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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Physical and a Cystoscopy

fetish TwilightSkys 2017-11-11

Shortly after returning to the exam room and hopping up on the exam table to wait patiently for the doctor Nurse Bex and I were joined by Dr. Lindsey Mckinney - a voluptuous blond in her early-30s who must have been just out of medical school. This time Nurse Tabby held my erect penis at a 45-degree angle while the doctor used the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to hold the head of my penis and spread open my most sensitive orifice while she took what I later found out was the rigid cystoscope (a device that's almost two feet long and looks like a battery-powered hand drill) and began to insert the pencil-thick metal tube into my pee hole!

Star Industries, Subject 84 Pt. 02

fetish esteban77 2017-11-11

His penis would be made hard, spasm as it shot it's full load, endure a "sensitivity check" from Marlena, and go limp again. Every other orgasm, Marlena would apply the swirling brush to check his sensitivity. Marlena couldn't seem to keep from laughing as 84's head bounced back and forth, and his feet flailed in the stirrups each time the brush descended down for a minute or two of agony. Until now, I have only used one handful of warming cream on your cock and balls each orgasm. Marlena applied the first handful of cream to his cock and balls at the 9-minute mark. Right as she finished the teasing encouragement, Marlena gripped 84's cock hard and stroked down with one good thrust.

Fun for Don and Kathy

fetish 938ab 2017-11-11

It felt good, and I started leaking more pre-cum that quickly made a little wet spot near the waistband of Joan's panties. After Joan was done spanking me, Kathy said, "Don, go stand by Dave again while he turns over the next card and reads it." I sucked the head a little, and then pulled back, enjoying watching Dave stroke his cock inches from my face until there was another drop for me to lick off. When the pre-cum was glistening on the tip of his cock, I would lean in and either lick it off or kiss it into my own mouth, enjoying the mild saltiness and the nastiness of performing for Dave and for our wives.

foxxiroxxi gets fucked by a black bull at a costum

fetish foxxiroxxi 2017-11-11

WOW aaaahhhhhh fuck me yyeeeesssssss ohhhhhh fuck me fuck me wow ahhhh mmmm aahhhh yes thats so fucking good as my black stud shoves his huge cock balls deep into my ass without even easing me into it he is fucking me so hard and fast and deep ive never felt anything this deep inside me before nor have i felt anyhting so thick and hard wow fuck i am getting fucked like a porn star gets fucked this guy is a real stud and by now im screaming so loud anyone could hear me but i didnt care i was getting the fuck of my life and loving every second of it .

A New Job for Prof. Davis

fetish tabber 2017-11-11

You're fun...and you like it." As she said the last words, she slid close to me and as she walked by, her hand slid across the front of my pants and brushed against my semi-hard cock. The girls all turned and ran to get the rest of their stuff from the track which left Kacey standing there alone for a second. I walked into the room, expecting to find Kacey and see if there was anything that needed to be done, the girls all began to squeal my name. I sat there, unable to move while Lisa stepped forward and pulled Kyla's cheer pants down to her ankles, revealing white thong panties.

The Adventures of Kitty Ch. 01

fetish RoxieCarmichael 2017-11-11

He played up and down her pussy, Kitty rocking back at him and arching with a purr as his fingers slipped inside her, moving slowly, and she could feel her juices starting to run down her thigh. She had never been touched in this way before, the feeling of being filled was a new one for her, so when he told her to crawl around for him, let him see how she looked, she clenched tightly and moved slowly on all fours, the tail swishing down her thighs. He lifted her tail and held it in his right hand as he guided himself into her, Kitty mewling and arching at being filled so quickly, the sensation made different by the pressure from the plug inside her ass.

Hot For Teacher's Feet

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-11-11

"I've been busy making corrections, but I got your class done....Matt?" I looked up from her feet and gave her my attention. Mrs. Barbara then started caressing her feet again and wiping off what looked like dirt or dust off her soles. She gave me a chilling smile, "I know you want more Matt, I've seen you look at my feet." I was glued to my spot now, shocked. "When I was in college, I loved when my boyfriends would give me massages, but I liked it better when they put a nice...cock between my toes." She took out her feet and wiggled them at me. She spread her feet around my cock wiggled her toes around my head, waiting to receive my cum.

Naked Thirst Ch. 05

fetish maxxxwilde 2017-11-11

Samantha suddenly felt silly for hiding behind the door like she had when she was little and knew her father was going to yell at her. "Because I thought it was the right time." Before Samantha could ask what that meant, the other woman asked, "Did you like what you saw?" Samantha tried to examine her reactions to seeing the pair on the bed, the revelation about what she'd been drinking, and the feel of Keiko's lush, wet breasts pressed to hers. It wasn't just that she was going to breakfast where she would knowingly and willingly drink another woman's breast milk, she knew that by doing so she was opening the door into a vast unknown. Sam felt momentarily self-conscious, but then decided she liked the way the other woman was looking at her.

