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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Big Bush (true story) for bush lovers

fetish leemac771 2017-11-17

So I said if I win you have to grow it out for two months (no shaving) and wear a white thong bikini to the beach with your untrimmed bush. She had my baseball team jersey on with some sweat pants; she slowly pulled down her pants and the jersey was covering her bush, my hand went towards the jersey and she grabbed my hand and dropped to her knees pulling down my jeans and started sucking my cock in the living room. I said, I got something for you baby”, and went to the bed room to get the bikini; when I was walking back I notice she had one foot on the couch and the other on the floor and John was fingering her.

Rabbit's Holes

fetish bigdaddymackman 2017-11-17

"Yes Master, I want to suck your cock" she quickly re-answers. What a sight,my rock hard cock inches away from my married sluts wanting face. "Yes Master please fuck your slut in the ass." she pleads. The plug wanted to keep sliding out, a quick slap on the ass and my slut eased her sphincter to allow her asshole to accept the plug and hold it in place, There she was naked, in heels, pussy dripping juice, ass spanked and plugged, embarrassed and still hadn't cum. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, cum in my ass master...I want to take it home with are husband is a wimp.....oohhhh fuck me"


A Teacher's Story

fetish catden 2017-11-17

On Fridays, when the cheerleaders would wear their uniforms to class, the short, pleated skirt revealed lots of Liz's legs. Tell me how much you love it and love me." As I was making a total fool of myself, telling this young girl how she was everything to me and her ass was what I wanted to kiss more than anything on the planet, I thought about how amazingly happy I was. Another was Sammi, a girl who looked a lot like Liz, but wasn't as busty and was a brunette and was shorter. All three girls laughed as Liz said, "Now finish sucking my little cocks, Darling. I went to sleep that night knowing I would never get close to Liz as a man dreams of being close to a woman.

Peeping Tom Gets Used

fetish fun4all6969 2017-11-17

As she fucks me harder with the dildo, Michele starts to slap my cock and I lose control and cum all over their linoleum floor. I suck the head of my cock as Tori continue to fuck my ass, Sheli strokes my cock, Cindy is videotaping and Michele is taking pics. Tori pulled out of my ass and they allow me to relax for a minute before telling me to lick all of their feet. Nicole then tells me to stroke my cock until I cum on Tom's feet. He then pulls out of my mouth and both him and Nicole leave while Tori continues fucking my ass.

My house-master, BDSM, pain and pleasure

fetish 2017-11-17

I felt his eyes burn into me as he devoured my maidenhood, no longer covered and protected by this thin layer of white cotton, now languishing mid-thigh, my cunt shaved and exposed as he slowly withdrew the cane, reinserting it between my fleshy lips, forcing my Labia apart as he pushed in deeper and started to moved it in small jerky movements, causing my legs to open slightly, my final humiliation complete, as I felt the wispy cotton knickers fall to my ankles and his gaze follow them down to their final destination.

Foot Fucked

fetish BlackSnake 2017-11-17

The other reason I like being friends with Andrew is that he does nails and hair great. I felt a little embarrassed seeing dead skin come off my feet, but Andrew didn't seem to mind that at all. He put my other foot down on his lap, and I started stroking his cock with both my feet. He didn't look at me, but I watched the expression on his face, while he fucked his cock between my feet. I rubbed his spilled cum all over his cock with my feet. He rubbed the tops of my feet, and that time, when he began to cum, breathing like he was having a spasm.


Finding Lauren's Fetish

fetish prophet007 2017-11-17

I wasn't wearing a belt, and she was easily able to yank my jeans down, revealing not only my rock hard cock, strangely excited by the discovery of my dark secret, but the thin cotton material of the frilly white cotton knickers that barely contained it. She could sense it too, however, and moments before I was going to cum wonderfully, amazingly into her, she pulled her mouth away and almost painfully tucked my rock-hard cock into the thin, flimsy material of my knickers. "Cum for me slut girl, cream your little panties," she encouraged as I arched my back and felt the cum burst into my knickers and dress, cold and wet against my clammy skin.

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 01

fetish Emmcee20 2017-11-17

I'd love to see those stocking tops, or is it pantyhose, when she gets up from her chair to come around the room and then, of course, it's all dicks up as she hovers over your shoulder and incidentally rubs her firm tits on your back as she leans over to correct your errors on your work. I wish I could tell where she was pointing but as she reached for my essay I got a full right tit in the shoulder and her sexy as Hell mouth is an inch from my ear. I turned to her and my other hand went straight to her blouse, inside the opening and onto the full firm nipple that was trying to punch a hole in her bra.

