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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish dougjohn 2017-11-14

to take place was taken to the office and talked to buy 5 very nice looking older ladies the job was to keep all the ladies pregnant would I like it I did not tell them that I was a 20 year old virgin so I said yes off the powder it took about 30 seconds and my cock started to go hard well into the pussy I get the first hour I managed 3 fucks she said slow dowm a bit and pace your self I will be available when ever you want it we like someone that can fuck about 50 times a week that way we are sure the giels get every chance to get pregnant

Violating mummy

fetish shemmy 2017-11-14

"I'll...I'll let you move in," Jenny said, breathing as Dillon's cock inched its way into her pussy. "Fuck, you have a big cock," Jenny said, groaning as Dillon started pumping in and out of her pussy. "That's enough," Dillon said, slowly pulling his long cock out of Jenny's pussy. "No more!" Jenny cried, trying to squirm and crawl away, but Dillon held onto her hips and yanked her back, impaling his cock deeper into her ass. She fell on her side, rolling over on her back in exhaustion, her legs falling open, her ass and thighs covered in white lotion, while her pussy looked red from its brief meeting with Dillon's fat cock. "Sorry I fucked your ass so hard, Aunt Jenny," Dillon said.

Fiances Father 1

fetish 2017-11-14

Wanted to tear off her clothing and fuck the hell out of her, right on this very lounge chair but he gripped the chair’s padding tightly in his attempt to stem his lusting urge while thinking ‘Maybe it’s all in my mind that she deliberately teased me during the dinners?’ But then all of Pop’s will power vanished as Lynne’s right leg raised up further and she ran her foot up to caress the back of Pop’s pudgy body. Ohhhh, yessss …………..deeper ……………...deeper ……………….oohhhh, yesss, Pop ……………cum ……….cum in me!” Pop Belton groaned as his well embedded cock exploded deep in Lynne’s clenching cuntlips, excited as the trim legs wrapped themselves tightly around his quivering ass.

My Fetish For Panties Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2017-11-14

I would like to say though that I never once took my mothers underwear, as I never had the urge to, I know from talking to other panty guys that a lot did but it wasn't my cup of tea so I stuck to cousin's panties as far as f****y members went! Then waking up in the morning and faking a tummy ache to miss school, spent the whole day wearing my cum stained panties and smelling my cousin's pissy panties! She of course knew that I had them, and was more then cool with it as she told me she would lay in bed masterbating thinking of me smelling her dirty bum sweat!

I love pink underwear (part 2)

fetish NoNonsense 2017-11-14

I lifted her leg and pressed my throbbing dick against her thigh and started licking her toes. I kissed down her calfs and licked the back of her knees and started to nibble her inner thighs till my lips met her gleaming pussy. Then I lifted her knees and used my fingers to spread her lips wide so I could lick her hard and deep. I returned my attention to her clit, licking it, nibbling, sucking, kissing and pinching it between my lips and whilst doing that I immediately inserted my two forefingers deep in her shimmering sheath. I lifted her knees and pressed my shaft even deeper and whilst my hands scaled her mesmerizing curves I contracted my abs, pressing my bl**d down, consciously throbbing my glans.


fetish Debutante 2017-11-14

'I really like this moon.' Katrina started to run her hands through his hair, and Robert suddenly felt a wash of warmth spread across his inner thighs. Katrina and Robert waited in line, and slowly worked their way to the table where two young women, dressed as nymphs out of A Midsummer Night's Dream, took their $10 and stamped their hands. They began to kiss and Robert felt like a 14 year old in the middle of his first time. 'Here' she said, 'help me take this thing off.' Robert helped her lift the skirt off her trim body revealing nothing underneath but her angelic form – her tiny, yet swollen breasts, like a 15 year-old's, so soft they would fit perfect in his hand.

WWE: Cena Meet Bayley

fetish Batman_112 2017-11-14

"Ohhhhhh..mmmmmmmm" Bayley moans out around his cock as she briskly bobs her head, removing her hand now from the base of his shaft, the usually awkward diva expertly handling him as she delivers deep, lustful sucks to his cock. "Ahhhhhh shit!" Cena moans, still plowing into her at a pace that would have caused an ordinary man to have blown his load by now, he however looks like he could continue this intense fucking for hours, a smiling across his face as he fills the young diva with his shaft. "Shit...awwww yeah" Cena groans as he intensely sends himself inside of the happy-go-lucky NXT diva, her now soaking wet and still tight cunt feeling fantastic around his cock.

the milking wheel

fetish pbibo 2017-11-14

The milking collar was a metal ring about five inches long. A few moments before nine, the milking collar began to move. minutes, the severe shocks stopped and the gentle stimulation began Then the milking collar began to pulse. I don't know how the Womyn who operate the milking wheel are able to the wheel with my body arched high in the air so that I was resting on The milking collar squeezed like a vice, just as it had done in One of the technicians came forward and removed the milking collar and Pain shot through my body from the electrodes as at the same time I knew that Womyn acquired male slaves all the time.

