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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Aunties Darker Side

fetish stryker53 2017-11-20

Mom called her and Aunt Marsha said she'd be delighted to house me during my schooling. Then, a tall, tanned, long dark haired woman who looked like she just stepped off a movie shoot smiled at me, waved and said, "You must be little Jimmy, welcome." I hadn't been called little Jimmy for years and knew at once that this fine woman was MS Carlson, my dear sweet, long lost Aunt Marsha. After retaking her seat, she used her soft moist feet to toy with my long rock hard cock. Like playing ping pong she used one foot then another to slap my cock from left to right. I felt sort of like a school girl the first time a boy touched her breasts.

Is this Lunch …

fetish Nickoxoxo 2017-11-20

I feel the car slow and come to a halt, I look up and the officer in charge gets out and says “here your condo” I exist the police car and offer the my thanks, I turn around hear the slam of car door and car accelerates away, left standing in the dark on the side walk with only light from passing car feeling hungry, but could deal with the ordeal of going somewhere to eat, satiated with my fried sadness, I put my hands in my pocket and skulk through the foyer of the condo to the elevators pressing the up button I hear the crisp clear bell announcing the arrival of the elevator, the door opens, and I think NO, out of six elevator that could have opened it was the one that Rose and I made love in, stepping into it I see her and hear her words baby this is our elevator my bl**d pressure rises just remembering how provocatively she seduced me it the elevator, with a few sighs the door opens and sadly I exist and walk a lonely corridor come to my door and swipe the card and open the door, little confused the light’s on and walk in to the bed room, I am dumb struck before is a vision, standing there not saying any thing I see you not thinking clearly I hear the words come from all around me “ROSE”.

Willing Submission to a Dickgirl Ch. 01

fetish ArthurSummer2 2017-11-20

Whether it be shemales or futanari, I had always wanted a girl cock to take control of my ass and make me cum from a thick meat rod entering my back door. The pressure was so great that I couldn't swallow it all in time, and her thick white goo shot out of my mouth and plastered her cock and hips, as well as dribble down my chin. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, and even so I was able to catch a glimpse of my rock hard dick in contrast to her softening fuck pole, and I realized that I was probably not even half her size.


fetish Edge23 2017-11-20

She held her right arm up to me and said, "Now, snap the rubber bands." I did so and she shrieked and I could feel the difference in her slit. I pulled on the rubber bands attached to her nipple rings and let them go at the same time, turning her breasts bright red while making her nipples hard and making her pussy shudder like I never had before. I leaned back and put her legs up on my shoulders, snapping the bands at her ankles, her eyes closing and her mouth opening in a squeal. I shoved her legs off of my shoulders and pushed her knees back by her head, power fucking her now, bouncing her ass off the bed.

Design Inspiration

fetish A Fat Goddess 2017-11-20

You reach down and slide your hands into my lacy panties, tracing fingertip patterns over my ass, my hips, my belly, squeezing and caressing my flesh, as I continue rubbing against you. I lean forward over you, my belly covering yours like a soft blanket of flesh, my heavy breasts and hard, teased nipples grazing your chest, and lick, then kiss your neck. I pull them off with your underpants, and reach down to stroke your gorgeous hard cock, to gently massage your balls as your hips make little seemingly involuntary thrusting motions. I slowly begin moving my hips up and down on your cock, leaning forward slightly to feel you rub against my sensitive clit.

Payback at the Beach

fetish JPValkenheiser 2017-11-20

Jana and Angie had taken nothing but abuse from Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley ever since they started at the university. If everything went as planned, Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley would be getting all the attention they so badly craved the following day! Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were loudly and rudely making fun of people they saw. Since Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were all facing different directions at the moment, they had no idea anything strange had happened. Mandy with a hand over her pussy and another over her ass, Ashley trying to hide her flopping boobies, and Lisa with both hands clasped onto her shiny scalp (as if that were really hiding it), they were quite a sight to behold!

A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One

fetish BiCuckold1985 2017-11-20

And at the same time I can feel how much you respect and love me for that act of submission, of accepting you as yourself, as an act of saying „You don't need to be ashamed of anything, there's nothing bad or disgusting with you but your adorable with all your weaknesses and human sides, no matter what it is.“ Then you're done and I lick over my lips to get the rest of drops from my lips before using my tongue on your lips and your crotch to clean you from any remaining resins and leave you perfectly clean. I sit down on the bed looking at those things for a while and I start to smile because slowly I realize what a wonderful surprise you've prepared and what an incredible vacation is going to expect me.

Michael the Host Ch. 02

fetish kirakakash02 2017-11-20

"Time to do you job Angela." Michael smiled as he beckoned. Between the food and the fucking Michael could feel his skin stretching as the parasites grew inside of him. Michael could feel that the parasites were still firmly attached to his insides. Finally, with one great ejaculation into Angela's mouth Michael's body reached its' peak. Moving as best he could Michael paced hoping the motion would help the parasites let go. Michael rested a few hours before he felt like he was able to make the journey home. Downing the fluid Michael smiled knowing that Angela was going to just be realizing that her hot body was going to be stretched out.

