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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Thing About Cuckold Men

fetish DickLover59 2017-11-12

"So, what your saying is that men who voluntarily submit to being cuckolded by their wife or girl friend, have a low level of this 'copulatory vigilance?' " "Basically, it means that you, as a cuckolded husband, through a voluntary agreement with your wife, do not view copulation with her, as a high priority undertaking. It all depends on the individuals involved; and you and your wife, I think, can stand with the Lytton Strachey's and the Dora Carrington's of the world and have nothing to be either ashamed of, or apologetic about!" "So, should your wife select this young black guy as the 'father' of another baby, you won't object?"

lesbian adventure

fetish leadpencil21 2017-11-12

After a while, this blond girl comes out of the bathroom, pushes a couple buttons on the jukebox, and starts dancing. My buddies were laughing - they knew I liked girls, but they had never seen me so hot over one before. I really like your dancing, and I think you're fun to watch" I told her. The girl leaned over and started kissing me. I look at her and her eyes are closed, her nipples are so hard, she looks like my perfect lesbian dream girl, except for this big dick that I'm rubbing. I kept jacking her off with one hand, while I began tickling her shaved little balls with the other.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 02

fetish Tdisk 2017-11-12

Paul then continued, "As I told you earlier, about 5 years ago Nancy used a nipple pump every day for about a month. Nancy was obviously proud of her chest- pushing it out toward Marie and saying, "As you can see my natural breasts weren't as perfect as yours but I had a great surgeon who I think made mine pretty nice. Paul then asked, "How did you get into breast pumping?" Marie told them briefly about Raul. Nancy smiled and told Marie that she pumped her nipples for 15 minutes every Sunday morning. The rope bondage had also led them to discover a "bondage bra" which was essentially a set of leather straps that Paul could use to bind Nancy's breasts.

Not Strangers, No

fetish leezard 2017-11-12

A full back, and a plain satin finish, the front and back connected across your hips by the barest stretch of string, and so low down, you lift up your skirt to look, and the waistband in the front only barely covers your sex in sheeny greeny giggle at yourself again, and stare happily down at your lap as you sit on the edge of the bed (likeagoodgirl) running your hands idly over yourself, feeling that purpley tickly tingle running all over when he comes upstairs, a robe, that's all a robe and what's he got under it, it looks sort of.

An Outdoor Group Pee Fantasy

fetish Orgone69 2017-11-12

I made my way through the bushes and up the bank and at a reasonable distance I shouted out 'hello', so they knew I was there and wandered over to explain to them I was fishing on the river a little downstream and didn't want to startle them. She just groaned and uttered some amazed expletives as my hot pee filled her belly, I felt the warmth and the pressure build, then like a burst dam, it exploded out of her all over my body, she now just placed the head of my cock between her labia her urethra against my fraenum, she released her pee.

Luxuriate In Dick

fetish hisigorness 2017-11-12

Having guys cum in her mouth and on her face was not good enough for this one. In the six years I was with her while she did things to my dick and watched her do it to others, we only fucked four or five times. Once, she jerked me off into her mouth under a company stairwell just because she needed to taste cum. One of her favorite things she like me to do was sit on the couch naked in the living room and masturbate either with her hand, or if she was especially randy, shove a dildo in and out of her while I fucked her in the mouth from the side while she watched porn on the TV of people doing similar things.

Lazy Sunday

fetish roxanya 2017-11-12

He pushed me onto the bed, got on top of me and kissed me deeply some more. I started feeling light headed. He started to lick my wet fingers one by one, looking straight into my eyes and kissed me to share this sweet delicious taste of my arousal. He slid his hands under my legs, behind my knees, pushing my legs up. He bit my cheeks and then started licking me deep. As his control unravels he flipped me over on my knees, pulled my hips in the air, and got behind me. He stopped...for a moment and started to drink my cum. He dropped to his knees and kissed me deeply, tasting some of his own cum.

Lactation in a Lift

fetish exfireman 2017-11-12

"Are you sure about that?" asked Liz, as she took one of Lexi's breasts and pointed it at me, causing the still streaming milk to squirt onto my clothes. Lexi turned to get up, and when she did, her sweet breasts were pointed right at my cock. Liz began to rub it into her skin as it ran down her own breasts and down to her completely shaven pussy. I almost came right then, but instead let go of my cock, and reached over to squeeze Liz's breasts while she drank from Lexi. Liz reached back and spread her cheeks so Lexi could spray milk on her tight little hole. I shot one single load up Lexi's ass, and pulled out to deposit the rest on Liz's awaiting tongue.

