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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Proud Holders Ch. 06

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-13

Anne Glenson was most certainly not in the best of moods. Sarah Worthington had warned her that the latest crop of students on the Proud Holders Residential Course were a challenging lot and she intended to show them who was boss. Unable to hold a second longer, Linsey Dawn flooded her panties and jeans, soaking the mat into the process. "Linsey Dawn, Matron is coming for you and will sort you out. I don't know whether you did that deliberately or not but I'm very disappointed and, trust me, I will most certainly be having words with Miss Worthington about you. "Right now can we please get on with a few gentle exercises in the precious little time we've got left. Miss Worthington was right.

Helping The Intern

fetish Grey Beard 2017-11-13

I said " yes, I think it will, but I am not sure you are going to like the idea." I took out a bottle of wine, some KY Jelly, and an enema bag. The wine was starting to relax her and when my wrist brushed against her vaginal lips, she just purred, and then to my surprised, she clenched her thighs and ground her pelvis a couple times back and forth over the palm of my hand before opening her legs again. She slurred a bit and said " I think the wine is doing just fine." I slowly pulled out the plastic tube, and quickly positioned the tampon applicator up against the brown eye.

Evolution of a Slut Doll

fetish Alexisofroses 2017-11-13

I pushed myself back to a sitting position, trying to ignore the way my clit flapped about, causing the pins to twist in new and exciting expressions of pain. I couldn't wrap my hand around it, not with the pins sticking out, but I rubbed the head of my clit quickly, letting the pleasure build up inside of me. slut doll's science fiction story, called "Containers of Eternity" is in your drop box, and the handwritten chapter about Sapphire is ready to show you whenever Mistress wants. Mistress told slut doll to find some stories on literotica and read them. But at the last moment slut doll remembered about the dedication ceremony, and she didn't want to ruin the day.

Snow Squall

fetish Deadwood 2017-11-13

"Must be nice," Amy said out loud as she watched the dome light flicker off, for even at this distance she could hear his big diesel engine running and knew his cab must have been warm. "Well kick off those shoes and rub them, that's the fastest way to get circulation back in them and get them warmed up." Amy knew it was sound advice and slipped off her left high heel and began to rub her foot to warm her icy toes. Relaxed now in the warm heated cab with the snow swirling outside, Amy felt almost contented as he slowly gripped her right heel and gently slid it from her foot; as it did so, the back of her pump made a zipping sound as leather slid along her textured nylons.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 02

fetish Palancar 2017-11-13

Sam returned with a bowl of warm water and began to wash my cock and balls. Sam move back between my legs and I felt him cradle my tightly stretched balls in one hand. She told me that we need to reduce my excitement and with that she started lightly tapping my trapped balls. She flicked my cock with the spoon and told me that she'd stop now since I was no longer erect. As I was catching my breath Sam returned to his spot between my legs and once again started sucking my cock. Tanya mounted my face and told me that it was time to see how well I did as a pussy eater.

Spicing Things Up Ch. 01

fetish Tdisk 2017-11-13

Right now I could be grabbing your rings and pulling on you which I think we'd both enjoy a lot." As he said that Steve continued to try to pinch each nipple but his efforts continued to be futile. As his head moved to within a few inches of her pussy Steve stopped and said, "I was thinking that if you'd agree to getting your nipples pierced I would promise to service you orally every day or whenever you might wish." Steve kissed first one thigh and then the other- only inches from her pussy. "I think you'll love the nipple rings and the pleasure they bring as I toy with them but just in case you want more sex you'll have my mouth on your pussy every day.

The Strap

fetish drsalt 2017-11-13

The times I had enjoyed it, however, had given me a little more understanding of the whole subject, as well as my wife's pleasure systems. She stroked my ass and pinched it a little before giving me a sound (but not very hard) slap of her hand across each cheek. She stood up and I took a deep breath as I felt the coolness of the 2" leather strap dragged across my warmed up cheeks. My ass felt like a radiator and I wanted to fuck her hard for the pain she'd given me. She came three more times (that I could tell -- later she told me she stopped counting after the seventh orgasm) before I felt the tightening of my balls that precedes my orgasm.

Ex-Wife 'Lets Loose' Ch. 3

fetish herbman53 2017-11-13

Laura stepped over to Dave and took his soft cock into her hand and began aiming his stream of piss every which way. Kim began kissing Laura again, slipping her tongue into her friend's mouth, gently caressing her back, hip's and firm round ass. Kim straddled Laura's sexy face, turned towards Laura's feet, and planted her pussy right against her friend's lip's, then she looked up at Dave and said, "Come over here big boy... Kim took his rod out of her mouth and said, "No. I want you to fuck me while Laura lick's my clitty, Dave." As this was going on, Dave started finger-fucking Kim's tight little asshole, gently at first, then he began driving his finger into her ass with almost brutal thrusts.