The Party Of His Life

fetish Skully 2017-11-20

Both Matt and Dan wanted to be certain to invite enough girls that both could be staring at the girls' hot feet all night. As the hours passed, Matt and Dan took turns staring at Nia's perfect toes through the black stockings. Dan agreed, went behind Nia, ripped off her now cum-soaked stockings and went to work on her delicious toes. As Matt plunged his cock into Nia's mouth, Dan was busy fucking those hot feet. Even with all of Dan's cum on them, and more spurting from his cock with each thrust of Nia's feet. Matt couldn't believe the tremendous orgasm that Dan had due to Nia's feet, and the thought of it made him explode into Nia's mouth.

At Long Last

fetish Dannj39 2017-11-20

Looking up past those firm globes of your breasts, and now hardened nipples, into your eyes as I move my lips to your hardness, stabbing my tongue out sliding it around and then onto the head of your member to taste that salty sweet slippery drop of cum. I suck and suck at it then suddenly feel it as the first spurts of that salty stickiness hits the back of my throat almost surprising me with the power of it as your cum begins to pump into my sucking gulping throat my finger gently fucking in and out of that tight little hole as your hard cock spurts what I crave into my hungry, gulping mouth until I can't contain it all; I feel it dribble out between my lips as you stand there holding me in place to accept it.

Handy Andy

fetish im_invisible69 2017-11-20

Andy took the opportunity to check that the supplies he had with him would meet Mr Hughes requirements and after a few last minute changes, was left in the kitchen to get to work. So she quietly pushed her tile suggestion a second time and Matt actually agreed that it would look good and could work. Jen's mind wandered thinking about how nice it was to touch him, to hear his voice and very nice to watch him as he worked. As he bolted his salad down, barely tasting it, he couldn't stop thinking about wanting to be back inside, working, stealing glances at her, having her watch him.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 04

fetish Absweat 2017-11-20

After Eugene grabbed the bar and pumped out two reps at a weight more than he had ever done before throwing the bar like it weighed nothing onto the rack without any need for a spotter, Eugene boldly reached up Bradley's gaping shorts leg hole and grabbed him by his hairy ball sack. Eugene started wrestling honestly and fairly as best he knew how, but Bradley twice caught him with hard gut punches unexpectedly, hurting him deep in his gut and knocking the wind out of him both times. Leaving Bradley no chance to recover, Eugene looked down and seeing Bradley's exposed junk dangling out in the open (Bradley was still going commando) he grabbed it and stretched it up above him until it lifted Bradley up from the floor.

Little Miss Cock Tease

fetish SexyLynnea 2017-11-20

While Missy and I got situated at a table and ordered some drinks, my eyes scanned the room. I spotted a shy guy with his friend sitting at the very end of the bar in the dim light. I walked over to his end of the bar to order my third drink and lightly brushed my arm against his. I propped my left foot on the toilet seat and began to finger my pussy. I slide my finger to my clit and began to rub it in wild little circles. You want to come home with me and fuck me all night long? Then I stopped and said I needed to get a condom, Missy had them in her purse.

Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 01

fetish CuteAndLovelyYetHorny 2017-11-20

As we were back from lunch, which was in a different place that the school itself, we were discussing and joking about if humans could purr, we were both thinking that we couldn't, and I said in the air that I would surely not be that far if I was caressed under the neck and chin like real cat do when you pet them, as I was really over-sensitive there, but not imagining people weren't that much, I never asked myself actually, I just knew I loved it.


Shrinkage Ch. 02

fetish runtz4 2017-11-20

I looked back and Kevin had his eyes open, and at first I thought he was delighting in the view the rest of us had been watching, but noticed he was looking past his cock to Jill with her mouth a gap sitting across from him on the love seat with Bill. "Okay, Billy" Jill said in a little girl voice, "who gets to suck your great...big...dick?" She baited grabbing his cock over the towel. With everyone leering at Angie and Shane, Jill let her hand slip past the rim of my towel and found my cock with her fingers; giving it a sharp pinch she leaned in and whispered,

lock the door

fetish 2017-11-20

Yeah, ten thick inches ready to slide up your tight wet pussy. I want you to kiss my dick, then deepthroat it all the way to my balls, because you're a naughty girl who likes to suck my cock. You want to feel my dick sliding against your lips as I slowly pull it out from your mouth and then slam it in hard again. I can't wait to lick your hard, excited little nipples, sucking and biting softly down on them while I slide my hands inside your panties to finger your pussy. I'm gonna spread apart the moist pussy lips and lick you deep with my tongue, kissing and tickling it until you squirm under my mouth.