Man's Exam Humiliation

fetish dominantwomenrule 2017-11-12

Not only did I endure the humiliation of being spanked on the bare bottom by the young, female doctor, when I got back to the office I spent an hour in my supervisor's office being verbally scolded and forced to relate to her in embarrassing specificity the events that transpired during the exam and the reasons I was being difficult. Turning her attention back to the exam, the doctor commented in a sarcastic tone that she couldn't examine me with my hands covering my genital area. After shutting the door Crystal swung around and getting right in my face said in a threatening tone she was quite aware of the situation I was in and if I didn't do exactly as she instructed she would not hesitate to tell the doctor I was not being cooperative.

First Time Crossdressing with a mate part 1

fetish 2017-11-12

Just having her juicy cock right in front of my face was so hot, I instinctively spat on it an grabbed it with my hand, guiding it slowly into my mouth. Struggling somewhat to keep my balls from exploding, I took my time to tease, nibble, stroke, lick, slap and spit all over her cock. I took my time licking and sucking her balls, taking both of them into my mouth at the same time, while wanking and lightly slapping her cock. I want you to slap my face and tongue with your cock until I beg you to slide it in my throat!" I said to her.

Camilla Ch. 094

fetish MawrGorshin 2017-11-12

"We're having some technical difficulties." Camilla quickly turned her head to the left to look over at the DJ booth, and her right breast slapped against Danny's left cheek. Camilla turned back to look down at Danny, and her right breast slapped against his left cheek again. Indeed, a man sitting on the sofa behind Camilla turned around and got a good look at both of her holes, as did Vera, who was coming back with Camilla's and Danny's drinks. When Vera had come to give them their drinks, Camilla had her knees between his legs, pushed up against his hard cock, and her tits were in his face again.

Shugar Lips

fetish therealbk 2017-11-12

Was that my Mother yelling in the house before you ran in on me?" Brad s****r said. Her juicy lips opened up as her big wide tongue darted out to lick the tip of my cock. I looked down her back to see her big juicy ass was expanding inside her green bathing suit bottoms. She took another big puff and stuck my cock in her hot mouth. Her eyes got big as I moved my hips forward forcing my cock in her mouth deeper. My cock was still hard and wet from Brad s****r tight pussy. I been playing with my pussy all week thinking about your big young cock in me. With the big cock baby." She said.

A Golden Moment

fetish Littlemissblair 2017-11-12

Sarah's hands were now pulling Amber's face forcibly into her pussy. They were there for several minutes as Amber cleaned Sarah's pussy, legs and shoes with her tongue and mouth. Sarah, anticipating this, now began licking Amber's pussy feverishly, even while the piss was splashing in her eyes and face and drenching her blouse. Sarah felt her nipples hardened as the warm piss run down on her tits filling the cups of her bra. She cleansed Amber's thighs, then returning to suck the little slut's panties of all the cum and piss she could wring out of them with her mouth. And as suddenly as she appeared, the young business woman pulled away from Amber and disappeared into the dark.

I know what you did !!! Part 6

fetish 2017-11-12

"Good night Justin," Trista said as she leaned over and kissed me softly before pulling the door handle to open the door. "Good night Justin," Trista said as she leaned over and kissed me softly before pulling the door handle to open the door. The old man began to moan as he continued to fuck Stephani like there was no tomorrow. The old man began to moan as he continued to fuck Stephani like there was no tomorrow. "We have to stop, my husband or Brad might wake up," Stephani said as I swung her around and put her into my position, leaning her ass against the front of her car.

a*****ion Day 3

fetish 2017-11-12

Thinking fast, I decided that I didn't want that damned whip going in the middle of the room, Linda tied her rope to the eyebolt. linda pulled it tight and cathy tied it off! She led me into the bed room, and tied off the rope to a plywood, and Cathy put the rope from my balls thru the hole. deeper into Cathy's mouth, but the rope jerked at my balls and stopped extra hard bounce, Cathy started to cum! When Cathy had finished cumming, Linda quickly After a time, Cathy reappeared with what looked like a short curtain then Linda untied the rope from the weight, and from my balls! the chair legs, and put a rope around my chest and tied it to the back

Playing The Naughty Schoolgirl

fetish davidhtm 2017-11-12

She then told me to reach back and grab the dildo and continue to fuck myself while she walked to the side of the desk and began to remove her skirt revealing black stockings and suspenders and black thong panties much to the audience approval. He began to moan and said, "That's it my little white slut suck my big black cock." I began to set about licking and sucking his cock, but he wanted to set the pace and was soon fucking my mouth like a pussy all I could do was swallow his cock as he forced it in and lick it as it slipped out.