Cuckolded in Krakow

fetish leathercuckold 2017-11-14

He must have been pretty good because she started moving her ass around working with his fingers as she moaned with the head of his cock in her mouth. Her breathing and moaning started getting shorter and she started talking again in Polish, but managed to let out a "oh fuck, oh fuck" before she started convulsing and cumming all over his cock. The smell of sex was strong and as she rubbed her ass on my cock through my jeans I thought I would cum right then and there. I proceeded to begin licking her cum covered tits, taking time to suck her nipples like I know she likes. Then she ran her hand down to my cock and looked me in the eyes as she slowly began to stroke me.

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2017-11-14

She forgot to hold her legs grabbing her breasts as she came and the left leg just fell against the wall the table was next to and the right fell down against Rob. J's orgasm and her moving her upper body around just caused it to flop around and finally as Rob calmed down he was able to control it with his left stump. After Sara left, they decided a shower would be the easiest way to get the plaster off of Rob. J washed him good and she spent a lot of time washing his cock. Rob used his stump to wash her good and after a good rinse, sat down on the shower floor and stuck his head between J's legs pushing them out of the way.

Getting her mom into bbc

fetish cuckwanabe1983 2017-11-14

Beth said oh yes all the time but my mom would ground me forever if I did, I would just love to have Sam get me pregnant with his black baby, how about you Tina? Tina smiled and said please then I guided Dwayne’s black dick into Tina’s little white pussy, looking this close up it was exciting for me to watch knowing that she will become pregnant. The next round I fucked Dwayne then Tina fucked Sam and finally Beth with a little difficulty managed to get about ¾ of Jason’s big dick inside her all of us taking their second load of hot black baby cum inside of us.

Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude

fetish TLMorgan 2017-11-14

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," moaned an in shock Dexter, as he stopped his sucking for a moment to admire the dribbles of milk leaking from her nipples and down to the bottoms of her plump breasts. In what seemed like forever sucking Giselle's giant floppy teen milk bags and drinking her sweet milk, Dexter reluctantly pulled his face away from her big chest and her dangling milk-laden cantaloupes to finally let his hard raging cock out for some air. Before I fuck those fat mountains of yours and give your face a health dose of my protein juice, I think my cock needs a little bit of lubrication," Dexter said. Dexter moved in close to Giselle's pretty oval-shaped face and she didn't resist taking his big hard dick into her mouth.

The Garden of Abal

fetish Subtext 2017-11-14

Then Abal Aziz chimed in, a woman Ron had always found enthrallingly attractive because of her strong, ethnic good looks. "No, it is covered for the most part, but Arab women just have more hair down there." Abal Aziz replied in a matter of fact way. Ron wanted to ask her if she liked having unruly groin hair and also how she managed it, but that would have been crossing the line. Ron's mind reeled as he realized she was now thanking him for making her feel good about her own hairy sex parts. "It's amazing." Ron replied laconically as he took in the fertile fumes rising up from Abal's hair encircled anus.

Mother-In-Law Bonding

fetish ssspspb 2017-11-14

minutes later, Paul returned got on his knees and told Do you accept your new role as my sex slave or do I have Paul kick your big ass out of here permanently?" I toyed with her. mother, started to try to crawl away but Paul still had "Yes mamma, baby’s ass is sore," said Grace head down. the yard as mother arrived and told Paul to lick her I got behind Grace and starting pushing it in her ass As I got up, mother told Grace to go dust off all the ass, I told her to lick my pussy till I came on

Hypothetical Story

fetish fruitloop27 2017-11-14

As far as I can see the jury is still out on this one, but even given that it is true, in times when contraception is safe, and sexual intercourse can be engaged in with little chance of a resulting pregnancy, why is a loving act between two people so heavily frowned upon? The situation however, becomes a little more complex when Alexis begins to respond to signs of her son's sexual attraction to her. Ian's use of the word "beautiful" to describe Alexis seems to point to two things: First, most sons seem to see their mother as beautiful; second, the object of our desire always seems beautiful in our eyes.

Getting My Pussy Eaten by a Man

fetish SoNaughty 2017-11-14

You teasingly slide them away and I know you are teasing me and then you draw them back, You finally give in and your fingers glide over the soft material covering my clit, a loud, sharp gasp escapes my lips as your fingers cause a lightning bolt of pleasure which races up through my body. My body shudders but this time no noise escapes my lips, your fingers now slide over my clit, the tingling throbbing growing to a new height. You, too, can now feel the throbbing in my clit, your tongue continues to snake its way in circles over my clit, your lips then leave to gently press themselves over that spot which I love, but nobody but me knows where.