The Glorious Hole

fetish 2017-11-17

They looked like the photo booths you find in shopping malls and seemed a little out of place here. Still, I had time to burn and looking at the toys and things in the store sort of had me in the mood, so I decided to check out the booth and waste a couple dollars looking at some porn. I entered the booth on the left and saw that it had a comfortable looking bar stool and a large bright video monitor. Now I’m straight and not looking for man-on-man glory hole action as typically occurs in these kinds of places. After what seemed like minutes but was probably much less, I decided to quietly adjust my view to take a look through the hole.

Blue BBW deep throat

fetish Vicarageman 2017-11-17

My lover Michael is very inventive and adventurous sexually and up for trying lots of different things fucking related, testing out sensations experiences insertions of various objects etc, so one day when he sent me a video on my phone of a compilation of Deep Throat Vomit clips with the message ‘fancy doing this next time we meet?’ I admit to being intrigued and quickly replied ‘ooh yes indeed’ He said that even though the smell of sick had actually made him feel sick, at the same time it also made him want to do it again and again as he loved watching and making me throw up by the deep throat action

Strange Curse (?)

fetish 2017-11-17

Soon, and with the younger girl's tits pressed into my face, the older girl arched her back in some exquisite manner than she had probably learned at a Geisha school, and my cock released its load. The girl immediately jumped off my cock, and with a stream of my seed running down her leg, looked at me in shock and amazement. Since my cock had already unleashed one torrent (into her tight snatch) it was ready and able to release another stream onto the younger girl's tits and torso. The younger one, still obviously concerned about the possibility of pregnancy, never did get my cock inside her, but I left the bath house completely spent, and very happy.

Short Story 11

fetish sexgundam666 2017-11-17

I got special treatment almost everywhere I went and my increasing difficulty in moving later into my pregnancies gave me plenty of time to study. I hardly had a thigh gap, but one wouldn't look quite right on me given my excessively wide hips, and I'm not merely talking about something relatively trivial like maybe 40'' or even that girl with 70'', no, last time I measured them I came in at 85''. Then only a few weeks later I bought a pregnancy test for the umpteenth time. Just the ideas alone make me feel warm all over, after all who couldn't be insanely pregnant all the time and not develop a fetish for it?


fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-11-17

She casually crosses her left leg atop the right and lets her foot slowly swing a few times before letting the sandal fall to the floor. "I hope you don't think I'm crazy." She re-crosses her legs with the right on top and lets the other sandal fall from her foot. Your questions are making me think you might understand though." She relaxes slightly and lets her body drape casually over the chair with her leg still folded underneath. I know most people don't feel that way about losing their legs ... "Forgive me, but...." She turns back towards the ocean, her hands on the railing, and is quiet looking like she is somewhere else.

The Secretary

fetish FJAnne 2017-11-17

As you slide your foot up and down over my wet, but slightly stiffened cock, I can feel your toes getting wet with my cum. maybe I should let you taste the nylons and lick what has rubbed off of my juices from your cock wanting to taste your cum so bad... with each of your thrusts I feel closer to losing my mind it seems like my entire body is nothing but a burning cunt now I feel the wet nylon rubbing my pussy walls into pure madness and then suddenly your touch at my nipples hguuuuuuuuuuhhh your tongue at my toes I scream and sweat and I want to cum so bad so bad I want to have your cum now nothing else !!!!!!!!!

My VideoChat Error Ch 14

fetish NaughtyOne88 2017-11-17

I was sure that she had a butt plug in too and wanted to keep Jerome as clean as possible since I knew his cock would be in my mouth a lot. "I love seeing hot women kiss and play before they suck my cock and I fuck them," Jerome stated confidently. I did not have much time to ponder as soon Janine was stroking his shaft and kissing and licking her side of his manhood. "That feels so good Shauna, keep licking my breasts," Janine said as she moaned in pleasure. "Your ass is so hot with that butt plug in it Shauna,"Jerome said in his deep voice. "You like Janine's balls and penis, don't you Shauna?" asked Jerome rhetorically.

Late Night Service

fetish LittleMissFart 2017-11-17

"Do you like smelling a nice clean butt hole, or do you like it dirty?" She asked after a couple minutes of silence, apart from the sound of my soft sniffing coming from her rump. "If you'd like to know, I had a good fart a few minutes before you pulled up, maybe you can smell it still lingering around down there now?" She teased with a big grin on her pretty face. "Yeah sure." I replied, I noticed as I spoke that the breath coming out of my mouth was warming her shaved pussy up, I couldn't tell if she liked that or not though.

A College Professor's Discovery

fetish escriterra 2017-11-17

She would step back from the male's ceremonial exposure, and the woman who was about to take the young hunter would press a finger through the lubricant and into the man's asshole, stroking in and out as the women witnessing the ritual chanted in unison to the thrusts of her finger: "Gods of plenty, bless our tribe with successful hunting and many babies! The wide-eyed, virginal teen who had performed her duty with the urn of lubricant always watched attentively, learning from the woman wearing the strapon, and knowing that she would someday take her turn at the altar behind the muscular flanks of one of the tribe's men.

