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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cowgirl Ch. 05

fetish ZotDragon 2017-11-19

Marie took the initiative and started unbuttoning her own shirt while Michael looked on, a boy happily caught between two candy stores. Whatever else I wanted or knew about our relationship, I was eager to see Michael receive a blowjob from Marie. Apparently my perfume was enough to pull Michael away from Marie's mouth—along with a slight push of encouragement from her. Michael was already worked up by his oral treat from Marie, and I had been playing with myself that entire time as well, so it didn't take him long to grunt twice—like he always did—then shoot his cum inside my pussy. A minute later Michael, overexcited by two women performing all manner of sexual acts on each other, came hard inside Marie's cunt.

Dominant or Subordinate

fetish mrsrobinsonx 2017-11-19

He put the belt down, took a hold of my arm and guided me towards the work surface. I was stood, upright, against it when he let go of my arm and, placing the palm of his hand, on the back of my head, pushed me so I was bent over the work surface. My waist was pressed against the work surface, the melting ice soaking into my knickers. I remember my feet being off the floor, opening my legs ever so wide and pulling myself back and forth, rubbing my pubes area against the edge of the work surface. I started to move my cunt back and forth on his belly, knowing I’d cum fairly quickly and he couldn’t touch his cock to join in.

Asian dominates classmate & his girlfriend (f

fetish klammer 2017-11-19

Angelica was now lying face down between Nina's legs, with the Asian girl's thighs keeping her head trapped there. If you ask nicely I might let you off with just licking my pussy." Nina told her, lifting her boobs off Angelica's face. Nina rode Angelica's face with glee, periodically pausing to let the girl breathe before smothering her again. My cock strained painfully in my pants as I watched Nina rub her crotch in Angelica's face for a while more before asking her again. "It's hard to believe you could get any man at all with these." Nina said, reaching down and twisting Angelica's nipples again while she continued rubbing her ass in the girl's face. Let's see how the tit-less wonder is doing." Nina said, lifting her ass off Angelica's face.

Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time - Parts 1&

fetish margiehank 2017-11-19

Your eyes glaze over and a smile comes over your face as your pussy begins to moisten knowing that all these fun thing will be used on your body. You watch me as I bring my knife over to you, your eyes open wide as I run it over your skin, over your bra and panties. My other hand feels your body, your breasts, I rub your nipples through your bra, and I rub your pussy through your panties. You are squirming in your bondage wanting me to touch you, feel you, please you but I am in full control of your body, I control you my Pet, My Sugar Lips, My Bound Slave.

Stretching Pt. 02

fetish ggerard87 2017-11-19

I would now also regularly slip a finger into her pussy next to my dick, or push hard on the fat base vibrator, causing it to go too far inside and stretch her. She obviously liked having her little pussy stretched, but probably felt some shame and was worried about becoming the loose girl guys joke about. I think I walked around for days constantly getting hard, thinking of Amy's pussy stretching to accommodate that huge toy. She exploded into one of her biggest orgasms I had ever seen as the back of her pussy gave way and the dildo slipped a little deeper, and was now a good 8 inches deep inside her pussy.


fetish Chaingun 2017-11-19

"Oh yeah..." he smiled to himself as he remembered the scene of the blond kneeling behind the brunette, working those pretty fingers over her clit and into her cunt, whispering into her ear, "Do you want to cum for me? The brunette on all fours with the blonde's hand in her box, the brunette sucking her own cream from the blonde's hand, the bare tits of the two women on the floor in front of him, the petite hand reaching around from behind him and jacking his cock, and now this vision, this heart-stopping, nut-busting, glorious vision of those sexy feet...

Wife loves it

fetish tarny 2017-11-19

i tried the door again and said " come on hun let me in i wana see" the guy piped up and said "fuck off little dick bastard","im fucking this sexy wife of yours" and with that she moaned harder and screamed and kept saying " omg your cock is massive hun,fuck me harder please,make me cum ","oh youre going to make me cum" and with that she had an orgasm right there on his cock...


Forbidden Foods: The Gladen

fetish solitarycafe 2017-11-19

Within moments, Tia was tearing off a bite for the dozenth time when she felt a familiar pain in her stomach. Minutes into her binge, her wings began to glow at her back and they shimmered with the same colored light that the small mushrooms were casting from the walls. She took a small bite and chewed it slowly, looking down at her body as she did so. His mind went blank as he tried to understand what was happening, but he was so completely taken by her appearance that he couldn't form cohesive thoughts.He had never seen or dreamed of a woman that looked anything like the one before him.


