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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish fisterguy 2017-11-20

A handful of man, and one woman, made moves on Roxie, but at first she was too nervous to participate, but she wasn't above enjoying the sight of one whale, Seashell was her name, laughing as she was e****ted indoor by two men clutching her, a couple of wine bottles and unembarrassed about walking through the crowd naked with huge erections in anticipation of enjoying Seashell's pleasure. "Listen carefully, you can swim, you can dive, you can hide anywhere in the lake, but you cannot come out, if we find you trying to crawl out we'll haul you back here," she pointed at the water, "in the centre and release you, but the hunters will probably see us doing it and they'll be waiting for you." She looked around at all the beautiful naked whales.

Caught in Silkies

fetish Ebolaone 2017-11-20

"Yes you should," she grinned as she pinched the waistband of the thong I was wearing between her toes and pulled the panties back over my, now only semi hard, cock. Between the eroticism of not only getting caught but Rachel getting off on the idea of me wearing her panties and the new sensitivity of having no hair between my legs my cock was so hard it pointed almost straight up. To make matters worse, the thought of wearing a pair of panties that the salesgirl picked out and my wife bought for me was causing my cock to stir in my pants.

Wife Pleases - IX

fetish 2017-11-20

With the regular fucking she was getting, I was able to enjoy a lot of cum from 4 different nuts. I could not tell exactly what was happening, but later she said: "The doctor came in me, his friend came in me, the doctor repeated, and the friend repeated twice..."..a total of 5 loads of cum in her pussy in one session. Visual observation would agree that this was an unusual cum drinking opportunity for me (10 nut emptyings). Later she told me about one position where the friend was lying underneath with his cock in her pussy and the doctor was fucking her at the same time from the top....I said: "How did that feel?" She said: "You don't want to know, or else you might think I am a wanton woman."

Mom the Superheroine 02

fetish KatieTay 2017-11-20

What did big poofy overfed women like Barbara – Bimbo Babe – and her meaty bitch of a daughter Cindy know about life like that? Vicious Vixen would defeat and destroy Battler Babe one on one, in front of Cindy, dashing the young girl's pristine image of her mother forever. Cindy's voice broke off in mid-chant, and she gaped, tears forming in the corner of her eyes, at the sight of Battler Babe's defeat. You're Battler Babe – you've never lost to Vicious Vixen, and you won't!" Cindy cried, her young voice ringing out, as she tried to infuse her voice with the faith and belief she had in her mighty mother.

Amazon Bride Ch. 04

fetish Arthur_Court 2017-11-20

Looking down at the pretty redhead, I instructed her, "Just keep licking." I opened the door enough for the old bitch to see what was going on. I forced a smile and allowed the bitch to peck my cheek and because the slimy bastard was rich, I didn't even complain when my father-in-law, Jackson, felt my ass, again. "I'm not sure what you mean?" I didn't know how much my wimp husband would have told his mummy so I wasn't going to be tricked into telling her more than she already knew or guessed. When I tell them how you had Barbara fuck her own son, they'll be asking me how much I want!"

The Basketball Team Ch. 01

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2017-11-20

Parker stayed after school every day to watch and manage the practices, to wash the uniforms, to clean the locker rooms, and to in general make sure everything ran smoothly. At practices and in the locker room, Parker always stood out as the small puny white boy amongst the giant black men around him. "Hey Devon," Meghan said deviously, looking at at the head of the basketball team. Devon looked down at the squatting girl jerking at his cock, and, smiling, took a great big squeeze of one of her melons, leaving a wet hand-print on her shirt. By the time Parker had finished using the soap that Meghan had spread over every inch of Devon's body, most of the boys were out of the shower and had gotten dressed and left.

The Queen Ch. 02

fetish FemdomFanboy85 2017-11-20

The two guards moved to protect their Queen, but before they could lay a hand on the man, she hit his face with enough force to leave a red handprint. You will die as a slave or serve as one." She walked around to place her hand on the back of his head, gently guiding him to face her servant's cock. As soon as he wrapped his fingers around the long black cock, feeling it harden in his hands, his little penis stiffened drastically. The Queen leaned her head next to his, her eyes gleefully observing as he willingly kissed and sucked the cock pressed against his face. The other big black cock dumped a load on his face, which the Queen promptly ordered him to lick up as she finally reached climax herself.

What Alan Had Always Longed to See

fetish Seuler 2017-11-20

The train had just pulled away from Pollock station, and it was a long way to the next stop. Half-crouching, she shuffled down the carriage, past Alan, to the doors, where she stood bobbing up and down with her thighs pressed together, looking longingly through the windows. You walk in the door crying and say, "Honey, I had a bad day, I shit myself on the train"; and he hugs you and pats your back and says, "That's all right, accidents happen." The train had only just pulled away from a station, so you missed your chance to get off there and it's a long way to the next stop; you're not sure if you can make it but you have to.

