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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nicola Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2017-11-18

A second later and Nicola's perfectly formed rounded bum cheeks were being lowered towards the thickly woven carpet of her parent's bedroom floor. Startled by the wet sound of hot female piss landed on the dust covered floor Nicola had immediately looked up to witness the sight of Verona Mitchell pissing. Time and time again she thought back to that fateful day when she had witnessed her friend's golden shooting piss stream forming a flowing fountain to the garage floor. A hot fat squirting stream of piss leapt from her pussy lips and started to decorate the carpet in a deluge of hot female pee. The damp stain quickly grew as Nicola enjoyed every second of her revenge leak over her parent's bedroom floor.

Case of the Perilous Panty Pit

fetish SeedeeBeetoo 2017-11-18

Well, I wasn't a "good" private eye, and thoughts of stocking tops, shiny high heels and Agent Provocateur panties flooded my mind. Would you do that for me, Mr. Payde?" She leaned forward, allowing me a view of cleavage so stunning I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be to just rest my face in it. "I'll return these to Ms. Fatale after I see Mickey about a Bird." I stepped over the wheezing accountant and left the room. It's just that The Bird belonged to my great-grandmother and I desperately want it back." With her that close to me, I couldn't help but look at her lips as they formed the words. I know that weasel accountant, Soreson, sold you The Bird, and my client wants it back.

Panties for the Ladies Ch. 2

fetish megan 2017-11-18

"Kiss my pussy, Megan," his mom cooed. Megan kissed his mom's pussy several times then started licking her pussy lips until they began to part. "Good girl!" Megan's mom said between her expressions of pleasure. After he finished licking all the honey he could find near her pussy, Megan's mom told him to stand. At that, Megan's mom left him soaking in the tub while she went directly to the telephone near her bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, dialed a number, and as soon as it began to ring, she laid on her back, spread her legs and started fingering her pussy. Listen, I now have "Megan" in the tub soaking in bubbles.

Getting What You Wish For Ch. 02

fetish Phun4u2 2017-11-18

She took my head in her hands and guided me back and forth between them, all the while telling me that she loved my mouth and that I was such a good little slave. Now I found myself licking both her pussy and part of the time,the underside of Derek's cock.I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I was hoping that Jane would let me cum in her mouth, but she continued to bring me almost to the point then backing off.I was becoming more and more frustrated and willing to do almost anything to achieve an orgasm.I felt her slide her hand down between our bodies and to my mouth.

Jan's Weekend

fetish rmlooker 2017-11-18

After ordering Mike said he understood that she did not like to use her wheelchair out in public but sometime would she mind going to dinner with him in her chair and without her brace, leg and panties. Mike asked if he could take her brace and leg off and she said please do, I have been dreaming about that for a long time. Jan went in first and Mike pulled her chair out of the way. They kissed and Mike let himself down to the floor and moved between Jan's leg and stump. They kissed and fondled each other and Jan got hold of Mike's penis and said put it in her.


Suspense, Slime & Strips of Tape

fetish Synovex 2017-11-18

She moaned and gasped for a moment before she felt the head of his penis pressing into her tongue, thrusting slowly but getting deeper. She could practically hear Hubert grinning as he grabbed a fistful of hair at the back of her head, pressing his prong deeper as he flipped the magnet back and forth, making the knob spin around against her G-spot. Besides the cock in her throat, the magnet inside her, and her wiggling clit, the only thing rising to her awareness were the cool slime-trails lengthening into the most sensitive parts of her flushed skin; the back of her knee, into her armpit, along the crease under her buttock, into her navel, a particularly sadistic one had even found its way into the arch of her foot.

The Good Wife Ch. 03

fetish tazsis1 2017-11-18

What I don't want is you rubbing up against me like that and wetting me with the dripping end of your hard little penis." I was desperate to wank, I wanted so much to touch myself there in bed, with her beside me. She was perfectly capable of letting me wank for a while then stopping me, leaving me unsatisfied, unable to sleep with an iron hard erection? Stephanie's finger tips ran across my thigh, a feather light touch that seemed to give me further electric shocks. I told myself it was right that Kate, all my wife's friends, see this, it was best that they knew what I was like, how Stephanie owned me.

mom's sissy

fetish momandboys 2017-11-18

Some people may not freak out about this but to me to word sissy has to do with more of the sexual side of crossdressing and that world is a world I do not want my mom to know about. So I picked out a set of panties, gave her my gift card and she help me pay for them and went back to reading her friends story in the other room. By the time she said "Good day mate" in the chat I got distracted and almost didn't say anything about what happened. Whenever we have to return clothing item that don't fit me, my mom always takes the lead and I just trail behind looking like I'm bored with the whole situation.

