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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish ZoftigLady 2017-11-18

Those nights she takes me from behind, and I wake feeling sore and exhausted. And when I wake, with her scent in my brain and her salt on my lips, to find another woman lying next to me, the world feels off kilter. Her hand trembles slightly as she pulls my legs apart. She manipulates me till I ride her hand, causing the cords to tighten so much, I feel as if I will faint. She stands before me, apple green silk barely covering her body. She pulls away slightly and gives me her secret smile. Her eyes close slightly and her body tenses. Sleep eludes me that night and I lie awake filled with a deep chasm of longing.

Vendor and Apartment Manager

fetish dmoore3001 2017-11-18

As Jonathan pulls up to the apartment, parks the van, he puts the key inside the door, feels it unlock, his heart starts to race. He gets down his knees, closes the closet door, opens the top drawer and finds her silky bras, folded and put away. Jonathan shows up to clean the apartment, notices Theresa isn't at work that day, doesn't think anything about it as long as no one talks about what happened a week earlier. Jonathan stops for a minute, says to be honest would it be a big deal if I was looking at your panties? Theresa gets up, walks to her bedroom, opens the door wide open, and slides her pants down all the way then walks into her bedroom out of the sight of Jonathan.

Over Cum Addiction

fetish Global Carol 2017-11-18

Those good feelings of hope (in actuality, probably just dopamine receptors), the caring, the selflessness, the love itself get sucked right out of your body. But the look in his eyes disarmed me, reminding me of the Steven I met first, the man I'd fallen in love with several years ago, at the beginning. Then I remembered the discovery of the even more sordid part of our "relationship," the part when I discovered that he'd been collecting money from all those guys - each time I did those little group sessions. But I know I got carried away with the cum and all the strange stuff Steven liked me to do with it.

A Breakdown of Inhibitions Ch. 01

fetish bassstack 2017-11-18

She didn't have any clothes at my place yet but we were only going to drink some more wine and lay on the couch so I told her she could just to put on one of my old t-shirts. She knew I did it like that but shook her butt for me anyway but said "Just for that you won't see these" while she faced away from me bra-less and put on my old shirt. I told her we needed to go with it then if it really got her turned on but we didn't have any of the accessories and she didn't want to go to the sex shop in our town.

When a text becomes a sext

fetish Muckieduckie 2017-11-17

No one needs to know that, especially the boy who won't be hard for you for long if you tell him. I enjoyed one of my photo sessions so much one day, I made myself come 3 times and barely touched myself. It's not just about virtual sex, it is also a fantastic way of getting to know what your body likes and you can do that on your own. If you need to divert your attention from the boy for a moment or ten (it better be a bl**dy good reason) let him know.

The Gym, part one.

fetish guinnich 2017-11-17

With the music full blast and the steady thump of shoe against the roller, he doesn't notice the first few strikes to the punchbag in the corner and is startled when she walks past him towards the drinking fountain, almost getting thrown from the machine. As she returns, he notices her nipples are standing proud under the thin fabric of her top, but thinks better of making any charming comment. More punches fly for the next few minutes until she drops her gloves again and removes them. Her hips grind harder, her gloved hands squeeze around his collar bones, she pulls her head back, looks at him, her mouth agape as her juices start to trickle over his leg.

The "Me Date" Ch. 01

fetish highpowererot 2017-11-17

Despite the fact that I knew this was not possible, I pressed the inside of one of the cups to my nose and inhaled deeply; imagining what it smelled like before it was washed. This little exercise was turning out to be more fun than I expected, and I felt like my body was experiencing something for the very first time. Turns out the connection to my vagina has nothing to do with my nose because I experienced the same instant lubrication as when I smelled my brother's semen for the first time. "Come on," I said, tweaking the tip of his penis through his shorts, "it looks like you're ready right now!"

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 02

fetish ZotDragon 2017-11-17

Justine and I continued along with our usual routine, her belly continued to grow, along with her breasts as they prepared to start producing milk for our babies. Justine always had a high sex drive, and at twenty-two Wendy wasn't going to let youth be outpaced by experience. On the same day that Justine started leaking mother's milk from her breasts we were confronted at the front door with the reappearance of Patrick, our one time fuck buddy. At first Justine's began with a steady trickle at night, but because neither I or Wendy could leave my wife's wonderful tits alone, she soon started producing milk at a prodigious rate. "Justine told me about her," Lydia commented, moving about the room, taking note of the very simple décor.