The Perfidious Wife Ch. 01

fetish jawanaut 2017-11-17

The next morning felt as if it came very quickly, and I began to realize I was sitting outside longer that I thought. As I began to look around the room, I noticed my wife's side of the bed was empty. Her head lifted as she screamed out, "Oh fuck, Trey!" His thrusting never wavered, as he then reached the hand up that was still on her ass and began pulling on her dark brown hair. Other than the fact, I was enjoying this show; my wife was fucking a younger 'black' man! It was now two a.m., but I started to think it really did not matter what time it was, as I did not know what time I began watching them.

Danielle is a SLUT (Day Two)

fetish 2017-11-17

He pumped his fingers inside her as his mouth continued with her clit and pleasure and agony mixed together in something Danielle had never felt in her lifetime, before her body had time to register the changes her juices spurted out of her like a fountain, covering the man. He wanted to push her further, he positioned his thumb against her ass hole and slowly pushed it inside, her gasp made it obvious she'd never been touched here before and he relished in her body melting into the couch below as she relaxed to allow him in, his other hand snaked it's way up her back and towards her head, gently grabbing a fistful of her hair he pulled her toward him and began to nip at her, leaving small marks coating her neck and shoulders the sheer combination of all the pain and simultaneously pleasure her body felt sent another orgasm to tear through her body, blurring the line between pleasure and pain, and triggering the man's own orgasm, his cum spurted inside her filling and coating her insides.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 09

fetish Carnevil9 2017-11-17

He looked at the short plump blonde girl, and said, "I'd like the Number 4, please." He handed over a crumpled twenty dollar bill. "Well," said Theodore, "I don't have much experience with hand jobs, so I figured I'd just let you decide what would be best." He looked her up and down, and admired her fine, athletic frame, much like his own. Candi grasped Theodore's cock in her right hand, her fingers curling around the shaft, in the thumb-down position. "I love the way it feels in my hand, beating, like a heart, with a life all its own." Her hand stroked up and down, her thumb and forefinger alternately buried in his thick thatch of pubic hair, and swirling around the sensitive rim of his cock head.

Flow of Passion Ch. 04

fetish Iread2relax 2017-11-17

Savvin's cock started rising and he too touched Flora's pussy from outside her grey short knee length trousers. Flora touched the tip and a transparent thin filament of Savvin's pre-cum stretched from its source to Flora's mouth where she took her finger. Since she was bending the towel could not cover her behind and Savvin could see Flora's two lovely ample buns. With a sigh Flora pushed her cunt a little and a lovely golden spiral stream rushed out of her pee-hole. "You wanna see?" said Savvin and a moment later a very forceful stream of light yellow urine flew from his penis straight into Flora's face. Flora's cunt filled with her cum like a bowl with cream and Savvin filled her mouth fully with his semen.

Tales of Pee & Perversion

fetish NorthwestRain 2017-11-17

I pulled out of Um and pushed my cock into Oh’s mouth, having her taste the absolute interior of her sister’s steamy cunt. I could still feel Oh’s tongue lapping over my balls and anus, occasionally moving to lick at the cunt, ass and cock juices as they collected around Um’s cunt. After turning them over so that Oh was now perched over Um, who I think had just suffered a massive orgasm, I proceeded to push my slimy, arse-slicked cock into Oh’s pussy which seemed to suckle me like a baby lamb. I stayed there for a few thrusts before sliding it out and feeding it to Um, who continuously rubbed inside my anus and held out her tongue as drips fell into her mouth.

Pass the Pussy Ch. 3

fetish MNBSUJO 2017-11-17

"No I'm going to hang out with Julie at her house and then I've got a paper to finish." Mike had sex with a stranger one night and awoke the next morning to find he no longer had a dick but instead had a cunt. I knew that I'd be passed the pussy later tonight when we were both asleep again but it wouldn't interfere with my plans with Julie. "You think that's funny?" I said and flipped her over and began to eat out her cunt. "Yes, yes I need to finish my paper." It wasn't as important to me right now as making sure Julie didn't see me like this.

Bigger Down There Ch. 01

fetish Andrea_E 2017-11-17

There was another memorable juncture when I was desperate to hear it just after I came because I thought it would give me another orgasm (you know that feeling when you are just hovering on a knife edge and you know you can cum again), and I think I asked her 'do you really think I'm that big?' and she just said in a rather quite voice, 'you should see my Mum's.' That retort became etched on my mind for a very long time although we never actually spoke along those lines again it did get me wandering about her mum's cunt, and how did Sam know this?