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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

She Ch. 03

fetish Scorpionic 2017-11-19

But the pussy tastes too good and she begins to slide a finger at a time inside Rio until she can't hold anymore. Jamie moves in front of her standing at the side of the bed his hard trembling cock just in front of her face. Rio comes and squats below Jamie and takes the cock from her mouth, licking the side of her lips as she does it. Jamie is straining to hold his orgasm and Rio is looking at him with a naughty sexy smile in her eyes. Rio grips Jamie's balls and squeezes them on the last deep thrust then pulls back immediately until his cock is free of her mouth.


The shopping trip

fetish 2017-11-19

She sucks his cock for a few minutes massaging his balls as she takes him deeper into her mouth, She then stands up and walks away from him and starts to examine the large leather chair in the center of the room, it is a type of reclining chair with a control panel on the one arm, it has several buttons the largest being red in color and the words “push for assistance” printed upon it, as the chair has a revolving base she turns it until it faces him chained to the wall, she then seats herself upon it and starts to read the instructions, she pushes one of the buttons and the chair reclines slightly, she pushes another and the bottom section of the chair automatically splits into two halves, she places her feet upon each half which means that her legs are wide open and her pussy is on full display to her captive audience, to ensure she still has his full attention she rubs her hand between her legs and starts to fuck herself with her fingers, the attention soon has her juices flowing and the wetness of her pussy lips can be seen by Rick strapped to the wall, who's cock still stands to attention.

The Weekend Ch. 08

fetish jsg1966 2017-11-19

To be honest, it already felt like it was fully inside me, but I did my best to relax as I felt you gently, but firmly, pressing into me. Undeterred by this, you began pumping in and out of my ass faster and faster, your hands gripping my hips, as you fucked me hard. Eventually, you pulled out completely, smacked each of my ass cheeks and said, "Time for your reward. I lay there, completely exposed, my cock throbbing, the strap-on still deep inside me with my legs spread and wondered if it was worse that this time, if I didn't close my eyes, I'd be able to see if anyone saw me through the window.

More Wet Panties Please!!

fetish neddone 2017-11-19

A quick look under the clothes at the top of the laundry basket normally rewarded me with a skimpy pair of panties, just damp and smelling gorgeous. I really prayed that when I got into the bathroom, somewhere in the hamper Kelly would have left her worn panties and that she hadn't taken them upstairs with her. In the morning, as I was making coffee, Kelly bounced into the kitchen, put her arms around me and said "Oooh, make me one would you honey" before looking me straight in the eye and saying "I really must put some washing on today, I don't seem to have a single pair of clean panties to wear!!" before turning around a wiggling that sexy ass in skin tight jeans, off to the laundry basket in the bathroom.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 03

fetish dongstar 2017-11-19

A fat, purple vein thicker than Rajana's forearm snaked its way along the top of Val's throbbing shaft, bulging angrily as her dong continued to swell at an alarming pace. The motion of the girl's dextrous tongue on her prostate had sent Val's cum production skyrocketing, and her balls bulged tremendously, pushing up her cock and putting further pressure on the walls of the tiny booth. Wrist-thick streamers of cum sprayed from his ass around the rim of Valerie's titanic shaft and his belly swelled again, lifting his slim frame up towards the ceiling, pressing his back into the popcorn tiles as the horizon-like curvature of his milky-white stomach spread out across the floor, crushing more tables and mannequins under its bulk.

Craving a Real Cock

fetish Rocket19 2017-11-19

As the last of my huge load slid down my throat I felt my wife unfasten the straps that held her cock to her and leaving the strap on buried deep in my ass she picked up the still camera and started clicking away. Telling me how hot it had made her to see me with cum in my mouth and a dick in my ass she continued to snap pictures as she undid the straps holding my ankles. Pushing my legs down caused the cock in my ass to drive deeper as she undid the gag and snapped some more pictures of my cum covered face.

One Day as a House Slave

fetish madmanofporn 2017-11-19

I headed into the kitchen to get my first cup of coffee for the day, I said good morning to Tiff as I passed through the den, she was lying on the couch in her short and sexy nightgown, half asl**p. I was ready now so I said: “Get the cum now whore” and she moved her right hand into position to stroke and suck me at the same time while her left hand rubbed my balls and run a finger over my asshole that was wet from her rimjob a few minutes earlier. With Tiff sucking and stroking my cock up and down Skank pulled what felt like my entire ball sack into her mouth and I could take no more.

A Well Deserved Reward

fetish footshrimper 2017-11-19

Jack let me get up off his lap so he could get ready to go to work, but he told me that he had every intention continuing paddling my ass later on when he got home. Every time I saw the hair brush on top of the dresser I could feel the smacks and the stinging I would be getting soon enough. For the next few minutes Jack spanked my bare ass with his hand, sometimes hard and sometimes almost like a caress. In a short while Jack was finished administering my punishment and he took full advantage of my repentant state and proceeded to fuck the ass off me.

