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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Big and Bold

fetish anonymous3 2017-11-08

As I let the door close, I felt Emma ease behind me and drop her hands to my waist. Then I realized it felt very nice, and I slumped, and leaned into Emma, and let her have her way. The way my belly works, there'll be a few more rounds," Emma said. I'm tucking your head between my legs, and I'm gonna lay a load right on the back of it," Emma said. I carefully moved my head to get a look; a huge, dark turd rested in Emma's hands. I went and parked myself in a recliner and just watched Emma cook, spending a lot of time enjoying the sight of her ass.

Wife in Control Ch. 04

fetish wifetoy 2017-11-08

She made me put the pantyhose on in front of her carefully watching to make sure I put them on correctly and laughing as I struggled to pull the control top portion securely over my panties and high on my waist. "Your pussy is probably still loose from my fist," she laughed and handed me a black control brief to put on making me pull it high and tight forcing the butt plug into my ass and holding it securely in place. My smooth legs looked particularly girly in the knee socks before the view took a slutty turn past the panties around my ankles to the patent leather pumps on my feet.

Part 2 of Ema becoming the f****y slut

fetish Johnnytames69 2017-11-08

And then I felt a warm pressure grow inside me, and I knew that Tommy was shooting his cum deep inside my pussy. "It's okay, Ben," Tommy said, "Ima wanted some more sex mags to jack off to. Ben's eyes got big and he turned to Tommy, who grinned, then nodded that it was true. I felt Ben grab my hips and position his huge cock between my pussy loves and slowly push in. I thanked them and gave them deep tongue kisses, then picked up my clothes and the magazines and slowly walked the length of the house back to my room, naked, with cum bubbling out of my pussy, oozing down both legs and covering my face and tits!

My Guitar Lesson

fetish pedislave 2017-11-08

By the time I finished reading her instructions my cock was surging against the hard steel bars and I was almost lightheaded my heart was beating so fast. "Once you have perfected your scales at 8 different tempos, you will then write a story about the experience, start a blog and post your story with a picture showing the guitar and nipple clamps." Very distracted by the nipple clamps, and very aware that I was now leaking pre-cum from my caged cock onto the floor, it took me many tries to sound each note cleanly and correctly at the same volume. After thoroughly scrubbing myself and applying lotion to my securely locked cock and hyper-sensitive nipples I returned to the living room to finish my punishment and write this account.

For the Love of Yoga Pants

fetish Stuntmuffin 2017-11-08

All I wanted to do was run my hands all over her yoga pant ass and explore every inch of her yoga pants and feet. Once we got to my car I trapped her against it and started kissing her neck. While I was kissing her neck she her breathing started getting deeper and I knew she was getting turned on by this. I slowly moved my hands around to her pussy I could feel the folds of it through her yoga pants. I started rubbing my finger in between the folds of her pussy while she was grinding her ass against my cock. "Sounds like a great idea!" She replied as she game me a kiss and ran her hand down to my cock.

Playing with my jailed BBC friend!

fetish Jizzylady 2017-11-08

' Oh yes, I was think of your big lovely ass and milky tits and pulled real hard, then put my big'ol slit over the bottle and fired until my head was blowing off!Ma black batter went all over filling it up and running over it then up on the back of the toilet door,' he grinned telling me! ' She then said, 'drop pants again and opened 4 packs on condoms,then she explained I should sit quiet on chair and she stroked my shaft until my big dick was up, now she could see my big balls for 1st time, she told me to open my legs as the balls were in the way!

Domestic Creampie

fetish conroy39 2017-11-08

"Baby's horny today." Between heavy breaths, her husband's only answer was a deep grunt as his thick cock sank deeper and deeper into the tight knot of her ass, slowly stretching her open. You look at them all day and brew up a huge load of cum in your big balls?" Crystal wiggled her ass again teasingly as he drew out completely for a moment. Crystal didn't speak for a long moment, lying on her belly and savoring the feeling of her husband's huge load spreading slowly inside her ass, warm and thick. Now this load's going to be in your belly." An answering groan echoed from beneath her ass cheeks, and Jeff pressed his lips up against her quivering asshole, sucking gently until she shuddered and gave up another burp of thick cum.

All Aboard? Ch. 02

fetish drab_man 2017-11-08

Sharon has since spat her thong out of her mouth and is now screaming in pleasure, her hands are on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy, not letting me draw breath as my tongue brings her to orgasm. I pick her soaking wet thong up of the cushion next to me and bring it to my nose, inhaling her scent, her inner aroma, I lick the wet fabric of the gusset tasting her pussy and mouth at the same time while Sharon sucks and licks my cock. I take my solid cock in hand and rub it all over her wet puffy cunt lips, slapping my bell-end down onto her clit until she is screaming for me to fuck her through her gag.