Pussy Pump...

fetish Dostover 2017-11-20

"WSSHT!" She pumped a few more times until I felt the blood being sucked into my balls. It felt good, until she pumped a few more times...she heard me moan and stopped, knowing that I was in slight pain. Janine pinched my nipples and said, "Not quite what you were expecting?" I could feel the cum work its way up my cock and then...she stopped rubbing her pussy on me, and dragged it across my stomach and chest, leaving a trail of pussy juice. She came first though, her pussy lips parted over my tongue and I felt them fold up and unfold, squirting girl cum into my mouth. She took my pump in her hand and held it up, threatening to squeeze if I didn't drink her pussy juice.

Loaned Out

fetish Valsslut 2017-11-20

As Ma'am fucked my face she pushed a valve on the cock and it started leaking out cum shooting its load in my mouth and on my face. At that point Ma'am stopped long enough to take a pic on her phone of my cum covered face and the cock in my mouth and send it to Lady Valerie. i couldn't see what happened next but I felt it as Ma'am lubed up my ass pussy with my own milking and started to force her new cock into me. i felt a pop as she got the head of a very large toy into me and started fucking hard.

A Good Relationship Ch. 3

fetish Ian H. 2017-11-20

He placed his hands on my knees and pulled them apart opening my legs quite wide, Howard had a good view as Matt began feeling my balls and cock with one hand, the other was squeezing my padded bra. The clothes I came to his house in he put into a bag, Matt helped me to put on my long coat, as it was still raining, Howard patted my arse a few times as we made our way to the front door, he gave me my umbrella and said he would ring me when he got back and we could look at the photos and videos together.

Humiliation Apparent Ch. 01

fetish LydSub 2017-11-20

I felt his hands run down my body testing my nipples for reaction and sensitivity, my thighs, my legs. "You like that?" he asked me and I moaned and whispered "Yes, oh that feels good." Then I felt a sharp sting on the nipple of the breast he was holding. I tried to make their fingers touch me in the right spots but before I could get them in place Drake told them to stop. "Now ask the other boy to come to you and let your whoring mouth thank him properly for his pleasuring you." "Yes I want to leave," I said and tried to fight the pleasure that his fingers teased out.

Working Gurl

fetish danigurl69rt 2017-11-20

He said “Bitch if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum down your throat.” I took him out of my mouth and asked if “Would you like to cum in my mouth?” “No I want to cum in your ass Bitch!” I just started to give head again, licking his rock hard cock from the base of his shaft to the tip. Then I started to lick his balls, I just love the feel of balls on my face, it wasn’t long before he said “Get on the bed Bitch, I’m going to fuck you so hard it will be a week before you can walk!” I said “Please do, I like a hard fucking, what girl doesn’t.” As I got on the bed he took my dress and pulled it up over my head that is when he saw that I had small but real tits.

First Pet Play

fetish danson8705 2017-11-20

Before we got together, I set up the rules: I would keep my clothes on and, even though she wanted to play puppy naked, I told her to keep her bra and panties on. When she stopped howling, I pulled up her panties and told her she was a good puppy and that she was more than worth keeping. After maybe five minutes I told her I was going to count to five and when I got there she had better start peeing. About half hour after I got home she emailed me thanking me, and she said that as soon as the door closed she started masturbating and rubbing her cum cover panties over her tits, before having two orgasms.


fetish barbie2k 2017-11-20

The supple leather of the bustier pushed Nico's breasts up and forward, creating a tantalizing line of cleavage; the mask covered all but the eyes and mouth. Ingrid stepped forward and began stroking the inside of Nico's thighs with the crop, moving higher and higher until she reached the unprotected sex. With each controlled stroke, she would stifle a low moan and whisper through clenched teeth, "Again, please, Mistress." Naturally Ingrid complied with the repeated request, until a series of red stripes covered Nico's inner thighs. Ingrid then led Nico over and pushed her forward until her quivering, blonde sex was an inch from my mouth. Ingrid then pushed Nico's pelvis slightly forward, forcing her moistened sex into my mouth.

Home Alone with Sissy Toys, pt. 1

fetish wolfhound84 2017-11-20

Ordering it online was a delight - all the dirty websites, where to find the sluttiest outfits and most exciting looking toys - a blond wig, a black fishnet body stocking, two 7-inch suction cup dildos, and some other little things. I imagined a real person on the other end of the 7-inch dildo, another sissy like me, dressed up in white, thigh-high stockings with little pink bows at the top, and a dark brunette wig, fully make up with bright pink blush, dark eye shadow, and red lip stick, holding the back of my head, and telling me exactly what I needed to hear: "This is your job now you little fucking slut.