When Nature Calls Ch. 01

fetish kayleekennicott 2017-11-19

Hector started slowly, with the bathroom, trying something new each time he used it: he pissed on the edge of the tub; he faced the mirror and pissed on his own liquid reflection; he let loose over the sink and vanity; he opened the drawers of towels, rested his cock on the top of the stack, and pissed over them, watching the fabric soak up his stream; he opened the back hatch of the toilet and peed into those waters instead; he sat on the toilet seat and sent his stream over the floor in front of him; he aimed at the towels on the towel rack; he pissed forcefully and deliberately upon the thick roll of toilet paper hanging next to him, watching the liquid seep through the layers until it dampened the cardboard tube at its center.

Black Cat the Teeanage Years

fetish lilguy41 2017-11-19

She got up, and without thinking grabbed Felicia hair and tossed her against the wall and slapped her hard two times in the face. Felicia slapped her hard across the face and started smothering her with her tits “I could smother you to death with these things, take the air out your body, your little nerd. Felicia laughed as she did a combo of punches to her stomach and breast sending Mary tits bouncing into her face You started shit with me because you knew I would whup your skinny little fire crotch dumb bitch.” Felicia Said pulling her video camera. “Can do this all day BITCH…this a great work out” Felicia Said looking at Mary body was dripping with sweat.

In Thrall to Vicky

fetish realbigsid69 2017-11-19

"Sounds like me" David said quietly but Vicki had heard him and smiled quietly to herself. "Yes gorgeous" he told her and began to kiss her pussy through the lace knickers as Vicky glanced at the blue sky outside and contemplated that this might be the day she discovered her perfect lover. Oh, that's it, keep doing that" Vicky encouraged as David licked her pussy like an ice cream cone, both hands reaching up to fondle her breasts through her top. "Mhmm, no you're perfect Vicky" David responded and saying so, he left her pussy, leaving a trail of kisses over her torso until he was at her breasts, his mouth closing over one then the other and swapping alternately. "I love the sexy sounds you mouth makes licking my pussy" Vicky said smiling.

Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely

fetish billdodge 2017-11-19

She told me that we had five hours and we could have sex the entire time, could fuck for a while and take a nap, fuck some more if i wanted. We walked back to the chicken house in the nude and got on our now dry clothes from the morning. We met at the end of the chicken house and she told me the egg total was off, we should stop and leave the other side till morning. bed time came right after we got back in the house. our chicken house showers had us cooled off and feeling good. She said that she usually got up very early, if I wanted she would wake me with a blow job, sex or anything I wanted.

Delightfully Evil, Part Four

fetish 2017-11-19

Looking a the stone walls, and how odd this beautiful bed is in here, with it’s whiteness and comfort. I turned my head so my chin was against my shoulder, looking at the camera, over my shoulder. Unbuttoning each button, so slowly, never taking my eyes off the camera, turning in a small circle. When my back was back to the camera, I let the shirt drop off my shoulders, stopping right above the shelf of my bottom, being held by the sleeves hanging on my elbows. He pulled out a collar with a single silver ring and handed it out to me. The anger came into his eyes as he squeezed my cheeks in one large hand, “Yes. You will.”

Sarah's Raincoat

fetish JenniferWilson 2017-11-19

Day dreaming over Sarah continued with her walk but her thoughts keep returning to the shiny brown raincoat and how much she would like to try it on, although buying it might be out of the question knowing the extremely high prices of the garments in the shop. "Well spotted Sarah, and yes my name is Amanda, and I just love this coat myself as my favourite colour is burgundy it just exudes a fashion statement that says 'look at me', and the smooth shiny PVC says 'sexy' all over." When they were both enclosed in the PVC raincoats and belts tightly fastened around their slim waists and their hoods around their faces Amanda said "Aren't we just couple of good looking ladies together like this." She took hold of Sarah's hands.

Sow Primer Ch. 06

fetish InYourDreams 2017-11-19

While Carl was hanging her clothes, Katie was left standing in just her shoes and stockings and the very tight hot pants that curved smoothly over her mound and pressed constantly into her slit. Every night ended the same with her need having built up from the lessons, a slow unremitting tension, the pulling at her clit that grew became engorged, made it throb, made her legs desire to open and her secret inner self plead to be mauled by her lover, her trainer, by Carl. She should just rush off and forget what Carl said, and yet somehow she forced herself round his office a couple more times clinging on desperately trying to be a good girl for him and do as he told her.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 02

fetish TimWLy 2017-11-19

Basically, we were just about ready to meet up, and just as I change my clothes and got more comfortable, while also trying to relieve a little tension by stroking my cock thinking about what she may look like, or what her feet will feel like while gliding through my fingers, I hear a soft knock at the door, and it's April, and she steps into my room smelling of bath gels and shampoo. There were moans coming from her lips, as I continued to massage her feet and legs, and I worked my way to her thighs, but I had to change the tide, so I took her left foot, and began nibbling on her toes and her arch.


