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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Getting a blow job while I was live on air

fetish Edzstar 2017-11-12

I fucked them everywhere in the building, but there was this one time I was feeling game and I asked one girl to suck me off while I was on air while I was reading out some community notices. For the last hour of my on air shift she sat across from me and played with her pussy, teasing me while I did my voice breaks, it was such a turn on, and a highlight of my career. When I go back to my hometown I glimpse up at the radio station and remember all the chicks I shagged up there and especially the naughty young school girl who gave me a blow job while I was on air.

How To Suck A Cock

fetish cocksucker1966 2017-11-12

The cock doesn't get hard, the man doesn't have a good time and the woman feels like a failure. After you've licked his shaft lots of times and it's all wet and hard, your man is going to start squirming with frustration if you don't start getting serious. Another solution, and this is a nice one too, unless you're making love where you can't make a mess, is to let the warm, wonderful juices gush into your mouth and then slide around the already wet cock. You'll want to run your hands through it, feeling that hard cock all the way up, smoothing the glistening cum over the knob. If you really want to take you man to new areas, lick the cum off of his cock or his stomach and work your way up to his mouth.

The Breeding of Tammy

fetish PLJ 2017-11-12

The hand belonged to Tammy… I was so embarrassed, Tammy with her hand covering my vagina, me bleeding because of my period and our toy waiting for me…Will and Mark helped me to my feet, I could feel liquid flowing down the insides of my legs…. Tammy continued to hold her hand covering my vagina so the vasoline didn’t just flow out of me… We moved towards our toy, and then Will said. She began to pee, Will stood up, pulled the diaper open at the top and put his hand down inside the diaper to Tammy’s vagina, she tried to cross her legs but nothing stopped William.

Smotherbox Heaven

fetish facesitting10 2017-11-12

She smiled as it started & she took a position walking in place on my face to warm up. She eventually started a cool down by taking a seat on my face & stretching for several minutes smothering me in her now sweat soaked panties. After some time had passed, she turned on some music & she began to sing & bounce to it pushing my nose deeper into her pussy so I couldn't breathe at all. I eagerly licked at her wet pussy as she settled back & got to work on the computer again smashing my nose deep in her ass so I couldn't breathe again.

Barefoot Coworker Dream Comes True

fetish Kavanaugh 2017-11-12

Sharon went back to work, thinking about how great it would be if she could rub her dirty feet all over Joe, sliding his hard cock between her soles. Sharon moaned louder and longer, ramming her toes into Joe's mouth, rubbing his cock with her other foot. After a moment, Sharon said, "Betcha didn't think that was going to happen today!" She reached down and pulled a towel from beneath the couch and cleaned the come off her feet and toes, and wiped down Joe's cock. But this isn't the only time this is going to happen, I promise!" Joe just sat looking at his naked, barefoot coworker who was now telling him that more of his fantasies would be coming true.

Second Date with My Wife

fetish cali19 2017-11-12

Her feet were so soft, a little wide, with perfect soles and those hot tapered toes. She began breathing heavy and never took her eyes off her hot feet working on my throbbing cock. She worked my cock for over 20 minutes until I finally started to cum all over her hot, sexy, soft Latina feet. I immediately began to lick and suck her toes as I took out my hard cock and removed her thong underwear to expose her beautiful shaved pussy. I watched the sun come up through her bedroom window while I was fucking her hot little pussy and licking her ticklish soles at the same time.

Rebecca of Halstead Hall

fetish mshsrfc 2017-11-12

Mrs. Sheraton let her settle, and then led her over to the dressing table, "Right Miss, now for the hair, if you will sit down, we will get started." Becky started to sit down, but with a dreadful creaking sound from the stays and a severe increase in the pain level at her waist and ribs, she was quickly came back upright. Mrs. Sheraton took hold of her shoulders and pressed her gently down to the seat, saying, "Now miss, they are bound to feel tight at first, but you will soon get used to them." Becky was not so sure as the nagging ache from the stays went from her waist all the way up her ribs, and the only relief from the pointed end of the stays was to sit with her legs apart.

The Call

fetish dadymandave 2017-11-12

John watched mesmerised, a full hard-on pressing urgently against his pants, as the man's saliva dripped into the woman's mouth and she moaned, lapping at it, licking and drinking thirstily. "You said five minutes Dave," she turned to David, thrusting her breasts out and touching his face and hair. David stepped away and still carrying the woman, her hands and legs melded around him, his cock still inside her, made his way into their bedroom and shut the door behind them. John could still hear her calling 'Dave' over and over, as he tried to open the front door with shaking hands. As he turned into Gradeview he could still hear the woman's cries and see David's hands squeezing and tugging at her big, beautiful, brown breasts.

