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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tales of a Knicker Thief

fetish teppictoo 2017-11-09

Many people I know would be astonished, appalled, to know what I get up to, but I plan to continue my devious ways until I am no long able to get an erection from seeing and handling a pair of women's knickers, and until what lies between a woman's legs no longer holds a fascination for me. The reason I noticed this immediately was because the right-hand drawer was half pulled out, and lying on top of it, also half in and half out, was something that caused an intake of breath the depth of which I have never experienced in my life since - a pair of Anna's knickers! The other thing I unwittingly discovered that day was that a girl is more likely to notice a pair of knickers out of place (what?

Latex Doll Sarah

fetish Merc_Silver 2017-11-09

She was surprised when her boyfriend called her that night, completely unaware of just how much time had passed, but hearing him talk to her made her feel better as she lay there, touching herself while he spoke to her, telling her how much better she'd feel being mindless, and that she should call in sick to work for the week and stay home. Laying in her bed, covered in latex, she had originally been moaning into her gag as the toys in her cunt and ass vibrated on and off, causing her to cum and cum, until she could no longer cum anymore, while thoughts of a life of latex and being used flooded through her head until everything seemed to become blank and she could no longer move or think.

Three Old Tarts and a Sissy Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-11-09

"Can't wait for you to put me up the spout Charlotte, that daughter I want has been a long time coming," said Joan stroking her own large breasts. I sat on Sonia's lap picking her nose, waiting for Diane Bennett. "Would you come and sit on my lap Charlotte sweetheart, time for me to breast-feed you," said Diane in her kinky voice. sweetheart, you are so kinky, You loved my ugly sister Jenny Bendle as well didn't you Charlotte sweetheart," Said Diane softly. "Thank you very much sissy Charlotte Church, I am so happy to be put up the spout by my new kinky girlfriend," said Diane before kissing me passionately on the lips., for the last time that day.

Am I Ready to be a Cuckold?

fetish cheekybrit 2017-11-09

Her husband was just sat there, watching on a chair next to the bed as this big, muscly guy told him how much he wanted to fuck his wife. I don't know why, but I didn't even care what the thumbnail looked like, just the idea of this was turning me on now. I thought nothing of it at first but as I opened up one of my favorite cuckold movies I started to imagine that Emily had brought back this man herself, as my treat. The trapdoor had been opened, and from then on every time I masturbated my mind turned to the thought of Emily with another man. I think in the video he pulls out and finishes on her breasts," Emily said.

Frank's Friend 2

fetish biguy52x 2017-11-09

By the time we got to the apartment Marie had my cock fully hard and charged. We got into the apartment and Frank was looking at Marie's huge tits and her nipples poking through her blouse. Tina smiled and said I know this is Frank's fantasy. Frank shoved his cock in and started fucking Tina. Frank said the paper says man eating pussy while other girls sucking same man. Tina got in a 69 with me and Frank shoved his hard cock into her pussy. Tina's pussy was dripping still and Marie was fucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Finally free of Tina and Frank I got Marie on all fours and buried my cock in her ass and started fucking her.

The pretty teen voyeur (another true story)

fetish steeeviej 2017-11-09

As it happened that half frosted window was not enough to stop the pretty teen girl across the way on the 5th floor having a good look at my cock from above. I pulled Leigh’s head onto my cock, that view was clearly visible to the watching teen. I would momentarily pull my head away to look up at the window, she was still there, just taking in the view. The fucking shows with Leigh went on for around 3 more months until our relationship inevitably ended, I carried on wanking with a teen audience, she didn’t seem to mind the change at all until I moved house a few months later.

A letter from Daisy

fetish steveobrien 2017-11-09

You said you was gonna pulled out and got me to suck on your cock really only took a couple of really hard sucks and you came in my mouth. Then you told me that you wanted me to answer the door.....still only wearing my skirt, stockings and suspenders. You got me to suck you off while he fucked my pussy from behind........everytime I came, I ended up biting your cock.....which made you keep telling the guy to fuck me harder and to make me cum even more.......biting must have really turned you on. The guy said that was the best tip he had ever got, and in future, if we used the hotel, to ask for him when ordering room service!!!

Local Hero's Room With A View

fetish deputy duffy 2017-11-09

"Steven, Mandy is going to help me wash you today, is that all right?" Nurse Maria asked. Nurse Maria helped her into the next bed, and Cindy quickly pulled the sheet over her, as if to cover her small gown that did little to cover her obvious curves. I got the quick feeling that Cindy wasn't really happy sharing her room with me, and when Nurse Maria left, well she confirmed it, by simply telling me so. Getting the ok, Nurse Maria started to wash Cindy's stomach, running the sponge up in-between her breasts, before making small circles around them, finally slowly running it right over Cindy's pink nipple.

