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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wife Worship

fetish Toddylovenew 2017-11-09

Slowly, I pulled my pink panties just beneath my ass cheeks, spread my legs, and bent over slightly, and I waited. My Wife liked to see me that way, my ass slightly spread open for her. I rearranged my position so that as she stood I could place my face between her legs and clean the last drops of her release. I washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth and crawled back into the bedroom to find her lying face down on the bed, her ass high in the air, a pillow under her belly. My Wife used me like that for an hour and then she rolled over and spread her legs.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 06

fetish jawanaut 2017-11-09

"He slid my dress up and began to rub my clit, gently," she said starting to jerk my cock, slowly." After he heard me climax, he came up and slid himself inside me, then fucking me on the hood of his car, he grabbed my hips and reached in to feel my ass." She said as her feet still rubbed up and down my leg. When they returned, John sat back down and I dealt again, while Mary said she was going to change and headed upstairs. As the kiss quickly ended my wife flipped over, to her knees, her feet hanging off the edge of the couch as John moved in again inserting his dick in my wife's pussy.

d**g fueled after club sex

fetish Brighton9 2017-11-09

Gabriella quickly moved her head away, from Suzannas crotch, she turned to me & said “I think she wants to come with a cock inside her” with that, she slowly (very slowly & very sensually slid off me, leaving a sticky, glistening, sexy white coating on my shaft, she then embraced me kissing me passionately, whilst slowly moving me into position between her friends outspread legs, twitching glistening crotch beconing, I sunk into Sizannas soaking wet vagina, releasing every twitch & squirm, “Shit yes! “hey you, how are you doing" I asked in my dodgy spanish I was met by the sight of Suzanna rubbing her soaking wet fingers over her nipples….I didn’t need much persuasion to suck away… OMG she tasted amazing… My cock was twitching away, & I knew I was on borrowed time… I was so turned on I could come @ any second...

Long Night Ch. 02

fetish tieddown 2017-11-09

Before I could think she was deep down on his cock...he was moaning, and if I did not know better she was looking to milk him of his cum quickly. I need someone in my pussy, someone in my ass, and I need to suck a cock so bad." The men quickly obliged her, one moving to each location. The man receiving the blow job was next to pop, and he quickly pulled out of her mouth just as he was cumming and sprayed his juice onto her face. "Get in your proper place!" I moved over to lick her ass clean, and was greet by the rich smell of another man's cum.

Sharing Her

fetish TG12 2017-11-09

I ripped her pantyhose apart (she was not wearing panties) and holding her ankles, knelt on the floor beside the bed and began to eat her.  She squirmed under our combined assault, Dan kneading her breasts and sucking on her nipples while I teased her clit. I liked between each delicate lip, around and over, and repeated the process.    Finally I could stand it no longer and while he held her arms I pulled her legs up, still holding her ankles, and slowly penetrated her wet sex.  I pumped her for awhile, letting go of one nylon covered leg so I could rub her clit while I fucked her.

Nina's New Suit

fetish fetisha_44 2017-11-09

Something is hitting your knees as you dangle from the ceiling, I lower you so that you are on your toes, and spread your legs apart, and draw the crotch strap from the corset into place, inserting two smallish plugs into your vagina and asshole respectively. I draw them onto each foot, carefully lacing them tightly, and then the straps are stretched and locked in place. I place your arms centering them on your spine, and draw the flaps closed over your arms, leaving only your hands free, as I lace you into the attached single glove, drawing your elbows together.

A(r)mbush Ch. 2

fetish belab 2017-11-09

Somebody shouted "Take it off and show us your bushy underarms" another screamed "lift your arms and show us the jungle in your underarms." Obviously the pre show publicity had worked as the men were dying to se my unshorn armpit locks. Then he first touched my bushy armpits and pulled the long hair and then grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth. My relief was short-lived as Shane told him "Fuck the bitch put your dick into her hairy pussy I gasped as he crawled up onto the table and between my legs and every one watched as he positioned himself and he slowly inserted his monster phallus into my wet hole.

The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 04

fetish RandyVicar 2017-11-09

"I've spent many nights with my fingers in my cunt, thinking about this cock." Kurt slipped a hand inside her bathrobe, fondling one of her breasts as she stroked him. Richard's eyes widened as Kurt's erection reached its full size in Clara's hand. Taking her eyes off Richard, Clara gazed at Kurt's cock. Clara looked at Richard, the head of Kurt's cock in her mouth. Clara now turned to Richard, her face covered in Kurt's cum. Richard was frozen as he watched Kurt drive his hand deeper into Clara's cunt with each stroke. Clara watched as Kurt reached over her and shoved his massive paw in Richard's face. Kurt took his hand out of Richard's face and offered it to Clara.