Reality's Dream

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-11-12

Reaching her bed, she stripped off her blouse, skirt and hose, threw them in the overstuffed chair and walked to the bathroom, where she turned the tub on. As he placed the blindfold across her eyes and tightened the straps, she felt a strange twinge deep inside, but that soon passed as she heard the unmistakable sound of duct tape being ripped from the roll. Here she was, tied to her bed, naked and blindfolded, bound by tape and ropes, bleeding the heaviest part of her cycle, and a man that she could not identify was only inches from her, smelling the same tang, and watching her body as she lay there – exposed and open.

A Dirty Wood Romp

fetish serena824 2017-11-12

Alice giggled and pulled my right hand toward her clit and led my left hand into her ass crack. She tore off my shirt, exposing my hard abs and ran her hands up and down my stomach, teasing my nipples in rhythm with our kissing. With my tongue inside of her, she brought all her weight down on my face, grinding into it, her juices pouring all over me. Alice moaned and wiggled her hips as I pushed my tongue into her rear, the same way I did to her pussy just a few minutes before. I quickly moistened my finer with some pussy juice and brought it into her ass, making sure that nothing was left inside. Alice moaned, not used to having her ass stretched so quickly after taking a shit.

Awakeing of a nylon fetish

fetish nylonboy_swede 2017-11-12

(remember this is in the mid 80s and "strange" colors wasnt a issue) My imagination went totally off the scale - Damn this i have to try on myself. That first feeling when i slowly put on those nylonsocks on my feets, cant describe it but it gets me hard even now just thinking about it. Remember that i was kinda surprised when suddenly my pants got sticky LOL Anyway, down there my hand suddenly got hold of a pair of tan pantyhose. :) Those 2 pairs of nylonsocks and pantyhose was with me for a while and gave this little man great pleasure, probably just pure luck that made me get away while having fun with those pieces.

Vice Versa

fetish BobCollier 2017-11-12

I love your big cock," Karen told him while stroking it with both of her hands. Is that not what you want, Karen, to put your lips on a hard cock and make it feel so good that it comes in your mouth?" he asked. "Just imagine this fat cock in your pussy, fucking you hard, and making you come, all night long. Would you not want to watch her coming on a big cock?" He squeezed his cock making the head shine and swell in his hand. Paul told her to jerk his cock and beg him to come on her face. My loving spouse sucked Paul's cock four times, while I watched until well after midnight.

Early one Monday

fetish catsman11 2017-11-12

Soon, you gave me a leg straight up and I was hugging on your sexy smooth leg and taking in that sweet aroma of your smooth feet while you were rubbing your now swelled clit with my hard cock. A little disappointed in my body letting me down, but determined not to quit I withdrew from you, and then with your sexy feet in my face once again, I started to stroke my cock with my own hand, and lubricated with our blended love juices, I got myself hard again and had you guide me into you once more.

The Price of Sin

fetish Koba 2017-11-12

Max sat naked on the edge of the bed waiting for Nikki and her friend to come back into the room. The sensuous decor and the lusty atmosphere of the room added greatly to the sense of excitement for Max as he sat alone waiting for Nikki to return. With "Miss Nikki" he felt like a pubescent teenager begging to experience the pleasures and talents of a sexual goddess. Finally, Nikki came back into the room, followed by the other girl that Max had not yet met. Nikki bent forward slightly as Max raised a lighter up with his free hand. "Dawn, dear, would you come and assist me please." Dawn climbed on the bed behind Max, a black leather paddle in her hand.

Impregnating Alice Ch. 10

fetish eatoure 2017-11-12

Alice opened the pajama top and nursed the baby in front of her friends without a second thought to cover herself. Curt came over and hugged Alice in her bed and then hugged Bobili, patting her rear end. Curt bent her over the bed and as Alice and Gabe held her hands and the guards fondled her soft handfuls of tit, he mounted Boboli and in one long thrust buried himself all the way. As he withdrew, it started to drip out of her but Curt quickly lifted her on the bed next to Alice, where they could all run their fingers through her sticky pubic hair and fondle her come-slick cuntlips.

Silver Bows

fetish torquedtales 2017-11-12

To celebrate the quarter-century of their legally coupling in the eyes of the state and God, Viv had the bright idea of spicing up their perfunctory conjugal interlude that she knew Harv would engage in only as a token courtesy to her (or else face the silent deep freeze for the next six months). While Harv sated himself on beer and ball, Viv set to cleaning up the 56" x 30" x 30" upright 1933 cedar-lined trunk. Despite his superior youth, strength and attractiveness, Jake admired Harv for achieving the Dream by owning a home, putting kids through college, having a devoted wife and a bright red Corvette – everything a god-fearing, sports-loving, hard-working American guy wanted in life.