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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Cumming Story on my Friend Sexy Bras

fetish Hunt_Boston 2017-11-16

I finally cum on inside each cups while reading the 36C tag size. Second cum : Few weeks lather, sharing a good diner with friends, i take time to go to her bathroom. Like the other times I put the bra on the floor and start masturbating. So I take my time to masturbate and feel the Bombshell bra on my cock, play with gently, take time to wank wile watching all details of the bra (white with all lace) and the size printed inside the side of the band. After the night, back at home, I fuck my girlfriend while thinking to cum on my friend Padded push-up bras...

Jenny's Holiday Income Ch. 02

fetish StoneKidman 2017-11-16

Finally the giant roared and wrapped both large hands around Jenny's head, lifted her off the mat--Jenny's legs were kicking wildly in the air--she turned and threw Jenny across the entire ring as easily as a baseball. The giant got up and the crowd was still yelling, "One more time!" but fortunately whether she took pity on my girl or was just tired, Giselle lifted Jenny's limp body up and propped my girlfriend on her shoulders. It looked like Giselle was going to use my girlfriend for chicken fighting; with Jenny leaning forward slightly as the giant paraded her around, like a child getting a horsey ride, before dropping down, flipping my girl forward, slamming her face first into the mat in the electric chair drop.

life With lori part 1

fetish sub4you 2017-11-16

I want to bury my face in your pussy and kiss your ass too." Images were running thru my mind so fast I seemed like I was out of control. I wanted to bury my face in Lori's pussy,tongue her ass,suck her clit. "Lori I want to clean the cum from your pussy and ass. I told her that I would try any once,and continued to suck her clit,at times running my tongue deep into her pussy.and down to her asshole. She wondered if I liked eating my cum from her pussy and if I was serious about sucking cock. "Do you want me to fuck you,use your ass like a pussy?

Amy Says Yes

fetish Serafina1210 2017-11-16

Smiling, for despite her lack of experience she was no fool, Amy said, "Okay," and soon found herself alone with him in his room, sitting beside him on his bed and sipping some very nice white wine, the conversation drifting pleasantly in ever more personal directions, gaining intensity seemingly on its own, John leaning forward a bit more as they talked till his face was very close indeed to hers, and he said, with charming diffidence, "Do you mind if I . . ." This task proved to be unexpectedly easy, for while John had serious problems with eating pussy himself (for reasons rooted more in ideology than in experience), he now discovered it to be a tremendous turn-on to see Amy's lips close around his empussied cock, which quickly regained its pleasing tumescence.

What The Doctor Ordered

fetish SandieQUK 2017-11-16

Paul eased himself to a half sitting position, and grabbed the inside of both thighs, trying to get a hold on the slippery nylon, frustrated as its smoothness stretchy lycra was made all the more difficult to pull away by Carolyn's perspiration. Paul reached up and held the blossoming curves of her bare, heaving breasts, and tweaked her nipples as Carolyn bounced up and down on him, letting his cock shaft her with thundering, bed shaking thrusts. The hot wetness of Paul's veiny tight skin on the sensitive undersides of Carolyn's feet, through the slowly dampening and sticky tights, were sensual in ways she couldn't express, as their gazes met.

Welcome to the Sisterhood

fetish _M_Odette 2017-11-15

The sorority sisters decided they didn't like the name Brian. If Brian was going to be in the sorority house he would have to become a girl, so the sisters re-named him Christine. "Tomorrow when you walk around with a bruised knee, everyone is going to think you were sucking our cocks all night!!!" said a black girl with gorgeous thick hair. The sorority sisters decided that just making the poor battered Christine lick their feet wasn't enough. The sorority sisters revealed the strap-ons they had packed under their clothes and told poor Christine to start licking and sucking their cocks as well. The redheaded girl fucked Christine so expertly with her glittery pink cock, Christine lost all control; all sense of herself.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 06

fetish Demospider 2017-11-15

Ashley decided that as finished studying the tablet this week she was going to come here every day to pee into the lost and found. Kevin had been so turned on by Ashley that there was no way he wouldn't notice whenever he saw her in the hallway, and he noticed her come down here the day before. Ashley had been rubbing herself this whole time and as she began to cum she pushed out her last big spurt of pee. Ashley always did wonder what semen actually tasted like, different girls who had it in their mouths at some point or other disagreed as to whether it was good, bad, or a couple who said they were indifferent.

