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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

More Than You Asked For

fetish Isabel_Blyss 2017-11-15

Jim had still not managed to say a word as he closed the door behind him and he couldn't take his eyes off Clara. Clara!?" She broke away from Mark's embrace for a moment and took a step towards the bed. They were close enough to the bed that Jim could see the veins on Mark's throbbing cock as he slid it into Clara's mouth. She bent over and braced herself against the bed, her hair brushing over Jim's hip and his still hard cock. Clara pushed herself up on one hand, panting, she used the other to smooth the hair away from her face so she could look up at Jim. His cock was still hard and he stared down at her silently.

fleeting visit

fetish rudeolph 2017-11-15

On the side of the bed, Brandi had already placed her favourite dildo, 8 inches of plastic with a six inch circumference, and slowly started to rub the tip down the channel between clit and pussy. Her feelings were now getting out of control and she had the desire to cum as quickly as she could, with that the dildo continued to pound away, short then long strokes as they stimulated her pussy, her other hand was now massaging her clit which was now very tender. Slowly to start with the stranger started to milk her pussy as he sucked her clit and his cock throbbed in her mouth, Brandi was being assaulted on three fronts and she was finding it difficult to respond being tied , but at the same time she was enjoying pleasures she had not experienced for a long time.

Wet: A Tale of Desperation

fetish tehqueen 2017-11-15

Grace's mouth opened and shut a few times, trying to understand before the makeshift flag of her pants anchored to the brick wall floating in the breeze clued her in. Her feet met the pavement, but Grace steeled herself to the seat, her body rigid. Now with her left hand firmly over her mouth to prevent any more outbursts and her right arm hugging around her chest, her eyes widened as her building rose into view. Grace whimpered behind her hand and Robert's red-rimmed eyes fell on her, slowly drinking in the sight. His eyes met hers and at that, Grace's body committed the ultimate betrayal seconded only by death.

Easy in Japan Ch. 01

fetish Spiritogre 2017-11-15

"You know you girls could earn a lot of money working for me." Before anyone could interrupt him he continued: "I can take care of all your needs and you can have an easy life spending buckets full of money on clothes, make-up or whatever you may fancy." Mr. Hasagawa made a dramatic pause looking mindfully from one girl to the other so it was Tomoko who spoke again: "Well, that sounds very promising but you wouldn't do this for nothing, would you?" And Ryuchi Hasagawa looked like he was willing to just do that, even though it already had dawned the two girls that their salesman type host was more then just a horny old bastard who wanted a quick fuck.

working together and a toy

fetish jimanlps 2017-11-15

She took another drink looked straight ahead and asked if my wife and I had sex drive difficulties. Ok I said and she told me to keep going past the hotel. About a mile later she told me to turn right into the parking lot of an Adam and Eve. She asked me to stay in the car and I complied. Once we arrived at the hotel I asked if she wanted to get a drink but she said she was going to her room. I got my phone out and started looking at some porn when there was a knock at the door. She said that she went through my phone and saw what I was looking at on the internet. She took out the lube and started rubbing it into my ass.

Dinner with a View II

fetish goinstrong 2017-11-15

I say "feigned" because - while she pulled gently back - she smiled, dropped her head a bit, and looked intensely with her eyes aimed up at me. She pulled her hand back up, and I felt a finger at the opening to my ass. She had her mouth around my cock, one hand massaging my balls, and a finger up my ass. I said, "No - only one - the other one is for your clit!" As though programmed and voice-controlled, she released one of ther great tits, and pushed the other hand downward to her cunt. Now, the stage was completely set: a brush handle in her cunt - a finger in her ass - one of her hands massaging a tit - and, one hand playing her woman-button.

Karen, 1997

fetish CesareRF 2017-11-15

Karen grabbed my shoulder and said in a sultry voice, "get up, I want to fuck you." I rose and Karen took my hand to her mouth and sucked her pussy juice off each finger, one at a time, looking me in the eyes. I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and pulled her down hard and started my own rhythmic fuck of her cunt as she kissed my mouth, her long blond hair hanging in my face. Exhausted I had enough energy to step around the bed and lifting her head, I stuck my cock up to her lips and Karen opened her mouth and sucked on my spent dick, cleaning my cock with what energy she had left.

A Short Story of my Relative's Misdemeanours.

fetish Fridagirl 2017-11-15

I swallowed too at the thought of it, but then the reading I had just finished suddenly made sense, 'That was you throat fucking my mother in that page I just read aloud', I asked him? His smile was broad, a dark f****y secret read aloud by the newest generation, a young female to boot, about her whorish mother and debauched uncle, I stared as he bobbed his head in acknowledgement. I stood rock still and stared as he fondled and grabbed her breasts, her violent hip movements as he banged into her, and all I remember, was the shock blond pubic hair above her cunt, their opening fucking display, I assume for my benefit, cast aside any maternal display a daughter might expect, and left me in limbo, to grow up with an Independence, bereft of her, and take up this option with her p**o b*****r, who paid me handsomely for my girlish misdemeanours.