Girlfriends Revenge.

fetish 2017-11-12

Lucy went upstairs, and I followed, determined to catch her out. I waited a minute, then slipped my finger inside her panties, into her gaping pussy. I opened my mouth to speak, but Lucy turned around and kissed me."Let's forget about what you did to me, I'm horny and want to fuck now". I was angry, but at the same time horny after three weeks of wanking only, and the thoughtof lucy being fucked by anotherman began to turn me on. Reluctantly, i went down, and licked at her smooth pussy lips. I stuck my cock in her soaking pussy, and came instantly. I roughly grabbed her, kissed her, and stuck my fingers in hey pussy which now had three different mens loads inside.

The Restaurant

fetish 2017-11-12

The conversation is of work and holidays all trying to avoid the subject of the car journey, whilst chatting the friend can feel her leg brushing up against his, he looks in the direction of Rick before glancing down at her thigh, Once again her split dress is open to the waist and her stockings and G-string are exposed, only slightly visible due to the table cloth and her napkin which she had unfolded and placed in her lap, the pressure on his leg continues to rub up and down, the affect she has on him is that of an instant erection, he pauses from the conversation and takes a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one, whilst holding the cigarette in his left hand, his right hand disappears under the table and proceeds to stroke her leg especially the tops of her stockings, the lump in his fly feels that it is going to burst, just before he erupts into his shorts the waiter returns with the drinks and proceeds to place them on the table, he removes his hand from her thigh and takes a large gulp of his drink.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

fetish PeggyBuxton 2017-11-12

I'd stood on the bridge several other times, usually late at night when I could be alone, watching the city lights sparkling in the waters five hundred feet below and certain death. Waiting for the light to change, a woman walks from a side street using crutches because she has one leg. I walk towards my car and sit with the window rolled down, my hand on the keys in the ignition for a long moment, and then start the engine. I lean closer and kiss Karen, small pecks, a little tongue, and find she fells a need too. "I happened to meet a woman late last night who was on crutches pretending downtown. I take her hand and kiss it a few times, then suck a finger suggestively.

Rachel and Victoria

fetish LadyDaisy 2017-11-12

Lovely home!" Rachel said in her cute British accent, looking around. "Well, I'll have some water and Rachel would like some lemonade." Victoria requested. Rachel, Victoria, and I played around a little more before we decided to go to bed for the night. Rachel joined me in that, and Victoria got into bed in just a diaper. I went back to Victoria, and started grabbing her ass by her diaper as I was kissing her tummy... I made it so Rachel has a diaper fetish and Victoria has a bald fetish. Later, I go into a room to find Rachel and Victoria having wild sex! Rachel and Victoria have been at my side the entire time, holding, kissing, and talking to me.

Princess Jazmin Ch. 02

fetish subboy129 2017-11-12

"Start eating slave boy" she commanded, as I happily lapped at her beautiful dripping pussy making her eventually ride my face and tongue, bouncing up and down having repeat orgasms that resulted in soaking my face with her cum. "If you cum, you will regret every drop of it" she says as she started riding my throbbing cock to a few more orgasms. She took out some lube and started jerking me off, at which point when I was about to cum, she let go and made it a ruined orgasm. She then got a hibachi wand and started wrapping my hard cock in the bondage tape while attaching the hibachi wand to it.

He lived downstairs, but between my young thighs

fetish 2017-11-12

He came up to me and gathered me into his arms, our bodies melting into each other, my tiny breasts crushed against him, his cock nestling against my midriff and tits, I could feel him move between them, and why not, if they provided him with pleasure, I was here and naked to pleasure him and everything about me at that moment was about fucking, his eager fingers parting my cunt, the wetness evident as he pushed them inside and felt the tightness of my unused orifice, 'Kneel on the edge', and I turned to face the dirty wall, and knelt with my bum high in the air, the f***e of the slap rang loud, as he slapped my ass, the warmth as it spread from the point of contact, 'You dirty little cunt', escaped from his mouth, 'Fucking little tart', his venom coming thick and fast as his cock penetrated and went deep inside me.

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 04

fetish jenyes 2017-11-12

Dana reaches down and pulls her skirt up over her ass, allowing my hands to slip up to her thong and work it down over her hips. She is now leaning forward, resting her weight on our Mistress' hands that still hold her breasts, her hips jerking in short powerful bursts that bring low moans from her lips. Dana moves us closer to the man, but he continues to watch the women on the bed with his hand resting on top of the head that bobs upon his cock. The sound of the slap bring both faces of the women towards me, along with a look of need, who then resume to finger and suck each other's pussy with renewed passion.

Sub Gone Dominant

fetish dominatorZ 2017-11-12

"Very well slave, you may touch them as a reward for your good behaviour so far." I sat back on my heels and felt his dick throbbing against my wet pussy. He takes both my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twists them gently and I start to rock backwards and forwards on top of him, feeling his dick pulsate beneath me against my wet pussy when he reaches behind and takes a cheek in each hand and squeezes hard. I work my way back up to the tip and encircle the head of his dick with my lips and slowly start to take him into my mouth, up and down, slowly to start with but sucking hard and deep so I could feel him at the back of my throat with every thrust I gave.

