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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Finishing Ch. 03

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2018-09-28

"Yeah, fuck my shaved pussy baby, fuck me good, make me cum, fill my cunt with your hot load!" "Cum on my dick baby, let me feel your hot shaved cunt cumming on my cock, come on, baby, cum for me," I urged, pumping harder up into her, and then she pulled her face to mine, eyes bulging and she gasped, and froze as her body was clutched by a massive orgasm. My mouth was full, and I swallowed, and then she lowered herself to my mouth, and pressed my lips to her open hole, and I sucked and licked as my slimy, salty cum filled my mouth, hot from her cunt, her sweet shaved fucked cunt.

One Little Piggy, Two Little...

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-09-28

"Oh, I thought maybe you just kept putting layers over the old coats of paint, I mean polish, you know kind of like painting the walls of a house." Donnie honestly and innocently said. Time for me to get to painting these little toesies." He said as he picked up the two bottles Mary Ann had brought from her dresser. Donnie looked up to see Mary Ann clutching her pillow, her eyes closed, and an approving smile on her lips. "Oh yea, I forgot." Donnie arranged himself back in the middle of the bed, letting Mary Ann draw her feet to his lap once more. "Okay, a bit harder than that then." Mary Ann said as she felt the whisper of his breath across her foot.

Swimsuit fantasy sex #1

fetish sneaky_31 2018-09-28

"Follow me, I know you want me bad but stretching out the fun is so much better." As Crystal started walking towards the womens changing room, I slid my hard cock back into my swimsuit and followed her. She smiled and then she licked all the way up my semi hard cock, flicked the head with her tongue a few times, then opened her mouth wide and took me in. I feel so hot, let me be on top!" We got up and I lay down on the bench were Crystal had been, the puddle of pussy juice where she had lain began soaking into the ass of my moms swimsuit.


fetish Hangdog90 2018-09-28

I had a girlfried Louise some years ago and once on a holiday in New York when we were staying at the Marriott on Lex Ave, we went to a sex shop near Time Square and bought a number of toys for her. Eventually she came to the window and as she looked down on the street 7 floors below I fucked her from behind, each thrust pressing her naked body to the glass. Back in New York in the Marriott, my thoughts turned to how good it felt to fuck Louise's tight little hole from behind, biting and kissing her neck and shoulder like a vampire.

Another Taste for Nikki

fetish MrVern 2018-09-28

After spending the next hour taking a long leisurely bath, and using all of her will power not to play with her hot little pussy, she went about getting dressed. They walked contentedly down the street, Nikki with her hand at his arm, occasionally leaning her head into his shoulder. Nikki felt incredibly vulnerable and incredibly turned on at the same time as his hot hands ran lovingly over her ass. “Does Daddy’s little girl need her cute ass spanked, Nikki?” He asked. Without warning, Dean slipped one hand under her twisting hips and found her wet hot pussy. Dean continued to fuck her hot little pussy with forceful thrusts of his cock.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 04

fetish Suzanne James 2018-09-28

The latest treats were designed to entertain me during Jack's 10 day absence: as I admired the leather bra with nipple cut-outs, Jack stood behind me cupping my breasts in his large hands, tantalizing my nipples through my silk shirt. "I'll give him a show," I thought, and cupped my breasts in my hands, feeling the soft leather encasing them, and stuck my ass in the air to further entice him. "Let's see how tight your asshole is--do we need to get it stretched out a bit?" Jack's finger probed into me, and I moaned, pressing my ass against his hand. I looked at us in the mirror: me, on my hands and knees, naked except for the black leather and clips, with my ass in the air and my tits grazing the bed.

Wife shares Husband with BFF

fetish DrLit 2018-09-28

Jessie came in and said, "Zoey asked me if you will wear panties all day and if she can pick which ones. Jessie said, "What if we told Zoey her job was to pleasure you and I let her wear my strapon. Zoey said, "Do you mind telling me every little detail about the day Jessie dressed Jason as a woman in Key West. The simple idea was Jessie was going to use a big black strapon cock on me, but she turned the entire day into a sexual adventure. Jessie thought it sounded like a good idea, but told Zoey to stay quiet for a while so we can work our way into the conversation.

Neighbor Terri

fetish bareman 2018-09-27

Although he didn't know it at the time, the turning point came one day when Tim had just finished cutting the grass, enjoying covert glances at Terri while he worked. You just keep sucking that cum out of my pussy!" she screamed as she came and began to gush even more liquids into Tim's mouth. The dread grew stronger each day and Tim volunteered to work the weekend in order to be away from the house in case Tom was looking for him. He had already looked out the window to see Tom's truck was gone and Terri's car was home, so the knock at the door was probably going to be her.