fetish bossyone 2017-11-19

Afterward some drinks, showers and time, Krista asked if I remembered decided to see if Dutch would let her play with his cock while she She ran her hand to his sheath and Krista said he was very She said that made her feel better about her secret and went on. she would play with his cock until her started to hump then slow down and a little too low and Dutch slipped right inside her pussy and began to fuck Krista said she was trying not to freak out but it started to feel so good she opened her legs wider, held on to his butt and The rest of the night was very hot and there were more secrets told as time

Bubble Butts are Best

fetish Bakeboss 2017-11-19

I tried to conduct an interview but I couldn't keep my mind off her body and all I could think about was sticking my head under her sweater and between her large boobs. Her knees pinned my arms to the bed and her thighs held my head in place with her hairless pussy was in my face. I glanced up to see her watching herself in the mirror and couldn't help but think how sexy it was to have a big woman who knew she was in control. She leaned down to rest with her arms on the pillow above my head Her pussy on my face and her belly covering the rest of my head it was so erotic and even thought I could hardly breathe I wished I could remain like that forever.

Desires & Disorders Ch. 01

fetish PerilEyes 2017-11-18

Whenever I tried to pull her away she always protested and said something to the like "Not now, I have to get this done." And that was the thing with Cyndi: her job seemed to be her life. It certainly wasn't good for her during the day but Cyndi just bandaged her insomnia with copious amounts of caffeine pills. Cyndi rolled her eyes and went on one of her "You should know by now" rants, this time with a whole lot more profanity. As I wiped my eyes and sat in bed trying to wake up, I groggily saw her stand up and pull it all the way up to her black panties.

The Adventures of Panty Boy

fetish Panty10 2017-11-18

She then says it's time to get even and tells Cindy to come rub my nice panty covered cock. Two hands later Cheryl wins and stuns everybody by saying "OK panty boy, crawl over to Bob, pull those red undies down and suck that cock"! Bob me and Cheryl are all moaning now as I have a rock hard cock sliding all the way in and out of my mouth. Cheryl is rubbing faster now and starts saying "yeah my panty boy, show me what a good cock sucker you are." The other girls and Pete start chiming in with similar comments and it seems everybody is into it now.

Cuck Wife says the Nasties Things

fetish paulb4fun 2017-11-18

So sit there and watch quietly while I such a real man's big fucking cock!! I want to compare this big fucking dick to that tiny thing you call a cock!! Fuck, your hot young dick is perfect in my wet, married pussy. Do you like fucking a hot married bitch in front of her wimpy hubby? Just for being a good hubby, I gonna ask him to slide his dick up into my mouth when he's ready to explode. After you fill my married pussy with your hot jizz, slide up here and I'll clean off your cock while my hubby cleans my pussy....cleans your cum out of his wife's pussy! I'm going to sit on your face while I suck my lover's cock until it gets hard again.

She-Male Cream Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-18

She said how is this as she stuck my whole cock in her mouth, I damn near ran out of the road, I yelled Carol I need to pull over somewhere I can't drive while you are sucking my cock so I pulled in behind a store and stopped. I started the car up and got back in the road I felt light headed from finally getting my cock sucked. I stuck a finger in her ass and started fucking it Carol grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth when Carol cum I ate most of the She-Male cream up It did taste different then my cum and I liked the taste of it.

Cruising pays off

fetish eaglefree 2017-11-18

I told him that I like a fresh cock every now and again and was actually going to a place where I might be able to find a guy who wanted a blowjob. Once I had been sucking on his very hard cock for several minutes I raised up and asked him if he was enjoying his blowjob. All he was said was “Yes.” I took him in my mouth again and slowly started to swallow his cock. After several more deep throats he finally said “I’m going to cum.” I raised up until just his cock head was in my mouth and almost immediately he started to cum. He filled my mouth again with four more smaller spurts and then I swallowed and kept sucking.

Photo Ch. 05

fetish WFEATHER 2017-11-18

While a lottery win would certainly have been nice, I had been eagerly awaiting these photos arriving from the mysterious Ayumi, hoping against hope each day that when I opened my mailbox, her latest photo would be awaiting me. I turned over the photo, and was graced with my sweet Asian goddess in a chair, presenting her unfettered beauty to my admiring gaze. From each D-ring dangled a smaller version of a ball and chain, and from the expression of discomfort upon Ayumi's sweet face, the balls were truly constructed of solid metal. Later that evening, after dinner, I decided to perform a Google Images search, but a search for "Ayumi" and "Milwaukee" did not reveal any clues as to who my mysterious goddess really was.