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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Caught in the act and rewarded by wife's sist

fetish jakea77 2017-11-17

I was slightly startled to say the least when I looked down and their was my wife's gorgeous younger s****r stroking and spitting on my cock. As I looked down, she looked up, my cock soaked in spit and she started to suck me off so hard. She kept sucking and spitting on my cock before eventually asking " would u like to cum all over my face? Within seconds I had absolutely covered her face and filled her mouth with my warm spunk. The horny gorgeous little slut swallowed the lot and even asked me to spit in her mouth so that she could gargle my spit and clear her throat.


fetish curtainsup 2017-11-17

I'd offer the same discount to you as your father, of course." Dr. Litt grabbed a speculum, fitting it in behind Fido's teeth and opening it carefully, stretching the pet's jaw open painfully before pushing his fingers inside. "Yeah, he definitely likes that," Timothy said, groaning and rubbing his cock slowly, fingering the head as he watched his pet shudder and whimper. "He looks like he's ready to explode just from the sound." Reaching for a cock ring, he snapped it into place, separating Fido's balls from his body, adding in a ball spreader so that each of the pet's balls were separated and defined, the skin pulled tight.

Laura the Canvas Pt. 03

fetish Tallguy914 2017-11-17

Laura took her position as Dan turned the water on and began gently washing her down, focusing gentle attention on the day old tattoo outlines. As the men worked on her tattoos, the two female owners who had been her piercers, began to disrobe and were soon each fondling one of the pet's nipples, while also exploring their own pierced selves. The day's work was coming to an end and the artists began to clean up as the two female owners continued their assault on both their own bodies and Laura's nipples. Dan began his assault upon Laura's ass as Robyn and Samantha leaned across the pet and locked in a passionate kiss.

My daughters true story

fetish jafar1969 2017-11-17

It was when i was getting her washing out of the bag she had given me that i found her underwear.I was curious, i checked her bra size..38DD, that was a surprise and i found myself running my fingers over the inside of the bra cups, right where her big tits had been, probably very recently. the next step was to rub the bra over my face, then..making sure the front door was locked and my wife wouldn't be home, i undressed and started to wank my cock using the bra and a pair of her black panties (thong). The actual feeling of spunking into my daughters bra was a mixture of shock, pleasure and pure horniness, and i loved rubbing my spunk all round the inner cup of her bra.

The Woman In Seat 12b

fetish redrover362 2017-11-17

things like her mom's douche and enema bag, along with the associated tips that came with it. I mention it now because the more I thought about the fun Betty Jean and I had in the bathroom, the greater the anticipation I felt about giving Diane an enema. As Diane got up from her chair, she got technical: "Brian, tell me this isn't going to make me crampy." I told her that she should control the water going in, and that I would massage her tummy so that it would flow more easily. I moved my finger around inside her rectum for maybe 30 seconds, I whispered that I could tell why she needed an enema.

MILF and Cookies Ch. 02: Strawberry Milk

fetish GusBus77 2017-11-17

She then stopped me by saying, "nonsense Jimmy, Nancy has told me how close you two are about how you sometimes help her with her excess milk." I turned around a little red in the face and all I could spit out was "oh?" She continued with, "yeah I think it's really sweet that you have helped fix her pump all these times and how you have even tentative to her when she's full". I was lost for words and Nancy looked me in the eyes elaborating more on what Karen had said with, "sweetie she knows about how you provide warm towels for me when I can't let down and how you help me set up sometimes".

Punishing My Tits Ch. 03

fetish RedHawke 2017-11-17

I had a hard time paying attention to anything in front of me, remembering instead the pretty pink welts left by the clothespins on the soft, pale skin of my large tits, and the sensation of my nipples being jerked up repeatedly by the bungee cord as I shoved the dildo into my tight, wet cunt. I looked forward to sharing my ideas with like-minded people who would appreciate the creative ways a person might use groceries, housewares and office supplies, and I enjoyed the thought that I certainly would never look at bag clips and rubber bands the same way again!

Amanda Ch. 01

fetish amandalit 2017-11-17

I'd poke safety pins into my nipples and shove markers in my pussy long before I had started having sex. He'd heard it was interesting and I thought, "Oh please let this wake him up." I told him I heard that people have sex in front of everyone else there and asked if we were going to do that. It wasn't said with arrogance or aggressiveness, it was more like he knew what I needed and wanted to give it to me. "I want you to keep your eyes on mine," he said as he slid a finger into my mouth and gently pulled it open.

