? He asked me if I'd like it better if my son were being used by a black man better. He looked me right in the eye as hubby shoved his cock up my son's ass. As hubby emptied another load of cum, this time in my son's ass, I wondered how long he would make this punishment last. I said "if you don't make momma happy maybe I'll bring my lover over here and let him use you ass like you did my son.

A Lucky Break

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2017-11-21

He took my little foot firmly in his hands and began pushing his thumbs ever-so-softly into my arch. His hand rubbed up and down my long leg and I felt like I was melted to my chair. I gently took his roaming hand, and slid it all the way up between my legs, under my skirt, to my panties. His other hand was on my foot, which was, by now, rubbing against the hard cock hidden under his jeans. I like feeling dominated...even a little forced, and being in this old closet, fucking this hot stranger, with his hand clamped over my mouth was definitely one of the most erotic experiences I had yet encountered.


fetish vaporjaws 2017-11-21

You rub the sleep out of your eyes and turn, meaning to slide your naked body out of the sleeping bag and into the cool world (perhaps brush your teeth, wake your sleeping companion and convince her to go on a waterfall dive)- and instead, your perception is suddenly assaulted by incomprehensible images: dirt as far as the eye can see, craters impacting the landscape everywhere, massive Martian vegetation shifting shadows around you, towering impossibly- Mirabel, sleeping soundly just moments before, stirs in the morning light, then sniffs the air and drags the covers the rest of the way from her body. It sounds like she's rustling about, perhaps standing, or getting dressed, or looking for you in places that aren't the cooler, or opening the tent and-

My masturbation tip

fetish OldFashionedBabe 2017-11-21

So this is basically a tip on how to reach a powerfull orgasm without the need of your own hands/toys/dildos/husband when you masturbate lol this is specially for girls who CAN get wet without touching themselves,no rubbing, nothing!! you have to be able to keep your hands/fingers away from your pussy to make it work! even tho for me it rarely happens but when it does it feels GREAT when i cum! first of all you need something that REALLY turns you on, all you need is your powerfull mind, creating dirty thoughts/dirty talk... you can lay down or sit down depending on your comfort... you are going to start feeling aroused, believe me it feels AMAZING once you cum!

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 21

fetish GettingItDone 2017-11-20

The autopilot of a teacher is a miraculous thing, as it got me to the end of the school day, and I was soon driving to the mall to meet Sage. It felt strange walking into the mall carrying the non-descript brown bag containing items I had no knowledge of. The bag contained a pink, pixie cut wig, a white, string tie bikini top, a white, patent leather collar, a pink lycra, micro mini skirt that looked to be no longer than seven inches in length, and a rubber butt plug with an attached bushy, foxtail. I took it and waited for her to hand me the rest of the outfit, but watched as Sage closed her bag and tossed it over her shoulder.

Betrayed By My Body Ch. 01

fetish xaitonnar22 2017-11-20

Strapons!" My dick twitched again and a drop of precum oozed out of the tip, leaving a glistening trail as it slid down the head to Shanna's hand, definitive proof that I did indeed like this stuff. I couldn't help up lock my eyes on the screen as the man's body started to twitch and his dick began oozing a thick load of cum onto his chest. "I'll be gentle with you love." She wiped her hand on my shorts on the floor and went back to looking through the porn, browsing through the femdom videos to find something else to watch. "Oh yeah, that's right baby, worship my pussy, let me tell you all about this video while you lick my cunt like a good little cuckold.

The Housemaid Ch. 04

fetish purpleangelica1 2017-11-20

She climaxed with her pussy contracting on her master's cock and her mouth sucking her thumb. Alex looked down at his housemaid, now mindless in the midst of orgasm, ass red with his welts, pussy clamped down on his cock, and mouth wrapped around her own thumb, sucking and rubbing it like she had to have something in her mouth when she came, orally fixated vixen that she was. "And a fine job of baiting me you've done too, tempting me to beat your ass and fuck you blind, all so you might seduce the fine Mr. Crawford to my stool and my bed?" Alex laughed outright, and Annabel joined him.

Lesbian Doctor's Exam excites her patient!

fetish bearcat22 2017-11-20

The doctor stood back, holding the end of the stethoscope in her hand. reached forward and placed the instrument above my left breast. I reached behind and my trembling hands fumbled with the hook. "Well, it's not so bad I'm just going to press on your breasts with my At the part about checking my nipples I know I gasped. She took my left boob in both hands and gently, but firmly warmth spreading from my lower belly into my upper thighs. weight of my boob with one hand and with the fore finger and thumb of the other hand she grasped the emerging tip, squeezing and twisting as she "Your nipples are very sensitive, aren't they?" she said, smiling.

Seducing a Straight guy on a Train

fetish asiandream 2017-11-20

He groans - I feel his hot piss gushing out into my pants - seeping down my leg inside the tight leather - his stream keeps on coming - then my balls in a warm pool of his piss - then trickling back to wet my ass hole. At the sauna - he asks if this is just for gay guys - I say yes - and BI - not many guys are there - I watch him get undressed - but keep my leather pants on - I lead him to the shower - he's dick is really hard - tight balls - I pull my pants down - as he reaches for the taps - I say to lets have a shower later and lead him to a cubicle ....

A f****y Finds Love (Part1)

fetish inferis 2017-11-20

He looked me straight in the eyes and I could see all of the hate and anger inside of him and he said, "Bitch, you better stop that crying and start sucking. I sat on the floor holding my daughter like she was a little girl again rocking her back and forth and feeling more love in my life than I have ever felt before while not paying any mind to my dead husband 5 feet away. As my son came back from making the phone call he sat down and wrapped his arms around us, and even though I lost my husband today I had gained two of the most loving and caring c***dren a woman could ask for.

The Unsuspecting Candidate Ch. 03

fetish missvicky53 2017-11-20

As I got them to his knees, he stood to allow me to pull them the rest of the way up until his sissy clit and balls were snugly held by the filmy ruffled panties. I reached from behind and stroked his panty trapped clitty, teasing him until he began to writhe and wriggle as the pleasure my fingers provided him drove him wild with lust, aching to cum. "Turn on the vibes now and let our sissy slut feel his pussy being fucked by a woman in complete control." As soon as the words escaped my mouth, Jessica turned both vibes on. Turning to me, she said, "I really enjoyed those dildo panties while I fucked my slut, but I think I'm going to avail myself of the real thing this time."

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 04

fetish Max332 2017-11-20

Faith and Yuna agreed they wouldn't tell James they had discovered his dirty little secrets. They were in a hurry, as they wanted to be able to start tormenting Faith's brother as soon as summer holidays began. Not only did she know most of the websites James visited, which made it easier to know what exactly he wanted, but she also had thought already of a way to force him to obey their every whim. The more they planned, the more Faith was amazed by how complementary Yuna's and James's fantasies were. Of course, Jay wouldn't let her do so for long, telling her how bad her feet smelled and getting them out of the way without too much trouble.


fetish spice16 2017-11-20

I closed my mouth pretty quickly because Mike has come up with some awful punishments and I didn't want to provoke him into making things worse that they already were. As he strapped the leather band tightly onto my head and tied it to one of the hinges, he casually mentioned that he had figured out a way to take the car from the garage despite my bound body. Mike had planned it perfectly, my head, arms and neck were all supported by the many turns of rope he had tied tightly around my limbs, while the bulk of my weight was supported by the heavy leather straps around my middle and and chest. Mike reached back and took the garage door remote from the hood of the car and hit the button.