Filthy Slave

fetish justjv 2017-11-20

"I know you closed your eyes just so there was more of my delicious spit covering your face so that you can lap it up with your tongue. Clean off your face like a good boy." You start licking your face, reaching your tongue as far as it can reach to try and get every last specimen of my flavorful saliva on your tastebuds. I know you especially love when I cover your tongue with my shitty ass spit so I can really make you the dirty boy that you are. Thank you for covering me in your filth!" you manage to mutter between licking the sides of your face and trying to reach your arms and torso for more tastes.

Peggy again...part two!

fetish blsbls123 2017-11-20

So Peggy had this big grin on her face, and I was standing in the hallway with half a chub, obviously sticking out of my shorts. She said she didnt feel like eggs and I shook my head and walked back to my room. I stepped into the shower and really didnt see a spider, but pretended to kill one anyway so I could leave. Peggy then asked, while standing in front of me totally nude, if her knees was really what I was looking at. She then turned back, and said that most of the swelling went away and she was now able to shit normal again, obviously knowing about the time I fucked her in the ass when she was d***k.

My Neighbour Sally's Panties Ch. 03

fetish Harrowborg 2017-11-20

If raped, why had he cum in John's hands already, and why could he feel his cock growing in the tight wet panties as Sally continued to clean him with her tongue. As Will didn't answer immediately, she reached over and pulled John's hand onto Will's cock, rubbing his fore finger over the thin layer of old white cum Will had on his cock. "Fuck!" Will screamed, feeling his first cock up his ass, the tights bunching up down his legs as John raised him and fucked him, no longer needing Sally's brand of moisture. He saw lights going off, star's in his eyes, as John grunted, his cock starting to stiffen as he felt cum pushing up from his balls.

My wife pt1

fetish 2017-11-20

I was not about to argue with her right then, so I told her what she wanted to hear, "I am excited about you and another man fucking" I said softly, "Please keep stroking me." She continued to tease me until she made me tell her several times in different ways that it was ok for her to do what she was doing, to be out fucking another guy while married to me. She was teasing me relentlessly and then she said, "Well, I guess you don't want to watch me with my lover, you aren't saying a thing I can understand." I was so close to cumming that I ached, I was trying to tell her ok, that it was okay and that I wanted to watch, and just as I was about to get off, she stopped touching me again and laid back on the bed with the speaker phone still on, with Jerry telling her what a slut she was.

Video Story: Arabella in a Rubber Dress

fetish ArabellaMILF 2017-11-20

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. If you'd like to share a video story of your own, check this FAQ. You can also check this handy list of LitTV video Ideas. In this video, see Arabella in her new rubber dress. Watch as she slips off her super-high sexy red platform pumps, then pulls on her shiny knee-high patent leather boots. You want to sit between her legs while she does this, don't you? Enjoy Arabella's video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

Corrupting Amber Ch. 13

fetish GuyintheTV 2017-11-20

Amber peered over at Matt who was doing his best to watch the road while also trying to catch every time she took a drag and exhaled a thick stream of smoke into the car around them. Matt was going to have to keep an eye on her, Amber felt as though her ravenous appetite for getting and staying high coupled with her inexperience made her an excellent candidate for an overdose. Amber and Matt hurriedly stepped into the dark, smokey haven of narcotic pleasure known as Kevin's single story flophouse and Kevin quickly shut the door, clearly happy to avoid the sun for the rest of day. She didn't get much time to continue teasing Matt though, as Kevin placed his hands on either side of Amber's head and began facefucking her with considerable force.

Cum Tasting and Getting Caught

fetish 2017-11-20

Between from fucking her pussy and sucking on her toes, I was almost ready to cum now. So I immediately slid my finger into her pussy and began to suck her clit at the same time. I hadn't given up on the idea of sucking myself off while she was away and after only two days of Yoga, I began to notice how good it was making me feel. I began to suck myself and wondered how Gina can fit me into her tiny, little mouth. How often does a beautiful, young woman practically beg a married guy to let her suck his cock and then promise to keep it a secret?

Old Women Use Sandra

fetish CafeExtreme 2017-11-20

While Rhonda continued to fuck my pussy with her fingers (three now I guessed), Veronica very soon started to convulse on my face, thoroughly squishing my nose. Veronica and Rhonda had cum many times, and when I was invited to get up off the bed I could see two wet puddles on the floor courtesy of their overflowing old pussies. After this brief interlude, the evening continued with another two hours or more of me being used by Veronica and Rhonda, more toys were jammed into my holes, my poor bum cheeks were further reddened, I was fucked with strap-ons by both women, and my face was repeatedly sat on.