Slave to Gina

fetish klammer 2017-11-17

He was obviously going to make a mint here as he noticed lots of jewlry on Gina’s lovely neck as well as lots of electronics, gold and fine art This, NIcky hoped, would be the big score that would finally give him enough money to get out of debt and maybe go legitimate. Each night, as Nicky continued to dream, he would come home from work to his huge mansion and Gina, his gorgeous wife, would meet him, naked, and greet him at the door with a blow job. The maid only came on Monday’s and Thursdays so the he would have all day to do what he needed to do He really wondered what Gina did as it was obvious that she didn’t work outside of the house and was quite wealthy.

My Submissive

fetish Jenny_C 2017-11-16

He hesitates, acts like he doesn't know what to do, but deep down he can't wait to do whatever I tell him. "Perfect!" I like the way he follows directions so obediently, almost reads my mind to give me exactly what I want. It peers around like the head of a little boy wanting to look into the girl's shower. There's nothing like the sight of a tall, handsome, naked young man with a full hard-on, and this one looks to be a lot more gifted than most. I notice the shaft of his cock actually has a bend to it, looking like a banana, curving upwards and pointed at the sky.

Panties, Panties, Panties Ch. 02

fetish chuckp7860 2017-11-16

At this time I had no idea that most of the girls I had been with new very little at making a guy not only enjoy sex but also how to keep a guy from climaxing with in a minute or two inside her pussy. Both hands around my butt when the head was inside her mouth then just one as she pulled it out so the other held my cock, all though as hard as I was it almost stood straight out with no help. First she reached under my cock and gently cupped my balls and pulled them out some so she could lick them and sucked one in her mouth. Her lips were so soft and I felt her tongue slip inside my mouth.

Two Feet Are Better Than One

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-11-16

"Do you wanna smell my delicious soles baby?" Brittany asked Erin seductively, sitting back farther in the couch. "Sure baby-cakes, I would love to." Before I could say anything, Erin took Brittany's right foot and started feverishly sniffing it. "Nah-uh, these toesies are mine now." She moved Brittany's foot up to her mouth, took out her tongue and gave it a long, sexy lick up the sole. Shockingly, she looked at me with a flirtatious smile and said "Go ahead, I don't mind you sucking on Erin's cute long as you save her left foot for me...and you suck on mine better." She then gave me a wink and gave Erin a small little kick and a giggle.

MW4M CL Ad for Sub Bi-Male

fetish biguy52x 2017-11-16

Bonnie laughed and said my ass would be ready pretty soon. This time his cock pushed into my mouth and I started sucking him. John stopped licking my ass and moved his cock to my hole. I felt John slide his cock into my ass. John was grunting and told me that I needed to have my mouth on that pussy when it squirted. I felt John pull out of me and he moved to the couch I moved over to him on all fours and started sucking his cock. John pulled his cock out of my mouth rolled his hips. Bonnie sucked my cock into her mouth and John was telling me to cum.


fetish blackcoffeerealist 2017-11-16

Sitting on duty in his squad car, drinking coffee, a police officer checked his watch. I can spread them farther if you'd like that, officer." He looked her in the eyes as she spread her legs apart a little more. Removing his hand, she smiled as she slowly inserted it inside of her, closing her eyes just enough to enjoy how good it felt, but also to see how much he was enjoying watching her. He saw that there were no cars coming at the moment, so he quickly leaned down to bite her neck, and she dropped his nightstick. Wanting him, and not wanting a ticket, she grabbed his ass and rammed him inside of her hard and fast and moaned, "That's how I like it, officer.

Michelle at the Beach Ch. 02

fetish flabuf 2017-11-16

Thomas squirted more of the shampoo on his hands and started to wash Michelle's back. Going up and down her sides and Michelle's body not flinching he got bolder and the next time his hands reached the side of her breasts and he pushed forward with his fingers and inside of the top. Michelle pulled his right foot out making his feet more than shoulder width apart and reached between his legs and held his now soft penis and sac in her hand massaging his dick softly but firmly with her thumb and fingers while holding the sac with her palm, enjoying the feel thinking to herself something that actually startled her 'He's not much more than a boy.'...

Bliss Feet

fetish thefootprint 2017-11-16

Then with your left hand you grasp the heel of the sneaker and slowly start to pull your foot out of it. Still holding onto your feet I lower my lips to your toes and slowly trace up the entire length of your sole with my tongue. One arm hugs your ankles and the other hand slides the Q-Tip between each of your toes and very softly up and down each sole. I nibble on the heels of your feet and slowly lick to your awesome silver toes! Slowly I work my way around to each of your little toes making sure to lick between each of them. Your pretty little bare feet now look like they have been dipped in a bucket of water!