Carrie's Pussy

fetish 0ra11yfix8ed 2017-11-11

With my left hand I rubbed my crotch as I fondled the clothing in Carrie's closet. A little higher, dear." Slowly I worked my way up her stockings and under her skirt until my cheek was nestled on the crotch of her panties. Once or twice a week I enjoyed putting them on and watched "Mommies Panty Boy" a porno about a nasty step-mother and her daughters who humiliate and sissify a young man. Lucky for me his apartment was on the first floor and the young woman below Carries place was a waitress at a sports bar and worked from noon till closing most Saturdays. Carrie's robe covered my cock and balls but my hard on was doing it's best to peek out from under the robe.

Recipe for Disaster Pt. 03

fetish Lost Boy 2017-11-10

I called a buddy of mine in the biology department and asked him if he had seen what the press would soon dub the Miskatonic Monolith. I collected the take home tests from the day before and asked each of my classes if they had any ideas of how the monolith had been moved into place. "So the treasure is lost," I said watching the Widow's cheek suddenly flush with color. "Oh Detective," the Widow said and Felicity looked over at the other woman. The widow lay on her table panting and gasping while Felicia sat in my lap clinging to me like a long lost lover. "I could use a cold beer," I said and she smiled as she walked over to the fridge.

escort comes to my rescue

fetish male_digger 2017-11-10

Before i could think again about it i heard them calling me names and they noticed me flushing.Narissa told that she had met Pearl the day she caught me watching strapon porn.The idea of seeing a woman fucking her man was a big turn on for her but did not even imagine that her macho boyfriend was into this fetish.I was at total bliss when i heard those words from my girlfriend and abruptly pearl my e****t slaps me hard on my face and tells me to bend over.she put a finger in my ass and allowed it to stay for sometime as my hole got used to its fulness.Slowly and patiently she moved her finger making strokes and within no time she placed another finger.i was in heaven.every minute was like an hour to me....

Office Possibilities

fetish Sanichi 2017-11-10

Dan stood in the office doorway, looking down at the almost naked figure bound with tape on the floor. Craig thought about the way the dark beauty had stood there with eyes wide when she caught him masturbating in his office. His colleague slowly rubbed Craig's ass cheeks through the panties, his fingers lightly brushing the tight hole there. "Standing there with your pathetic little prick in your hand, you held these pretty silk panties to your nose," Celia snarled, rubbing the panties hard in his face, where tears streamed. Dorothy clucked and fussed, "You poor boy." She watched as he spat the silk panties from his mouth, a look of consternation on her face.

The Mirror Ch. 05

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-11-10

And as she did so she repeatedly raised and lowered her beautifully toned and tanned lower legs behind her and, with her bright yellow high-heeled mules balanced precariously on her feet, she absentmindedly performed the most extraordinary feats of shoe-playing 'tricks' that James had ever witnessed. Looking around the bedroom, James's eyes were drawn to the beautiful blonde woman's shoes; her pair of bright yellow high-heeled mules. James went over to the sexy blonde woman's bright yellow high-heeled mules, and picked them both up. And James could not believe, just how incredibly exciting it felt, to actually hold that gorgeous woman's recently worn sexy shoe in his hands; still warm, from the sole of her foot.

Julie's Night Out Pt. 01

fetish Lionheart72 2017-11-10

"What, doesn't your husband know you're a little cock hungry slut?" Mat growled. You're going to suck my cock and then maybe I won't wake up your husband and tell him his little wife is the local cum-dump." With that Mat unzipped his jeans and hauled out his thick, hard cock, waving it lewdly in Julie's face. "Fuck, you can suck cock, bitch," Mat groaned, pumping his meat between Julie's wet lips. Grunting, Mat plunged his cock into her mouth, fucking her face like he would a pussy. Grunting and moaning, Mat plastered her face with cum then pushed his shaft back into her mouth. "Hope your husband's a deep sleeper, slut," Mat laughed as he tucked his slick cock away and zippered up.

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 03

fetish ZotDragon 2017-11-10

"Want to celebrate my daughter's coming pregnancy?" she asked, then took my cock in her mouth without permission. It was more than passing strange watching Ivy fuck two different guys at the same time; the girl was insatiable. It wasn't long before both boys were on the bed with her, one was fucking her from behind, spooning her as they lay on the sides, the other received a rather delicate blowjob from Lilith's daughter. Besides, what eighteen year old boy wouldn't want to watch a couple of girls making love in front of him?" There was little left to say or do, though I desperately wanted to get in Ivy's cunt one more time, I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Jake's Magic Remote IV - Home Movies

fetish WriterJim 2017-11-10

Jake moved his thumbs to play with Marta’s nipples and started fucking her tits harder and faster, grinning down at her frozen smile. Jake knelt down and moved Marta’s hands so it looked like she was holding her tits up to receive the load. Jake could only imagine how she must be feeling: tits sore and abused, nipples teased, taste of semen in her mouth and a feeling on her skin like someone came on her but no cum to be found. Soon Jake was leaning back comfortably on the couch, with a big bowl of said snack on his lap and his arm around Petra’s shoulders, awkwardness all but forgotten. Jake dried his fingers on her shorts, snuggled Petra into his chest again and returned his hand to her shoulder.

