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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Me, Mom, and My Mom's Lesbian Lover (a sequel

fetish 2017-11-16

A year ago I would have bet you any amount of money that Angela would have rater sewn up her own cunt before she allowed a man to fuck her and now she opened my pants and pulled out my cock, tugging it with the casual roughness of a girl playing with her first cock and only remote conscious of the fact that it is fesh and bl**d and not rubber or detachable. One particular I enjoyed was watching Mom slipping her whole of her fist into Angela cunt, pumping it in and out with a loud squishing sound similar to someone walking round in boots filled with water.

Goddess of Soles

fetish RickyJoyce 2017-11-16

Darkness was beginning to thicken over the forest and Garoth was keeping an eye out for a place to safely set up a small camp and rest. Garoth gently held her foot and brought it to his face, her heel warm in his palm and the top of her feet smooth against his fingers. "You are almost too good at that, Garoth," Shel said as she took her foot away and sat down between his legs. "Your pants are about to break Garoth, be careful," Shel said with a lusty grin. A full body orgasm rocked his entire being, sending his hot seed straight up into the night sky, and back down to splatter over Shel's feet, his stomach, and the earth, like a great fountain in the middle of a city.

glory adventure

fetish centillm 2017-11-16

Oh, fuck that was hot, her seeing my hand pumping my hard cock, as she licked another and now she knew I was there and liked it, how could it get better, it did. Fuck, he was good, I was getting close, and noticed that he must of loved my sweet precum, as every time it leaked out, he stopped licking and tried sucking more out. I then close me eyes, and look at the birdseye view of her sitting there playing with her pussy watching as he man gladly sucked on my hard cock. "you ready for my load", I asked again, I then heard softly her voice say "fuck yeah, on your face", the mouth then stopped sucking and was replaced by a hand.

Lesbian Diaper Story

fetish 2017-11-16

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" I asked, rubbing her bottom, my fingers slipping down to her wet pussy. They were clients of the law firm, and I had gone there a couple of times to get Karen little girl dresses, and some of the leather supplies, but had forgotten about the baby stuff. Before he rung it up, I selected 2 little girls dresses with matching panties for the start of the evening. If you wet them, you will be punished and put back into diapers, this time for 2 weeks." At the end of the week, I started dressing her in the little girls outfit.

Thank You Lisa

fetish SamFrench 2017-11-16

I then kissed my way back up the inside of her leg, stopping only to breathe lightly on her panty-covered crotch. It was at this point that she realized what she'd been doing as she sat up to hold my face in her hands, kissing her juices off my cheeks, lips and chin. Lisa started kissing my face, then my neck and chest as she worked her way down. Then, when I thought I couldn't experience anything more erotic, Lisa leaned down and licked the last drop off my glans, bathing the head one last time in the moist warmth of her mouth. She came back and lay on the bed next to me, kissing me sweetly and pressing her clothed body against my naked flesh.


Drinking and Dressing

fetish 2017-11-16

I start up the pump and sat down in the car. Once I was finished, I was going to pull the car up to the front of the store. Instead, I just started walking up to the store and went in as if I had on jeans and a t-shirt. I need smokes, the car is over by the pump and I’ve got this massive growth between my legs. Then, car lights began to appear and panic set in. As I crossed the parking lot, I heard a loud car horn. I walked right out in front of a car. That woke me up a bit, and I actually started this slower, confident and prissy walk back to the car.

Morning Dreams...

fetish seat542 2017-11-16

The warmth of my flow was delicious as it covered my torso and splashed upon my lips—a taste I so very much savor. I re-read your email and my mind drifted in thought while my flesh and buds were clandestinely caressed by the material moving across my naked flesh. Over the soft covers which cocooned your being, a pair of hands begins to caress and massage your body. You sense the covers being lifted ever so gently and feel soft material being placed over your wrists and ankles. A warm round knob is placed upon your mound and moved slowly around your area, producing a vibration deep within. The intensity of your pinches produces a feeling of ecstasy and your wet hand goes to your mound.

Such a Deal Ch. 01

fetish Angelscuck 2017-11-16

Although I enjoyed regular sex, thoughts of being tied down, helpless, and completely under a lovely lady's control, really turn me on! Then, one day while reading the sex-ads in the Los Angeles Free Press, I saw an ad that said, "Female Dominant seeks submissive men to play with." I had pretty much forgotten all about it when a week later I got a phone call and a sexy voice said, "Hello Kelly, this is Mistress Ilene. He glanced at his watch, the pink shirt, red bowtie and the roses, and smiling said, "Very good sir, would you like to wait in the bar. Mistress Ilene laughed at my eagerness and said, "Down boy, down.