Fantasies Come to Life Creampie

fetish 425olds 2017-11-16

I told her I had seen her at the mall earlier and had watched her walking around like she thought she was special, shaking her ass and teasing men. It looks like your pussy wants my dick pretty bad I told her as I rubbed her clit. Remember how the other night you told me you had a fantasy of being my slave and eating my pussy over and over again? She was sitting on my chest when she told me she was really wet tonight and she felt the best way for me to eat all her pussy juices was to just sit on my face. NOW put you lips all the way over my lips and just start sucking and enjoying my wet pussy she told me.

Pumped-Up Teach

fetish shaved_toy_boy 2017-11-16

Alysha's eyes were beheld by Jill's ass that was now exposed to her: the firmness of it; how her legs looked in her right-above-the-knee socks; and, most importantly, the plump mound of flesh under the cotton panties that marked Jill's pussy. The way she was standing in front of Alysha--her legs half-open, her huge jugs with their nipple-eyes staring at her, the high-heels, and the skirt that came up just above her knees--drove her to sink her hands into her lap, and started rubbing through her panties. When Alysha lifted her hands out of her lap, Danielle got a good look between her student's legs.

Sexy Escapades With Penny Continue

fetish Osiris 2017-11-16

I did not even bother to put my cock inside my shorts knowing the T-shirt would hide it and Tim was not going to notice anyway, he's so switched off. I once again helped Penny clear the table and take the dishes through to the kitchen not worrying to return my hard cock to my shorts but allowing it to bob about in front of me. Penny had instructed me to make sure she could see my still stiff cock so I left it jutting out of the leg hole of my shorts and once Tim was seated and engrossed in the news broadcast arranged my shirt to give her a good view.

Summer Sissy Ch. 02

fetish bartleby_prefers 2017-11-16

Finally, I dropped to all fours and put my ass in the air, bucking out my last few pulls as my cock shot cum onto the bathroom floor. He put his hands on my head and began to feed his cock into my throat, hardening into me like a velvet glove made to hold his dick. "Kiss both mommy's nipples, little girl-boy, then take the bottle of lube on the table there and grease up my cock. When there seemed to be a visible wrapping of lubricant on the dong, Queen Mommy Vann pulled hard on the leash and turned me to face the TV. I looked at the semen on my thighs, tasted the cum on my fire red lips, savored the strokes of my Mommy's endless cock.

richard goes to fat camp part 1

fetish theemachiner 2017-11-16

'you don't need to cook dick your sauce is natural it all comes or cums from this she squeezes his cock and slowly wanks it' is water ' wendy smiles still wanking his cock ' anyway you might like the taste but even then you will still loose weight dick takes hold of his cock and starts slowly wanking it wendy takes hold of his balls and squeezes them gently 'thats a nice big load' says wendy she hands dick a spoon 'mix it in then eat and enjoy' dick stops spanking wendy and grabs his cock and wanks it hard wendy squeezes her thighs around his other hand

Getting a Ride

fetish nasty1 2017-11-16

I looked for a phone to get some help, but none were to be found. Finally, I saw a nice looking car coming down the road. "NAW, just thought I would stand here all night," I joked. "I don't do it every night, I'm not a slut, or anything, I just need money, and no one will hire me. I woulda thought you would get A LOT of clients, you're a VERY good looking gal." "Well, thanks, I just got myself checked yesterday, I'm clean. "UH, no, not THAT movie, it, um, was a porno." I couldn't help but laugh. "I suppose that's right." "Well, thanks, maybe I'll see ya around."

Messy Melinda

fetish BossySon21a 2017-11-16

A dozen people were waiting for her in her kitchen, a huge banner had been spread across one wall reading: 'Happy 56th birthday!' and right in the middle of the crowd were five people she was especially delighted to see, her son Neil and his wife Jean, and next to Jean was Melinda's daughter Cathy, and with Neil and Jean were her twin granddaughters Bethany and Briana. Tina said to the assembled group, "Since I was the last birthday girl, it's my turn to organize a little fun for Melinda here!" "Let me have the marker," Jean said to Tina, and Melinda felt her daughter-in-law writing something on her bare buns!

Next part of the story!

fetish ninaslut4321 2017-11-16

He text me 5 minutes later saying the video was amazing, and that he hadn't cum yet with a wink. I started getting turned on again and text him - get naked and blindfold yourself again, I am coming in, in 3 minutes. I walked in to his room, he was naked with the blindfold on and his laptop was still playing the video on repeat. I liked the head of his cock and then stuck it in my mouth, going up and down slowly. seconds later after I had put him back into my mouth and started going down on him hard and he fast, his whole body tensed up " im going to cum" he said with a struggle under his voice.