Slut in Disguise

fetish SpankerSam 2017-11-18

And from the way my wipers were working overtime, it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. "If you knew how I looked some days when I get in this car after work, you'd wonder why the seats still look good. The first picture I saw was of Lola sitting with a big black dick in her mouth. The look of sheer joy on her face as she did some of the things in those pictures already told me that she was already some kind of wild slut. I noticed that the waitress and Lola smiled as they looked at each other. I will have another cup of coffee, thank you?" Marilyn came around to Lola's side and began to pour.

The Tattoo Bar

fetish SteevO 2017-11-18

He began to imagine what it would be like to run his tongue slowly around the edge of her mouth. She noticed his eyes taking in her hips, mouth and ink every time she moved about the room. He breathed deeply and slowly licked the inside of her thighs, while taking in the smell of her beauty. He grabbed her hips and pushed his tongue deep inside her while pulling her hips into his kiss. The movement of his tongue and the pull of her clit into his mouth was causing her juices to flow freely from her opening, and she knew he was taking it all in. With a loud long moan and several short shallow breaths she pulled his head into her thighs and began to shudder.

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 01

fetish k4d0h1 2017-11-18

Such a pretty face casually looked me in the eyes before she spoke. "Did something happen tonight?" I asked while making sure to look her in the eye. "Yeah, I guess..." she looked down, likely trying to collect her thoughts. Her eyes never once looked towards mine though I had to wonder if her peripheral vision did give notice to my stance, whereby I found myself groping my bulge more and more often. While I did take one last look as she walked towards the restroom, admiring her luscious ass ever so slightly shaking with each step. I patiently waited for an hour and was half way passed out when I heard the bedroom door finally open. "I don't know, it's like frozen and I wasn't sure if I should unplug it," she replied.

weekend trip

fetish 2017-11-18

Before Ted finished he had snugged the noose around my ball sack and used a bungee cord to hook it to the stake between my legs, pulling my balls out tightly and making my cock even harder and me more desperate to climax. Before I could cum she stood up, looked at her partner, and said simply "Fuck me." Quickly he slid out of his shorts and pushing her up against a tree buried his cock into her pussy. As soon as he pulled out she returned and squatted over my head, commanding me to clean his cum out of her.

spunky car fun

fetish cdjean 2017-11-18

I chatted to a guy on this site and he had told me that he was a panty wearer and wanted to meet, i was over the moon we arrange to meet at the back of morrisons carpark, he told me what kind of car he drove and part of his reg number. thank god it was the rite guy, so i got into his car and said to him staight away, let get down to it so i loosened his belt and pulled his zip down, i nearly came in my own panties his cock was hard over his red satin panties, i rapped my hand round his cock and started to wank him off.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 4

fetish Hudson 2017-11-18

Linda's hands, arms and legs were trembling, I did not know how much more she could take of this, I grabbed her long straight red hair and pulled at it hard, wrenching her head upwards bringing her concentration back to the lust, I increased my deepness into her, and pounded her now welted arse cheeks, she moved her hips in time with my thrusts, she had recovered, I fucked her harder and harder, her cunt tightening with each stroke, she begged me to release her hand so she could satisfy her want, I ignored her pleas and kept drilling my hard cock deeper into her .

The Slave Ch. 02

fetish Zoeeee 2017-11-18

Brenda wants his cock and balls huge for the auction, which brings more money for less time. Brenda walks to the bed, grabs both of Ross’ nipples and twists hard, pulling out from his body; she only hears the sound of his groan against the ball gag on his mouth, she is beginning to think that this slave is enjoying the rough treatment. Turning to the table she gathers the ball sac in her hands, applies the hot cloth feeling the sac loosen and soften in her grip. She opens the alcohol prep pad, looks into his huge eyes and swabs his ball sac; she grabs the tube of anbesol and pinches some onto her gloved fingertip, spreading it over the area of the sac to be injected.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 04

fetish NastyPierre 2017-11-18

It was small, with short fingers and nails, and grabbed handfuls of cheek, squeezed with little pressure and moved on. "Now stand as still as you have for the rest of the check-up and everything will go smoothly." I felt one of her gloved hands smooth over my ass cheeks and her other fondle my entire organ, while paying little attention to the catheter running through it. You wouldn't want to let her down, now would you?" The doctor was looking over the edge of my collar, her hand fiddling with the clip on my tongue. Doctor Proctosis then replaced the nurse and I felt her take my genitals in her hands.