My Husband Saw The Tribute!

fetish Sheila101 2017-11-12

I got out what I needed, and then went out all 8 months pregnant of me and sat on his lap, and began to kiss him so deeply and wet just the way he likes it, running my hands and fingers through his thinning hair. Soon my husband climbed my pregnant stomach and mounted me and rammed his thick hard rock cock deep into my vaginal cavity, when he looked up and saw that cock of "Sam"'s on me with his spunk spattered on me, taped on the head board, he plowed into me like a Stallion Stud in his last hump before creaming his mare!

My Beautiful Launderette

fetish misteradelaide 2017-11-12

As soon as her blouse was opened and I buried my face into her cleavage she was at my belt and jeans, pulling them down as I lifted one of her large brown nipples free of the fabric of her bra. I turned my head to one side and tried to fuck her with my tongue and as I pulled her lips apart with my fingers my mouth filled with a stream of sticky, white metallic tasting juice. I pulled my tongue from inside her and licked her lips and as she let go of her clit a huge squirt of hot fluid filled my mouth and covered my face.


fetish Bottom_up 2017-11-12

I knew Debra recognized the attraction, too, but even though there was often quite a bit of sexual innuendo and many double entendres we never did anything about it. Some of the innuendo had even run to teasing about whether the hair was red elsewhere. I should admit right now that I'm an ass man. Yeah, I was attracted to her. Both Debra and I knew without it ever being said that under other circumstances we would fall into the nearest available bed together without even the need for discussion. "Unnatural." Bondage? "For bondage. "Wellllll..., yeah. She did turn it around to where most of the light was blocked because it was very close to and facing the wall, but it was on!

Lilith the 8mm Shemale Queen

fetish cumjunie700 2017-11-12

the way it is shot it looks like an 8mm film you would see in the old-time smut booths of a dirty bookstore) I would never masturbate in a public place but your beautiful body drives me to drop my inhibitions and I pull out my dripping hard cock. I use it to lube my throbbing erection and stroke it wishing I was with you in you dirty film, stroking your body and cock, licking every inch of you sensual body. I realize I have been in this booth a very long time and hurry to put my cock back in my pants before anybody comes in.

The P Club

fetish Mareus 2017-11-12

They stand facing each other and the woman introduces herself as Sandi and the two men as Alexis and Uri. She turns her back to her helpers and tells them to take off her coat. Alexis takes the coat, folds it and passes it to a member of the audience for safekeeping before returning to Sandi who now stands before us in a black satin basque, matching black satin panties, seamed stockings, high heels and a black satin ribbon around her neck. Sandi is back on her knees and alternately kissing Uri's cock and then Alexis' through their panties. Sandi pulls both cocks out simultaneously and begins to suck them in turn, going backwards and forwards between them, pulling them deeply into her mouth whilst gliding her hands over their arses, coaxing them to grind their cocks into her.

Frustrated Milky Breasts

fetish Kay-Dee 2017-11-12

When I get home, and the baby is asleep, I'm off upstairs to masturbate plunging my fingers into my wet honey pot and pulling on my nipples until the milk flows over my tits and chest. My other hand was pulling on my nipples and I could feel the milk begin to flow and squirt over my tummy as I finger fucked my drenched cunt. I changed hands and rubbed my pussy juices onto my nipples and tits and milk onto my hard, exposed clitoris. His mouth was on my tits sucking hard on my nipples, taking each in turn as if trying to stem the flow of milk. I started imagining Tim and my husband both sucking on my tits, drinking my milk, and then fucking me.

Under the Enemy

fetish hithere222 2017-11-11

Although we were probably going to be tortured, I could not help but notice the woman's ass jiggling as she stepped, it wanting to move around and engulf the nearest object. Their were belts around the back of their heads to adjust how hard the sitter wanted the victim's face to be pulled into her butt. I was thrown to the floor by a tall guard, as he overpowered me and latched me to the floor, then forcing me to look up, shoved a chair on my face and hooked the belt around the back of my head. The Spanish women smothered my nose in her perfect camletoed vulva, and the blonde crushed my lips in her wonderful crack.

Flesh for Fantasy

fetish 1965Squash 2017-11-11

I believe it started when I used to curl up next to my mother while watching TV and I would lay my head on her large fleshy arm and love the touch of her skin against my face. I entered my apartment and headed to my couch placed facing the window and sat down thinking of Sue. I stared out the window for time before I realized my phone was ringing and the shadows had more of an angle.. Sue looked up at me then laid her head on my chest and sighed as my hand slowly swept across her arm and softly massaged it as it went.

