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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Wife Loves My Panties

fetish DrLit 2017-11-15

Even though it's been over 30 years since that day I remember clearly her wearing very sexy silk burgundy bikini panties and a matching silk and lace bra. As the years passed I always wanted to wear sexy panties like a woman, but I never felt comfortable telling my wife for fear of rejection. One day I walked out into the kitchen wearing only a pair of my wife's leopard panties with aqua lace trim. As I buy a new pair of panties I immediately wear them to dinner and we fuck in them. A few months ago my wife announced that she had purchased me a special leopard box to store my "fuck me panties". This time the wife showed the husband a pair of sexy black panties and said,


fetish Merlinslair 2017-11-15

Choking back the tears she says, "You have a great cock and I want to lick it." That sounds so good, so I kneel on the bed and slide my cock across her lips, like she said, she licks it and in a surprise she tongues my balls. I want my cock in her pussy and ass now so I slip out of her mouth. I WANT TO FEEL YOU IN MY PUSSY HARD AND DEEP!!" I plunge in as far as I can go and start a slow rhythm, in and out. I slowly remove the mask and kiss her, she sucks very hungrily on my tongue as I start to rub her pussy and build the fire again.

Teacher Trained as Slave Ch. 02

fetish ArthurBoon 2017-11-15

"Let me show you my humble palace little one," Ramesh said, gently patting her on her naked buttocks. Neeta walked towards the TV room with Ramesh's hand on her buttocks. "Let's go upstairs, after you," Ramesh said, guiding Neeta out of the kitchen. "It's wonderful Sir," Neeta said. "Yes Sir," Neeta said, feeling apprehensive. Neeta cupped his balls in one hand and started licking his cock, holding it from its base. "Good girl," Ramesh said, crouching near her and patting her head. "Let me wash your cunt," he said after she had finished peeing, and started to urinate at her pussy. "You know why I have ordered you to live naked?" Ramesh asked. "They will want to fuck me right there Sir," she said.

Car pick up leads to sex

fetish DirkDastardly 2017-11-15

As I slipped into gear I saw her mini-skirt hidden under her coat had ridden up to expose about a foot of thigh in silky black tights. She knelt down unzipped my trousers got my cock out feeling it her hands and looking at it. Standing up I pushed my trousers and pants down my cock was gasping for a fuck. I pushed her skirt up, slipped my hands round her arse. I pulled them aside slipped my cock in and was soon bucking and fucking at the same time, in rhythm I slipped my tongue in and out of her mouth. My pyjamas were pulled down, my cock given a hard time sucking and wanking.

Perfect Roommate Pt. 03

fetish fbblvr37 2017-11-15

Rachel wanted to spend the evening with Luke before she started her first day and decided to hang around the apartment till he came home. They sat quietly for a time, then Luke could feel Rachel's hands moving around his arm as if exploring it. After only a couple minutes of thrusting Luke had gotten about 7 inches of his penis in when Rachel started convulsing with a massive orgasm. They remained still as long as they could take it and then Luke started to move his hips with his penis completely inside, which sent Rachel into screams of excitement. Rachel who had to be exhausted looked over at Luke's glistening muscular body and audibly gasped, reached over and hefted his hard penis with her hand.

The Arrangement Ch. 07

fetish Mr Robert 2017-11-15

Margaret was enjoying the moment and commented that Tina looked like an excited little girl with a new toy to play with. Margaret must have noticed my condition for she slid her hand up my legs and began to gently frig my tumescent little hard- on through the silky material of my knickers. I watched, helplessly as William came towards me with what looked like a black cloth in his hand. Margaret continued to torment me, describing how much Tina was obviously enjoying the fucking he was giving her. She kept rubbing herself up against me as she graphically described how Paul was fucking my slut of a wife and how much Tina was enjoying the thrill of riding his big cock.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 05

fetish Thorilla 2017-11-15

"We'd best get you changed and ready for the young ladies; they won't arrive until 2 o'clock so you've got half an hour," she said leading me up the back stairs to the housemaids' room in the attic. When Mrs. Morrison left the room Mildred pushed her hands inside my baggy trousers and fished out my erection then giggled. 'Madame Destiny' pulled up her skirt and parted her knees and my hand edged its way along the inside of her thigh until it found the flounced silk wide lace hem of her drawers. These two ladies, in their forties, were clearly happy to have me diddle them under their petticoats while they carried on with their conversation undeterred and, little by little, inch by inch, the middle fingers of both my hands entered their slippery portals.

this is true

fetish massoneup 2017-11-15

So we would buying toys for us to use & I got myself male strap-on so she could feel something inside her pussy, for me thinking there note wrong with our sex life. I send him what I like to do to my wife but have type2 diabetes, next morning a list come saying. After good fucking her ass I shot my load in her did I feel it draining from me but I still had it hard so I decided use her mouth, I picked her up & up her on the floor & put some pillows under her ass to make her pussy off the floor.

