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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish rogue01 2018-09-28

Then she leaned down close and whispered hotly in his ear, 'And now I want you to cum in my panties,' She instructed, again adopting the deeply patronising tone women use on pre-linguistic babies, 'I want you to fill those nice frilly knickers with your hot spunk, or I'm gonna have Miriam here tell everyone at your work how you like to suck on my cock like a little bitch-slut.' Bradley could feel his cock straining involuntarily against the tight material of the panties, and pressing against the soft skin of his bulging ballbag -- he hadn't cum in weeks and his testicles were full to bursting.

Aishas Exercise pt2

fetish 2018-09-28

She too smiled although she was feeling uneasy because she knew that opening out her thighs will give her father a good view of her crotch where the skin-like fabric will show the outline of her cunt lips and slit. Aisha also placed her soft hands on the sides of her father's bare body below his armpits and used her tongue to explore her father's mouth.By now his erection was pushing and poking her cunt opening all that was stopping the penetration was the thin material of they shorts hmm..." moaned Aisha, very aroused, as father and daughter sucked each other's tongues and fondled each other, his cock still rubbing and parting her pussy lips, the moistness of her shorts caused by her own juices.

Caught Again by s*s: Part 4

fetish 2018-09-28

Steph said we'd have to be kind of quiet, so we could hear mom and dad come home, but we had time to have a little bit of fun. I didn't answer, I just stood there and started stroking my cock, she laid on her bed facing me, legs spread, and started rubbing her pussy, I could see how wet she was when she slid two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out, there was a little stringer of pussy juice attached. She started to stroke my cock while talking to me, she was telling me how much she has come to really appreciate me being so open with her, in fact she loves me, she doesn't want me to ever put her out of my life, especially my sex life.

Close My Corset, Now

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-28

Barbara's corset at these times has a waist of 18 inches and they will spend hours gradually lacing her into it. Even as she starts to breathe out, Victor crosses over the laces and hauls on them at her waist, exerting as much leverage as he dares without straining the fabric or risk pulling out one of the metal eyelets. Although the laces are at the back, his years of practice allow him to tighten the corset to within two inches of closing his waist and fitting on his physique perfectly at chest and hips. Quickly he develops a rhythm to get his erection as deeply into her as possible whilst holding the tiny waist and pressing his own corseted body down onto hers.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 02

fetish ScottWood 2018-09-28

Lionel and his girls sat on a lounge opposite Harvitz, one on either side of him, whilst Charlene went to the sink to make a cup of tea. "Yeah, two girls, wow," Harvitz said, fingering Skye a bit harder. Skye stood between his legs, turned around to face Lionel, her latex boots squeaking, then bent at the knees to bring her pussy down to Harvitz's cock. "Hey, Eug," Lionel called out over the slapping of Skye's ass and the slurping of his girls. Harvitz watched as Lionel pushed up her pink skirt over her olive ass and lurched forward, obviously shoving his little cock into her pussy. Harvitz looked down at his beautiful girl, her soft lips around the base of his cock, and smiled.

My Neighbor Molly

fetish SupremeDuplicitee 2018-09-28

"I find that hard to believe -- you are stunning!" Seeing the expression or her face change I tried to stop talking, knowing it was getting a bit real with Molly. I watched Molly slip into the pool and start playing with her kids as I walked out the gate. There was a huge dollop of pre cum on the head and I swiped it with a finger and licked it off, while watching Molly's panties dangle. "I saw you close my door and I asked Linda to watch my kids. After a few minutes to recover, Molly got up, pulled the panties out of my mouth and kissed me.


fetish Bill Stevenson 2018-09-28

"What the hell am I doing here at this hour," Carl said out loud to no one in particular, "man was not made to lift weights at midnight!" For over a year Carl Nevins had been working out three nights a week at the "Barbell Club", trying in vain to build up his underdeveloped body. Carl took his time under the needle like jets of hot water, letting the warmth relax his tired aching muscles, his thoughts, however, were still on Quin and her magnificent body! Finally Quin tuned around and gave Carl a full look at her hard round ass, covered only in the crack by the thin line of pink cloth, while she tightened and untightened her buttocks, the muscles in her butt flexing up and down.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 05

fetish smellathon 2018-09-28

With a knowing look she passed them to me, crammed her labia into Maria's face and grabbed my erection with both hands, pumping me slowly as that tongue got to work again. Our collective sexual dynamic began to change - Eva turned around, facing the carriage window, bent over as much as she could without relinquishing my penis and pushed back into Maria, anus impinging on her nose. Unfazed by this change of polarity, Maria began tonguing either side of the clitoral hood, circled the pee hole, continued to the vaginal opening, licking inside, and langorously slid up the perineum. As this sequence of long slow retreat followed by the massive jolting thrust continued, Maria adjusted her anal and vaginal penetration of Eva to coincide, tongue driving in deeper.

