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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hunny Eating Creampie

fetish deborahsue 2017-11-13

So when it comes to me and what I enjoy, I simply love the silky warmth of a man's sperm in and on my pussy or belly. For one, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what it was that my husband enjoyed by going down on me after ejaculation. Being too tired, having stuff on my mind, not feeling particularly beautiful or attractive, being too hot or too cold, all the things that can interrupt a sexual climax, but then I have a persistent and caring lover lovingly lapping at my creamy pussy until I blushingly burst forth in orgasmic bliss.

Her First Orgasm

fetish spice16 2017-11-13

After rubbing, I began to slowly moisten her left breast with my tongue running round and round her nipple in nice tight circles. At first a ran my finger up and down her slit, stopping occasionally to place my finger deep inside her, then I would take it out and rub her love button, only a little though, I didn't want to drive her insane right now, I had better things to come. After a minute of rubbing she finally reached down to my cock and began to place it inside her. She began to cum again, the squeezing of her pussy on my cock finally took its toll, I released a furry of semen deep into her, I moaned wildly, my breaths were short and loud.

Lily's Life as Livestock

fetish msound1 2017-11-13

"Of course love," Aaron replied with a nod, perplexed that Lily would refer to her breasts as udders. Eager at the prospect of relief, Lily got down the floor, allowing her distended udders to hang freely from her chest as she stood on her hands and knees. Lily mooed with relief, her breathing deep and even as Aaron diligently milked her. Lily's udders looked even larger than before, and he was certain she would need to be milked as soon as she woke up. Should help milk you more quickly and efficiently," Aaron explained as he kneaded Lily's udders. Lily mooed in sweet agony as she felt Aaron's thick cock penetrate her once again.

British Catfight: My Mum Loses

fetish BritishCatfights 2017-11-13

All I could hear was Louise's female friends cheering her on, the puffs, pants, groans and whimpers coming from my desperate mum, and the demoralising sound of Louise's tightly clenched right fist punching my stunned mum inhumanly HARD in her face... Or while Louise was on her knees with her gorgeous bum stuck right up in the air swinging to and fro while she is showing my mum most wonderfully who is boss, I creep up behind her and pull down her leggings and thong and start licking her arsehole.

Her Heels Are Her Weapon

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2017-11-13

I knocked on her office door and went in, she was sitting behind her desk looking stunning, glossy red lips and a tight satin blouse which struggled to contain her heavy breasts, excited by the prospect of getting my revenge on this bitch my cock started to harden at the sight of her. I groaned, overwhelmed with lust now "yes, take the tape, you can have it, I'm going to screw your tight arse Linda!" She slid the tape into the desk drawer then she turned back to me and started to rub my engorged penis through my trousers with her hand, a spasm leapt through me as she brought me almost to the point of orgasm, a cold expression replaced the lustful looks she had been giving me earlier.

Prisoner of Love

fetish freeforall 2017-11-13

Having no mercy, Cindy shoved its entire length into my ass with one sudden thrust and then began to savagely fuck me, not paying any attention to my cries of pain. Sue and Cindy 'timed' their orgasms to coincide with one another and after a final thrust from each of them, my mouth and ass were suddenly both empty. Sue and Cathy took turns thrusting into me, first one in my ass and then one into my mouth, the two of them taking great delight in driving me crazy with passion. Two of the 'gang' members began to caress my hard cock, while the other two poured lube all over Sam's massive cock, getting it ready for my slutty ass.

The 5 V's

fetish eightballbum 2017-11-13

I finished college a year before Kate, and while she and her friends took part time office work, I would answer the phone when they were out on an assignment. I continued to support Kate and her girl friends by answering the phone, and I even took part time job assignments when there was nobody else to go. For example: Our PS would ask "If a job comes up suddenly, which often happens, would you have difficulty in obtaining a baby sitter?" The answer might be something like this "Well my mother baby sits my two kids and since she doesn't work, I suppose she could help out, my ex-husband only wants the kids on weekends once a month" Box #15 would then code 2DEXHNC meaning "2 kids divorced, ex-husband not cooperative" Box #20 was my idea.

Jennifer Wets The Bed

fetish writedoctor 2017-11-13

Jenn considered cutting in line, her bladder screaming for relief. Mid-morning rays of sunlight crept past billowing curtains into Jennifer's quiet bedroom. This is Saturday and I'd love to just lay-in-bed-for-another-five-minutes, okay? The irritating sensation around Jennifer's urethra opening had that Spanish fly, aphrodisiac feel. The conflicting bathroom debate had already been settled, Jennifer was going to piss the bed. Urgently, the primal command was issued but the flow would not begin that easily Jennifer knew. Jennifer's fingers massaged the outer edges of cuntal folds. Jennifer humped her digits, grinding against the exciting pressure and masturbated furiously. The flat of her hand struck Jennifer's wet clothing, spanking her derriere. Lovely minutes passed and utterly satisfied, Jennifer rolled onto her side.