Pregnant Pleasure

fetish rickman32 2017-11-15

As she drew away, I stroked the back of my hand from her waist up to her breast and then up to her nipple which I could feel hard and proud underneath her dress. I felt her orgasm build and kept licking bringing my forefinger up to her pussy and pushing it a little way inside. I reached underneath and ran my hands gently over her belly and then more firmly over her breasts where I lingered on her nipples pinching them cruelly. I brought the head of my cock, hard and aching for her, up to her pussy lips and with a backward and forward motion I began to penetrate pausing when the head had slipped inside her lips.

Creampie Dessert Ch. 01

fetish pantywriter 2017-11-15

Neither of us could have guessed that the post-fracas coffee-date would have turned into a day-long discussion over some beers, which turned to dinner, which led to more drinks, which finally led to me asking her if she wanted to come to my place for a nightcap, which after she agreed to that and we had another drink, led to us making furious and athletic love on my couch by ten that night. "But I'm walking back here feeling the bare skin of my ass against my pants and knowing I'm wearing your panties and my cock is so fucking hard!"

Diana the Destroyer

fetish cdupuy 2017-11-15

"Diana asked, Do you wantto comtinue Chuck?" I responded end of first fall and you can count on a second fall. The angle of my dick was such that it was working hard on her clit and I could see that in spite of the pain from her arms she was close to an orgasm. Having come close to my own orgasm I placed my pole between her massive breasts and within a minute shot my load over her stomach. After the 10 minute rest period Debra motioned for us to start the final round. Diana smiled and wrapped her strong thighs around my legs and pulled me hard against her chest.


The Secret Santa

fetish AnonOne 2017-11-15

Kim's pussy slackened and it completely swallowed his cock all the way down to the root and her excitement began leaking all over the both of them as he continued to drill harder and deeper into her moist nest. This is exactly what I wanted for Christmas!" shouted Kim as Mike picked up the pace, sucking as much of her giant tits between his lips as possible and stabbing his thick cock up and into her engorged pussy walls. It's not nice fucking Santa Claus without me," Nicole said, giving Mike and Kim a small, wicked grin. Mike pulled out of Kim's mouth and offered Nicole a taste, but she diverted it from her lips and beat the head of his cock against her cheek, smearing the cum on her neck and chin.

Emily's Feet

fetish sexyfootlicker 2017-11-15

I brought both Emily's feet to my face and began to lick them, to suck each toe until they were completely covered in spit. Every lick released a short high-pitched scream of delight from Emily's mouth. I continued to cum, covering Emily's feet with huge wads of sticky spunk. When I finally stopped shooting, Emily stopped pumping and brought one of her feet up to her face. Slowly she began to lick my cum off her feet. With one warm wet lick she took the dribbles of cum on my cock into her mouth. I brought her cum-covered foot high and buried my face in it, smelling the heavenly mixture of my cum and her feet.

Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave

fetish Robert_Anthony 2017-11-15

Alan looked up briefly and realised that she had been reading a book while he had been attending to her beautiful feet, at first he felt slightly cheated by this, but after a moment's reflection he quickly realised that if he genuinely wanted to serve this incredible woman, and if her pleasure was his absolute priority, then it wasn't for him to decide how much attention she should pay him. As she described the scene in lurid detail Katrina felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, the more she talked about it the more she felt her pussy aching for Calvin's huge cock, while below her Alan continued to diligently worship her beautiful feet, half distraught at the thought of his beautiful Mistress being treated so appallingly, half embarrassed at how much the thought of it turned him on.

Nancy's Spanking Therapy

fetish trojanman 2017-11-15

We explored a lot of erotica together...threesomes with her girlfriend...anal sex with my cock fucking her asshole...dildo play (both in her cunt and up my ass) masturbation...sensual domination...Polaroid name it...we did it! She would take my cock any way she wanted, suck it off in her mouth, fucking it up her ass (with a dildo going in her cunt at the same time). "I am sorry, but my boss is a fucking asshole, and he is treating me like a dumb cunt at work." "I knew that, "but you don't have to carry that attitude home for the both of us." She agreed and said, "I won't do it again Peter, and I do love you.

Ms. Marca Ch. 42

fetish Ms. Marca 2017-11-15

As I looked up to see who it was a hand came down on my shoulder and the gentleman said "Frank I see you have the pretties woman in the place at your table!" As I looked back and up at the deep voice I felt a pair of lips brush my cheek and as I pulled back to see who it was I head the man say "Iv known this young lady since she was a child!" "Oh Mr. Larson, how are you!" Mr. Larson began to tell everyone that we were neighbors and he had seen me grow up, he left out the fact that he watch me give head and fuck in my driveway late at night.


fetish ChristianDeNeuvillet 2017-11-15

Can I have a rain check for the dancing? "That depends, do I get a rain check too?" Every time he was on the brink of orgasm he would imagine how much better it would feel if it was Gayle's fingers wrapped around his shaft, her hand slick with lube sliding up and down. Meanwhile, his nightly chats with Gayle had become strangely chaste - she never mentioned their weekend plans, and when Tom surreptitiously tried to bring it up she would feign ignorance or suddenly have to sign off. "Hello," she said. Was that deliberate? Her pace was almost agonizingly slow, but it was also deliberate.