Under the Thumb

fetish realbigsid69 2017-11-08

"Slow down a bit" she quietly said and he let her hand on his head push it down again. He approached her and knelt down, letting her swing her legs over his shoulders then rose gently so she could reach the shelf. His mouth moved closer to her asshole and he felt her lean forward, just a little, but enough to allow his tongue to reach her properly. He got down off the sofa as she extended one leg out a little, letting him take it in his hands. "There you go" she said matter of factly and watched with more intensity as his mouth bent this time, using his tongue and teeth to prise the chocolate from her foot.

Sexy Thai Student Welcomes Teacher

fetish StarfireMayo 2017-11-08

Unlike those poor visitors who fall in love with a bar whore, and then are surprised to find themselves fleeced of every last cent, I was lucky enough to find out that the other beautiful and normal Thai girls want nothing more than to have a white cock in their bed too. Now, I suddenly realised that Thailand was in fact teaming with sexy young things called "students" driving around on their small scooters and wearing very short black skirts designed to give the locals and tourists a hard-on. Although the average Thai girl is very shy, prude and reserved in public, once you get her in bed, she will fuck your cock off and come hard too, leaving you to stagger around with your dick aching from over use.

Goldenrod Ch. 08

fetish rlmmike 2017-11-08

Come," she said, and gestured for me to ascend with her the way she came. The surface was cold, but suddenly hot water began gushing into it from fish-shaped nozzles at its northern and southern ends. I turned to see Star standing on the side of the tank looking as she had when she left, with the addition of an eight inch golden dildo attached to her by similarly flashing bands. "You are the Golden Flower," I said, my eyes wide in astonishment. A black plastic band adorned with velvet cat ears was in her hair, which was parted on the left and fell to her jawline at both sides. "Good," she said, stepping down from the stage.

Liquid Shower

fetish michaelhunt 2017-11-08

It was when I said the magic word that I wanted my thick dick in her hot sexy ass that Collette turned off the hottub and led me to our bedroom. I thought we were going to use the bed but Collette reminded me of the time we'd finished off an anal sex session with my pulling out of her ass in the shower. I knew she wasn't going to last long because as soon as I pushed the small buttplug into her ass, she began trembling and shuddering in orgasm. Collette remained on her back as I got on my knees and rubbed the tip of my fat cock up and down her puffy cunt lips.

Cheerleader Showdown

fetish TitfightAugur 2017-11-08

Samatha could feel her round boobs, as large and full as they were, bending against Riley's firm set, while also pushing out the exterior of the redhead's slightly smaller tits and making their flesh distort and shift. For a moment, the blonde's heavy jugs bulged out as Riley forced her firm pair forward, only for the redhead to groan, feeling her flesh be displaced momentarily by the other girls's full breasts. At others, the blonde's big boobs seemed to shape Riley's set, pushing her tits up or down depending on where the bulk of Samantha's hefty jugs were placed. Slowly, Samantha worked her heavy boobs over Riley's tits, pushing the redhead's set back, only for them to spring back into shape a moment later.


Caden's Adventure

fetish DaddysBadLilGirl 2017-11-08

If you decide to stop this and fail my class just snap your fingers." He said as he pulled her shirt open, leaving the sleeves on her arms, but fully exposing her white strapless bra. Courtney whimpered as Mr. Caden leaned over her "You don't like it when you're the one being teased do you Miss Delany?" he asked, remember all the times that she'd 'accidently' flashed him a glimpse of her panties in class, and all the times she'd bite her lip or hold her pen in her mouth seductively as she worked on a test or assignment.

Memories from my wank bank Part 1 : My First Footj

fetish 2017-11-08

I began caressing her leg and this caused her foot to press up against my groin. To both our surprises the feel of her pantyhosed foot pressed against me gave me an immediate erection. Then to tease me further she continued 'Take your cock out and wank it hard, think about what it would be like to fuck me'. 'Mmmm' she said 'you like that?' and brought her other foot round so my cock was standing proud between the arches of her feet. She began to gently run her feet up and down my cock. She began to buck and writhe as she orgasmed and I could feel her pantyhose become soaking wet.

First Thirst Ch. 14

fetish NastyPierre 2017-11-08

The voice continued wall-papering my mind with the rules, long after the head phones had been removed. That one 'word,' I now needed like an orgasm to combat the unsilenced voice in my head and its recital. I tried to help each of Nutte's ill-timed lifts, by moving like a worm, in hopes of lessening the pain. Every time a buckle came loose I sighed with a relief that was quickly covered by the voice in my head and its rules. Nutte reached down to work the last belt from my head and the rubber ball from my mouth. I waited, knowing what to expect and when Nutte turned to look down at me, I went up on my knees with mouth opened wider.


