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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

An Appropriate Punishment

fetish Frixmaster 2017-11-14

Some of the girls sat back and looked expectant, like justice was about to be served, though none of them seemed keen to speak up when Ms. Berkowitz was worked up to an anger. Feel free to tell those who left earlier, but if I find out that anyone outside of this group knows the colour of Michael's panties" (the girls laughed quite loudly here) "I will have to share a few stories about people myself". Ms. Berkowitz had eyes and ears everywhere, and had strong sway over the other teachers - not really worth the risk for any of the girls this close to the end of their school years.

Mrs. Walsh

fetish fantaseeboy 2017-11-14

Her hand disappeared for a moment inside the bag and when it came out it was holding a black strap-on that was a little thicker and much longer than the one her niece had fucked me with on numerous occasions. Mrs. Walsh took the strap-on in her hand and aimed it at my little hole, her free hand grabbed my hip and held it firmly. Above me, Mrs. Walsh alternated between looking into my eyes and watching my wrinkled hole stretching tightly around her black 'cock'. I wasn't sure what to do or how to react, but I knew Mrs. Walsh would have me any way she wanted.

Plainly Powerful

fetish Chastebob 2017-11-14

The story of a remarkable woman who learned how to seduce men to submit to her sexually without being a beauty queen, and how she shared the secret with other ordinary women. Ellen needed to build up her husband's desire by arranging for him to see her looking ready for love, but also understanding that she would feel that way more often if she simply weren't so tired from all she had to do around the house. The other, initiating sex with him, required her to see her husband's choice of the other woman as more a response to the other's sexual confidence rather than an opinion about attractiveness.

Cat Scratch Fever Ch. 01

fetish bigdaddyfive 2017-11-14

Jennifer is a beautiful young lady, with long, straight red hair (just like mine), and a body that could get a girl into trouble if she wasn't as level-headed as my daughter. "You look like shit," Elloise said as I staggered into Dr. Freemont's office from the staff entrance. Elloise got me some water and crouched down to look at me and make sure I was all right. "Well after you drop Charles off at the airport," I said as seductively as I could manage, "why don't you come back here and see what daddy likes?" When Thomas Renoir left that hotel room that night, I was a quivering mass of cougar-flesh.

Sow Primer Ch. 09

fetish InYourDreams 2017-11-14

Kitty's life circled slowly round the endless cycle of her days, the highlight of which, when all the training and correction and the incessant pulling on her extended clit was done, centred upon the weight in her udders, the pressure of the milk and the tingling spilling orgasms as it gushed out of her out-stretched chest into the collecting jars. She felt the horses back stroking along her clit and Carl's hand on her back stroking her and encouraging her, Kitty's orgasm grew. "There now you are tethered like the other animals here." Carl's words cemented the image in Kitty's mind and she felt a gush of wetness between her legs.

This Year, It's Your Turn

fetish wifepleaser 2017-11-14

After helping me get dressed, my wife thanked the clerk as we left the store. She explained to me that she had told the clerk that I was wearing a pair of her panties, and had a butt plug in my ass. The clerk brought over a pair of long pink satin gloves, and my wife helped me slide them up my arms, then tied the lace apron around my cinched waist , almost completing the outfit. As we drove away, my wife looked over at me and began to admire her handi work.She told me that it was very nice for me to get her what she always wanted....her very own Valentine maid.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 05

fetish SylviaG 2017-11-14

So Barry got the job, and I managed to drag my keys down Jason's car a few weeks later! I wiped my fanny god knows where it was all coming from, then I looked in the mirror again as I brushed a hand through my hair, I could feel a sticky wet patch. "Yeah he showed me this pair of white knickers with little red hearts on, he said he got them off some scrubber, she couldn't get enough of him he reckons, and she begged him for more." I looked at Annie who had just let out this silly 'oh you are wonderful' giggle as she couldn't take her smiling eyes off him.

Hyper Jae: F*ck the Police

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-11-14

Jae lowered Risa back to the hood of her cruiser and began to pump his hips, grunting as he forced her to take his entire cock, her jiggling ass butting up against his neatly trimmed pubes. Pints of gooey whiteness gushed out around Jae's cock, and he felt it as an audience of probing mouths and tongues began to lap at his dripping seed. Finally, as her belly molded around the hood, dangling over either side of the car, Jae sighed in relief and began to pull his cock free of her. She was now upside-down and vertical, the top of her head against Jae's stomach, her abdomen stretched around his cock like a toy, taut abs outlined against the belly of his organ.

