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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 03

fetish RetroFan 2017-11-10

Madison sat on the toilet in complete silence, like Kate getting toilet paper as she needed it but most of the time she just stared down at her panties and bare feet. Kate had finished, and turned on her shower, testing the water temperature with her bare feet before stepping under the water, which splashed over her naked body, running down her breasts and bare bottom, soaking her pubic hair and washing away the residual shaving foam from her long legs. Returning to the campsite, the girls sat down to breakfast, and the sulky, snobby Madison again looked down upon her cousins as they ate cereal, John, Kate and Dylan flicking their tongues in and out again in unison just like lizards.

Laurie and Shellie Ch. 01: Married Man

fetish OliviaFantasy 2017-11-10

Laurie leaned over to her friend, "Now that he knows I have stockings on and he's finished watching your cute ass wiggle all the way to the table, I bet he's nice and hard for when his wife or whatever she is gets out." Laurie leaned in and handed the woman the dollar and managed to whisper the words "you look delicious, darling" loud enough for both the man and his wife to hear. After not speaking for a few minutes, Laurie got up, kissed her friend's cheek, and said, "good night, sweetie, see you soon." With that she walked over to her car a few spaces away and they both went home.

Later Discovery

fetish Learningfast 2017-11-10

She has been enjoying her body while dressed in girdles and stockings all her adult life but her recent graduation to corsets and plugs has shown her new heights of erotic pleasure and body control. That was 30 years ago and now Phyllis, at the age of 58, has grown accustomed to being alone in her nylon stockings and firm control underwear; pleasing herself with her hands and with her "little toys" in recent years. That evening, Phyllis spent some more special time at her house; slowly undressing, checking her stockings and her figure; before taking off the very firm girdle and bra.

Jennifer's Plaything (Part 1: Prelude)

fetish 2017-11-10

with a soapy loofa in one hand that she started to rub on my chest; with felt like I was hyperventilating and began to feel light-headed. "Little Nicky...I've got you up against the shower wall...completely "My baby, with your little ass sticking out into the palm of my hand." She moved her hand back from my balls and cupped my ass. work her soapy hand up and down along my ass-crack until her middle my wrist hard and put my hand back over my head against the tile wall. ass around my wife, and I was still convulsing like this with my cock Jennifer let go of my cock and began stroking my hair.

Jack Learns to Jerk Off

fetish qudduse 2017-11-10

I looked over at my s****r, and asked, “What the hell is this?” I called for her again, and still none, so I walked around the corner back to the hallway and, instead of taking a right into my room, I took a left to stand in front of my s****r's closed door. “Well, you see,” she said, “I was masturbating, which is a way to make yourself feel good by rubbing yourself... “Well, you've had an erection before, right?" She asked. I started getting faster and faster, wanting to feel the pleasure more and more. She started to moan softly, but I could see that she wanted more, so she stuck a finger inside of her pussy. “Oh God, Melissa...” I moaned as more cum rocketed out my dick.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 21

fetish Croozer 2017-11-10

She told me she felt guilty for ordering me not to give in, and said, "What can I do to make it up to you?" I heard Helen in the shower, and told my aunt, "I need you to make me cum Lorene." She smiled, kissed me full on the mouth and said, "Okay...go downstairs, get the small box out of my purse, and wait fifteen minutes before you come upstairs." I asked why, and she simply said, "I need to get ready." I threw my robe on, she went into her room, and I set out to do what she told me to do.

Denial Games Day 01

fetish Auryman 2017-11-10

The water was just-less-than-uncomfortably hot, she stood with her arms raised, hands clasped around the base of the shower-head. At the same time, my hands were everywhere, the soap slick and bubbly underneath my fingers. As I made my way down her body, I'd push her feet just a bit wider apart so the water that ran down her back would find its way onto her inner thighs, then down her legs. I edged her two more times, then turned off the water and handed her a towel. Once or twice while waiting for the taxi, I walked up behind her and kissed her on the shoulder or the neck and felt he small shudder race through her body.

Cum in a Cab

fetish marriedpervs 2017-11-10

I momentarily stopped, looked the cabbie in the eye whilst keeping the head of my man's penis in my mouth, then smiled with my eyes and resumed sucking his cock. I glanced up once more, and noticed the cabbie attempting to drive whilst watching me suck cock, and I again smiled as I engulfed my mouth, throat and cheeks with my husband's dick. Steve kept pumping a few more times as I relished the naughty orgasm I was having in front of the stranger that had just fucked me, after watching me suck my husband off in the back of his cab.

Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 5

fetish Quin 2017-11-10

Until she opened the door, dressed obviously for their sexual pleasure, she would not have the slightest inkling about the man or know what he looked like. "Well you are going to now, said Ann. Kate obediently let go of Dan's cock and used both hands to undo Ann's top. Kate thought it looked the epitome of Dominant Woman with Submissive Man. She sucked hard on Dan's cock hoping to feel the spurt of his juice in her mouth but Dan stayed hard and throbbing. Dan's hips rose slightly pushing his cock further into her mouth as his own spare hand parted Kate's arse cheeks and he pushed two fingers into her anus.


fetish cactusjuggler 2017-11-10

Looking at them from the side, I couldn't see Giselle's face any more, it was hidden behind the smooth caramel skin of Reyna's thighs and hips. Giselle went first last time, so it's your turn now," she told me, and then she moved her rear back in my face before I could protest, and I found myself buried in the soft, fleshy curves of her rear. My victory reward would have been more sweet if Reyna hadn't interrupted it half-way through, when she planted her pussy back in my face and ordered me to please her yet again while Giselle worked. When Reyna's door closed behind us, I looked at Giselle's pretty face and I smiled.

Delicious Moment

fetish ChelMcDonald 2017-11-09

H showed me the email and melted my insides when he said, "You will go as my slave." H fashioned himself a standard bed sheet toga according to some instructions on You Tube, then dedicated his spare time to my costume, a Roman slave tunic designed to barely cover my 5'4", 118lb frame. I watched her every move, her graceful barefoot stride to the dance floor, the beauty of her poised neck as she looked up at her Master begging with her eyes that he change his mind. H tossed the tiny tunic over his shoulder and lingered long enough for everyone in the well-lighted game room to get a good look at me before we started back for the dance floor.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 06

fetish Max332 2017-11-09

Even though she wasn't as kinky or as perverted as Yuna, she could easily imagine herself inflicting more than feet torture to her precious little brother. James was suffocating, forced to breathe without interruption his cute sister's repugnant stink. "...No, I WANT you to smell those feet you're trapped in between, *little* bro," she giggled. "Yuna, let me have a look at the book, please!" she said, while holding and smothering poor Jay between her feet. Yuna executed, and watched happily James's sister read the book, as she could hear small complaining noises coming out of in between her feet. She thought she wouldn't manage to act in a gross way with her own loved brother.

Mom's wet panties

fetish LuvMomPanty 2017-11-09

it was pleasant surprise to find her sl**ping in just a long shirt and a thong...she was laying on her side facing away from me with her leg slightly spread open giving me a full view of crotch of her panties that barley covered her pussy. I crawled up closer and started to slowly rub my cock head up and down her already wet panties...continued to do so pushing the thong aside so that my cock head was just barely covering the tip of my cock...I wanted to just stuff my cock deep in her pussy right there and then. I stood up and went around the bed took my cum covered cock brought it to my mom's mouth and lightly rubbed her lips so she could get a taste when she woke.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 07

fetish k4d0h1 2017-11-09

"Maybe I could return the kiss?" I said marveling at her thighs and where the fabric of her thin tight shorts accentuated her great thick pussy lips. But hadn't readily a good response to keep me from pursuing as she knew I loved sucking her pussy only half as much as she enjoyed the experience herself. I wanted to feel my small dick and know she would acknowledge as even smaller than before after my clean yet sloppy seconds. I loved the idea she was talking to some big dicked ex lover and enjoying the tease. "It's fine but honey, your dick is really small, love you and all but seriously," she laughed.

Beautiful Disaster

fetish NovemberBaby 2017-11-09

So she looked at the handsome dark haired man with his curiously helpful brown eyes and said "okay." He popped the door open for her and she carefully got in. When she had finished her story, John told her that he had helped a lot of girls in situations like hers and that if she could keep an open mind, he could help her become independent and very wealthy. Although Amber was somewhat afraid, she couldn't help the feelings of arousal that stirred inside her at the sight of this big forceful man. John ravaged her young pussy and fingered her little ass until the discomfort was gone and there was nothing left but pleasure.

Veronica fists me crossdressed Part 2

fetish happytayls 2017-11-09

I was wearing a white vintage open bottomed 6 garter girdle that was at least two sizes too small but that was my favorite because I love the way my skin bulges out from under the material. My waist is cinched down to 28 inches with the help of a wide leather belt underneath my girdle which turns a chubby belly and hips into full blown sexy big ass and a belly that's feels like an appendage! She worked over my balls before starting a super sensual sucking of my cock At the same time she went to work on my steaming hot, freshly tongue fucked asshole by sticking a few fingers in and pumping them in and out....then a few more fingers...then the thumb.........then I just felt like I needed more.