Now I'm Their Slave Ch. 02

fetish GeminiMoon66 2017-11-09

"Dale, you'd better hold on to that bitch tight!" He wrapped his hands around my head and guided it up and down on his cock as Liz cracked my ass with the belt seven times in rapid succession. The thoughts of Sue sucking my cock were racing through my mind and my whole body seemed to relax a little bit, when all of a sudden I felt the belt slap square on my raging hard on, smashing my balls into the chair at the same time! With that the belt cam down the final two times on my cock and even though the pain was so fucking intense, I felt my balls tighten again and more cum spurted across the table with each hit!

The Boy's Story (Chapter 8)

fetish gazzy43 2017-11-09

I feel my Master withdraw his fingers and then suddenly his mouth is on my arse and his tongue is pushing into my hole - this causes me to moan happily and he takes his mouth off and spanks my cheeks again several times making them sting. I feel it slip past my arse muscle and he starts twisting it and sliding it back and forward giving me good feelings and I am sure it is making him happy too. Suddenly I feel him pushing the other end of the double dildo against my hole and it is starting to stretch me open very wide. I nod and he tells me to lay on the bed where he attaches the nipple clamps giving them a pull to send good waves to my cock and balls.

G Is For Golden Shower

fetish velvetpie 2017-11-09

“Mr. Baxter?” I had been in my bathroom, standing in the shower and enjoying the feel of my urine flowing through my fingers and wetting my hand when she knocked on the door. I flushed the toilet, ran the shower to clean the piss and rinsed my hands, opening the door a minute later, buttoning my pants. “I’m Julie Ruckle and I’ve been assigned to you for the summer.” The warmth of his piss covered the bare skin of my skull and dripped down the sides of my face, like a warm shower from mother Earth. I didn’t pay much attention because I was madly jerking off, excited by the feeling of the urine drying on my skin.

Fifty and Fine! Part III

fetish goinstrong 2017-11-09

With my cock covered with wine, Susie said, "Can't waste it" and took my cock into her mouth. As soon as penetration took place, she let out a big "MMMMMMMM!" She began to work my cock like it had been a long time for her. While she sucked and stroked my cock, I repositioned and poured wine on her cunt. I slid my tongue into her slit, stiffened it like a cock, and began to shrust back and forth. She began to buck a bit, and my cock fell out of her mouth. She got comfortable, I grabbed my cock and began to spray. Since she was still wet inside her cunt, I slid my cock inside her slit and pissed.

Fun at the Park

fetish writerbyheart 2017-11-09

Then came the shit; which I let come out enough only enough to touch the diaper before pushing the whole log out, it took a whole minute for all of the built up shit to come fully out, and another 30 seconds or so for the pee to finish. The pull up couldn't hold it all, and a faint stream had came running down my leg, the diaper was beyond full - it had swelled quite a bit, full of my warm piss and huge log of shit, making it and my shorts sag. But I held back the temptation and decided to walk towards the bathroom, the pile of shit rubbing against my ass, complementing the heavenly feel of warm piss that covered my whole crotch area.

30 Days or Bust: Day 05

fetish l8bloom 2017-11-09

Marie thought she was going to be buying her own car; I was along for the ride, so to speak, to help her learn to negotiate the car-buying process. Being of the male persuasion myself, I have a pretty fair idea what goes through a man's mind when he lays eyes on a lady like that. "I'm helping my niece buy a car." I gestured back at Marie and Wilson, who were waiting with WTF expressions on their faces. My family thought I designed fonts for a living, and I sure wasn't going to enlighten them any time soon. Ten minutes later I was talking alone with Lisa while the garage worked on her car. Marie was out road-testing the sports car, a nervous Wilson riding shotgun.

The Day Lana Turned Me Into Her Daughter!

fetish 2017-11-09

She almost threw me into the tub of hot water and ordered me to put my legs on the edge of the tub and proceeded to shave them, my arms, chest, and cock and any hair in my ass. She laughed and said, "By the time this weekend ends you will definitely be able to go longer." She took a bottle of hand cream off the night stand and lowered her self back on my still erect member. At that moment Lana came out of no where and took my hand and scolded me and him saying, "She did not raise a slut and I was too young for this stuff." The young man turned 10 shades of white when he heard that and bolted when she told him to get lost.

Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 02

fetish qexiqex 2017-11-09

Nice, big, pale white tits; flawless skin; small, bright pink nipples; probably 20 years old at most. The driver laughed heartily, grabbed one of the dangling tits above his head and let his fingers sink into the warm flesh. Right next to her we have a pair of Mexican origin, 22 years old, milk-chocolate colored, fat, brown nipples, tight and a real pleasure to squeeze. The happy man closely examined every single pair in the entire bus, first removing the colored sac, then squeezing the now revealed, warm melons. "What the hell is going on?" howled a girl in row one as her tits suddenly got compressed further, "I'm squeezed tight already, suckers!"