Share Everything Disgraceful

fetish Learningfast 2017-11-19

So one day she says, "I'm going to catch your poop as it comes out." The next time I sat down, she knelt in front of me with a hand between my legs and with a big piece of kitchen tissue. And so I would hold her in the right place, with her legs wide apart and the content of her bowels flooded out into the funnel and joining the earlier offerings in the big plastic tub. While I'm shagging slowly and deliberately into her, I reach round and open the tap on the end of the big pipe coming from the plastic tub. Stop it; I'm bursting." And she starts gulping as the shit reaches up under her ribs and the bulging intestines puts pressure on her stomach and her lungs.

Ashley's Plot: The Fuck Forest

fetish the giant peach 2017-11-19

That fucking dragon lied to me, I blew him for over an hour and let him fuck my ass; he even had me eat a load of his shit, Just so I could get him to piss for my spell and it didn't work I still got raped by the forest. Ashley yelped in pain and got a mouthful of his piss as he placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart gaping her ass. " Ashley walked her shitty feet made it hard to stay upright when she got to the dragon's cock he blasted her with his cum. " Ashley looked to the Rock God with dragon cum flowing down her legs.

Hair(y) Dresser Again

fetish belab 2017-11-19

My new boyfriend at first did not mind my hairiness but last night he said “Baby I love you but so much hair in your underarms looks unattractive why don’t you shave your underarms”. I did not feel bad then as we made love but the this morning when I got up in my white nightie and went to the bathroom I raised my arms and looked at the long bushy jet-black hair in my underarms. ”your underarm hair is so thick that I will not be able to remove it without shampooing it first” he said and his hands moved slowly over my shoulders, down my arms to the elbow and then across my chest, his fingers stopped inches from my bra, my titties aching and the nipples hard.

My Pet

fetish LoveGoddess 2017-11-19

I writhed and moaned and when I knew I was going to come soon, I ripped my panties off, sat on his face and shoved my dripping wet pussy into his mouth and came all over him. Don't disturb me for a bit sweetie I called out to him as he was getting into the shower I am going to take a short nap and as I drifted off I was content knowing that when I woke up my sweet puppy would be curled up on the floor next to the bed waiting eagerly for me to wake up so we could play some more.

Janet's Seduction

fetish rick_oh 2017-11-19

The next evening, when Janet's boyfriend wanted to experience her squirming pussy, she hesitated, and said that she wanted him to give her a good fucking just before he left for his trip the next day. When their breathing subsided, Janet, with Rob still inside her, whispered, "I really wanted you to cum in me right away - but I had to experience your asking permission to cum. The sight of Janet's frenzied look, along with her wild pumping of her hips, ensured that Rob had a steady and uninterrupted ascent to another intense ejaculation. It took only a few minutes for Rob to exclaim and spurt another reservoir of semen into Janet's cum-hungry pussy.


Warm Rain, Hot Lust

fetish DirtyCouple011 2017-11-19

His shirt was soon off too, and we almost fell together onto the grass as he pulled up my skirt, the front of his jeans undone to release his hard cock. I rested for a moment, the rain running down my back, then began to fuck him, squeezing him with my warm wet thighs as he met my movements with his own thrusts. I could smell the wet fresh grass and see the rain battering each green blade, as I felt my orgasm start to swell, starting deep inside me and rising quickly. His hands gripped my waist hard, and he began to come too, shuddering and moaning, holding me still as he shot bolt after bolt of his hot thick semen deep into me.

The Kitchen Surprise

fetish messykate 2017-11-19

Lilly didn't know what to think when she walked in on Aaron pouring a bowl of cake batter down John's trousers. Lilly's mind was starting to fog, but before she allowed Aaron to have his way with her, she needed the rest of John's story. Lilly bit her lip in anticipation, her hand tugging on John's hair in some attempt to curb her growing need. Slowly, John tipped the bottle up and poured a little of the sticky liquid onto Lilly's jeans. Screaming out her climax, she rode John's fingers and tongue over the edge and cried out with every contraction of her muscles, the feeling of his fingers inside her and Aaron's hands on her drawing out every last possible shudder.

A Cuckold's Ordeal

fetish mollycactus 2017-11-19

Jeff especially liked getting a hand job while Miss Sophia watched, since he was pleased to display the amount of ejaculate that Rebecca pumped from his dick. But Miss Sophia informed Jeff, "While your wife is being fucked, it'll be your job to lick, suck and finger my pussy, doing everything you can to make me cum, and drinking my juices." Jeff licked his lips and swallowed his protests. He heard Miss Sophia remark, "Looks like I'll have to arrange for my little sissy there to get mouth fucked sometime." Jeff, flushed red down to his neck, hearing the people in the room chuckling, but felt his heart flutter in pleasurable anticipation. The third man shoved Rebecca's face back into Miss Sophia's cunt, raised her hips, and used her ass, but he didn't cum in her back door opening.

