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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Date Night Cream Pie

fetish jon227 2017-11-11

There is nothing that turns me on more than seeing my wife dressed up in a sexy outfit, not just for my enjoyment but for everyone around. By the time I had parked and gotten in she would probably be inside talking to strangers. She had never fucked a stranger in a washroom, but it wasn't exactly off the table. Seeing her talk like that was a huge turn on. From this angle, I couldn't quite see if she groped near his crotch but when she excused herself for the washroom again, I got an answer. Her hair was a bit messy, her dress wasn't as straight on her and her makeup was slightly smeared.

Rumble In "La Crosse"

fetish twinstar 2017-11-11

As the evening wore on, both Mavis and Jade enjoyed the attention given to them by the male populace of the bar, although they were on separate sides of the room. Poses across the pool table began to appear and soon, both girls were leaning over, displaying their round breasts to the on-lookers. Jade's face twisted in anger and she made to move towards Mavis, but both girls were quickly grabbed by the bouncers. Mavis got one hand free and tried to claw at Jade's face. Jade lost her grip on Mavis' hair and the 2 girls jumped to their feet. With one hand in Jade's hair, Mavis clawed at her foes breasts with the other hand.


Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 04

fetish Suzanne James 2017-11-11

"We've built three rooms dedicated to pleasure--first I'll show you the Playroom, then the Milking Parlor and finally the Nursery." Robin looked at me flirtatiously. "This room is new since I was here last," Jack said to Alex, as he pulled me closer, continuing to fondle me. "I think this will be Suzanne's favorite space--right, baby?" Jack was stroking my hard, silk-clad nipples with one hand as he fondled my ass with the other. His response to my arousal turned me on further, as I arched my back, feeling Jack's hands caressing my long, hard nipples. I was incredibly turned on, imagining Jack and his friends sucking my enormously swollen tits and thrusting their hard cocks into my dripping pussy and ass.

Who Says I Love You?

fetish Darlantan 2017-11-11

I lowered my lips to hers again kissed her slowly, softly, as my other hand travelled up her body and slipped the other silk tie over her, binding her to the bed. She arched her chest up and then shivered, then gave a moan as I leant forwards and covered her nipple with my mouth, my tongue rubbing the cold away. Her glorious eyes opened slowly and she smiled as I dropped the scissors off the side of the bed and brought up the red flower I'd brought from the vase next to the door and slid it in behind her ear, then cupped her chin with that hand and kissed her again.


fetish sueamp 2017-11-11

As she got most of herself on to the car seat she moved her left hand to the right wheel of her chair and the right grabbed hold of the arm rest and she lifted and moved the rest of the way on to the seat. Keith remarked how good a swimmer she was and Amy said the pool is one place I can be almost normal. Amy then took his hand and placed it on her big breast and as he started to massage it she pulled his head down to the other one and Keith opened his mouth and took the nipple into it sucking hard.


fetish Seanathon 2017-11-11

"I'm sorry," Olivia said, "but when our clients call they expect a Doggy Style girl to come knocking at their door. "Uh, yeah...she said you guys were using the dog walking business as a cover for some kind of escort service?" "So some guy calls you looking for someone to walk his dog, and you ask him if he wants a blowjob too?" Julia told me that guys like me only knew how to do two things -- fuck and fight -- and she didn't want either. When I walked into Doggy Style and nodded at Olivia, sitting behind the counter, I was amazed that anyone could think a place that nice was a dog walking service.

A Simple Bet

fetish doctorpluto 2017-11-11

The first day of the bet came and Tony found himself going to work with a black lace bra and panties on under his uniform. The dark brown nylons Chet picked out for him were hidden well under his dress pants, but throughout the day he felt odd. "Strike a pose, little lady." And Tony put his hands on his cheeks and kicked his leg up, making the goofiest face he could envision as Chet's phone snapped a picture with a soft click. Tony cursed under his breath; oh he was definitely going to punch Chet's lights out when he got his money. Chet had a smug little grin on his face and Tony just stood there fuming in silence for a good couple of seconds.

Cuckold Fantasies

fetish 2017-11-11

You are both standing face to face an he tells you to turn around, you do as you are told and he unzips your dress which falls to the ground, I want to cum instantly as I see you standing in front of him, no bra, stockings, heels and your red crotchless knickers, I cant believe i'm watching my wife be like this but it feels incredible! You stradle him but dont put him inside you just sit your pussy on his cock so he can feel how hot & wet you are, he smiles and sits up and kisses you then holds your ass cheeks, you are a bit tender but it feels amazing, slowly he slides two fingers into your pussy and you let out a long moan and the look on your face says, FINALLY!!