Mother Futa Ch. 03

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2017-11-16

Katie tried her best to keep Adam quiet, pressing her mouth against his as he blasted his cum into Martha's mouth. Martha gave him a devilish smile and made for the stairs; she got a pretty good head start, seeing as Adam was still trying to take off his shoes and socks. Adam's hands grew slick as Martha's dick continued to froth with pre-cum; he could tell that the two of them were about to climax. With a weary smile, Adam lie his body next to Martha's and took one of her breasts into his hands. "I told you that I couldn't stand to be away from you for so long." She sat up in the bed and began to massage Adam's barely limp cock, trying to get it to rise.

Life With s*s: Pt. 6

fetish 2017-11-16

That looked pretty good so we planned on taking two weeks off to find a place to live, move, check into school and get started working. We had lunch with the manager and chef and got a few ideas of places to live nearby and then went back to the motel to plan the rest of the week. As she put the tip of my cock in her mouth I started to cum, it felt so good I didn't want it to end, but it did. We stood in the tub hugging as I started to pee all over Steph's tummy and let it run down her pussy and legs.

Dee visits The Fetish Shoe Shop

fetish fantasyboy 2017-11-16

Jim was still quite hard and had kept his cock inside Mrs Wyles' wonderful cunt and although he knew it would take a few minutes for him to cum again was more than happy to continue slowly sliding his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Eventually he finished cumming and Mrs Wyles took Jim's cock out of the shoe, looked how much spunk there was inside it and although she really wanted to pour it out into her mouth she slipped it back onto her foot and loved the feel as she felt the hot sticky cum in between her toes.

A Trick Of The Light

fetish KDG 2017-11-16

It’s Friday evening and as I load the dishwasher I try not Sam has had a busy day It’s a signal to Sam; he The lights are off when I return to the bedroom but it’s not into bed Sam places his hand gently on my thigh, I turn to kisses my forehead, I raise my nightdress, shuffling gently He pushes hard to enter me, I’ve arrive, it’s beginning to rain. front door open, then shut, and him throwing his keys on Instantly he pushes my hand down to feel I can feel his hands on my shoulders, pushing ‘Not yet.’ He says pushing me backwards onto the bed. instantly releases the cuffs, as he lowers my arms he kisses

Ms. Marca Ch. 61

fetish Ms. Marca 2017-11-16

When I got in uncle Bob was at the door to give me a big hug and feel me off and the look on his face said it all ... My pussy was already wet from the kid looking and undressing me and to think about the two big cocks I’ll have this week and what I just had in the last 48 hours, oh what nice dreams I’ll have tonight! He just looked at me knowing I was in need of a good fuck Jason was a tall drink of water that had big feet, sizes 13 D, and long fingers. I could really feel the difference between his cock and other big guys I had in the past, my husband was a lost cause when he had his little thing in me like this.

My First Time In Panties Thanks s*s! Part 1

fetish stanlok 2017-11-16

Now these were the days before internet and porn so i had to use my imagination when i would jack off.I would think about my mom and s****r naked when i played with my cock. She had a book with her called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask. She said it all kinds of things in there about sex and masuturbation. I know that you have been going through my panties and things she said. So she went and got a pair of white nylon panties size 5 and a white bra and put them on me. I have never felt like before, my little cock was going crazy, i thought i was going to cum right there in her panties and thru the panties into her hand.

How to eat Black Pussy mmmmm

fetish Master_Erik 2017-11-16

Just hold your her clit you’re your tongue...increasing speed gradually...once you've got the speed up a bit...and her breathing and moaning is telling you that you are on target, use more of the tip of your tongue and move it less but at a slightly faster pace, basically work your way into a flicking motion like a snake’s tongue but barely touching her clit. If she is having a a hard time cumming…do not get frustrated...use your left hand to hold her lips open, and use your right hand and gently insert one or two fingers facing upwards hooking your finger(s) upward and kind of “sc****-tickle-massage” her G-spot which feels like a rough little sponge located right on the inside of the "ceiling" of her pussy.

The Show - continues (part 2) - Brent and Denna

fetish hottyryder 2017-11-16

But then maybe out of compassion, one of the girls said “ ohh let me kiss it to make it feel better.” He felt lips caress the end of his head, and his dick jumped to attention again at the touch. Denna’s sexual sixth sense was alert and she reached over from fondling Amy, and gently took Lisa’s shoulders and pulled her tits out of my mouth, saying “ hey girl let’s try this.” And then to all of our surprise she turned Lisa’s head around and gave her a big long kiss on the mouth. She pulled away to look at my dick, the bulging veins and hard outline of my cock head wet with spit and some dribbles of cum.

