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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Business Dinner

fetish 2018-09-29

Eric reached down and ran his hand over my breasts, he said, "I really love small breasts and your nipples are so hard, they're poking right through the fabric of your dress." Oh my,by all of the gods that felt so good. As he was getting himself back together I heard my boss say, "excuse me, waiter, I need something to drink when you get the chance." I looked at Eric and told him I knew exactly what he wants. Eric handed the glass to my boss, he smiled and said "how did you know what I wanted?" I heard my boss say "Are you OK, we've been asking you if you want desert?" The waiter was standing by me, I apologized and said I must have been daydreaming.


fetish klammer 2018-09-29

"Mistress Jennifer, why am I dressed in these horrid male "Well, sissy Dani, I see you know I meant what I said," Jennifer Some six months after Mistress Jennifer first imposed the "sissy Jennifer at the door, dressed in her most dominant clothes--black Mistress Jennifer still preferred me to dress in this sexy manner done-up as little girls--in pink or white satin party dresses, in the room gathered around as Susan and Jennifer began to dress so dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy's room. personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian mind the personality of Sissy Dani, a simpering, submissive male handed me the dress Sissy Dani was to wear to the party I

Quality Control

fetish Pinocchio 2018-09-29

Felicia Johnson was thrilled when the recruiter from Japan Automotive hired her right out of her San Francisco art school to work at the company's advertising department, in Tokyo. The Japanese social stratification being what it was, she and Mr. Sakura could not exactly be friends, but she enjoyed his and Mariko's company, in a process of group camaraderie known in Japan as "social lubrication." They would frequently all go out together for dinner, after work. Felicia had a seemingly endless number of cocks in her hands, rubbing slippery pre-cum on her face, shooting sperm into her mouth, on her tits, into her hair, her cunt. Mariko then slipped the vibrator into Felicia's cunt, and began sucking and stroking the men herself.

The Panty Club Ch. 06

fetish nikki_2021 2018-09-29

Amber hung around after class as all the other students fled the room to make their way home for the day and as soon as the class had emptied, Claire pushed her up against the wall where they wouldn't be visible to anyone and drove her tongue into her student's mouth, her fingers slipping quickly up under her skirt to tug the thong from within her pussy without pause or ceremony. Friday rolled around bright and sunny and Amber pulled a pair of pink cotton briefs from her drawer for the day's pleasures which required that she wear exactly that style and grinned as she thought about the way that the day would end, with each of the girls cumming in their panties around at Anne's place.

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 03

fetish silverbackteddy 2018-09-29

"First let me tell you about my new diaper thing," Isabella began, and she told Jonathan about how her new diaper fetish came about, and then how met and had begun falling in love with Jade. Isabella couldn't help but look down, as Jade's diaper was making loud crinkling sounds, and felt her clit twitching as she saw Jade grinding hard on her teddy bear and even pressing the head into her diaper even harder. It was a little after two when Jonathan showed up with a garment bag, Isabella and Jade had been making out and humping their teddy bears with only breaks long enough to watch each other fill their diaper with more golden water, while they had been waiting for him.

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)

fetish ClaudeVanFeinbode 2018-09-29

"I have already informed Gina of your arrival Claude." Jason said, smiling at Jenny. I heard her moan and say, "Yes Claude…suck my balls….now suck my cock all the way down…more….more….yes…now lick my tip…that's it….kiss it…yes…yes……" As I pushed my tongue slightly into her pee hole a slight spurt of pre cum touched my outstretched tongue. You are so hot looking right now." She kissed me passionately on the lips and proceeded to suck and lick all the cum that was on my body back into her mouth. I didn't swallow any but quickly stood up on the massage table and Rachel got on her knees and opened her mouth like a bird and I gave her back all her own cum.

All in a Day's Work

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-29

The party had a deadline, however, and Chris breathed at long last when she stepped into the cool night air, waving off Mr Harris' company with a less polite paw, professional mask slipping for the briefest of instances. Growling, Chris closed her eyes and lost herself in the arms of the lion, flipping him over on the bed with her finely muscled body to ride him, hips slamming down to meet his eager thrusts. Gasping for lost breath, the dragoness twisted, pushing her muzzle out and away from the glass as the last tremors of pleasure rocked her body, lasting far longer than usual.

Pain and Punishment

fetish Misty Angel 77 2018-09-29

The guest who had just arrived was a Master known as Sir Alan, he was huge, a chubby stomach strained against the leather outfit he wore, at his side his slave Mark was dressed in a skin tight pair of pants with snaps down each side, and no shirt, bare feet. "Enough Mark, remove your pants, now climb on top on the table and place your legs over Nathan's head, lower your balls to his mouth." ordered Master Michael. Master Alan slowly begin to shower Marks chest with the flogger causing him to jerk and in return to tug harshly at the ropes on his and Nathan's balls.