Pornographic Mind

fetish M_Sirk 2017-11-09

Her face is obscured but there are close-ups of her beautiful, pear-shaped breasts (these were my favorite nude images for a long time; the particular shape of this girl's breast, caught in one side-shot, is still my ideal.) There's the ad for a shower which I found tucked away in a house and garden magazine (usually slim pickings in these - I memorised the date of it - November - so that I could find it in the pile quickly). My most powerful pornographic moment came as I was standing in the lounge room before school watching one of the morning TV programs (Mum was there too.) They started talking about a new movie called ‘The Road to Salina' and showed some clips from it, one of which was seared into my memory.

The Secretary

fetish 2017-11-09

She wore a long grey pencil skirt that accented the curve of her hips with a white blouse tucked in at the waist, fitting tight over her breasts. Sneaking a hand under the bottom edge of her skirt, he caressed her legs, enjoying the way her skin felt through her pantyhose. They felt ready to burst from the tight white blouse she was wearing and he began to undo the top buttons to help them. Pulling the pantyhose away from her body, he took it in two hands and began to tear a hole in the crotch. Pulling out slowly, he watched the way her pussy tried to hang onto him and watched as his cum began to drip out.

An Androgynephilic Daydream

fetish Trapper_Jock_Mcintyre 2017-11-09

The t-shirt is skintight and proudly shows of her hard flat pectoral muscles, the bee-sting like nipples poking out like little BBs. I watch as she strips off her gym clothes. As I nibble and lick at her salty sweat she takes my hand and guides it down to her jockstrap, placing it on the pouch. My tongue thrusts hard against her jockstrap's pouch, pushing the rough elastic fabric between her pussy lips. My rock hard cock nestles against her manly ass cheeks, so handsomely framed by the straps of her jock. I rub it up and down between the crack as I reach down with my left hand to touch her pussy right at that special spot where the straps of her jock attach to the pouch.

A Beginning ..No Turning Back!

fetish DarkSidedWolf 2017-11-09

He told her to have a nice time at the Elementary School Teachers Convention, and said that he would pick her up in three days. The pants fell to the floor, and she was left standing in her tennis shoes, socks, panties and the shredded shirt and bra, still attached to her arms. When he was done, he rinsed the razor and then ran his hands over her soft skin, probing for any errant hairs he missed. She stood before him, eyes downcast, skin cold, feeling something run down the inside of her leg to her knee, and unable to move to wipe it. She waited as he positioned her the way that he wanted her and then he took a wash cloth, soaped it and began to wash her.

The New Teacher Plays With Us Again

fetish DiggerDave 2017-11-09

In fact Sally told me that seeing the young girl's pussy full up with my sperm after I had fucked her was one of the sexiest things that she had ever seen, and then plunging her tongue into the soft folds of her used flesh to taste my sperm from inside her had turned her on incredibly. Breaking off from sucking me she spoke again to Sally, 'Alan has a nice tasty cock, I'm going to enjoy it in my pussy in a minute.' Lynda returned to my cock licking the head with her tongue and sucking it deeply into her warm wet mouth. As I slipped my softening cock out from her pussy Lynda pulled the thong out from Sally's mouth and nonchalantly threw it on the floor by the side of the bed.

strooder never gets tired of cumming for me.

fetish Lateshay 2017-11-09

Lateshay you are making me hot and my pussy wet. And you do it so well, I'll never get tired of cumming for you. Now ORDER me to cum for you again! 7:19 pm, December 5 Lateshay 4:27 pm, December 5 strooder 4:27 pm, December 5 strooder I love them babe, Ive just cum all over my keyboard, I didnt even have time to grab a tissue! That red dress is soooo sexy, my cock was hard instantly. By the time you flopped your fat tits out and started showing us your wet pussy my cock was pulsing in my trousers, you made me so hard it hurt! Wish it was my cock you were sinking deep into your pussy.

Love smell of my girl's pussy and ass after n

fetish kinkypleasures 2017-11-09

For as long as i can remember, i have loved to eat pussy and ass, so much that i would rather do that than get head myself. I am talking about frequent long binges involving hard d**gs and staying in motels and having sex non stop. During all the craziness, my girlfriend did not exactly have a regular showering schedule and i started to notice that the longer she would go, the better her pussy and ass would smell and the more turned on i would be. I absolutely loved how she smelled and tasted and many times would cum while eating her out. I don't see who could not love how pussy tastes after this long.

Emmy's Games Ch. 01

fetish hummmph 2017-11-09

I instinctively place my hand on my cock and give it a rub through the cotton of Emmy's panties and can feel myself so close to orgasm just a few strokes would have me exploding again, which makes me think twice and remember I should really text Emmy for instructions. She has got her friend involved and while I find it a struggle to feel comfortable standing there in front of her, wearing nothing on my lower half but Emmy's panties, a condom and a butt plug, I am there nonetheless so have to go with it. Suzie's tongue returns to my mouth and I close my eyes to concentrate on all the feelings, her tongue, my asshole, the condom and her hand jerking my cock.