Panties Ch. 02

fetish murphybrown537 2017-11-08

"Seth would love to get his hands on those panties." Cait said as she bent down further to help Jasmine completely remove her bottoms. If you let him see that sexy ass of yours in those tight pink bottoms and let him get a look down your top, he'll be good and hard by the time we start our session." Cait responded with another laugh, then added, "Maybe you should join us." As Seth blatantly stared at Jasmine sexy young ass, he thought about what it would feel like to run his hands over it. Seth did just that, handed the clipboard back to Cait, then just stared at her beautiful ass wrapped in her sexy skirt as she stood and returned the clipboard to her desk.


Car Breakdown Encounter

fetish ashley26 2017-11-08

As I relaxed more I started to feel more naughty and part my thighs for Ken to get an eyeful of the vee of my panties, sitting knowing my panties are showing and a man can see the colour of my undies is a big turn on for me, it made me conscience on how wet I was. On the wall above the fireplace was a large mirror, I looked at my reflection, the dressing gown was so see through, my undies were clearly showing, I knew Ken was getting an uninterrupted view of my undies, knowing what he could see only increased my arousal, I was conscience of how wet my panties were as they passed between my legs.

Scarf Collectors Ch. 02

fetish oggbashan 2017-11-08

She had made me helpless: entangled, bound and gagged with silk scarves. She had bound and gagged me with soft sensuous silk scarves. Cecilia's hand flashed across my face, stuffing my mouth again with silk. She arranged a heavy silk scarf on my head, blinkering my view to each side. My arms and legs were still tied with silk scarves. From a dressing table drawer she pulled a long white silk scarf. Cecilia untied the silk scarf around my hips, exposing my straining erection. Her hands pressed down hard, holding the ends of the white scarf. When I woke, all I could see was a hint of light through the white scarf, now loosely tied over my face.

The Party Ch. 10

fetish tghlawyer03 2017-11-08

We had looked in various places online for discussions of the party we attended on ones like it, comments on what had taken place in parties of that kind and, perhaps with a bit too much appetite, whether another such party would one day become a reality for other daring and adventurous white couples who were our neighbors. "We just had a phone call from the people who hosted the party a year ago, wanting to know if we are interested in attending another party just like it," I blurted. Even if I wanted to be an ass about this, I'd have to travel half way around the country in order to make it happen and, while I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy fucking you," he looked Annie directly in the eye, "I'm not likely to make the trip on a regular basis, if that makes any sense."

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 10

fetish Sodomite 2017-11-08

"I'm sure he needs to piss very badly, although I'm sure he doesn't want to stop this or get out of the comfortable bed he is in." my Neighbor said and Suzanne pulled her mouth off of my cock to look over her shoulder at her. She took a deep breath in and slowly started to let the weight of her body force my cock up into her ass. I could feel the pressure at the tip of my cock and it was starting to become painful, but then I felt the familiar feeling of her anus opening to let me in. "Now you have to make me cum as he finishes filling up your ass" my Neighbor demands as she pulls her pussy wide open and forces it onto Suzanne's face.

both my wife and her mother knocked up

fetish vinney 2017-11-08

I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs and large breasts from Linda, for when I arrived at their house to pick Julie up for our first date, Linda answered the door. Later that night, when the date was over, Linda gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek for bringing Julie home on time. Then Julie pushed the head of my penis inside Linda and said to me, "There you go, my love. "I'm quite sure you did," Linda replied, "And in the morning it'll be your turn to be bred." With that, the 3 of us retired for the night, with me sl**ping between my lovely wife and mother-in-law.


fetish Macjay 2017-11-08

Now, I'm confused about what I should get because I do like the sound of the satin but I'm intrigued with the idea of a shiny white raincoat." "Why not get both?" said David, the words tumbling out. So, after much discussion, Kate chose an A-line style in shiny white rubber and a navy blue rubberized satin belted style with a hood while for David they ordered a single textured cotton raincoat, again with a belt. Last, but my no means least, it's the smoothest, silkiest feel I've experienced in any fabric and I love the way it starts out cool and then warms to your body." David smiled to himself, ecstatic with the thought that she might become as turned on has he one day.

The Party

fetish Spygman 2017-11-08

I returned 10 minutes later in a sexy white thong made with lace, as I entered I froze in my tracks as another girlfriend, Katie was now sitting with Janet and Rae, they all giggled as my face turned real red, contrasting with the white panties. As I turned up my ass like a slut begging for a cock, ass opened from the previous assaults, Janet entered me, cock slick with lube, she pushed into me, it felt great, full, uncomfortable all at the same time, Janet had Rae keep the cup near my cock, thankfully as I began shooting again, Janet only half in me but I was shooting already.