Cum Eating Husband

fetish batgirl-lsa 2018-09-27

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy. bed - I cum too soon and my cock is too small, only She told me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard wife's lovers legs sucking him off, my own cock grew to by the hair and pulled my mouth off her lover's cock. After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my and said, Put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife fucked she told me to kiss her feet and suck her toes. This guy had just cum on wife s face 30 minutes up!" I opened my mouth and she stuffed her lover's cum

The Panties Ch. 01

fetish sweetliljac 2018-09-27

He dropped the pink satin bikini panties he had pulled from her drawer onto Jaclyn's bed and quickly made his way to the bedroom door. As his imagination ventured beyond what he knew from memory, he reached down and grasped the pair of Jaclyn's panties on the bed near him and placed them over his cock; which now stood at full attention. Just as he got the dresser drawer closed the door to Jaclyn's room slowly opened and Monica stood in the doorway; her sexy body concealed only by a single towel. "Well you can see her later, come help me figure out what to wear," Monica uttered while grabbing Nick by his wrist and pulling him out of her sister's room.

Maria and the Professor

fetish elvago 2018-09-27

As Professor Vega began his lecture, Maria opened her legs wide enough for him to see that not only did she not have panties on, but that her pussy was as clean shaven as a little girl's. Finally, I want you to use this on me." And with that, Professor Vega opened up the top drawer of his oak desk and pulled out a seven inch strap-on cock. After strapping her "cock" in place she turned to the professor and licked her lips while imagining the little slut on his hands and knees begging for her to tear his asshole apart. Maria fucked Professor Vega for a good half hour and never once allowed him to cum.

Futa Ghosts Ch. 01

fetish FutaMonster 2018-09-27

It didn't help that, while far from being ugly, Carla also wasn't in the same league as Vanessa and her cronies when it came to looks. Carla ran her hand along a bookshelf, wondering which one to read this time, when she noticed that the door to James' study was open. As swiftly as it came, the sensation went again, and Carla found herself still lying on the bed, sheathed in sweat and a now familiar ache between her legs. Carla held her breath, watching in awe as the body she had always wanted began to take shape on her previously average figure. Carla's eyes opened when she felt a weird sensation between her legs.

Amateur Photographer Ch. 07

fetish davidwriter 2018-09-27

The only thing that gives you away is this," she said, her hand finding its way to my crotch: "Mmm, your cock appears to have become hard and it's showing through the dress. I was wearing a little black dress and heels, fake tits and wig, and underneath my cock was hard. "Do you think I'd make a good porn star?" she said, addressing the camera, as she began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. Well, it felt good, but then she simply shifted up a gear, pulling her mouth off me and then plunging straight back down, not even pausing as she built up speed and momentum – up and down, all the way, up and down, sucking hard on the upstroke.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 02

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-09-27

The vision of her naked, on her hands and knees, with a six inch enema tip in her ass, stirred life back into my spent dick. Sarah walked over to me, placed a hand on my semi-flaccid dick and her other hand found the protruding end of my butt plug and gave both a couple of tugs. As I stood in the shower, I could help but think about Mary Ellen and the others getting enemas within just a few feet of my home. "You ever fuck a woman in the ass, while she had a twelve ounce beer bottle stick in her pussy?"

"Coyote and the Wolf" part 5

fetish eloeelwe69 2018-09-27

Letting the cock slip from his mouth, he turned his head to look at the awakened wolf with a smile on his face. Lupo sprang from the bed and ran down the stairs, grabbing his sword and sheath from the pile of supplies he had left on the floor the day before, he buckled it around his waist. For now I bid you a good nights rest, and I will see you in the morning,” Stroking Lupo's cheek as he walked by, he added, “Come up when you are done with that, the night is getting cold!” Turning, he walked up the stairs to bed.

Later Discovery Ch. 05

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-27

Phyllis can feel a new stretch in her sphincter muscles and flinches just a little, so that Mark can tell he is close to her comfortable capacity. Mark presses more and finds that his hand is moving into her rectum with greater ease; although the pressure on his bunched fingers proves to him the pressure Phyllis must be feeling. On another weekend, Phyllis was relaxing with the big plug inside her, half expecting mark to come with his hand at some stage. Phyllis presses and massages her labia and clitoris, while feeling his package hardly moving gently inside her body. And with a big 3-inch plug in her rectum all day; to be replaced by Mark's hand or else his sex-package as often as they wish.

Chantal Rose: At the Club

fetish Coeur de Dragon 2018-09-27

You throw your head back, take his hands in yours and move them from your hips upwards so four hands cup your breasts, feeling the hard points of your nipples as they strain against your red dress. I see the soft smile on you face as you look up at them and your hands reach up and tug the opening of your dress apart, revealing a soft lavender bra, cupping your breasts in soft purple lace. Your eyes close as you enjoy the tugging and pulling of your nipples, the small jiggles of your breasts as they are cupped, held and squeezed. Contrasting against the paler skin of your breasts, framed by the pulled open bodice of your red dress, resting on the discarded lace cups of your lavender bra.