Erotic Encounters with a Salesman

fetish myeroticvamp 2017-11-15

Then as if he sensed someone was watching him as he was helping a customer, he looked up directly at me and smiled and waved.My cheeks went bright red and I got very flustered and I slightly waved back out of politeness before moving away from the store my legs carrying me as fast as my feet could take me. "Like you dressing in short skirts and dresses wasn't to get me all hot and bothered when I helped you to try on shoes." Again his finger caresses along my pussy lips through my panties and I can feel a small wet spot start to form.

Her soft soles

fetish catsman11 2017-11-15

It was just the third time that we were intimate that I told JR about my foot fetish and my love her feet in particular, but as I suspected all along, she already knew. She said she could tell because every time we were in foreplay mood or whenever I got even the remotest chance, my hands were on her feet and I love having their aroma near to my nose. Oh, that foot aroma hit me like a ton of bricks, I had already told her not to shower as I wanted that day long foot smell all to my selfish glory.

Accidental Growth Pt. 01

fetish The_Ride 2017-11-15

When Will went in for the second meeting with the doctor running the trial and both were thrilled with the progress Will was making, and was administered with another shot of testosterone. By the end of the week, Will got curious as to how large his cock might be, so the day before his next test trial, Will went to bed with a ruler next to him on his nightstand so he could get a measurement when he was at his most erect. The two finally made it back to Will's room and as soon as the door closed, Tamara wrestled Will's cock free of his pants and starting jerking his massive pole while her tongue explored Will's slit and head.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ch. 06.1

fetish yummymess 2017-11-15

There's no way Sandra would know this - no one did - but I had an unusual sexual fetish revolving around peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I sat there, motionless for ten minutes, waiting for my cock to go flaccid again before I could stand up and make my way home with a few drops of pre-cum now soaked in to my underwear, and the taste of peanut butter and jelly in my mouth. "This evening you'll be dinning on peanut butter and jelly, topped with honey, and served over warm pussy lips coated with Sandra's delightful homemade cream sauce - not available any where else in the world." She winked.

The Panty Exchange 1

fetish pornwhorelvr 2017-11-15

You give him a little show, you love how your ass looks in these panties and love how it moves so sensuously as you strut around, hypnotizing that horny man slut as you slowly walk around the room exaggerating your ass shake. You teasingly caress your body, tweaking your nipples which send the fire of lust directly to your clit which is now throbbing as well, craving the attention it knows is cumming. The panty slut looks like he is getting close to exploding, so you tell him not to cum, that you want to watch him cum into the gusset of your soaking wet panties when you're done pleasuring yourself.

Dom wife's tale of changing her hubby into a

fetish schipp 2017-11-15

My terms and the consensus advice from those women I talked with are that he agrees to have his penis pierced and permanently locked in a chastity device of your choosing. In retrospect, I think that I came down hard on Mark and added the extra month because I felt myself falling into the trap of feeling that I had to let him have an orgasm since I saw him so frustrated by the chastity device. I have really come like this feature of the frenum though because I don't want to Mark to be able to hard at all even in the confined space of his chastity tube unless I decided to let him.

Dennis Does Self

fetish dennyboy2 2017-11-15

"Oh yes, suck yourself and eat your hot cum, my stud husband." My hard pulsing cock was now positioned a few inches above as I slowly began "walking" down the wall. My hand began guiding my cock closer and closer until finally it was poised to be sucked. Now I slowly sucked more and more into my mouth, tonguing the hot, slimy, velvety, but hard penis with increased urgency. As I popped my cock out of my mouth, that huge saved up load of cum erupted onto my waiting tongue followed by a second and third spurt. She greedily pulled my legs down and did a little cock sucking of her own, then straddled me, and crushed her lips to mine.

my panty fetish

fetish sissypete 2017-11-15

How i got started to love nylon panties. there i noticed two pair of panties hanging on the shower rod. panties down from the rod and rubbed them on my face, and got an instant The next day in school, i could hardly wait until it was time to go home. seconds or so to shoot a big stream of cum in those wet nylon panties. heart rate to get back to normal, so i could wash the cum out of her panties washed and rinsed her panties like before and hung them back on the shower I got up and pulled her panties off and took them to the laundry room where i laid them on the washing machine.