Passing Grade

fetish ViridianQS 2017-11-13

Ivy was beginning to wonder whether Sara had made it all the way down to the beach, which would have taken half an hour and involved following the dangerous trail until it reached the vehicle track, eventually joining with the road that led to the beach. Sara had fallen into what looked like a deep pit, formed by the dry sand collapsing, trapped Sara into a hole she couldn't climb out of. The username was unfamiliar, but she recognised the style of writing, and the story itself - something about going on a school camp, being trapped in quicksand with a hot science teacher, and fingering each other until the sun came up.

Lucinda Finally Gives It Up

fetish hisigorness 2017-11-13

I was a dishwasher and was often the last one there working to watch Lucinda hang out there with the cook, prep cook, exterminator guy,...etc,etc,etc at the counter drinking at times which seemed to me, a case of beer. Since it was a local café, and she was a cook working on a hot grill with minimal ventilation, she got to cutting her hair short and wearing next to nothing clothing which revealed her lush figure to the delight of male AND females employees and patrons alike. "I wanted to taste it but you came all over my face" and proceeded to lean over and continued sucking on my cock and groaning from the taste of more cum in her mouth.

Taking Stock Ch. 03

fetish prettypolly 2017-11-13

Chris, my night co-worker - supposedly off sick, was on his hands and stockinged knees dressed in a black silk basque, a long blond wig and high heel shoes giving me the best blow job I had ever known! You look so fucking horny in those suspender tights." Chris's eyes wandered up and down my legs. Saliva started to dribble out of my mouth, I had to swallow fast and as I looked up at the body of Chris dressed so convincingly as a woman I knew this was what I had wanted for so long. I saw myself in a far off mirror, the sight gave me such a thrill, me kneeling naked save for suspender tights and high heel shoes, my lips around an erect dick belonging to what looked like a beautiful trans-sexual.

Hey Santa Claus

fetish biguy52x 2017-11-13

Later I got a response from a guy who was having a Christmas party and wondered if I had the whole suit? A chubby red headed guy comes over and puts his cock in my face. Red starts telling me he used to jack off thinking about Santa sucking his cock. Red came around and started stroking my cock. Red had stopped jacking me was watching T's cock slide in and out of my asshole. He starts jacking it and then another one is and soon I have 4 guys standing around me watching me jacking off. Red had told them the Santa fetish so many times that when they saw my pic they wanted to make it happen.

The Fountain of Ecstasy

fetish AfroerotiK 2017-11-13

She was tight and hot and wet, but there was some sort of ridge in her pussy that was hitting the head of his dick and it was sending sensations through his body like he'd never felt before. With his dick buried deep inside her, and her muscles milking him, he felt her body tremble and her legs tense up and he felt wave after wave of cum shooting out of her pussy. "Oh shit, yeah, just like that," she said, and slid off the seat, pulled her skirt up to reveal her magnificent ass and looked back over her shoulder and said, "I can't take it, I need your to fuck me again." Peter John grabbed her hips, filling his hands with her and fucking her like a man possessed.

For Fallynryn

fetish FantastiKel 2017-11-13

I suck your cock up and down, alternating with licking your shaft and rolling my tongue around the tip over and over and over until I feel your whole body tense and a thick wad of cum shoots down my throat. That sharp pain is all I need to tip me over the edge and I cum hard and violently, back arching off the bed and my hands gripping the sheets. We both lie back on the bed and snooze, I usually would use this time to sneak out, leaving nothing but a lipstick kiss on the mirror but I settle myself in, knowing that round two is just a few hours away.

Eric's Screening Pt. 01

fetish Katalanta 2017-11-13

That's completely fine, I just want to make sure that you're comfortable with her sitting in on the day's procedures," she said to Eric. Eric obliged and said "Aaaaaah." Mallory always felt kind of awkward when asked to do this in her exams but now being the observer, she realized that it wasn't awkward at all. It'll just take a minute." She grabbed a small tube of lubricant from a drawer while Eric turned around and bent over the exam table. He barely bent over though, so Dr. Hayes gently placed her hand on his shoulder and said, "I need you to lean further onto the table and open your legs a bit.

A Little of What You Fancy

fetish EmeliaBell 2017-11-13

'Truth or Dare' turned into 'Spin the Bottle' and that turned into 'Seven Minutes in Heaven.' She and I played on after the others were asleep and Seven Minutes in Heaven became seventy sweet-tasting minutes of exploration with fingers fucking and tongues entwined. Reading late at night: one hand holds the book, the other buries itself in sweet, wet, flesh. As the words grow more intense her hand moves faster, fingers lost in motion. Big hands grab: push back into a wall, the cold stone chilling his back as a hard, hot, rod meets his hip. Tongues meet and mash, greedy hands pull away clothes, baring skin and in the darkness someone kneels.