One Good Deed Deserves Another

fetish johnnymindcrime 2018-09-27

Kyle stood outside the door, nervous about why his teacher, Mrs. Lovewell, wanted to see him. Mrs. Lovewell slid her fingers over her wedding ring and looked over at Kyle. Mrs. Lovewell smiled back and looked over at him. Mrs. Lovewell bit her lip, not wanting to grin too widely or blurt out an answer right away. Mrs. Lovewell stood up, ready to show Kyle her good. Kyle began fucking her faster, his cock stretching her hot, tight pussy. "Oh God, Mrs. Lovewell!" Kyle said through his hard breathing. Kyle continued slowly sliding in and out of her until his cock went limp. Mrs. Lovewell sat down in her chair, stroked her freshly fucked pussy, rubbed her sexy flat stomach and smiled.


fetish mdgsparks 2018-09-27

Mitch looked up from his relaxing pose and noticed Stephanie standing a few feet away. Sam placed his hands on Stephanie's feet and began to massage them. Sam kept rubbing her feet, noticing the ever widening gap of the towel as more and more of Stephanie's flesh was exposed. She slid her right hand under the towel casually and let the bare sole of her foot touch the flesh of his manhood, running her toes along it and teasing his balls. Stephanie kicked her right foot and tossed the towel covering Mitch to the ground getting a full view of his massive cock, rivaling Sam's, standing at full attention being coaxed by her foot.

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 05

fetish yellowfrog 2018-09-27

I can remotely actuate the dome of micro electrodes imbedded on the head of his lovely penis, alternately squeezing it tighter than if it were under my foot. Or just for fun I would walk over, have Bob kneel on all fours, open his ass wide with two thumbs, and invite the shemales to cum in his ass. Sooner or later, he knows my pinky will finger-fuck his cute and tiny pee hole. To go with the prostate micro devices and the micro electrodes deeply imbedded into the head of his lovely penis, Gail suggested and extremely imaginative solution. From my tablet I can, at will, open up his urethra so wide even Pammy's stubby fingers can finger-fuck his pee hole.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 03

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-09-27

"Greg," she asked, "Let's just say I told you to go into the dressing room with Cathy to try on your panties, would you have done it?" After I was about 20 paces away, I started to think about the conversation Julie and I were having about trying on panties with Cathy when the girl walked up to us. At first, Cathy didn't understand, but Julie told her that I was 'bigger than average' and I always seemed to have problems keeping my 'private parts' inside the panties, which is actually the truth. Cathy asked her straight out "Let me make sure I understand this, you're telling me it's going to be okay if I'm in the fitting room with your husband while he's changing clothes – trying on panties?

Space Camp Ch. 03

fetish kcunningh 2018-09-27

Bobby called Kylie and Tiffany's room and let them know "the eagle has landed." Bobby thought that code was appropriate for letting the girls know they had the beer. Lisa finished the beer and crawled into Tiffany's bed to get changed into a dry diaper. He chugged his beer and got into Kylie's bed to change his wet diaper. She chose "dare" on her turn and when Tiffany realized Kylie had a wet diaper, she dared Kylie to let Bobby change her into a dry diaper. Bobby pulled the front of the wet diaper down and took a wipe to clean Kylie's pubic area. Bobby pulled the wet diaper out from under Kylie.

Wife and friend fuck for the first time #2 of 6

fetish Rapidserpent 2018-09-27

This fantasy involving Ann, and my friend Bob began very innocently, with little more than teasing, but we both found ourselves so turned on by the thought of another man fucking her that we kept replaying it. Before I slipped into the bed last night, leaving my wife Ann, and my best friend Bob, alone in a situation which I was certain would end up with the two of them fucking each other, she and I attempted to make a rational decision of whether or not to cross that line. I wanted to toss a little gasoline on our sexual fire, and figured fucking her in the same bed that Bob did last night, would be a good place to start.

Surfer girl

fetish hothothot103 2018-09-27

She got out of the water about maybe 5 minutes before I did and I headed back to my car. After about 10 minutes and digging at it with my keys I said "I guess you're gonna drive home wet" - the key pouch with her car key in inside her suit "do you want to call someone? So we go inside her house and try to find some WD-40 or anything to undo the wetsuit...but its not happening, in the meantime we're fumbling around making out, i'm grabbing her crotch and we're trying to pull this zipper down - not happening. Finally she says "fuck it" grabs her keys and just punches a hole in the crotch of her wetsuit, tears it a bit and grabs my hard cock in and stuffs it in.