Object of Her Desire

fetish DireLilith 2017-11-11

That night, laying in her large bed with Dave snoring softly behind her, she thought about it, hidden under her living room couch. Jenni carefully avoided Dave's eyes as she withdrew the toy, and lay it between them on the sheets. Dave took the toy up courageously in hand, smiling wide at his girl as he moved towards her, brandishing it like a sword. That night, John lay her back on the rug on the floor, lifting her legs and placing them high above her head as he thrust himself into her ass, and the toy into her puss. John spent the nights turning Jenni this way and that, showing her the delights of the toy.

The tease

fetish hendrix53 2017-11-11

You know you have my attention and with that you slip your knickers down your legs, bending at the waist, my cock jumps as you grip your angles, your beautiful pussy exposed to my gaze. As you reach between your legs to stimulate your pussy my tongue dances circles around your forbidden hole, poking at it, fucking it, and my cock too is dancing as it throbs with excitement. As your orgasm builds you move your hips allowing me to taste the wetness of your pussy, but only for a few seconds before moving again so that my attention returns to your arse. You prolong your orgasm by straightening your legs to standing, but bend at the waist so that you can reach my cock with your mouth.

Revisit to Uncle Peter

fetish spankingjenny 2017-11-11

In the morning Peter checks on me to tell me that breakfast is ready and as he opens the door he is faced with a half-naked sl**ping girl on her tummy, one leg out straight the other bent to the side giving Peter a unobstructed view of a sweet smooth naked peach of a pussy framed by two smooth soft rounded thighs and topped with the most beautifully shaped spank-able bottom he had ever seen, Peter seeing that I am still not awake decides to leave me for a bit to wake up and slowly closes the door pausing while imprinting on his brain the lovely image presented before him.

Amy's Desire

fetish zrob 2017-11-11

After an incredible dinner, a pleasantly drunken Sean finally got the courage up to admit to Amy that he wanted to talk about their sex life. She came to enjoy the transformation she would go through on her out-of-town trips with her husband, and the proper and upstanding wife and mother looked forward to acting a little slutty knowing how hot she could make him. With her beautiful blue eyes smoldering behind the dark, smoky eye shadow her husband adored, Amy flipped the top of the hard pack and removed one of the long, white cigarettes, bringing it slowly to her wetly shining lips as Sean fumbled with the lighter on the table.

Andy's Changes

fetish sub_nancy_cd 2017-11-11

I opened my suitcase up and just looked my hands on my hips; I couldn’t decide what to wear...Wear????...who cares what I wear, what was I thinking, just put on some clothes and go. “Sounds good to me Andy”, Glen said as he nudged me to look at some ladies walking down the street. Why was Glen doing all of that I wondered, I could have filled it all out I think, well maybe I couldn’t, I don’t know, I’m so confused right now. Glen came walking back and sat down next to me and whispered.”Ok Andy, the doctor will see you in a minute, but there’s one problem, I told them your name was Nancy”.

Diary of Sheila E.

fetish DamAnt 2017-11-11

When I took it out in the evening before bed it left a huge gaping tunnel in my pussy the size of a coke can… My pussy walls still sagged pit of my cunt a bit, but at least I hadn’t prolapsed that day, so I counted it as a success. I could feel cool air reaching the back of my vagina - then I felt what must have been 4 fingers from each hand entering my pussy and stretching the walls at the sides as wide open as possible - Then I felt something trace the O of my gape. I could feel my slack pussy meat bulging out around his fingers - my opening must have looked like a big sticky, wet O mess.


fetish 2017-11-11

Shelley pulled away quite sharp, she glared at me “ don’t mike, tony is outside and last night should never of happened” but it did happen was my reply and you were the one begging me to fuck you, so don’t start I told you the fucking rules so stop pissing about and get over here. Stand up, Shelley stood, follow me I started to move back up stair Shelley shook her head no mike debs up there, but by then I was up the top of the stairs, when Shelley arrived on the landing I push her against the wall and ripped open her gown I started sucking and biting her tits again.

Chapter 3: The Roommate

fetish travelerjd 2017-11-11

Kelly, however, was came up to a unknown naked man in her apartment wearing a short pencil skirt, silk blouse, stockings and 4" heels. Just as my sub came out of her room, Kelli took the head of my cock in her mouth. The shortest skirt and highest heels you can find!" Kelli smiled approvingly as she continued to suck. My sub returned wearing a short pleated skirt, 6" heels and knee high white stockings. I'm going to rename you Selene after a woman in Greek mythology that bore 50 c***dren to one a man that cared so little for her, he agreed to eternal slumber to protect his youth rather than be with her." Kelli laughed.