Santa's New Job

fetish Andre_Sillitoe 2017-11-10

Bob stepped into her office still dressed in his Santa costume but without the hat or beard and took a seat in front of her desk. Bob gave her toes a quick sniff and immediately jerked his head away. Bob's humiliation continued for what seemed like an eternity and he was starting to feel light headed. Bob continued sniffing as she used his nose to message her sore, tired feet. "Now I wonder, will the smell go away if you lick my soles?" Bob eye's widened. I want your face to smell like my stinky feet for the rest of the night." He continued sniffing as she rubbed her feet all over his face.

Fuck Club Chapter 2: Physically Disabled

fetish 2017-11-10

I looked at the white shards lying in the puddle before me and felt my cock get hard again. She sat on the floor and looking down I noticed what qualified her for this section of the club: both her legs were missing, torn off a long time ago just below the hips. I felt genuinely bad for her as she was such a pitiful sight, not like the nigger bitch I fucked before. When I had my cock all the way inside her I looked in her face again. I took me a long time to cum and once I felt my cock tingling I pulled out and finished on her big heaving breasts.

Some Relief At The End Of The Day

fetish jl_booboo_kittyfuck 2017-11-10

You try to pull your foot away but I hold it firmly as I begin to run my tongue over your other toes and lick and suck each one. But only for a second, then I start licking and sucking the arch of your foot while my hands continue to massage your foot and leg. Just when I know your getting close, I pull your dripping cunt open and suck and lick your clit again with my tongue. I go back up to suck long and hard on your clit as I slide one then two fingers into your wet cunt with no problem. I want you to scream out to the whole neighborhood how I'm fucking your cunt and your asshole at the same time with my hands.

The Fetish Shoe Shop

fetish fantasyboy 2017-11-10

All of my clients get sexually aroused through their love of shoes and feet worship and your name has been put forward by a number of my clients as being the person they would like them to help enjoy their fetish and fantasy. I reached for her new sandals and slowly and deliberately put them on her feet, making sure I rubbed and played with her ankles and legs. Her feet looked wonderfully sexy as she tottered around on her 5 inch high red sandals and matching toe nail polish. After the mirror had been licked clean, she turned to me and said, 'You have definitely passed the interview, can you start straight away, but you'll need to keep an appointment free for me two or three times a week.'

A Perfect Birthday Gift Ch. 01

fetish Meatballsurgery 2017-11-10

Everything was ready, Sarah thought to herself as the four girls sat around in their pajamas in her room, it was herself her two best friends Karen, the slim redhead, Maria was the blond with the largest breasts of the group, and then there was Rachel, plump brunette, not fat or even overweight just a little rounder in her curves. "I think..I'll go with...Dare!" She had hardly finished the word before Sarah gave her the dare "Slap Rachel in the face!" She said with a badly masked evil grin, The other two grinned just as much and to their surprise so did Rachel, it took Karin a few seconds to get up and by that time Rachel had sat up better and was leaning out her chin for the girl to slap.

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 04

fetish Quin 2017-11-10

Mr Norton, for reasons known only to he, suddenly decided his wife's backside too needed to be chastised and, whilst wanking his cock with one hand alternated the direction of the short whip, east to west, first striking my arse then the well-rounded bottom of his good lady. It came as a shock for me -- Mr Norton from next door was finally fucking me -- I had wondered how that might feel -- but I had never expected it to be up my arse with his wife present holding me firmly in place, my face pressed against her cunt, enjoying the experience as much as he! Picture yourself, legs wide open, watching Norton, with his cock hanging out, whipping my arse, you holding my head between your thighs, feeling my tongue inside your cunt!"

The Secret of My Sluttiness Ch. 02

fetish MrDeviant 2017-11-10

Some of the whores suggested that they fuck my ass with strapons of various sizes and types, some wanted to give me different types of enemas and really clean me out and still others wanted to see how I would react to being rimmed. Of course, like a lot of people, especially into the BDSM lifestyle, I have had an enema and I can tell you from personal experience that the tissues in your ass absorb things quicker than anything else. The woman devouring my ass had me on edge right from the start and she was using her hand on my cock to keep me from going over it.

"Arrow": Forbidden Desires 2

fetish Batman_112 2017-11-10

"Oh, I don't know about that," Thea said in response as she walked back with a glass and poured Oliver some wine and handed it to him. On one hand, he loved his little s****r, and wanted to reconnect with her as much as possible, and he remembered all the times baby Speedy would get scared and he would innocently comfort her by allowing her to sl**p in his bed in order to reassure her. Well, I mean, I know that deep down Mom loves me, but she's so cold most of the distant...and sometimes I feel like she doesn't care about me much at all."