The Cunt and John Mason

fetish rokkyvalentine 2017-11-14

No matter what the scenario, his boss, his bitch of a boss Monica Sanders was ALWAYS a fucking dry cunt. Monica was the latter and lesser partner in Sanders & Sanders legal firm llc., and tonight...John Mason was fed the fuck up with her shit. Monica Sanders stood a full six inches above John in her heels. Monica tenderly reached up and began to run her fingers through his hair, silently encouraging his inappropriate actions. "Fucking pathetic, you beg like a bitch." Rolling him over onto his back with her foot she looked down upon John's hairless, firm and chiseled body. Play with it!!!" As he again began to stroke his cock, Monica positioned herself over him.

Panty Fetish Exposed

fetish gothic_noir 2017-11-14

She stared at me for a few seconds and said, "It's very difficult to chose, all of them are uniquely pretty." Just as she was finishing up her sentence, the woman knocked on the dressing room door and cracked it open, peeking in, asking if we needed another size. She said, "would you like to come to my's not too far from here?" I said, "yes please but you really don't need to buy me a pair of panties, I can just wash mine." She said, "no I really want to and this was the most fun day I have ever had, I want to remember it by giving you a gift." She then told me to put the cream one on and wear it.

Sloppy Seconds Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2017-11-14

Tonight we had dinner with Red, my old super flame, the man I truly felt I could love, if he wasn't so elusive. She groaned a little and her mouth found the fingers of my hand as I let go of her tit and I started moving my kisses down her belly, circling her navel. I increased the pressure really hard and as she screamed, she spat my mouth off her pussy and ended up bucking her ass in my face. With a final exertion, she bucked her ass against my face, gluing my tongue inside her shithole and pulled back slowly, pulling her fingers and mine out of her drenched pussy.

Hose Craft

fetish jman_bigdaddy 2017-11-14

I did as I was told, I attacked Mike's rock hard cock like a ravenous animal, his moans of pleasure only intensified my actions and at the same time I could see Kim rubbing her own nylon pussy. His rock hard manhood was also surrounded by the sheer hose, Just like with our pussies Mike's cock would remain in it's aroused state encased in nylon for all time. "Yes mistress," he replied, "I live to obey the pantyhose." Mike dove right into his task, his tongue twisted and twirled inside my hose encased sex, my juices ran like a river into his mouth and with every orgasm I had I could also feel his pantyhose encased manhood grow larger and larger as I taunted it with my feet.

Hardware Store Milf

fetish mikeinsd 2017-11-14

As I get to one of the aisles in the front of the store I'm thinking to myself "man I hope she doesn't notice or mind me following her around, I know she likes showing off those tits and ass of hers but she hasn't been paying me any attention or even looking at me. She says thank you and over the next few minutes we make small talk about the items in the area, she has me smell candles, asks me about some of the tank tops in the store, all the while I’m staring at her big fake tits and I’m thinking ‘holy shit I can’t believe I’m talking to this gorgeous woman’.

After show

fetish here2meet 2017-11-14

She asked me if we could go to my hotel as she didn't want people to start gossiping about her life if we went to her house, I told her that was fine, so we got up to leave and walked out the back door of the club at the end of the hall and into the rear parking lot of the club. before I could respond the bell rung indicating we reached my floor, we got off the elevator, thankfully my room was straight across from the elevator, I opened the door guided her into the room asking her if she would like a drink motioning her to sit on the huge couch , I made us both a vodka with a lime twist and hand one to her.

Jackie Loses Control

fetish kevorter1 2017-11-14

Joanna cumming before her eyes, at the behest of the two men was making holding things together interesting, she was becoming desperate to pee but she knew her anus wasn't quite under enough pressure to start the main event yet. Dave entered orgasm, his cock pulsed, then Joanna felt his balls begin the ejaculation and a shot of spunk hit the back of her throat. Not a dribble, or even a normal flow, the pee gushed out in a steamy jet, and Joanna directed it onto herself, her breasts initially, then her face, then placing her mouth hard against Jackie's pussy to take the full flow, drinking and swallowing but losing much of the liquid as it flooded her mouth faster than she could deal with.

Punky's Diary, 4/20/07

fetish Selbryth 2017-11-14

Seeing Claire in side view like that, I realize that there's no way I would ever be able to tell them apart, except for that one thing, which at that point I was wishing I had between my lips. "And..." a voice comes from behind me, and as I turn to see Charlie standing there in the doorway, wearing just her robe, "When Claire and I find out we're the exact, precise same age, both come from stupidly wealthy families and look like identical twins, we—" Afterwards we're lounging around while Charlie brings Claire up to date on what's been going on—in the press, thank god; I wouldn't have been able to stand it if she'd started talking personal, private shit, ya know?