Jen & Dean Discover Samantha

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2017-11-08

Not that I'm shallow, but a pretty looking face is a nice bonus five feet and six inches from gorgeous toes. "I'm Sam. Nice to meet you, Jen. And I must say, I think you have really pretty eyes, and the rest of you goes with them." She said shyly looking down at her hands. Sam and I were laying on opposite sides of the couch with our legs entertwined for a shot, and Dean must have grown balls the size of Texas, or he was just really, really tipsy, but he asked us if we would sit up and face each other. Sam closed her eyes and leaned back while I sucked on her toes and licked her lovely foot.

Dentist Office

fetish Aelo 2017-11-08

"Oh fuck that feels good, and I'm not even all the way in." Slowly but surely, Katrin made it to the base of Tony's cock, and she could feel it throbbing in her rectum. Tony could feel his balls tighten up, and he pulled out of Katrin's pussy, and since she was already on her knees sucking Dr. Jay off, he walked over to her and started stroking his dick. He grabbed his cock and started stroking violently, when his balls shot up inside of him and a big gob of semen shot out, and landed right on Katrin's tongue. "Oh, here it comes baby." Tony pulled his cock out of Katrin's mouth and his balls tightened and released their semen.

Bigger Down There Ch. 09

fetish Andrea_E 2017-11-08

I probably wouldn't have given things a second thought, but once I started using communal showers or changing rooms, I quickly became aware that I was rather more developed than most of the other females around me. Whilst I love the beauty of a female's anatomy, I had not really considered myself as exclusively lesbian, even though I had spent a good deal of my time looking for exposed fanny's in changing rooms and showers, and most of my thoughts during a full-on masturbation session tended towards genitals that I had seen, or dreamed about in my fantasies. There are times when Helen will run her fingers around the inside of my loose lips after a thorough stretching, and it sends me overboard.

kate 8

fetish sissychris 2017-11-08

Close your eyes she said, as I did she turned on my bedside light, you are wet she laughed as she took hold of my cock, she movedmy forskin down slowly and started licking my head her hand moved up more pre cum leaked from my cock, I carried the shopping home , when we got in she asked me to make her a cup of tea, she kicked off her shoes and took off her tights, she had a pair of black knickers on, , she slipped on a pair of flip flaps and went into the garden, I took her tea out to her she was smoking catching the sun I sat down opposite her, she asked how my day was the lifted her foot and kicked off the flip flap, rub my feet

A Mating Of Light & Dark

fetish Clemstra 2017-11-08

Laughing, Professor Alura Lamb started to undress. The clothing now removed, he got a good view of Professor Alura Lamb. Both the appendages from Stine and Glause started stroking, feeling, then invading Alura's vagina, her anus, stroking her tits, then seeming to latch on to and suck. With a smile Glause took this last little bit of Alura into his hands. Dave could see this last living bit of Alura, go down Glause's throat, down and then no more. Professor Glause was looking at him with, Dave didn't even want to think about what the man, the thing might do. In the home of one Professor Stine, Professor Glause and Professor Alura Lamb sat watching the video.

One Afternoon While Working

fetish Dennie75 2017-11-08

A true story. At least one did, and I was in heaven. "How's it going?" he asked. My heart sunk. If I didn't, I knew he could ruin my life. When he came back, he handed me a paper towel. "Blow your nose. As I blew my nose, and wiped my eyes, he ran his hand through my hair. I ran my tongue all over the bottom of his beautiful foot. I began to moan, this was beyond pleasure. "True." Now." At that point, I was in seventh-heaven. "Hey, Dennie, Joe," said the voice I wanted to hear. "Hey." My heart was pounding. He knew it too. One night he asked me outright. I told him I so. One night he surprised me.

Lindsey Gaps My Ass

fetish sqerlyassman 2017-11-08

(Scott was her old boyfriend and she found out he was sleep with the rest of the cheerleading squad, and apparently just used him to buy all the sex toys and cloths she could ever want.) "Didn't think I remembered you liked gapping your ass, did you? "That's my girl she said massaging the fake breasts through my uniform, now you just sit here and I'll be right back." Like I was going to go anywhere with this in my ass, I was afraid to move, but slowly I got used to it. I bent over, my head facing the TV ass facing the camera, and Lindsey grabbed the end of the plug.

The Fetishist Who Went to Hell

fetish Bacomicfan 2017-11-08

As the two snickering demons held their charge before Hell's north elevator, Gash was on his Hell Cell, contacting Sector Fourteen, waiting for either Daisy or Butterfly to answer, to begin scheduling the afterlife Satan had planned for Arthur. "Okay, ass-breath," Butterfly said to Arthur, grabbing him by his dick and pulling him through the gates, "Let's get you on your way through gay Hell 101, shall we?" The demoness hurried through the haze and stink of Hell with long strides, hoping to get Arthur started on his year long first round of penance as quickly as possible, so that she and Daisy could get back to the delightful diversion of searching for treasure with their tongues.