Emmy's Games Ch. 02

fetish hummmph 2017-11-13

I had just pulled my trousers back on after being jerked off by Suzie into a condom, which I had filled for the second time today whilst wearing panties Emmy had instructed me to wear. I step on gingerly, being careful not to expose my stockings and suspender belt or let my cum filled condom slip off my cock, butt plug still vibrating away in my ass. I give my butt plug a little nudge to check it is in the centre of Emmy;s panties and give my bulbous cum filled condom a squeeze. As I see them part the light comes on in the house and I can see Emmy standing on the other side of the window, wearing very little, her legs spread apart slightly in a Wonder Woman-like pose, hands on her hips.

Rubbed the Right Way

fetish MagicaPractica 2017-11-13

The elevator came to a halt on the eleventh floor and when the doors opened, she simply stepped forward and walked out, without so much as a backward glance. On the third day, Neal stepped hopefully onto the elevator but found his ride unencumbered by the attentions of the beautiful brunette and her delightful derriere. "Come in, you must be Neal." She rose and stepped around the desk to hold out her hand. She pushed her slip down as he leaned over and when Neal picked up both, he found himself facing her smoothly shaven pussy, and rounded hips. "I want you to place your cock along the crack of my buttocks and rub yourself until you come on me." She leaned forward slightly and put her hands on the desk.

Hair Slave Training Ch. 02

fetish Raool 2017-11-13

He had divided her silky hair into six distinct ponytails, two in back, like pigtails, one on each side of her head and two in front, but he had placed the rubber bands at uneven lengths. On top he had taken all of the hair from the crown and brushed it forward, these two ponytails were set evenly, about three inches from the hairline at the forehead, they hung down on either side of her face giving her the look of a grasshopper with droopy antennae. She reached to the right side and slowly began to snip through the ponytail, as soon as it was off he snatched it out of her hand and twirled it over his head, laughing.


fetish shoeslayer 2017-11-13

"So Raymond, you really like the looks of me wearing my black half-square glasses and beaded neck chain?" I was surprised,I had my eyes on Lois as she got on the sofa, as she took off her blouse and bra, I didn't even notice her half-glasses and beaded chain on the coffee table. Between looking at her breasts and gold glasses and getting my balls rubbed with her halfs, I came and damn I came, rope after rope of man sauce and Lois took every bit not so much as losing a drop. I was on the sofa with my pants down and and Lois is sitting at the edge, looking at me through her black half-squares and touching me all over with her gold square glasses.

A Pie From The Mother

fetish DiggerDave 2017-11-13

I couldn't believe that I was sitting in my ex girlfriends mother's lounge, drinking tea and admitting to her that I had split up from her daughter because she wouldn't let me eat up my sperm from her sticky pussy after we had made love. As she undid her buttons she matter of factly said "Steve gave me a quickie not long ago before he left for work this morning, and my pussy seems to be dripping with his hot sperm." My mouth went dry as Anne told me this and I could feel my heart start to beat faster and pound in my chest.

Size Queen Gets Put In Her Place

fetish Canaguy 2017-11-13

Taking one look at her bright red hair, her wide doe green eyes with dark eye lashes reaching out for the sky, her massive soft tits that jiggled with the slightest of movement. The guys looking at each other confused and Vickki getting impatient "Chop chop boys let me see those cocks out," Vickki looks at the two beside her, her eyes get a bit wider "Mmmm not bad boys," grabbing them by their cocks. Vickki calls out "You in the red shirt, you are coming with us," as he gets a big smile on his face and starts to walk over starting to speak. Vickki gets a big smile on her face as she turns around to the mirror behind her, pushing her tits up and pulling her top a bit lower.

Creampie is an Acquired Taste

fetish cpluver 2017-11-13

"Down boy, you look like a dog that just found its bone," she said with a cute little smile when she saw my reaction to her attire. When Donna finally arrived, every guy immediately began checking her out to see who was going to be swallowing their cum later. As soon as Donna's lips touched her glass and started gulping big mouthful's of her drink, every man's eyes were on her and his cock was becoming as hard as glass. Maybe the second time will be the charm and you'll enjoy the taste just like you thought she would," she said. "Mmmm, cum tastes so good but you already know that," she said as she pulled me from her mouth.

The Gold Digger Ch. 07

fetish carvohi 2017-11-13

Bob responded like any man when a beautiful woman wanted him in bed with her. Maybe a little embarrassment, perhaps a spanking now and then, but hurt her, not Bob. They embraced and shared a long languid kiss. Bob had firm warm lips, like his strong hands and muscular arms they exuded a restrained power that was both comforting and intimidating. Like an artist, an explorer, a child on Christmas morning, he peeled away the blouse slowly, revealing gently sloping cleavage, rounded breast, darker aureole, and delicate nipple all a little at a time. They kissed, they embraced, their free hands wandered the well traveled terrain of their upper bodies, but Carol's attention kept drifting to that other region, that nether zone of still untouched purity, her one remaining virginal orifice.