Romantic Interlude

fetish 2017-11-13

I didn't hesitate at his command, and simply slid the shoulder straps over and let it fall; leaving me standing in my bra, panties, stockings, garter belt, and heels. This time there was no waiting or teasing, instead he slid it right into my mouth; pushing it against the opening of my throat. He held his member a few seconds longer in my throat before pulling it all the way out, now coated with the sticky sheen of my saliva and a bit of mucus. The door was then slammed closed, and I was left standing outside of the cheap motel room naked in my stockings, garter, heels, and a face covered in his sticky cum.

Sissy Jessica Kinky Office Shagging

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-11-13

"Sorry to be so brutal, I will explain everything to you , but first I must think of a pretty name for my kinky sissy," said Adele in a teasing voice. "Hi Francesca, lovely to see you, this is Jessica your new adopted sister," said Adele. "Well hi there sissy Jessica, brought my old school uniform with me, for you to wear," said Francesca, picking her nose. "Share my hanky with me Jessica," said Joanna in a kinky voice. Christine was a sexy 59 year old women with lovely brown hair. Adele kissed me passionately on the lips, removing the remains of Joanna's snot. "I think it's time for your breast-feed sissy Jessica," said Sue.


Fiona's First Time Ch. 01

fetish HenryWilcox 2017-11-13

The anger she'd felt at being pied on the front door evaporated in a wave of arousal as she realised that all her fantasies were about to come true - no matter what happened, she was going to be absolutely covered in the contents of that kitchen, there was too much of it to be a limited mess... Before she could complain, though, he dropped the contents of the egg into the gap he'd opened up, gently released the bra-cup to squeeze her boob against the messy egg, and let her top flop back into place to cover the lot.

A Father's Desire

fetish mikeaday 2017-11-13

I could imagine the four of them in the room with Cheryl saying "you have to swing your hips like this to get daddy's attention." They would walk up and down the room swaying back and fourth first with their whole body then with just their hips when they got their rhythm. Donna and Kate shared a room and I wondered if one of them would sleep on the couch or one pretend to be asleep. I opened the sitting room door and saw that Kate had collapsed on the couch. That would look good in the morning, me lying on the ground with a concussion and Kate sitting on the toilet sleeping.


fetish Mortice 2017-11-13

I said, "You poor, horny thing!" as I put my hand on her locked pussy and pushed the vibrator further in. She stepped back, and I saw it was Kat. She was looking as sexy as ever, this time in a rubber catsuit, but the suit extended to gloves and high heeled rubber shoes too, so the only flesh visible was her head. I then left the room, went to the bathroom, hid the key in the cabinet, returned to the bedroom, and said, "I think you had better be a good girl for me, if you want freedom from your hood." It was hard to tell, but I think she was smiling.

My Little Fetish

fetish Paris Waterman 2017-11-13

Megan clearly understood it as such and ran her left hand over her pussy while licking the head of my dick. "Slow down, Megan!" Rachel said, not wanting me to cum too soon. "Your time to cum has come, Megan," Rachel said and had me kneel down in front of her, and, after re-covering her pussy with the panties, Told me to go to work. Without bothering to ask permission of Rachel, Megan pulled me up on the couch with her then rolled off onto the floor and took my semi into her mouth and started sucking me off. Both girls sampled my cum, using their fingers to feed one another, then Rachel licked Megan's face clean.


fetish Boxlicker101 2017-11-13

It was a black leather riding crop and, while holding the reins in her right hand, she swung it so it hit her steed's right haunch with a loud "smack" while ordering him to "giddy up." Completely obedient, as a good pony should be, Dobbin started moving forward, heading in the direction of the doorway to the hall. When he reached the end of her second inner lip, Peter raised his face and saw how Tanya's clit was so engorged with her lust it had crowded its way completely out from under its hood. With his lips forming a seal at the base, he started to suck, with his mouth working in the same tempo as Tanya's pussy fucking against his face, while his tongue stroked all over the sides and top of her adorable clit.

At The Gym

fetish john_mo 2017-11-13

This time I looked back and he was looking at me, I quickly looked away feeling very awkward and self aware. I spied from the corner of my eye the willy watcher was now having a good old look, he no longer had any pretence of getting changed. I reached back into the locker and removed my jeans and a clean t-shirt and socks, placing them on my lap temporarily hiding my nakedness. My willy watcher now had sat down on the bench across from my locker, trying very hard to look busy putting his socks and shoes on. I could see this really effected my willy watcher, he couldn't stop looking at my limp cock and legs.