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 03

fetish Uniracer 2017-11-20

Instead, Miharu pulled down the meager strip of cloth keeping her large bust in check, and right in front of Carrie's incredulous eyes, she fondled them much like she did earlier that day, causing them to expand well past the size of her head. And with a wave of the Princess' hand, the air around the dumbfounded Carrie was filled with pink sparkles, and a second later, she was wearing a form-fitting nurse's outfit with a pink heart where the Red Cross symbol should be. Carrie's wake-up kisses could take care of things near-instantly when she managed to pry away from her patient, but Miharu found ways to be more efficient with her slower method, holding two boys to her breasts at a time.

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 02

fetish stacey_lynne 2017-11-20

Joel's lovely wife, Amy, sat comfortably off to one side of the room, watching everything on the overhead screen, admiring as the intricate design took form upon the taut canvass that Jane had turned Joel's foreskin into. As she very slowly rolled back Joel's foreskin, it revealed that just as the outside had been tattooed with an intricate black and white rendition, the inside had been tattooed with exactly the same image only that inside it was in full color! Samantha turned to his lovely wife, "Amy, I think Joel and Jane might be needing some privacy now." And that night, in the intimacy of their hotel bedroom, Jane casually mentioned to Joel a "very special" and "absolutely, erotically unique" tattoo she had in mind for Amy, his lovely wife...

Back Seat Mommy: A Long Hard Ride

fetish drew1207 2017-11-19

"Yes, I just got poked," I weakly responded, unable to not say something naughty, an amazing pleasure coursing through me as my son's, cock, which felt bigger than my husband's, was buried in me, his hands firmly on my hips holding me in place. "God," I moaned loudly, holding onto the word long enough that I assumed my husband would know I was coming right behind him as I was unable to not open my mouth as my orgasm hit me like a thunderstorm, my cum gushing out of me and onto my son's cock and lap as I again grabbed the driver's seat and pulled up, my son's cock finally exiting my overheated pussy.

Finding Travis Ch. 02

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-11-19

I think I know some things about you based on what Travis said but wanted to ask. There aren't that many girls that will make a boy carry books or walk behind you like you made Travis. Mom is big into making sure any boy that is involved with me gets the right message - if you know what I mean. When we first became acquainted I used the name "Chev" because that was my sister's email that you responded to and, like I said, I wasn't sure what kind of boy you were. I like a boy that gets embarrassed but isn't afraid to tell me the truth about how good I look.

The Ties That Bind

fetish Rusher 2017-11-19

I stand in front of her and nuzzle my face into the back of her neck, pushing her curly blonde hair away with my free hand. She is standing in the middle of the room in her plain white bra, beautiful lavender panties, and high heel shoes, hands restrained by the shiny metal cuffs. "SINCE YOU WERE SO LATE, I had time to make a small addition to the bed." I uncuff her and bring her hands around to the front of he body. I pull myself away, and reach for the last item on the night stand, the small riding crop that I have so lovingly picked out especially for her.

Premature Ejaculation?

fetish Fantastiguy 2017-11-19

After about 10 minutes she said "Rub my lower back, please?" My heart skipped and I began to feel a tingle of excitement. Slowly I moved my hand down the left side of her bare ass cheek, crossed at the bottom just above her legs, and rubbed my way back up. I continued my gently caresses on her ass and lower back until she rolled over onto her back and said "Rub my tummy." When we went from lower back to tummy it meant her pussy was wet and ready and we were minutes away from turning this sensual back rub into sexual pleasure. "Oh God, Baby, I"m cumming!" She didn't say anything but continued working her pussy on my fingers until her orgasm subsided.

An Afternoon Affair

fetish ecdilettante 2017-11-19

You poor little thing," you coo, "don't be embarrassed, it's cute!" I think men with small penises are sexy -- you try so hard to please women like me, even though you have no hope of satisfying us." You tell me to stand still and to keep my hands at my sides as you lean so close to me that I can feel the warmth of your breath on my groin. "Sweetie, you could never satisfy with this" you say, pulling on my hardening penis to emphasize your words, "I like men who are well endowed and," glancing down a giggle escapes your lips that you try to suppress and you take a moment to gather yourself before continuing, "And, you're just a boy in that respect.

My Sister's Bully, My Bully

fetish CopyCat13 2017-11-19

Caitlyn hadn't completely forgotten that Lisa had been bullying her little sister for years but she was so likeable that she actually started to consider that maybe Stephanie gave her a good reason to be a bitch. If Caitlyn tried on all the underwear the sales girl had brought her and a single piece of it didn't fit, then Lisa will sign over the entire $1000 check to her and furthermore allow Caitlyn to pick her outfit for the photo-shoot. Realizing her defeat, Caitlyn hung her head as Lisa pulled off all the tags and handed them to the sales girl along with the underwear Caitlyn had come in.