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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2017-11-18

i miss the way you would ride my cock and bend down swinging your tits in my face and occasionaly stop to let me suck on your rock hard nipples. i miss when you would ride me you would sit straight up massaging your big tits and you would lick and suck on your own nipples.i miss seeing you walk around in your panties and i could see your hairy pussy peeking out. i miss the time you loved it so much you handed me your panties when you took them off and asked if i would sniff them while fucking so could watch me do it.i miss licking allover your body starting at your neck all the way down to your asshole.i miss how turned on that got you.

Time for a Kit Kat Ch. 05

fetish cashcrunch 2017-11-18

Evan pounded on his own door, determined to retake his home from the reign of Kat. The dominating little seductress had left him stranded on the balcony in a heartless bit of humiliation. Just get some sleep, we have to be at the office by 9:00 am tomorrow." Evan tucked Kat in, still sobbing like a child, and closed the door to his room as he backed into the living room. Get that pussy all wet, I want my cum all over your face you dirty pervert!" Evan licked her in long strokes the length of her lips. I know you like me fucking your ass, but you still want to put that big, hard dick in my wet little pussy don't you?"

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 04

fetish Sodomite 2017-11-18

"Get cleaned up and meet me at your car, I will explain everything on the way back to your house" I said as I watched her try to pull herself together. After I unloaded my cum in your ass and I started to soften, I just relaxed and emptied my bladder into your well fucked anus." As I described this my neighbor started rubbing her pussy right there in front of me. I'm not sure if she could feel it, or if it was just the thought of me filling her ass with my hot cum, but my neighbor started to cum at the same time as me. My neighbor stopped rubbing her pussy and started to slide her ass off of my cock.

Rescue Sex

fetish ironicchef 2017-11-18

She knows that when I stick my dick in her ass, the only lube I'll use is the juice from her pussy. Through Marjorie's introductions and my job at the home improvement store, I'd built quite a few devices for people so there was a good amount of trust with the smallish circle of clients we started with. "I'm going to fuck your ass when I'm done with this hole," I told her. "Let me out now," Stan said, while my cum covered dick was still in his wife's sopping wet pussy. "He's going to fuck my ass," Marjorie tells him. "He's going to fuck my ass," Marjorie tells him. "Stan, there's something I want to tell you," Marjorie begins.


fetish Teased and Denied 2017-11-18

As her eyes met mine, a playful smile on her face, one of her talented hands reached up under the towel to my balls, taking it softly in her fingers and squeezing and kneading softly. After a few seconds of massaging my thighs, her hands found my balls again and kneaded them, running a single finger up and down the length of my cock. But still, her fingers wrapped around my steel cock and stroked it gently, bringing me maddeningly close to the edge but not going fast enough to set me off. "Our time is running out," she said coyly, her hand finally lightly grabbing my aching cock.

Breakfast is Served

fetish kyrie1595 2017-11-18

I slowly draw your cock deeper into my mouth and feel it slide along my tongue until the tip brushes the back of my throat. Our eyes meet and in that meeting I feel your cock pulsate, hear your growl, my fingers tighten around your balls squeezing just enough to push your cum free, your sphincter clamping tightly around my finger and your loud bellow as your cock floods my mouth with your seed. Moving up, pressing soft kisses to your quivering stomach, heaving chest, and strong neck until my cum soaked lips meet yours, coaxing your mouth open and pushing my tongue into the heat, seeking its mate and sharing your release with you.

Dark anonymous in my garage , gay sex

fetish lasvegasbi 2017-11-18

I am sitting in my chair in the dark , thinking about how badly I need some cock , I start to play with my now hard cock stroking it to the point of cumming and then stopping...I do this several times and I hear a light tapping on my garage door , I have to try hard to not cum as I get very excited...I open the door , see him come inside and I close the door behind him . He gets in behind me , feeling his way up my stockinged legs , lifts my frilly skirt , uses his finger to find my wet lubed up ass and tries to insert his hard cock...I am very tight and he tries a couple of times without getting it in...then without warning I feel the head of his uncut cock penetrate my tight hole...I moan out loudly as he thrusts gently but firmly all the way inside of me...

Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life ( Part 2)

fetish musicmakre 2017-11-18

Hubby shut off the engine, turned to me and said, “Remember when you confronted Jim after you read my ‘Shy Wife Tied And Displayed’ story?” I wanted so much more, right here, right now… but instead, showing great restraint, he leaned back, opened his door, smiled, and said, “I’m going in to see our friends now.” The last things I saw before Jeff slid the blindfold over my eyes was Jim kneeling between my legs as Jill pulled opened the sheers and Hubby opened the front door. One by one, I watched as Jim, Steven, Gary, Dan, Jeff, and yes even Jill (God she is amazing at cunnilingus!) each had a turn.

my best friend wife

fetish tomm09 2017-11-18

I did not have the guts to propose anything but i found her shifting closer to me on the sofa.It was now clear that she was ready for action.She then held my hand and said its ok as she may have realised that i was embarassed with my shaft buldging .The next thing i new was that i had my lips on her lips and we smooched for a long long time with my toung into her mouth and her hand on my shaft (still with my shorts on)

Let's go Rounds

fetish prettykittymiaos 2017-11-18

I can feel your dick pulsing, getting thicker and longer with every kiss I give you and once I feel you're hard enough, I pull back a little, stare deep into your eyes which are lightly illuminated by the moonlight and then kiss you on your lips, coming off with a little biting and then tell you I'm gonna fuck your brains out. You have one hand in my hair while the other is on my hip as to give added thrust when pushing back in and I'm holding on to the edge of the seat, trying to stay as still as possible, moaning and screaming for you to fuck me harder, smack my ass.

Big Ben

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-11-18

“Well that’s not bad… but your boyfriend had more then ten.” “You the one named after a British clock?” I asked when I stood before him. Is that clear?” I asked. “So what drew you to me?” He asked as we walked. Haven’t I made that clear?” I knocked on the door, and Aaron Black appeared, dressed in an evening suit. “Well I…” Aaron Black roared with laughter, almost spilling his wine. Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face. “Would you like my cock?” He asked. I felt like his cock was going to end up in my chest.

Shawna's Wedding Night

fetish rick_oh 2017-11-18

"Oh my gosh, you don't have any self control," Shawna said as he came out of his deep immersion into intercourse. Shawna, of course, knew several things she could tell her new husband that would help his self control, but she decided to go slowly with her advice. She loved having her sperm-filled cunt lapped and sucked on after intercourse, but she also liked the idea of him struggling with his self control and being able to wait until she said the magic words, "You may ejaculate." An hour later that night, she invited him inside her, and told him that he was to lick her pussy clean after intercourse every time during their honeymoon.

My Black Boyfriend

fetish 2017-11-18

My Black Boyfriend's huge hunk of fuck-meat! liv now only for Tyrone's serve it in any way I can. Within a week of meeting Tyrone, he had fucked away my virginity and taught me how to suck his huge cock to his satisfaction. to watch four hours of fuck videos each day, and Tyrone has me read books like. You see, Tyrone make me allow all of his friends to fuck me too. Tyrone fucks other girls of course. home after fucking other girls with his dick unwashed and then wants me to The only time I really hate it is when he has fucked some girl in the ass, Tyrone says a girl of fifteen should know

Pantyhose Lover gets His Fantasy

fetish LuvHose 2017-11-18

She got off me, placed her feet on my face and said, "You will remain tied to the bed until I untie you. She put a cock ring and a blindfold on me, took off her shoes and smothered my face with her feet. What you do with your feet and shoes during your 10 minute period is up to you." She then took off my blindfold, and said to me, "Surprise sweetie! She turned to the ladies and said, "OK ladies, straddle his face either way and do as you like without coming. So, the next pass began, each woman straddling my face so that I could smell her hosed pussies. I took deep breaths of her pussy, getting intoxicated - she smelled SO GOOD.

Tiffany's Suprise

fetish croat79 2017-11-18

Just as I finished going and admiring how much I went I looked to the side and noticed in the dirty clothes hamper a pair of Tiffany's panties. I lifted my head up and saw those sexy green eyes staring at my dick, and her lips wet like she was starting to drool. After saying that she began to shake and breath very, very heavily, "stick your cock in me" I was still hard so I lifted her leg up and shoved it in, it was tight getting in, however her wetness and my cum made it a bit easier this time.


fetish XXXerxes37 2017-11-18

She completes the removal of my shorts and moves her hand to my cock in order to start to raise it to its full potential. I ask him to sit down on the central block and having done so Chantelle approaches him, takes his cock into her hand and proceeds to give a nice short hand job. When Chantelle's nipples have been successfully erected Chantelle is now asked to remove the vision's tank top which she does, to reveal a beautiful pair of breasts as no bra is being worn. Chantelle is now asked to kiss each breast in turn and take each nipple into her mouth to bring it to erection.