Kitten Ch. 01

fetish MasterofManyFaces 2017-11-15

Kitten had been busy today, making sure that her beloved Mistress's home was clean, and that her duties were taken care of. As Kitten moved through the house one last time to double check her work, her dark eyes roaming the many wonderful things her Mistress owned, she thought back to how she had ended up with her beloved Mistress, seven months earlier. Kitten's hands gently worked the loofa over her breasts, taking her time with the rounded peaks, massaging them slowly. Kitten knew that Mistress Kessa loved to drink her milk, and once had asked why. While Kitten was still catching her breath, she felt the shower wand being taken from her hand and the water being turned off.

Lingerie Store 1: Who is She?

fetish sub2silk 2017-11-15

i glance to my left and see racks of bras, panties, garter-belts, my Mistress' cock becomes engorged, even through its pink satin bondage. After what seems like ages, but is probably no more than a minute or two, the Sales Lady returns, and asks me to follow Her. i do so, following Her through the maze of lingerie, nightwear, silks, satins, and lace. i am left on the floor of the cubicle, as She packs up Her things, and again i hear the curtains part, and feel the movement of air as She leaves. After some minutes, another Woman enters the cubicle, She removes the blindfold, and i see the smiling face of Rebecca, my Mistress has disappeared again.

Ultimate fetish dressing

fetish 2017-11-15

She took a deep breath, as deep as she could with a stretched rubber neck around her belly, and then continued to pull the thing over her breasts, then after a while finally managed to get one arm inside the body, the other arm wasn't that hard anymore after that. It was rather tight she noticed trying to close it behind her neck, and as she finally managed to do so she felt how the layers of latex around her neck were tightened just little enough not to squeeze the small tube that went from her mouth down her back.

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 05

fetish Nemasis Enforcer 2017-11-15

Stacy got a sympathetic look on her face and stood; walking around by Debbie's side and kneeling next to her right breast, without saying anything Stacy took the nipple in her mouth and gave it a strong suck, cupping it with her hands causing a steady stream of milk to flow into her mouth which she swallowed eagerly. The next few days were spent with Stacy sucking the milk from Dawn and Debbie's heavy breasts, every time she did it she would become really horny and in need of release, so Andy was kept very busy fucking her up to 4 times a day.

s****r Aquinata;)... A Nasty Bitch by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-11-15

"You confessed to seeing his large glistening hard cock fucking your mother's swollen red pussy..." Ben reminded the reluctant nun. s****r Aquinata, jaded past the capability for any normal sexual tryst, stared between her large stiff-nippled breasts at her blazing pubic mound feeling her siren's cunt stretching wide for the priest's sinfully delicious cock. With her crumpled sheath gathered around her lovely waist a disheveled Aquinata scrambled to the floor and onto her knees, white coif and black veil both off kilter, in an obscene pose of the religious penitent (also scripted in by the nun for her further twisted pleasure). "Ohhhh!....Damn!....You...Fucking...Nun....CUNT!...." her shrink growled out in a strangled voice and slapped the s****r hard on her right cheek leaving behind the brief red imprint of his fingers.

I Wet The Bed

fetish just_a_toy 2017-11-15

"I want you to go and get your bigger rolled up scouring pad and shove it into your naughty girl hole." I whimpered at the thought, as I knew it would hurt, but I went and got the requested item. "You need to, of course, post this and all the pictures to the usual site so that others can see how naughty you are." I nearly cried again at the thought of anyone who wanted to seeing how I had wet the bed, but I did as I was told. I want you to film yourself fucking that naughty pussy of yours with that scouring pad, hard and fast...punish your pussy for Daddy, ok little one?"

Wife Comes Home Full of Cum

fetish finepixessex 2017-11-15

Sitting at home for two hours, my cock hard, taking all my effort not to stroke my cock to orgasm, my phone bleeps, a text from my sexy Jen. The screen lights up with the words: "Dinner finished, heading to his place to open a bottle of wine, I'm so turned on, my knickers are wet" Thirty minutes later, the next text comes in, "OMG, his cock is huge... Then the bombshell, she says that Gavin said "I bet your husband will want to lick and suck my cum from your pussy when you get home" - "is that true?" Jen asks me, with a wicked grin.

Louise Sexploration Ch. 01

fetish doverKink37058 2017-11-15

After consuming over half of the bottles of beer we started making out on the couch and she had asked me if my fantasy was having two women like most guys, and I had answered (dishonestly I might add.) "I hadn't thought about it but I wouldn't turn it down I guess." Thinking that this Gina chick has got to go, I ask "Have you used it?" feeling sort of betrayed by this already, but for some damned reason kind of turned on. She started by rubbing its head up and down her crack in place of her fingers, then she eased it in her pussy slowly, moaning the whole time as it entered her.