An Office Catfight

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-11-16

It was Fiona's last day and she had arranged a leaving party but Julie, being a bitch to the end, kept giving her things to do and flat out told the older woman that if she left before she said then she would give her a terrible reference and having not worked anywhere else for 15 years Fiona was relying on a reference to get a new job. Julie looked up with a look of sheer hatred on her face and rushed her older foe before Fiona could fully get out from behind her desk, Julie plunged her sharp nails into Fiona's hair, grabbed a tight hold and started to shake her head back and forth, eventually forcing the elder woman onto her back on the ground and straddling her torso.

Strap-On to the Max

fetish 2017-11-16

I can still remember the first time we did this and how surprised I was at how good this looked and how turned on I got watching the dildo as his anus opened up to receive it. Each time my pelvis hit his ass I felt sensations rush through my body as the dildo continued to vibrate my clitoris. The combination of my thrusts, the vibrations, and the feeling of control that I had seeing him strapped to the table with his ass in the air had me approaching orgasm after only a few minutes and I really increased my thrusts. I held it there for a second but then started moving slowly out an inch or two and then pushing back into him so that my pelvis hit his ass each time.

Mistress T

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-11-16

But as I scanned through the pictures, I saw Mistress T actually doing the kinds of things I didn't imagine such a normal classy-looking lady would even know about, much less enjoy with obvious gusto. The next picture showed Mistress T from behind, wearing her strap-on dildo, shoving it into the pussy of a woman bent over in front of her. In spite of all the extreme, wild, kinky, S&M stuff that was rushing through my mind, I instinctively reached out with two hands to hold her beautiful face and kiss her mouth with all the passion and heat and desire I had held inside since my wife shut down on me.

Caught and Put in Lingerie!

fetish Everyday2 2017-11-16

Kim handed me a little white lace pair of panties and said "put these on, you aren't wearing my jeans with no underwear." And as I did, the panties massaged my cock and ass, the stockings and baby doll were cool on my skin, the heels made we walk like a sexy woman... As I went by them, Terri slapped my ass and said "you look hot in lingerie and heels!" I felt my dick start to harden. I realized what she was up to and started to protest, but she just pushed my legs up and said "you will like it, and i want to see your face as I take your virginity!" then she slowly began to push the head of the dildo into my ass...

Sex in Socks

fetish MarthaD 2017-11-16

Tell me." "Please may I cum in your cute little school girl socks." "Are you ready love? By the time he finished his legs were a little wobbly so I hugged him around the waist in part to show my affection and in part because I wasn't sure that he hadn't cum so hard that he was going to fall over. As I ground against him I remembered my kinky school girl role play, sucking his hard cock and him helplessly shooting his load deep inside my knee socks. By the time I finally made my way upstairs to get a shower and change I had hatched a little plan -- I was going to try out the school girl look again and see what happened.

She Opened My Mind Ch. 01

fetish B_Couric 2017-11-16

She dialed it down a little bit after that, but on the way out the door she gave my Rck a really nice hug goodbye, and again made a point to compliment him on his build, even pulling up his shirt to see if he had a toned stomach, saying "Woah, Josh look at this?," smiling as she rubbed a hand across it. A few weeks later Rick asked if Anastasia and I wanted to go on a double date with him and some new girl that a mutual friend had set him up with. Before I could answer, Anastasia said that sounded like a great idea and she she reached out and held my hand, squeezing it, wanting me to say yes.

Toilet Inspection Day: A Story of Larissa

fetish larissaandhermaster 2017-11-16

She formed the fingers of her right hand into the shape of a duck's beak, positioned her fingertips at the opening of her cunt hole and slowly pushed them into herself until her whole hand, up to her wrist, was inside her. Master picked up the other half, stood beside her, his cock a couple of inches from her face, and held her turd to her mouth. Master retreated and sat on the toilet to watch her; one turd moving in and out of her cunt, powered by her formidable cunt muscles, the other slipping in and out of her mouth, adding to the creamy chocolate lipstick accumulating on her lips.

Mutual pantyhose wank.

fetish tonyhose 2017-11-16

My plan was to go out to the pub for a drink to see if anyone noticed that I was wearing pantyhose and then to go home and have a wank imagining what they thought. I left the pub and as I reached my car the good looking guy who I was sure had been watching me caught me up. " What do you think?" I asked, "Although I think the answer is obvious judging by your cock" I reached down and took a hold of my cock and began to stroke it. I told him he could keep the pantyhose and we got dressed and started walking back to our cars, arranging another meeting as we went.........