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 04

fetish magic_tantra 2017-11-18

I told my mom that Michael has already been introduced to sampling his own semen sucking it from my well fucked pussy and getting a full load spit into his mouth after a hot blow job. We concentrate on getting Michael to come Claire stuck her clitoris into his mouth for him to suck on and I began sliding my vaginal lips up and down and around his shaft until he could no longer stand it shooting load after load up of pent up emotional come deep inside my pussy. Next Michael licked his way up to my clitoris pressing his lips around my miniature cock and began slowly sucking it and at the same time licking the head of my clit with his tongue sending me into a trance like nirvana.

A Halloween Gift to My Fans

fetish Rescue325 2017-11-18

Sean placed his pumpkin in the cart and headed to the checkout with the rest of his purchases. He pulled his fruit down to the stool in front of the counter and slowly slipped his rock hard cock in the hole he cut. Sean was fucking the living shit out of the pumpkin when his anal-retentive forty-year-old virgin roommate walked in the house. Paul watched Sean as he went to town on the pumpkin and felt himself get aroused. You don't want a big hole like if you were fucking Sue down the street. I'm only joining you because it looks like a learning experience." Said Paul. Sean pulled his shorts back on and put the pumpkin back on the counter.

hump day cookie

fetish angelryu7 2017-11-18

She brought some wine in her red thong and askd me "if i was ready to fuck the shit out of me papi." She got on her knees pull my cock out and suckd it like a pro mmmm for 20 mins and then laid on the shag rug and spread eagle next i eat that nice sweet warm pussy like a ice cream. She yelld "more more" Now my turn papi" she got on top and rode me like a cowgirl on a wild horse. She screamd and moand like a pornstar then she moand cum papi so after 9 i cummd in her booty pussy titties and mouth.


fetish lillmimi 2017-11-18

Of course it is almost impossible that somebody from outside could look inside the room through the roof, it still creates a feeling of vulnerability and freedom at the same time - just wonderful. At this time you're already immersed in the game, far away from me and the toys, I'm not even sure you are still watching the video - but there is also the sound of the porn you're watching, the only thing that you hear underneath the mask. Your cum in my mouth, the exquisite feeling between my legs and Teds hand on the back of my head help me to a wonderful moment of bliss, forgetting all the spectators around us and the place where we are.

Training a Prison Bitch

fetish Sean Renaud 2017-11-18

"Yes Officer Garcia I'll be a good prison bitch." Nikki whimpered. "Sit." Nikki sat up on her haunches her ass pressed against her heels and her hands were down between her lewdly spread legs just like a dog would sit. Nikki couldn't stop her body, just that slight touch of his calloused hands on her flesh turned her on and even that condescending approval was more positive attention than she'd gotten in months from anybody but him. "Garcia slapped her across the face." Stupid bitch unless you are given permission your legs are never ever to be together and I like seeing your tits so unless I tell you something different hands are always behind your back.

A Georgian Peach

fetish AdamZasse 2017-11-18

"Well, let's start with getting it into your mouth." He said, as he lowered his shorts, exposing an almost ten inch cock, deeply veined and fully erect. "I want to fuck you." Jack said in a whisper, his mouth still kissing her neck. When Carol didn't move away from the sink, Jack released her breasts and put his hands back on her hips. Jack squirted two or three times, unloading a modest amount of cum as Carol's body reacted to her orgasm, heightened somewhat by feeling her husband cumming inside of her. "I hope you don't mind." Gordon said as he again kissed Carol. "Jack, I have been seeing Gordon for over a month now." Carol confessed, watching her husband's face.

Helene Ch. 02

fetish Kirk482002 2017-11-18

A couple nights later, the stereo goes on, Helene and I are waiting, and Kent comes in with a rather pretty girl. We both stood, pulled up our pants, Gracie pulled off of Kent, started jerking him hard, the doors to the closet burst open, and I rattled off a roll of film as he went over the edge. The first time Kent brought a girl to my apartment unannounced after that, he and the girl he was with found themselves face to face with a picture of Gracie holding his dick, with spurts of spunk flying through the air, and his head tilted up looking at the camera wide eyed and surprised.

Introducing Susan Ch. 02

fetish 0131aj 2017-11-18

Susan smiled like the young girl she was and practically ran into the shower while Marie left the room to go back to her own bedroom and get ready for the day ahead. As all went quiet downstairs, Susan decided to get out of her piss-stained skirt but, as she dropped it on to the floor, Marie burst into the room, naked, looking menacingly at her young lover. As Marie's hands moved from her shoulders to hold her head in place and began to purr in delight at feeling the girl's innocent tongue sliding along her slit, Susan thought that she must be doing something right.