Eating Leah's Arse

fetish JadeSerpent 2017-11-09

My new flatmate Leah was a grade A cock tease, in the mornings she'd often strut around the flat in nothing but a short red velvet nightie that barely covered her well rounded arse. They where simple white cotton, nothing fancy, at the time I hadn't seen a real pussy in the flesh and just the thought of picking up something that had been in such intimate contact with my step sisters cunt had my teenage prick rock hard in about three seconds. I rubbed my hard cock against her sensitive pussy lips to get it good and wet, then I slide it between her arse cheeks held them together around it and started to thrust, I wasn't fucking her arse, it was more like a tit-job but using her arse checks.

Dominated by a Couple Ch. 01

fetish a_random_user 2017-11-09

You will remember to do your dishes in the future, and I know Henry would like to see your nude form. "By the way, I quite like the clothes you wear," said Henry conversationally. "Why don't you help her with that Henry?" said Victoria. "Yes, I know you have been looking forward to seeing them dear," said Victoria. "Sit on my lap here dear," Victoria said. She took Henry by his arm and they walked over to their room and closed the door quickly. Judging from the moans I began to hear from Victoria and Henry's room, they felt the same way. "Oh you fucking bastard, I can't believe it but yes, I want that, I want to watch you enjoy yourself playing with April's body.

Ms. Marca Ch. 53

fetish Ms. Marca 2017-11-09

He moved his hand up to my lower stomach and ribbed it and said "I tell you how we can get that job and you can make some money out of the deal and get some cock at the same time." He kept one hand on me and picked up his cell phone and said "give me the bank number and ask for the bankers secretary not the banker and ask her how the bids look!" I did as he said and the girl just told me everything and I know she was not to give out that information and the whole time I was on the phone with her he was rubbing my legs and the back of my neck. "Good girl, I knew you would see it my way!" He let me up and as I got up I began to rub my ass and could feel the heat coming off it from the whacks he had given me and as I looked at him he smiled and said "Take off your thong!"

Beaten Into Submission With Strap-on

fetish fun4all6969 2017-11-09

As she got out of the tub I noticed her smooth pussy and as she went by me she brushed my hard cock with her hand and it started twitching. Stacy was in front of me ordering me to suck on her and Janet said "you better lube up your ass Slave or that 6" Dildo is going to hurt. I started stroking and Janet hit my hand hard with the whip and then slapped my face. While Janet was fucking me late in the night, the other girls propped up my ass with pillows so that my cock was up above my face.

Under Lock And Key Ch. 05

fetish mmurrells 2017-11-09

Gabby was too exhausted to take much, but I took great satisfaction when I roughly grabbed Evey's hips and pulled her back against me, making sure she felt every thrust as I exploded into her. She and Evey gave me nods of approval, Gabby slapping my ass appreciatively as they retired to their room. Gabby and Evey took turns fucking him in every possible position it seemed, and while one got his cock, the other rode my face. Evey used her mouth to finish him off, spitting what ended up in her mouth onto Gabby's perfect little asshole, then squeezing his cock tightly making sure every last drop got where she intended it to go.

A Lesson in Humility

fetish Jaxon16 2017-11-09

Virginia and Sarah excused themselves for the ladies room leaving Lisa and Jack with their lawyer. Jack woke at 6, got ready, gave Lisa a kiss and words of encouragement, and left in dire need of a cup of coffee. Lisa took the subway up to Union Square wanting to start her day in compliance with Sarah's demand for public transportation. By this time another five men had entered the shop, and all of them were staring at Lisa in the barber chair. Lisa thought for a moment that Sarah might deliver her remaining hair a pardon, but she sat down resigned to being an egg head for three months. Lisa sat staring at her head in the mirror, while Dan excused himself to the back room.

My Fuckdooll

fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-09

Forcing my huge cock deep into my cousin's throat, and with every thrust hearing her gag on it like a whore. Trixie nodded, opened her mouth wide, and started beating my cock off against her tongue. She grinned again, and took my entire cock into her mouth and I violently fucked her face for another few minutes. The orgasm was so strong that her arms gave way and I was left fucking her pussy so hard that her face got pushed into the floor. TRIXIE: Jack...please...I want you to fuck me in the ass. As this was happening, I moved back a foot or so, held my cock, and started to piss all over cousin's face.

Open House for Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2017-11-09

I was nearly dizzy from the delirium but continued slowly stroking until I had emptied my balls into the crotch of Tammy's tiny, white, crocheted bikini bottoms. I held up my right hand and showed her, "Actually, I like this particular bikini of hers." I said nothing about the pink cotton panties in my pocket. I want you to fill my black panties with your cum!" Cindy said, never taking her eyes off my hand feverishly pumping my dick. Cindy picked up Tammy's white bikini bottoms, still wet with my cum and handed them to me.