Asleep in the Library

fetish pbwhome 2018-09-29

Suddenly, your ball cap is gone, and the hands return to your shirt, quickly pushing it over your head and down your arms, the material bunched against your bound wrists. Suddenly, you feel a hot mouth on your breast, greedily sucking your nipple. Suddenly, you feel hands in your waistband and your sweats are pushed down your legs, exposing your black lacy thong, and your smooth thighs. Suddenly, you feel fingers filling your now wet pussy, pumping in and out. The frustration growing, you suddenly feel the hands again, this time on your ass, caressing up and down the crack. Suddenly you feel the head of his cock on your pussy, sliding up and down your wet slit.


fetish Hangdog90 2018-09-29

Simone, Sir Edmund, and the narrator visit the Catholic Church of San Seville after the day's events. She pulled up the filthy black skirt so that the long cock stuck out, pink and hard: all he did was throw back his head with a grimace, and a hiss escaped through his teeth, but he didn't interfere with Simone, who shoved the I didn't know what else to do, when the enigmatic Englishman resolutely strode to the confessional and, after edging Simone aside as delicately as could be, dragged the larva out of its hole by its wrists, and flung it brutally at our feet: the vile priest lay there like a cadaver, his

Community Service Ch. 05

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-09-29

"Can you believe it, Lindz," said Community Service Officer Karen, in tones that were more of wonder, than of outrage, "that Sock Boy actually told us to sod off? ring finger, for nothing!"), while I was simultaneously being devastatingly caned, by Miss Pardew, and being comprehensively humiliated, at the tormenting, stinky feet of Mrs Newlove, and by two of her ghastly Sock Room cohorts, Gina Stainham and Cheryl Chubb. Upon C.S.O. Linda opening the double-door entrance to the Sock Room, C.S.O. Karen said harshly, "Go on, then! C.S.O. Linda, had just said, before we'd entered the Sock Room: "He is fibbing -- lying to our faces -- when he knows we can see right through him!"

Corseted and Out of Control

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-28

Within a few weeks we were lovers and we enjoyed each other very much. And so I did; and the effect was electric. The effect on her was even more remarkable. This stopped being a request and sounded to me more of an instruction. I was happy with this situation, standing behind her and grasping her tiny waist and pushing my erection deep inside her; feeling the extra pressure increasing as the corsets got smaller. I can't stop it. When I got inside the flat, very quietly, the place was deserted but I heard sounds from the bedroom, so I slowly opened the door. A week later she told me we were finished, and thanked me for introducing her to hard corsets and other erotic pleasure.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 05

fetish undiecontrol 2018-09-28

And one person who always entered without knocking was Sarah who had been asked by Emma to do periodic checks on Simon. This brought giggles and whispers from the typing pool who put a romantic interpretation on this gesture but Simon knew that all Sarah was doing was feeling for his bra and camisole straps. Weekday evenings seemed to be largely consumed by corner time punishments for trivial offences, or else helping Emma with the domestic chores. Once he'd passed the half-way point, she started to count down the time saying something like "Only two weeks to go, darling." Then it was only one week and then it was into counting days.

Shares me with his son, Part 2...

fetish smokeabowl 2018-09-28

My step-son had just licked my pussy to incredible orgasm. My husband Steve (david's father) was watching the whole time. David lay next to me and asked me if I liked it. Steve said I should return the favor to David, meaning he wanted to watch me suck his son's dick. I looked at David's cock, then took it in my hand. I looked directly at Steve as I put his son's penis in my mouth and started sucking. After a brief time, Steve finally asked his son if he wanted to fuck me. David looked hurt, which made me feel bad. Suddenly I felt his hard cock rubbing across the outside of my pussy.

I need a breath of air.

fetish 2018-09-28

Instinctively, I reached out and caressed that delicious leg with my hand and kissed and licked the calf against my face! I stop licking for a minute to look up to see her hand coming back out and up to her beautiful face! After an audible moan, I return my face to her pussy and start licking it through the nylon. I kiss, lick and suck that delicious pussy until I hear audible moans coming from her! I caress the front of her legs while I pull her tight against my face and again taste her through the nylon! I am caressing those legs as she moves up and down and grinds on my cock until I feel her tighten then cover my cock and balls with her cum.

Secret Lesbian Ch. 01

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-09-28

I live in an apartment with my 5 college roommates; Alice, Sarah, Jane, Kelly and Sophie. I got home to see Kelly and Alice on the couch, Jane cooking and Sarah's door was closed - I could only assume she had gone to bed early to sleep for the shift. I left my room to see Alice and Jane cleaning the pots while Kelly watched TV. "Good," said Myra "now leave the pillow where it was and Sarah can have a nice sleep when she comes back." Challenge number 2 completed," said Myra "Tomorrow, meet me in the alley down the side of the coffee shop, 9pm."