Stretching Pt. 01

fetish ggerard87 2018-09-28

I still remember the pop my cock felt as it entered her tight little pussy for the first time. I got very good at licking her clit with my tongue, and always did so while inserting a finger into her tight pussy, which would bring her to orgasm. Apparently she was drunker than I thought because the next day she complained that her pussy was sore and said, "We must have had some rough sex last night because I'm sore and I don't really remember what happened." "What did you do to me?" It was part the fact that her pussy being stretched so wide was kind of porn star like and slutty, and part that she had such a huge orgasm while doing it.

Punishment Room

fetish forestlover123 2018-09-28

I approach you kneeling on the box and kiss you, allowing my hands to run down your body caressing your breast and hard nipples. Running my hands down your body, my fingers caress your belly before coming to rest on your thong again, where they trace the outline of your sex. "During the punishment you must kneel with your hands on your head, breast pushed out and keep your legs a minimum shoulder width apart" I say. I administer another fifteen strokes which brings some more colour into your cheeks, and note that your legs are now very close to crossing the chalk line I have drawn on the box.

Night Nurse

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2018-09-28

"Well now some one is a horny young fella." Helen said when she saw the bulge. As I said that Helen let my wrist go and walked to the bottom of the bed and made a few notes on my chart. All I could think about for the next two hours was Helen and her sexy body in that tight uniform, this was not helped by the fact she kept coming in and out to see how I was. Later that night around midnight Helen came in and sat in the chair next to my bed. As she walk out the door Helen said, "Maybe tomorrow night I will bring you a treat or two.

Sarah Awakens in Paris Ch. 3

fetish Edwina 2018-09-28

The English wife needed no bidding, opening her mouth wide to accommodate the enormous bulblike helmet of the cock she quickly sucked it into her mouth running her tongue around the head and probing the sensitive pee slit. As the dildo slid home Eloise sighed and hollowing her back and spreading her legs she opened up still more to allow Madelaine the freedom to fuck her deeply. Sarah released the magnificent tool in her mouth and gathering cushions she placed them on the floor to offering her quim to the black woman's Madelaine groaned with delight and quickly covered Sarah's quim with her mouth as the younger woman started to pee.

Annette's Barter

fetish rwsteward 2018-09-28

Annette pushed for more information as the subject matter became more intimate and asked, "Well what do you do then if your girlfriend won't wear pantyhose for you? I paid those girls to strip naked, put on pantyhose and high heels, and let me feel them up between their legs. As I had instructed earlier in the day, Annette was wearing a short floral dress having a hemline that reached an inch or so above her knees. With that Annette placed one of her heels onto the top of the coffee table and pulled the hemline of her dress up past her thigh. She ran her hands up and down her hosed legs several times, then looked up to me and said, "You like this Frank?

Her Mouth Is Made For It

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-09-28

Tammy looks up at Tim with her big, brown eyes before lowering her head over his cock. Tammy pulls her mouth from his cock and looks up at Tim with her brown eyes. He pulls out his cock and begins to lightly stroke it as Tammy tells him some inane story about shopping for handbags at the mall on Tuesday. Tammy opens her mouth and slides over Jacob's cock. So please remove your lovely blouse and let me remove your bra." As Tammy stood up, Brian handed her a hangar. He pulled out of her mouth and said, "Squeeze those sexy titties for me, Tammy." She quickly pressed them together and he shot his load of cum onto her tits.

Caught crossdressing

fetish monkeynuts0 2018-09-28

As I took my hands away my friend stood close with his pants down and his cock in front of my face. I wildly took his cock in my mouth, drinking as much precum I could get. This was the first time id touched a cock and couldnt get enough. Feeling more confident I began to smile up a John. “Call me Rebecca” He pulled close, gave me a passionate French kiss and said “ok Rebecca I’m going to fuck your brains out”. “oh yea” John said I tried to take my chemise off but John said to leave it on. His cum slowly dripped from my ass on to his limp dick. I felt like such a dirty bitch.