The Mom and the Sons Friend Pt. 01

fetish Harry1988 2017-11-13

Matt had been to Sam's loads of times and spent hours staring and gawping at Karen's feet. Karen, barefoot and wearing jeans and top, welcomed Matt in and said Sam would be back in 30 mins and told him to go in the living room. Matt, taking little glimpses of Karens feet walked into the living room and sat in his usual position on the floor leaning up against at the sofa right at the bottom. Matt started to watch TV but secretly wanted Karen who was in the kitchen to come in and lie on the sofa with her feet pretty much in his face. Karen didn't sit on the sofa but sat in the chair to the left of Matt and curled her feet underneath her.

Using Her sub

fetish aSub2fems 2017-11-13

But when I opened it I found much more than just her panties; I found a red ball gag, hand cuffs, a black satin blindfold and two rolls of bondage tape. Stupid sissy!" She slaps my face with her right hand stinging the left side of my face through the leg opening of her moist panties. I'm wearing sheer black thigh high stockings, black satin cum stained panties, a blindfold, and a secure duct tape gag securing her dirty panties soaked with both of our secretions. Lastly, she removes the duct tape from my mouth and the panties now soaked with saliva, her, and my cum.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 04

fetish the giant peach 2017-11-13

" The ninja lord motioned and the six ninja pulled out their cocks and pissed rivers into Dahska's open mouth. " Dahska sat covered in piss with the taste of urine in her mouth feeling the welts growing on her body burning. " The little frame of the sprite lord writhed on the end of Ashley's finger " The ninja lord Sam asked slapping his big cock on her face. " The lord waved his hand and the six ninja tied her hands and legs bound her mouth and covered her eyes. The crowd of tribes men and women who had yet to fuck Dahska dwindled down as they used her sleeping body.

Ben's Submission Ch. 2

fetish Moonchino 2017-11-13

As Larry circled me with the camera, I could feel the cum drying on my face. He took his hand and brought it to my face, sticking his index and middle fingers into my mouth. Larry has placed his hands on my head, and slowly started to push me towards him. I feel his warm cock move over my lips, onto my tongue, down over my tongue, and slowly towards my throat. I am looking up at him as he pushes his cock into my mouth. My hands continue to caress his ass, as his cock fucks my mouth. I continue to lightly suck him, as I feel the cum swirling around his cock in my mouth.

Brazilian Sugaring

fetish rampe 2017-11-13

The chairs massaging lumps started to do a job under my ass. She then started to massage the cream into my perineum, balls, the crack of my ass; she even grabbed my penis few times. She started to massage it all over, but this time a little bit firmer, while grabbing my balls and penis tight. With a little bit of pushing, the finger sometimes felt like it would almost go in. The blunt head forced itself in and after that came the whole thing in my ass like a never ending pole. The only new thing I notice now, is it looks like she has a little lump in her leather pants where the pussy is supposed to be.

Enslaved Ch. 05: Final

fetish fetishstories07 2017-11-13

Mike felt and tasted her tangy pussy juices flow down his throat and settle in his mouth, it was gross but at the same time it had his dick screaming for release like never before as he ate the sodden piece of toast. As Heather watched, she rubbed and teased her pussy, getting off on the sight of him eating the toast that was saturated with her pussy juices. Her hot squirt added to the taste already there, making Mike's dick produce precum within its cage, when Heather saw it, she cruelly leant down and began to grind her sodden pussy all over his crotch. Mike moaned in pain as the taste of her saturated panties filled his mouth.

The Visit Ch. 07

fetish stateofdenial 2017-11-13

I'm home!" she waited "Honey!" She heard him in the bedroom. . .That's if you're still hard when I come back." she flashed him a devilish grin as she dimmed the lights and let her dress slip to the floor as she walked into the bathroom. Without a word she climbed onto the bed. Seeing a man so pent up with sexual energy, stored for my use whenever I seek it. course I. I enjoy seeing my cock leaking and dripping." She paused as she watched his cock spurt again. Pangs of guilt coursed though him. So safe, secure, so comfortable. Her confidence and demeanor were comforting.

Miss Congeniality

fetish gomez8 2017-11-13

It was from Sally, letting me know that she'd meet me in one of the padded rooms, but not to bother changing. Sally followed up with a series of swift kicks into my back, and then with a surfboard as she tried to wrench my arms out of their sockets. Sally next landed hard on my back with her black satin ass keeping her grip on my wrists, yanking my arms back. If pounding on and clawing at Sally's silken, steel thighs wouldn't work, maybe a shot to her satin-covered pussy might. Nonetheless, Sally's vise-like grip around my waist and my struggle had left me exhausted. "I won't hurt you...much." Sally removed the gag and stuck her tracing nail into my mouth, telling me to "Suck it, lick it." What choice did I have?