Reversals Ch. 04

fetish RachelClark 2017-11-17

Julia took another sip of wine and gently rested the long-stemmed glass back to the table as Samantha smiled at her affectionately. "We used to come here all the time, right after Eric and I got married," Julia said. "You need to remember the struggle you had with him over something as simple as contributing to his home and helping his wife," Samantha said, pleased to see Julia struggling to keep her anger at Eric under control. But Samantha was right about one thing, it would solve Julia's dilemma with taking the promotion and having a baby with Eric. "I found out that Eric, instead of getting a job, has secretly been playing computer games during the day while I've been working my butt off to support us!" Julia said.

Breastmilk Biscuits

fetish Tara_Neale 2017-11-17

Kate smiled at Wills as he frowned at the assortment of ingredients, bowls and pans littered around the tiny kitchen of their London flat. It's for mixing the dry ingredients evenly and getting the lumps out." Her lips curled up in a snarky grin, "Think of it as a mini-super-collider." His laughter caressed her skin, causing her nipples to pebble inside her bra as surely as his caress had moments before. Kate grabbed the spoon from him and sternly in her best teacher voice said, "Pay attention here." She used a warm knife to cut smoothly through the butter and paper at the six tablespoons mark. "I think it is done now," he said, squeezing the dough in the bowl with one hand and her breast with the other.

Sex Slave Story Ch. 5

fetish M 2017-11-17

"You are very wet my darling little slave" he said as his hand continued up my leg to my pussy. "I knew you both would love my dogs" Master whispered as he ran his hand over Teddi. "You are still horny aren't you my sweet little slave" he whispered as he kissed me deeply his tongue entering my mouth. He grabbed a sponge and started washing off my legs, "Mmmmmm so much doggie cum" he said as he continued up my leg and moving closer his tongue comming out of his mouth and licking my clit. I do love being his little slave and play toy I felt my pussy getting wet just thinking about how I must have looked earlier this evening being fucked by his dog.

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 03

fetish Quin 2017-11-17

This was what I had fantasised about for a long time - the feel of another man, allowing different hands to touch and explore those private places, (I felt a delightful and exciting sense of adventurous immorality reminding myself that the wandering hands belonged to not one but two men!) I was quite unable to reply but looking across the yard I could see that Brenda and her beau were still going at it like hammer and tongue; and tongue was the thing I felt next as one man lowered his head and pulling my top down as far as it could go tried to suck my nipple through my bra.

Her Game Her Rules

fetish calstevens 2017-11-17

"Had you been cleaner when I joined you, there may have been a chance, but a dirty boy like yourself doesn't deserve to wash a divine body." She continued now, cleaning down Her stomach and then between Her legs moaning as the sensation rocketed through Her. She was going to have to use him before they left for the day, that much was for sure now. She smirked and ran Her toes down 'Her' cock drawing a deep moan and two words "Good boy" and he came, hard, all over the top of Her foot which trickled down towards Her toes.

Climbing the Hill

fetish A_needy_pet 2017-11-17

He longed to know what an extended period of time locked with no ability at all to cum, would do to his already growing need to serve Her. He wasn't sure She understood how deeply his submissive desires had grown toward Her - had been growing - over the last 6 months - even as they had gone thru periods of not seeing each other. If you hump my boot like a good bitch, I will be sure you are well teased before I lock Your cock and pocket the key. the stories you send Me. However, I absolutely want you teased before we lock the steel cage on your cock and balls.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish dollfla 2017-11-17

Angie withdrew the dildo from Pet's mouth and, once again changing places, she proceeded to suck his cum from her pussy as Pet cleaned his cock. Settling onto the couch, cuddled up together, he and Angie looked at their Pet. They ordered her to lay on her back on the floor in front of them and, as she watched the movie, she was to play with herself, but not cum. Angie's gazed alternated between them, before she finally gave him a soft kiss, complemented him on his great love for his Pet that allowed him to fulfill even such an extreme fantasy and, climbing from his bed, went to the guest room to sleep.

The Booted Barberess Ch. 02

fetish trasaro 2017-11-17

I had little doubt there would be some great sex; as I laced my cock and balls into the soft glove-leather pouch, squeezed into my black leather jeans and pulled on my harness boots, my cock seemed to agree with me, swelling gently and resisting the tight clothing. You dirty fucking devil." She felt around the pouch and ran her fingers up and down the cross lacing, and gently massaged my leather clad balls, as she straightened up my cock, which was now fully erect and just projecting above the top of the soft leather pouch inside my jeans. One moment Emma was rubbing her fingers over my leather clad ass, and the next massaging the front of my jeans, gently feeling the shape of my engorged cock and my balls, and rubbing up and down.