Sally's Rubber Bitch Ch. 02

fetish MrTrusty 2017-11-18

Slipping the turtleneck on, Sally was concerned about sweating all day long, wearing the top and the rubber suit, but she noticed that she still felt cool from the AC and hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Another step, and Sally felt her wetness start to slide with the rubber from her pussy to her ass. She could feel an orgasm start as she continued walking down the steps, the rubber dildo now thrusting into her on every step down the stairs she made. In and out, in and out the rubber dildo continued to fuck Sally as she ran down the stairs, her orgasm creeping higher and higher. The rubber dildo just kept thrusting into her pussy as she continued to run down the steps to get to work on time.

Quickie with the boss's daughter

fetish gingerbreadman_xxx 2017-11-18

Instantly Dennis took Pamela’s small, soft hand, dragged her a few meters with hot desire that made Pamela even hornier and then softly pushed her into the back of the delivery truck that was standing there idle, without caring if somebody saw them getting in together. For the first time, Pamela felt like she was sl**ping with a man, a real guy who wasn’t that old – after all Dennis was just 25 – but who knew how to simply take her, pull down his pants and stick his cock inside her for a few minutes of intense, pure lust without any lack of confidence that she could usually feel when having sex with boys her age.

Milked By Three

fetish Kessler 2017-11-18

I watched as Joan raised her long slender leg up and clamped her big toe and second toe around the head of my cock just below the sensitive glands and began to squeeze and jerk the swollen head in a quick fashion. Linds saw my eyes slowly roll back as she laughed and leaned forward between my raised legs pushing on my chest forcing me back down onto the floor saying, "That's it lay back down and let me work your hole some more." Linds pushed her fingers deep into me leaving them there and began to massage my prostate. Pam and Joan continued to perform their toe work on my cock as Linds pushed her fingers deeper inside me.

Health club for women

fetish Hornolddog59 2017-11-18

I then started rubbing her tits and massaging them with oil, she then opened her legs and pushed my hand to her pussy, she told me she wanted me to shave her, as she pulled my cock out of my pants. I turned back around she told me to take off my pants because she wanted to watch my cock when I shaved her pussy. She smiled and said for me to eat her pussy now that it was slick and smooth, I moved to the foot of the table and she opened her legs and arched her ass off the table , I Put my hands under each cheek of her ass and started my licking at her ass and moved to her pussy, sucking her clit inside my mouth I flipped my tounge back and forth slow and then fast, she kept arching her ass so I slid a finger in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time.

A Quick Good Morning

fetish RedHairedandFriendly 2017-11-18

She smiled and stretched again; finally Kara opened her eyes and looked down at the end of the bed where her husband sat cross-legged. She heard him moan as his hands moved to continue rubbing her upper left thigh. As her feet rubbed and fondled him, Jake rested one hand on her hip, while he slid the other to her pussy. Kara stopped playing with his balls and cock; her legs opened wider and for a moment she let herself feel his finger moving and pressing against her sensitive nub. The arch of her left foot moved somewhat awkwardly up and down his rod, as she pushed and prodded the front of his dick, feeling the swollen veins under the ridges of skin.

Nude Day, A Celebration of Flashing

fetish SuperHeroRalph 2017-11-18

Going along with his wife's flashing fetish, he knew the good time he'd have in bed later, after having flashed his wife and having some hot, sexy pillow talk about all that she showed and the shocked and/or excited reactions she received by those who saw what she was showing and/or by making him show, too. Playing men for their reaction, so as to sexually satisfy her through her flashing fetish, she loved men who enjoyed seeing her naked feet, along with an unexpected flash of her panty, her stockings, her garters, her pantyhose, her high heels, her girdle, and even her bare feet.

The Laundry Room

fetish vinceh23 2017-11-18

She is stunned, I am falling against the washer and drier, barely able to stand, holding my cock in one hand and pressing her panties against my face with the other. Here I am, dressed in my mother's bra, panties and garter belt with stockings, wearing her panties on my head, which is now being pressed against hers, my hand caught between us in the embrace still holding my growing cock inside her cum soaked panties, I don't' know what to do.

The Fruit Flies Ch. 04

fetish Hornydog354 2017-11-18

"A good looking girl like you should get any straight boy she wants." Lei-fang said. I roll my eyes at the thought of Lei-Fang's boyfriend having a god-like-body. I see Elliot and Bob getting into fighting stance as Lei-Fang and I watch with great anticipation. As the cage ascends into the ceiling, I see a man in a black shirt come on to the mat and put out some condoms next to Bob. Bob made a grimace as Elliot stroke his cock with a smug look painted across his face. It made Elliot look like a stud as he fucks Bob's mouth as if it was my pussy. Despite seeing her boyfriend turn gay, I know Lei-Fang will be screaming his name when they are home.