A Mom's sexuality Is Awaken Chapter 5

fetish rollhigh 2018-09-28

Well, she said, When you whored me out I got a reward from you by being able to suck an extra load of cum from your cock. When Josh finished, she had not missed a single drop of his cum and she waited for him to pull his cock out of her mouth hoping in the back of her mind he‘d ask her to suck him off again. Before Josh pulled his cock out of his whore mother’s mouth he knew all the cum would be sucked clean from his cock. Turning to the crowd Josh said that whoever bought his drinks tonight could remove her T-shirt and be the first to use her whore mouth once he handcuffed her to the urinals in the men’s restroom.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 02

fetish Heather26 2018-09-28

'Well, I'd love to stay longer, but I think I'll be needed back at work soon,' Ethan said, pushing his chair back to stand. It took until I lay down in bed that night for my thoughts to return to Ethan's proposal of the dairy farm. The thought of changing myself to become a hucow still didn't sit right with me, but Ethan was right, it did sound like stress free work. 'Yeah, sure, anything,' Mark said enthusiastically as he gave me one last wave and followed her out of the room. I felt like my breasts led the way wherever I walked, yet they still seemed so small compared to the other hucows.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 06

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-28

I grabbed his cock but it wasn't hard enough to stick it in her ass so Donna told me to suck on it I started sucking on his prick and I let a finger probe his asshole and his cock stood straight up. It felt nasty my wife sucking both of us at the same time are cock heads were rubbing together and I couldn't hold it any more and I started cumming, but just a little bit of thin clear semen leaked out of my cock. Donna walked over to my wife and told her it was time to start receiving some cum she stuck a finger up the guys ass that was ass fucking my wife and he blew his cum deep inside her Donna pulled his prick out and inserted a butt-plug.

Shrunken Situation Pt. 01

fetish 003_hunter 2018-09-28

To Mike's utter horror, she walked up to the chair, turning her back to him, and he found himself face to face with his mum's gigantic, legging-clad butt as she prepared to sit down. He could smell her strong womanly scent through her leggings and panties, and realised with disgust that most of his body was squashed underneath her feminine area, while his head happened to be positioned right beneath his mother's arsehole. "Right lets sort this laundry out then." Carol had been sat on her son for over fifteen minutes by the time she'd finished her tea, and Mike was barely holding on to consciousness.

The Court: Last Resort Ch. 03

fetish Lottiessub 2018-09-28

She looked at me and continued "counsel, you fucking little slave, the rule of law is what we say it is, and that paper represents my feelings toward your inconsiderate and ill-timed words. "counsel, i know you've walked out of many courtrooms and conference rooms thinking 'kiss my ass', but this time you will get to do the kissing, and the licking." She turned, and slave bill held his arms out for Her to balance on him as She bent over then backed Her magnificent ass to my face. i was locked tightly into the device, and i was a toy for the pleasure of Lottie's strapon and Lady Caroline fucking my mouth by proxy, the proxy being slave bill's hard cock.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

fetish fursmoke11 2018-09-28

Why didn't you tell me you liked me smoking?" Jennifer said , pounding her clenched fist softly on his chest and a tear in her eye "I mean I know you did like it and I thought you had gone off it; gone off me.I felt my whole sex appeal repertoire was wrong somehow." She did not pull away as the Italian looking lad just lingered a little too long with hand on glove and as she rose from the light, kept the cigarette dangling in his firm lips and exhaled a shot of smoke over her shoulder as he thanked her. After they had walked to the opposite side of the terrace, and Jennifer had watched them walk with a smile of seductive desire on her lips, John looked at her and again put his arm wound her and into the soft fur.

Kate and Her Four Male Slaves Ch. 01

fetish Pornolicious 2018-09-28

Still cupping her large breasts with the semen coated nipples, she went over and started to kiss him, sliding her long tongue in between his lips. She liked the way he answered and said " Because of your obedience, after you lick them clean and suckle on the flesh, I want to give you a special gift once you have swallowed the cum". Keep the semen in your mouth and lick my other nipple clean, suck it hard and long, but don't swallow any of the semen". Kate's moaning subsided as she removed her cleaned breast from Randy's mouth. Kate then said to Randy "Babe do not let go of the cum and juices in your mouth.

They Watched As I Ate Her Stinky Creampie

fetish Billyglide 2018-09-28

I have ridden Harleys since I was a teen. Harleys are often the targets of thieves. She was soaked! I had butterflies in my stomach as I kissed her breasts, then I went lower kissing her navel. Then I said, loudly enough for the neighbors to hear, "You bet Babe, I'm going to lick and suck your stinky, cum filled pussy, until you scream for me to stop!" My face was soaked. Nancy stayed on the bed and was asleep when I came out. "I loved that you went down on me after you had cum in me." She grinned and continued, "I knew I was stinky down there, but you still wanted eat me.

Wet Tuesday

fetish Wetcoaster 2018-09-28

Back at the house I got two cases of bottled water and placed them on small tables in the Master bathroom next to the shower. We each drank two bottles of water, and over the course of the morning we would continue to drink huge amounts until our piss streams were clear and odor-free. Zoey lowered herself to the floor on her back, splayed her legs, lifted her ass in the air, and let fly. She drank down half of it, then handed it to Zoey, who finished it off, then placed it between her legs and pissed it half full, then cut off her flow and handed it to Lois. Lois rubbed herself frantically and sprayed pussy juice and piss on both of us.