It Won't Kill You to Try It! Creampie

fetish 425olds 2017-11-15

So when it comes to me and what I enjoy, I simply love the silky warmth of a man's sperm in and on my pussy or belly. For one, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what it was that my husband enjoyed by going down on me after ejaculation. Being too tired, having stuff on my mind, not feeling particularly beautiful or attractive, being too hot or too cold, all the things that can interrupt a sexual climax, but then I have a persistent and caring lover lovingly lapping at my creamy pussy until I blushingly burst forth in orgasmic bliss.

Roommate Shift

fetish SatinSlip 2017-11-15

A shiver runs through Estley's body as Cynthia kisses her neck from behind. Moving behind the younger woman, Estley runs her fingers slowly up the inside of Cynthia's thigh. She lets out a needy, frustrated moan when Estley lightly runs her fingers down the girl's sides. The girl hadn't been mean about it, but Cynthia was worried it would be a big set back for her roommate. It was nearly a week before Cynthia brought home a girl from the club. The redhead can feel another orgasm coming, but her body aches with a strange need. Friday evening Cynthia couldn't help but be proud when Rob had a girl over to watch a movie. Cynthia groans when she feels the tip pressing against her wet pussy.


Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 18

fetish hpm12 2017-11-15

My head was spinning a bit, but I politely looked towards the ground and told Madame Eve that I understood, then she wheeled around on her black heels and began walking towards a set of double doors, leaving me to catch up. Madame Eve pushed the door open and stepped inside as I followed her to see a lavish suite complete with a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and my own personal hot tub. Suddenly the door to the suite opened and I watched a man, presumably a client, carrying in a girl who was dressed in what looked like a wedding dress.

Not So Gentle Way Ni Dan

fetish grgy56 2017-11-15

I grabbed Mona's pants at the knees and suddenly pulled up and forced her to her back. "Now to bypass the legs..." I slide my left shin over her upper inner right thigh and placed my knee to the floor. I placed my left arm under her neck and grabbed the crotch of her pants and pushed it towards the mat. Mona's right arm was trapped under my body but between my legs. I pushed the front of my pants down, freeing my throbbing cock and thrusting it into Mona's hot box. I reach under her jacket and attacked one of her tits, pulling and pinching her nipple hard as I sucked and bit the other through her tee leaving a huge saliva spot.


Tables Turned Ch. 08

fetish mw0212 2017-11-15

'Oh Sir, thank you Sir, Yessss...' Was all Miss Sharp could reply as she gently worked her leather finger over her now soaking pussy. Reaching out, she rubbed her wet fingers along the shaft of her leather boot allowing the leather to touch leather, seeing her juices now trailing up the length of her now glistening leg. I need you Sir, I want to taste my cum covered leather glove Sir, upon your command Sir.' Was the only reply Miss Sharp could pant through her phone. 'Don't forget Miss that you asked me to drop your boots in to be re-heeled on my way home this evening' Jack said.

Two Girls Help Dave Lose It

fetish super_chicken 2017-11-15

They kissed each other softly and then harder as Steph moved a hand between Jess's legs and felt her wet pussy. After a few more pumps Steph took the strap-on out of Jess and stood in front of Dave. Steph moved around behind Jess and straddle Dave's legs. Steph spread Dave's legs as Jess moved moved up and down on his cock. As Jess fucked his cock and Steph fucked his ass as fast as they could he exploded into an orgasm so unbelievable he felt like his bones were going to shatter. Shuttering with pleasure, Jess slowly got up and got down on her knees in from of Steph, who had taken her dildo out of Dave's ass.

50 year old mature with warehouse lad

fetish davidkemp246 2017-11-15

I lifted my work sweat shirt above my head and put it in my bag to go home, Next I opened my locker to get the rest of my things out when I heard a noise behind me, I was just in my skirt and bra when I turned round to see one of the lads standing there staring at me. I covered myself quickly and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing in the female locker room.I am looking at your lovely body, he said , and with that walked over to me, although I knew that this was all wrong, I had a rather exciting feeling going right through me, I had not had a fumble or anyone grope me for ages.

My first BBW foursome (FFFM)

fetish ginge_123 2017-11-15

My heart was already racing with excitement and anxiety, especially because Alex had already moved right over to me and started stroking my cock while Sophia and Katie watched and started playing with their tits and rubbing their pussies through their clothes. Sophia didn't waste any time while Alex began to get undressed, she immediately started sucking my cock it felt amazing, Katie started playing with my balls and pressing and rubbing just underneath my balls. Sophia had moved to sitting on my face, it was an incredible feeling, having a new fat BBW pussy sit on my face so I could breathe and had to just eat her pussy until she would cum and feel her thick pussy juice roll down the back of my throat before I swallowed it.