Scott's BDSM Adventure

fetish shmoe13 2017-11-19

She turned and said, “Scott, I am going to leave the milking machine on you tonight, I hope your cow teats don’t get too stretched and sore. She started to massage some lotion into my breasts and them grabbed a long nipple in each palm squeezed down just like you would milk a cow. She was trying to back him off the ramp, but it was like he didn't really want to leave his Mama Cow. She was finally able to back him down and as he did his entire length of now softening bull cock can sliding out of me. I felt it but I knew it still looked like what I saw on the monitor after that bull pulled his big cock out of me.

Back to (B)Asics Pt. 02

fetish 77naughtycouple77 2017-11-19

I continued licking her clit, and as CJ started to go limp I began to taste his cum, which was seeping out of her at first, and then his half-hard cock just fell out of her, landing right over my lips, and a huge clot of jizz followed it out, coming to rest on the head of his cock and then slipping into my waiting mouth. I took that as my perfect opening, and as I continued edging between her tits (I was ready to cum anytime) I grabbed both her feet, with CJ's cock in between, and went wild myself, licking his cock and her toes until they were spit-slick and then licking some more as he fucked his cock between her feet and into my mouth.

The Business Trip

fetish 2017-11-19

Our first day was not very successful as we found nothing that remotely interested the client, but Stephen got to figure out a little better what he was looking for and Stephen and I had a little bit of fun lightly flirting and getting to know each other. I was dressed straight up sexy this day - those same black pumps, tight black leather pencil skirt that came just above the knees (no slit, no give and you couldn't fit paper between my ass and that skirt), white satin blouse opened to show just a little bra if your view was right and my strand of pearls and my black leather blazer on top.

Scissor U.

fetish kandor 2017-11-19

I looked up into Rita's eyes, saw her glaring at me, a despotic smile on her face, her barking into the microphone presumably some feminist drivel about women taking back their power as she gyrated her slim hips and bore down with her thighs in an never-ending undulation, hips snapping, thighs quivering, my head mercilessly scissored between them. "Yeah, pretty much, why, you got a problem with that?" Rita laughed, sitting back, that big calf flared again as she crossed her hard legs, propping her head against the L-shaped thumb and forefinger of one hand, the elbow of that hand on the arm of the couch, a pretty casual pose for a girl who was moments ago facing a possible life sentence for injuring a man in her thighs.

Suzy & Mr MacDonald by Scotty

fetish suzy12 2017-11-19

You walk in, and you look just stunning in the regulation St. Horny-Fuckers uniform, loose shirt, tie, tartan mini-skirt, black seamed stockings and knee boots. I lift your miniskirt to reveal black lacy panties....I grab both cheeks of your ass....I can't help myself.....they look so firm and fucking hell.....they are. 'Yes sir.......fuck my sweet cunt', you moan. 'Wank my cock with your fuck me boots, I want to cum over them' You grab hold of my cock again and suck me dry and hard again. 'Time for teacher to make Suzy cum' I take your bra off and suck your tits as I slide my cock back in to your hot cunt. Your pussy tightens round my cock and you arch your back in pleasure, groaning, screaming.

Lisa & Tammy At The Party

fetish PLJ 2017-11-19

I looked into his eyes, and kissed him, as I did I relaxed and started to pee with his hands between my legs. Will looked closely at Tammy especially between her legs, since she was to look like she was wearing formal men’s black tux, her crouch was painted black and it was very hard to make out any detail of her. We walked all around the club, but didn’t find any doors that looked like they might be the little girls room. As he was kissing her we watched as his hands went inside her hose and panties and started to pull them down..

An Angel For Christmas

fetish Samuari 2017-11-19

Tell me, "Angel, get your ass over here to get fucked", and I'll be bent over, spreading my cheeks wide. Tell your friends to call me "Angel" and I"LL be on my knees with my mouth open, ready to suck their long cocks better than any whore that they ever bought on the street. "Angel, use your mouth to unfasten my pants." She leaned into my crotch, and grasped my belt in her teeth and gently puled it out of the buckle. When I was good and hard, (harder than I had been in a very long time), I stroked the side of her cock engorged face and said, "Angel, I'm going to fuck your ass.

Fair Game Ch. 3

fetish Ludo 2017-11-19

That evening, Becky and her transsexual partner Martha cleared a space in the living room for the eight foot round, two foot deep pool, and then inflated it, by mouth and in the nude of course. Marty's cock and balls were now hanging completely out of the ruined panties, and her turgid prick was straining, bumping up against Becky's oil slicked pussy. I pushed the bulbous head of Marty's cock into Becky's opening, which was wet with much more than vegetable oil, and began feeding that hard shaft into her. Becky tried to pull away, but I grabbed her hips and thrust forward, pushing my cock head past her rubbery opening, and sinking the first few inches of my prick in her ass.