A Date With My Wife

fetish lovingfuck 2017-11-17

My wife looked and found the pen, she stepped on it holding it secure, as I reached for it she moved her foot to my face knowing what I would do. I held her foot by the heel hand brought it to my nose breathing in her sweet musky scent through the small opening or her toe. She slid her toe up my shaft causing more fluid to rise out of my cock she placed her foot on top using her hose to gather my pre cum and smear it around the head of my cock. My cock slid into her so easily and when I opened my eyes I saw her phone again." Oh baby your face looks so good covered in my cum, lick your lips and get it all baby"

For The Money by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-11-17

Katie, seeing that Gene was jerking his big cock, sat down on the chair in front of him, took him into her mouth, and began sucking him softly as he sighed, "Oh my, I never get tired of this, suck it for me, hon!!!" Although they all liked a good fucking, this group was ravenously oral, and in most cases the men would end up ejaculating into the women's mouths, and of course, the women would drench their husbands' faces and mouths with oodles of hot cunt juice!!!

Match #01: David vs Eve

fetish bluedave1234 2017-11-17

As the referee moved back into her start position, she informed us that I would try and force Eve to orgasm first. Eve turned her head toward me and said, "You're not very good at this, you should just give up." Just as I was starting to believe her, my fingers began to glide much easier. "C'mon David, I'm pretty horny right now, why don't you just stick your penis in me and fuck that orgasm out of me." I looked at her and said "You would love me to break the rules, no chance." Eve gave me a sexy pout, and opened her legs to allow me access.

My friends s****r

fetish BigBoobLover1 2017-11-17

They also have a s****r called Sarah who is a few years older than me. She was going out with this fat overweight guy. I was at her house with her b*****r just watching TV and playing Fifa, so I needed the toilet and went upstairs. then I decided to have a quick look into Sarah's room. I grabbed the first thong I saw and went into the toilet to blow my load. I often got the chance to blow my load in her room. So I made sure that I went over quite early, so i could get as many wanks in as possible. I got in gave the dog some food and ran upstairs to her room. Grabbed loads of her knickers and got naked on her bed.

Camping - A Magic Waterfall

fetish rrspence2002 2017-11-17

Jonni didn't even reflect on the fact that she was stepping out into a totally strange situation, looking knock down drag 'em out gorgeous, on only one leg and crutches, in a place where she didn't know a soul other than Ross, and she felt marvelous. At that moment, Ross stopped Jonni at the beginning of her leg-swing-through and whispered, "perhaps we should see if OUR PASSION could turn all this coolness to steam!" That cracked them both up as they rounded the last bend and ................

The Wet Nurse

fetish ScentOf1Woman 2017-11-17

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Richard sits back down on the couch, pulling Gretchen onto his lap and picking up where he left off. He slides his hand between her thighs and rubs her clit with his thumb through the lace panties, causing Gretchen to moan even louder and grind her pussy into his hand. But instead, he slides down on the bed and throws her legs over his shoulders, dipping his tongue into the nurse's hot, wet pussy and making her thrash around beneath his mouth. The nurse reaches for his hand, pulling Richard's body on top of hers, positioning his cock right above her face. He takes Gretchen's right nipple between his lips and nurses the milk from it while thrusting his manhood deeper and deeper inside her.

My Counselling Practice

fetish LadyFrederika 2017-11-17

"Oh my God - yes!" said Tina, brushing a strand of hair off her face. "Your husband fucked me four times in one afternoon," I told Tina, placing a hand on her shoulder. Nazanin took a good look at my smiling face and Tina's exposed cunt. "Four of these bags contain the loads that Dave shot inside me last week," I told Tina. Sometimes I lick Frederika's asshole while Abby is getting her cunt ready." She hoisted up her pencil skirt to show Tina her full bush, black and untamed. "While Ricardo and I are fucking and screaming on Abby's bed, her job is to lick both of us," I told Tina.

First class arse (real train experiance)

fetish THErealLIFEwife 2017-11-17

very slowly sliding up until his finger tips gently kissed the hot steamy silk gusset of my little knickers. I cringed inside as a single big fat finger smeared between my pussy lips though the flimsy silk material..opening my slit until he located my clit and mercilessly began to stir in a fast circular motion. My thighs burned and my toes were stinging in my high heels as my whole body tensed in protest and i cursed myself inside 'DO SOMETHING ..STOP HIM" i told myself in my head but the truth is i was completely frozen with shame and i had no clue how to deal with this.. so you can imagine my frustration when the train once again began to slow for the next station and his fingers slowly made a retreat against my pressed out towards him arse..