Pegged Husband

fetish ilsop 2017-11-08

We had thought of different ways to solve the exit recessional problem, but in the end, we decided that it was the least odd for the Best Man and I to process out together. After another ten minutes, I realized my sister was at least right about one thing: Sasha had wanted me to stay. And I appreciated her resolve to live life without illusions: Sasha said what she saw, whether she liked it or not. Of course, since we had continued dating, my sister wanted to know what was going on in the bedroom. My sister said, "So there's no actual sex yet, umm, you know, how she asked you before?"

Creampie Skank

fetish rick_oh 2017-11-08

"Tell you what," she continued, "Have my cream pie and you can fuck me a second time, any way you want - soft, hard, rough, any way." "We're going to make a good banana cream pie," she said with a giggle. I kept it slow as long as I could -- I wanted to experience this girl's pussy and the smooth vaginal muscles that I had seen when she had the speculum inside her. Her hands felt good, and my cock was hardening again. I've got a good banana cream pie in there for you. True to her word, she took my cream-streaked cock in her mouth and, over the next hour, teased it with a skill I had not experienced before.

It Was An Accident

fetish guy4dadbear 2017-11-08

Before the words left his mouth I spun my Alpha Bottom around, ripped the back of his jogging shorts open He screamed, “Oh honey…no! I pull down the back of his short, pulled down front of mine, spat on my cock and entered my preggie Alpha Bottom’s gushing pussy. My Alpha Bottom hanging on to a tree, baby belly jiggling, tits full of milk, screaming, “Oh god how I missed your big cock, fuck your Alpha Bottom! “WHAT?!” The next thing I know my Alpha Bottom is clinging on to the same tree yelling “Oh FUCK! You fucked my pussy so hard you broke my water and I’m going into labour!”

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 06

fetish Tdisk 2017-11-08

Nancy reached out to feel Marie's swollen right breast and said, "It's so hot and hard." She kissed Marie's nipple and said to Paul, "You can enjoy your side as you want but I'm going to release the strap and assault this tit in its natural state. ""I've marked Nancy's with red nail polish." As she completed the lacing Mary told Paul, "I'd suggest both women stay corseted for 24 to 36 hours. By tomorrow night the corsets and bodies should be pretty well adjusted to each other but actually the fit gets better with each wearing if the lacing is done well." Mary locked the laces and handed Paul the key.

Duplex Ch. 10

fetish naughtyboyincali 2017-11-08

"Jason," Mary said, putting her hand under my chin so that I'd look her in the eye, "What papers did she bring by for you?" "There, all done," Mary said, "now you look like the little boy you are." With my hands on my head, I stood in the corner just like Mary wanted while she stepped into her shower and turned on the water. "I'm Rose," the older woman said, reaching out her hand to Mary. "You know, Rose," Mary said, "I haven't used an old fashioned thermometer like that in years. Mary held out a pair of shorts and just as I was about to step into them, Rose said, "Jason tells me you haven't yet spanked him for piddling in his shorts."

Couples Ch. 01

fetish YoBiteMe 2017-11-08

Hailey and I both said some things I'm sure we wouldn't when we were sober, but she was under the illusion that her tits and body were in my league and I wasn't going to let that kind of nonsense go unchallenged. I was trying to think of a way to complain about not getting to suck on that monster without letting Kevin know how much I wanted it when that bitch hopped up on a table, completely nude now, and spread her legs like the whore she is. Darren said their goodbyes and suggested that Hailey and I have a sexfight next time and also told Kevin they could have a cockfight if we wanted to confirm what everybody knew about who the better couple was.

Jezebel's Magic: Becoming Josephina

fetish twiddershins 2017-11-08

She didn't believe this incubus at first when he said he would give her magic powers to shrink her boyfriend's dick every time she sucked off another man, but she sucked the incubus off in the parking lot anyway because his huge, hard cock made her feel inexplicably horny. When she came home later, miraculously he hadn't shrunk, but Jezebel told her boyfriend she wanted him to feel that insecurity always, constantly worrying if she might suck off anybody on the street and take away his dick. Jeff had milliseconds left before his girlfriend would close in on Rick's epic dick and make him cum, stealing her cucked-out, humiliated sissy boyfriend's size 1 widdle wee wee away forever.

T.L.P. Sophomore Year Ch. 01

fetish TaraJean 2017-11-08

By the time Julie and I got in, Vicki and Lisa were locked in an embrace, their lips attacking each other as their hands rubbed up and down over their wet bodies. I breathed a heavy sigh and said, "OK, dammit, but Don't Cut Me!" Julie clapped her hands together and joyfully ran out of the shower, coming back in a moment later with a new box of shavers and shaving gel. As I looked into the dressing room, there on the floor next to her pumps, stockings and garter belt was the red thong, curled up on itself, I could tell that she'd rolled it off of her body.