Last Suck Fest

fetish thick9 2017-11-12

Almost like a bolt of lightning she came from just the bulbous head entering her and with each cum gushing aftershock slid slowly and satisfyingly down his "big fuckin' dick". Collapsing face into his chest she said, "At last, your fucking whore assed bitch has given you her cum, Master", and she kissed him deeply. As she began her ministrations she thought of the private club where he had strapped her to the rail and while the crowd watched, had taken her mouth, pussy and ass one after the other for hours and ended up shooting a massive load down her throat when he got back to her mouth again.

Creampie Chrissy by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-11-12

"I want you to do my pussy with your mouth, after you pump me full of your cum. He also admitted that the idea of sucking Chrissy's pussy clean after ejaculating in it had an erotic appeal of its own. Weighing his options, and believing that Chrissy meant what she said about not seeing him again if he backed out, he slowly and gingerly approached her creamy pussy. Chrissy stroked his ego, making him believe that her tumultous orgasm was all his doing - reasoning that he would probably want to keep on doing what it was that gave her such a great time. When she figured that she had him where she wanted him, she stated, "From now on, whenever you cum in my pussy, you've got to suck me clean afterwards.

Missed - The Fenian Outrage at Wantsumford Manor

fetish oggbashan 2017-11-12

"Hamble!" Felicity said "Master Graham and I are going to visit Aunt Gloria on our way to London. Graham's conversation with Major Jones showed that Felicity and he had meant me to be tied and gagged but they hadn't told me what they were going to do. “We will have some warning, Miss Felicity, in case anyone comes looking for a desperate assassin.” Mrs Simkins said. “Mrs Simkins, Rose, Hazel, my s****r Felicity, and maid Prudence,” he started. “Before I left, Mrs Simkins had told me that she intended that Frederick would be disguised to live and work as a below-stairs maid. Felicity and Mrs Simkins insisted that I stayed as Prudence until Sunday when Graham would return to take the engaged couple back to Wantsumford Manor.

Chapter 1. The Start of My Panty Passion

fetish love_nylon_panty 2017-11-12

She began rubbing her hand, covered in her still-warm silky pink panties, over my bare legs and arms. But for now, I was just going to lie there and enjoy the good feelings she was producing in my cock with her panties and her hands. She sat up, held out those pink panties for me to step into them, and slowly pulled them up my legs, all the while staring at my hard boy cock.. Anxious to get back to the good feeling in my cock, I began to use my hands, like Florence had, to rub her panties on my turned-on body.

The Cowgirl

fetish vidharra 2017-11-12

He checks them out properly so that I'm not getting any of those hard inflamed knots that can occur, and then I get into position to get milked; standing on all fours with my ass high in the air as he pulls my teats. Master tapped each udder three times while I mooed, moaned and squirmed and became hornier by the second. "Please Sir, fuck this wet sore cunt of mine!" My ass was wriggling around trying to find his teasing tongue. Master lifted me up into his lap and let me ride him as he drinks my remaining milk from my teats with long hard sucking strokes. "Please Sir, let you horny cow slut come!" I continue to beg, moo and moan.

Footfucking Fun Ch. 04

fetish FootjobLover 2017-11-12

Their eyes met as he brought both her bare feet to his mouth and ran his tongue from the pinkie toe on her right foot to the one on her left. Eva felt his tongue on her right ankle, tracing a glistening line of true appreciation down to her exposed instep and up to her big toe, which he began to suck in and out of his mouth, a perfect technique, Eva thought, of foot fellatio. The man watched as Eva brought her right foot, speckled with his semen, up to her mouth and sucked her own toes clean.

The Journal Ch. 04

fetish owengreybeard 2017-11-12

I looked up at my friend, and just above his tear stained face, a silver strand glinted in the golden afternoon light, and as if choreographer by a cosmic comedian, a gigantic brown garden spider dropped gracefully and silently onto Jim's left shoulder. Just as my hips began to complement Jim's in motion, he took my nipples in his fingers and pulled gently outward, stretching my breasts away from me. Jim took my hips in his big hands and began to lift and drop me on his cock. My little left stump disappeared into the mattress under me, and I lay my head on Jim's outstretched bicep without another arm between us.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 07

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-12

Donna told the guy with the biggest cock to come over and fuck me, he come over and stuck his cock right into my ass he started fucking me and said that this was the looses ass he has ever fucked. Donna felt sorry for him and told him to pull his cock out and to come over and fuck her ass hole. Donna stopped him and said go over there and let his wife clean the cum off of your cock in the mean time she had me lick her ass and then she had me get the lube out and get her ready for a cock. Donna looked at me and said you are not done yet Cumboy, your wife's ass and pussy is still full of cum.