Evening at home

fetish hzw50 2018-09-28

As your breathing becomes more labored and heavy, you bring your hands up to my head running your finger through my hair, trying to f***e my lips onto your stiffing nipples. Instead I flick my tongue out and catch the tip of your nipple while my hand cups your other breast and slides up to massage your nipple between my fingers as I take your other nipple in my mouth. As my finger tips lightly run up and down the back of your exposed thighs, I bring my mouth and tongue to kiss your panty clad pussy. As my head goes down to the exposed sides of your pussy lips I my tongue darts out and licks and suck your uncovered pussy while my hands reach up an plays with your nipples.

50 and Fine - Part II

fetish goinstrong 2018-09-28

Her shimmery v-necked top went over her head, uncovering her bra-restrained tits. With her tits exposed, she reached for the zipper of her skirt and all but ripped it off. I asked if she was going to leave her panties on in the hot tub. Because Susie is pretty tall, the entire upper part of her tits were exposed above the water. Watching a woman play with her tits is an excellent turn-on for me. I said, "Yes, but this is even better, because your tits are wet!" Susie simply said, "Go On!" With the last comment, she crossed over to my side of the hot tub and sat next to me.

s****r's Birthday Wishes

fetish drew1207 2018-09-28

Her b*****r Rob wasn't fooling her when he adjusted himself after Ashley walked into the TV room in the morning with only the big t-shirt she'd worn to bed and her comfiest pair of cotton panties on. "No, jerk," Ashley replied, "I just like wearing as little as possible to bed, it feels better that way. "What if your little s****r wants your big cock in her Robby...?" she whispered to him and moaned as she turned into the bed, her voice was muffled by the sheets. Ashley responded this time, "Ooo, is b*****r worried about cumming inside his little s****r's pussy. Boldly, Robby pulled out of Ashley's pink opening and saw a trickle of his white cum attempt to push its way out.

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 03

fetish FootjobLover 2018-09-28

FJL - I like the whole POV thing too, especially when it's a really intense blowjob and the girl looks up into your eyes while her mouth is stretched wide by the guy's cock. FJL - How does it feel to suck your toes and Jess's hard cock at the same time? His hot, wet mouth around my toes sends me into overdrive, not to mention watching him licking his own cum from between my toes and feeling his big, strong hands gripping my feet. FJL - Yes, but Jess shoots his jizz on your feet then gets to cum inside your pussy afterwards. FJL - I love the thought of those sexy toes of yours in my mouth while I'm shooting my load deep inside of you.

My Name is Sue Ch. 02

fetish sueamp 2018-09-28

(Remember Jim has a talking tablet computer he carries around to communicate with.) We knew a quiet place that we went too and when we got there he pulled me into his arms and mouthed and nodded his head ok. It took a few minutes, but Dot finally relaxed and got into it and opened her mouth and started using her tongue. Linda and I said have at it and we fixed the pillows for Dot and she got started. After Dot came down Linda said let's get Sue and I got into position. We sat on the patio for a while then Linda and Dot said they had to get home and got dressed and left.

Become a Cuckold

fetish klammer 2018-09-28

I asked Sue if this is what she really wanted, and she smiled and said yes, so I nodded to Robert and he pressed his cock to my lips. Robert suggested it was getting late and it was time to head to bed, so I was let out of the cage and taken to one of the bedrooms, where I was chained to the foot of the bed by the collar that was still around my neck. Sadly, after a bit I had to tell Sir I was getting a little sore, and he thrust himself deeply inside me and held himself there, enjoying the feeling of having his cock deep in his anal slut.

Beautiful Nightmare(ORGASMUS AND BEYOND)

fetish DiamondLife 2018-09-28

a strange high pitched hissing noise is audible, the light is intensifying from blue to white the cellar trap doors fly open, I am levitating upwards out into the night sky."oh no I am being a*****ed by aliens! More orbs floated around me the white floor slid open and three hand robotic machines appeared, helpless to move they went to work on me, long false eyelashes applied and make up oh so much make up, another robot slashed my clothing until left in only my black stockings and heels, a black shiny stretchy dress was sprayed onto me, very short but very sexy. Suddenly it all went into darkness as a strange grinding noise ushered a trap door opened light flooded through a metallic ramp appeared, time to go I reckon...

Ginger's Special Delivery

fetish WatchesGinger 2018-09-28

"Hmmm, you're home a little come baby?" she asked with a sly smile. I let my fingers slide over her collarbone, down the center of her chest, softly, fingertips barely grazing her skin, then resting on her bra clasp, starting to work at it slowly. He looked up when the door closed, and I go " long would it take you to make a special delivery?" I try to strike a little pose, you know, by throwing my hip out to the side." I was losing control, slid one hand down over her stomach, down her legs, began pushing her skirt up as my lips continued toward her breasts. The thought of her cumming while another guy fucks her is probably my biggest turn on, and I always ask just to hear the answer.