Samantha's Panty Boy

fetish 2017-11-11

She laughed at him and said, "I think you must really like my panties by the way your cock is pressing against them." "Look at your pretty little cock standing at attention, it looks more like a little boy's cock than a man's," she laughed while rubbing her hand against the silky material covering it. Seeing his cock once again pushing against the pink panties she laughed and said, "I think you like being my panty slave and licking my ass you little bitch." She slid her panties down his legs, and put them over his head letting the wet crotch press against his nose and pushed the pussy juice and cum drenched material into his mouth to taste. He slid the pink panty material down releasing his hard cock so his hand could work its magic as it had done the first time with Tricia.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 08

fetish Alfamann 2017-11-11

"Well I would say they look at you and think what a naughty little girl you are and they would be right," Minnie responded, "What do you think Jane and Bev?" "Well, if you don't like the clothing, naughty little girl, then take it off." Minnie wagged her finger at Angie. "Open your legs, honey, "Minnie urged, "and show Auntie Bev and Auntie Jane that pretty little pussy of yours. "Please Aunty Jane and Aunty Bev, will you put a finger in this naughty little girls pussy and see if I am wet?" Angie pleaded, her face flush with desire. "Please Aunty Jane can I suck your finger while Aunty Bev sticks her fingers deep inside this naughty little girls pussy." Obligingly Jane held her moist finger up to Angie's mouth.

Sweet Loretta Modern

fetish mustbtuesday 2017-11-11

Host: "So, tell us, Loretta, do you really enjoy your work, or are you just fake fucking for the camera?" Host: "Caller, you have a question for Loretta?" Loretta: "Well, Jim, each scene and each person I work with have their own dynamics, and I haven't yet worked with some one who isn't professional about our line of work..." Host: "And you told him you like to fuck both men and women!" Loretta: "It's a fucking porn film, Tom. There isn't really a script. Host: "Loretta likes average cocks! Host: "Loretta likes cum! Loretta: "(laughs) You sound like a very dear girlfriend of mine... Host: "We've been talking tonight with Loretta Modern, star of the new adult film 'Lady Lust'.

When I met Henry and Helene! (3)

fetish mtomukka 2017-11-11

Helene restarted from where she had left, caressing her breasts and Henry seeing me staring at her said “why don’t you go and join her, after all she didn’t get any last night!” I followed his suggestion and naked as I was, got down on my knees and went down on her. He started sucking her breasts and caressing her pussy while she was moaning with pleasure and just short of her coming he stopped, to her frustration “no please mon cher, just a bit longer, pleaseeee” But he was already giving his back to her and walking towards me.

Faithfulness Ch. 02

fetish NTRmaster 2017-11-11

I feel the incredible urges inside me, and so, I know it to be an uncrossable line that when something snapped, it was his own daughter that he tried to have sex with, but, I confess to you, from as deep a place as I can possibly confess, I understand, and I think if I were in his place, if I had a daughter who looked and acted like Rob's daughter Chastity did, I might have lost control and tried to fuck her too! I felt strange, agreeing to what was essentially being sexually dominated, but I knew that Katie and the Pastor were trying to save my soul while also help me not snap like my best friend Rob did!

Hot Summer Night

fetish genie1 2017-11-11

"Take your shirt off perv" Sandy commanded With her hand still gripping his thobbing dick he peeled of his shirt reveiling a boyish body that made the mature college women giggle. One of the drunk girls named Nikki reached underneath her mini skirt and pulled off a pair of pretty pink panties and waved them in front of his face. Nikki crawled over on the floor and reached over and grabbed his dick from Wendy's hand and started sucking on it. Fransesca looked at his long hard dick hatefully as the drunk slut sucked it up and down. Jenine tackled on top of him and before long all seven of the girls showed up and were taking their shorts and pants off.

Taking advantage of d***k girl and fingering

fetish peteash 2017-11-11

I then pulled open the front of her tights slightly and felt her big black bush leaning forward to hold some in my mouth. I pulled her cheeks apart for a proper view, her pussy was still so dry that when i pulled my finger out her labia came forward with it toward me. I finished over her ass cheeks (a view I will remember forever) wiping a tiny drop across her mouth then pulled her tights up disgusted with myself and ran downstairs. I wish i wasn't so dirty but it turns me on voyeurism etc, i can remember each girlfriends body parts that i have seen or touched and jerk off over different experiences and views constantly.

Discovering My Foot Fetish

fetish boshghab 2017-11-11

I liked it when you rubbed between my toes, but I wonder how it feels if you use your tongue," she said with a seductive smile on her face. She finally said "Okay no tongue, but can you give my toes a kiss at least?" "I think you should kiss all my toes now," she said in a gentle but firm manner "come on, let's see where this is going" But I want you to take your time and kiss each toe nicely. "You want me to ask you to let me me lick your feet?" I want to go home and relax, but I have a feeling we are going to hang out very soon," she said with a smile.