Cleave gag

fetish suzyisgagged2 2017-11-15

I open wide and a soft, silk scarf is put in, gently pulled to the corners of my mouth. I bite down, the scarf over my tongue,press up against it,my small and pink tonguecan't move over it. My eyes roll back and my eyelids come down, eyebrows arching, chin lefting slightly and a moan comes out of me as the scarf pushes against the corners of my lips. The knot is suddenly and brutally cinched, my head jerks a little and a small, gagged, "Oh!" escapes me. The scarf presses on my cheeks. Tongue trying to move, so good...hurts a little and I like it.... Slowly open my eyes. The blue scarf past my teeth. Lips closing and opening.

Lost bet to girlfriend

fetish 13anonymous13 2017-11-14

I thought she knew that she was going to lose and was looking to push her boundaries so I threw out one more suggestion – at the top of every hour whoever was around would come up with a new challenge for the loser, and they had to do whatever the group came up with. I instinctively whipped my hands right in front, and they let me stand there that way for a while, while I thought about the add-ons to the bet and how long this could go on. My wife finally got up, took my hands, and said “c’mon sweetie, let’s get this over with” and pulled my hands apart.

Daddy Catches His Little Slut

fetish 2017-11-14

She let her tongue trail along his skin and moved a bit lower, rubbing her hips against his every so softly, “and maybe I can show you how sorry a little slut like me can be.” She let the words hang in the air as her lips traveled farther down his neck. “And your little tramp wants your thick, long cock,” she said as she slid her hand along his length and was rewarded with his deep guttural moan. The sensation was overwhelming and she realized she was writhing in front of him, her hips pushing up to his fingers, wanting more, needing to feel him inside her.

Too much wine= Playtime 1

fetish 2017-11-14

One of the guys grabbed his huge black cock cock and said to the others "Spread her fucking tight pussy guys, im going all the way up in one slam" And with that they f***ed her legs wide apart and roughly fingered her pussy lips wide apart. He began to pull out and I was amazed as her pussy lips re-appeared and began to grip that black shaft as it withdrew, now they were the total opposite and being stretched right outwards as his un-lubed cock turned her inside out. When he was all the way out I moved round to look at her pussy and I have never seen a gape so big in my life, I could see right the way inside her and look at the huge load of cum swilling around in her womb!

Rubber Sex

fetish mandyb 2017-11-14

She closed her eyes and moaned a little she could feel how wet she was and how slippery his tongue felt against the latex as he licked and kissed. He whimpered a little the sensation was incredible she looked at her hand gripping his engorged penis the shiny black gloves contrasted against the pinkness of his penis. She sighed deeply and told him that she was being fucked by a huge rubber cock and loving it, she humiliated him further by telling him how big it was and what it was doing to her pussy. Straightaway hands on her hips she asked him if he had enjoyed watching his wife being fucked, he looked at the floor and nodded.

Dinner, and Dessert

fetish KrisLace 2017-11-14

"I'm already hard," I said, grabbing my cock while holding it out of sight as I moved so that as soon as I took my hand off she would totally see it straining against my shorts. "Your pussy looks good, I'll be cumming in no time," I said with a smile, again feeling like I had the upper hand. A couple of times in and out and I moved faster, thrusting my cock forward, taking a good look at her round ass as I felt her pussy surrounding my cock with warmth. I grabbed her tit, one hand still on her waist, and I leaned on her as I pulled and pushed her on and off my cock.

Silk Stockings, Satin Shoes

fetish mypinkpearl 2017-11-14

He reached his right hand round the black of her right calf, finger tips leading palm down her leg to rest under the arch of her small foot and raised it closer. And with both hands holding her hips firm, he pounds her malleable shimmering flesh, fucking hard her silk encased thighs, she squeezing them together to heighten his arousal, her moaning, audible encouragement to continue, he can feel her wet, pulsating cunt, salivating for him...... This beautiful woman, her hand gently stroking her own angora -clad nipples so visible, so hard, meets his gaze with a smile that hints of intrigue and promise and as his eyes traverse the whole of her he sees them, black fishnets!

Female Tease - Stay on the edge (very sexy instruc

fetish MKDeba4 2017-11-14

Slide your fingers down the crease of your panties now, keeping in mind just how close you are to your entrance, just a thin layer of fabric between your fingertips stroking down that crease of your pussy lips. Let your body writhe at the feeling of your sex convulsing with need, then circle your clitoris again 10 times. 16 - Trickle oil over your pussy if you are using it – Now is the time for your dildo (or fingers again if you aren’t using one)… Spend a minute sliding the tip up and down your awaiting sex, then slowly slide it inside inch by inch so that it takes 10 seconds before it is fully inside.