Ms. Mia and Me Ch. 01

fetish g00db0i 2017-11-11

I grabbed the base of my flaccid cock, and began to stroke, trying to keep my eyes on the TV, and not let them stray to the attractive older woman seated not five feet away. And so, when she raised her foot and pressed her big toe against the tip of my cock, pressing against my hardness like she was working a clutch, I couldn't bite back the gasp or repress the shudder that thrilled through me. Would you like Ms. Mia to make you cum, darling boy?" She pulled her velvety-soft foot upwards against my cock, letting her nails scratch lightly against the skin.

Margarite's Special Night

fetish CJPorter 2017-11-11

She wanted it to feel natural, like she was getting sick all on her own. If I stuffed myself this much, I don't want to waste all this discomfort on throwing up half a glass of water. I already feel awful, I at least want to get really sick, like those girls in your videos." "Makes me think of other things that are going to be flowing out of your mouth very soon." "I think I'm done." She said, looking down into the trash can she had filled with vomit. I kept thrusting to make her regurgitate the rest of it, and after a few more moments, she tensed and her stomach clenched, and she forced up another wave of warm, clear water.

Batman for Halloween

fetish WantABWriter 2017-11-11

"Barry, load our things while we get a little refreshment." The two women walked onto the house. Looking into my eyes with an evil gleam she told my wife, "Little Barry is so sweet. "Yes our little masquerade party will be just what Barry needs and wants for Halloween.' At 7:30 a sleepy looking Kay and Linda came in for coffee. "Come on now Barry we need to get you ready for your nap." I was led out of the bathroom that served Linda's room. When I was in place Kay was joined by Linda and Gloria. "Kay smiled, "I thought you would have know my taste by now, but guess not.

Valerie's Sweaty Hockey Feet

fetish Brutus3412 2017-11-11

With the rest of the girls making a quick exit from the locker room, Valerie, as the team captain, had the arduous task of watching game film for the upcoming opponent. As she began to untie her skates, she noticed "Little Johnny", the equipment manager, collecting the dirty laundry from the locker room. With her socks removed, Valerie was now barefoot, her soaked feet making an imprint on the locker-room floor. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Johnny lifted his head upward, his eyes making contact with the hockey princess. "Oh, and by the way, I hope you like the taste of my sweaty feet, because tomorrow we have double practice sessions!" Johnny's face turned pale, as the blood rushed from his face.

Not So Adverse Reaction Ch. 03

fetish ElliottEden 2017-11-11

"You look sexy that way" Betty said to Elliot, "your face wet from my pussy and jerking off just as I told you." She got up and stood over him again, this time tugging her shirt off and tossing onto the bed. She pressed down onto his face, rubbed her crotch up -- down -- along her husband's face for a while longer then stopped, stood up and said "Now that we're both warmed up hon, time to watch some more of that porn you like." Betty wiggled her tail at Elliott's wondering look, continued "I loaded some of the titles that caught my eye into some thumb drives.

Cuckolded by a white ouple

fetish twilightshadows 2017-11-11

I looked at my wife, and I could see she was eyeing the german man.He met her eye and smiled. Her tiny pale white hand stroked its way slowly down my chest and stomach, softly grabbing my cock. I think Gretchen must have given Franz the eyes, because he moved over to my wife and pushed her down on her stomach. Gretchen said something in german, and Franz started licking my wife's ass. Her eyes literally bulged as his head went past her sphincter, and then she had such an amazing look of intermingled pleasure and pain as he started pumping. I felt Gretchen push her finger inside me and pump. I saw Gretchen feel my wifes tits and then french kiss her.

True Black Cock Whore

fetish ialwayswantit 2017-11-11

Other times I go out and meet up with some big dicks and let them use my body for their pleasure and then I go home and let john clean me up and fuck me as I tell him of my exploits, which brings me to the story of how I met Andre. So as I walk by this young stud I smile and him when we make eye contact and I notice he slowly looks down at my Come fuck me shoes. I motioned for John to come in and as he walked through the door his hard little white dick already in his hand, Andre just looked at him and plunged the last 5 inches of his huge cock right into me. Andre looked right at John and said get over here and watch this whore take a real dick.

All My Christmases at Once Ch. 01

fetish HenryWilcox 2017-11-11

I went into the bathroom to have a quick shower after work, while Emma started to unpack her things. I was getting aroused just remembering the feeling of making love covered in foamy lather and so was a little disappointed when Emma shouted back: By the time I was finished, Emma had laid out her clothes and the usual bewildering array of toileteries (why can't women just manage with soap and water, like men? The guys took me through to the ballroom where the party was to take place, and as I looked around I saw many people I knew, and many I didn't - I work at a very large company, and this was a combined Christmas 'do' for all the staff.