Erica's Downfall Ch. 04

fetish Lion24655 2017-11-14

She remembered once being on holiday with him and noticing him staring at another male swimmer who had very tight trunks, dismissing it as day-dreaming...All these memories came flooding back to her as she thought about Steve, the husband she adored. "I ask the questions, you answer." Erica was surprised - she felt Steve twitch inside her as she snapped at him - he liked it... Erica asked two or three more simple questions: "Do you like your cock in my pussy?" "Do you like to taste my pussy?" Again, the answers were obvious. Both Steve and Erica heard the words and their minds were shamed, but their bodies were responding, his cock sliding faster and faster in and out uncontrollably fucking his wife on top of him.

Special Gynecology Visit

fetish DABEAR_OK 2017-11-14

I had an idea and confided in Tom, and told him my fantasy about seeing my wife having sex with another man. About 5 minutes later the receptionist called my wife's name and brought her to examination room 2 and told her to undress, put on a gown and that the doctor would see her shortly. He told my wife that he would explain each procedure and if she was uncomfortable at any time to please let him know. At this point she was breathing louder and louder, finally she let out a load moan and came again, this time squirting so hard she hit the front of Tom's pants. Tom told her all the sensory tests were normal and that it looked like she had a yeast infection.

Medical Play Ch. 02

fetish AnyaWVossand 2017-11-14

With a little smile I can hear the work table creek and jostle as she climbs onto it, the slight squeak of her skin sticking to the brushed steel surface seducing my smile to grow and curl. With dreamy eyes she watches as tie off a latex strap about her bicep to encourage her veins to rise, and her fingers gently curl and flex as I rub the area around the inner crux of her left elbow with an iodine swab. Some people like to admire it, as she does, to the point that she lifts her right hand to caress her fingers down the dry plastic, heated by her own urine to near body-temperature. My beautiful Pet is flushed hotly red, her lips full, back slowly easing down from an arch as her breathing relaxes from a hot, quick pant.

Dominique, Outside And In

fetish darhove 2017-11-14

I rolled over, opened my mouth wide, she gushed all her piss directly down my throat, sighed, sat on my face, her cunt locking with my passionate tongue, took my cock into her warm, inviting mouth, and sucked me off; judging the moment perfectly, she orgasmed like a demon as I erupted and gushed spunk into her beautiful mouth. She rolled over so that she was back on top, took my cock in her mouth again, drew it all the way in to her throat, and with a gentle but insistent sucking motion gradually drained me of spunk, gulping and swallowing as she climaxed herself, ecstatically, for the seventh time that day.

Out for a run Part 5

fetish 2017-11-14

Last week was vary busy for me and I wanted to let you know how it went, Last Tuesday when I went for my jog in the park and stopped at my secret place to sun – nude and relax I was found out buy 5 guys who had a wild gang bang with me (read Out for a run part 4), Now, let me tell you a little about me, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side.

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 02

fetish eliasrotica3 2017-11-14

It was good for a few weeks until Jillian decided that after sleeping with me a couple dozen times, she wasn't 'into' girls. "I met Chris on the job and we got along great. Kyle moved over to the couch and took her into a hug. They grabbed their glasses and settled back on the couch, Kate nestled inside Kyle's arm, warm and comfortable. His left hand held his wine glass and his right was around her. He lost track of the number of times her ass seemed to get right in the way of him, embarrassing him when his cock got between them. Lights out and Kyle went to work. Walking into the guest bedroom he realized that it wasn't going to be that hard.

Mouthful for Mommy pt.2 of Over Mom's lips

fetish dongerdoug 2017-11-14

While Mommy had been giving me a mind numbing blowjob,my little s*s ter Megan was laid out on the floor,naked,with her face between Mommy's knees and her fist stuffed into our Mother's cunt,giving her one hell of a fist fucking session! I had just taken Megan's head in my hands,and was licking off the milk that was around her lips,when I heard Mommy say "Oh Fuck!" I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. "I'm making room for this,Sweetie!" Mommy laughed,then worked two of her fingers deep into her slippery pussy,pulled them out,and shoved them straight up into Megan's ass! Mommy didn't miss a beat,she pulled her head back till my throbbing cock plopped into her waiting hand,and then she pressed down even farther onto Megan's arm.

The Office Sex part 2

fetish 2017-11-14

He did this many times loving her licking the milk from his cock. He shoved his big cock in her warm hole and started to fuck her hard. as he fucked and sucked, his mouth filled with the warm milk. He loved fucking some one full of milk and it made his cock so hard. "If you keep nursing me, my milk will stay in even after I no longer nurse the baby as he is ready to quit nursing." "OH sweetie, I love that tittie milk on my cock and you licking it off. I will do whatever you need to keep your huge tits full of milk." "Now let me nurse those big globes one more time."