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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A friendly surprise

fetish Bonr717 2017-11-08

I pulled her off my cock and told her that we needed to slow down or I was going to pop off and she smiled and kept on sucking, she eventually got all of me in her throat and I could feel her throat contract around my cock head. So, I licked MAndy's ass and pussy and guided my hard cock into her slick love hole, I pumped her for a while and she stopped me and told me to lay down and she mounted me reverse cowgirl and started to tell Lilly how a real man cock is stretching her so good.

The Bet Ch. 04

fetish jomar 2017-11-08

Me in my sexy long sleeve lace dress that snuggled lightly against my C cup breasts then flared at the hips, sheer stockings, five inch stiletto fuck me pumps, tinkly bracelets, dangly earrings and dazzling deep purple wig. Lilla in her florescent green lace top with long flared sleeves, wide garter and sheer black stockings, sexy swishy black miniskirt, and her own pair of black five inch fuck me pumps. Looking down between my naked breasts, I watched Lilla stroke my cock with her small hand, smile, lean forward, and take me into her mouth. I loved feeling my dangly earrings tugging, my fabulous hair swishing, and especially my breasts swaying with Lilla's powerful thrusts that caressed that sweet spot inside of me.

Pussy Plan Ch. 01

fetish NastyPierre 2017-11-08

"Now, my dear pussieboy, we're going to take this slow and easy, and to begin with, there'll be no jagging-off this visit," I say, seeing the disappointment on your face wiped away with the closing of your eyes to the firm grip I take of your balls. "But be assured such actions on my part will be little more then a test of your resolve and devotion to my body." Though I hold your balls in a tight grip you yet begin to hump into the air, to me a sure sign of your surrender and desire. Rest assured my dear joeie, the birch rod, like all discipline you receive from me, is always meant simply as a test your devotion to my body, and you must never assume I want you to stop humping me.


One of The Hot Sisters Ch. I

fetish juicylady 2017-11-08

"oh yeah, if I were a dyke, I'd want 'her' pussy," Val responded with a wink, in my direction, and a strange look at Natalie. "oh, oh yes girl, fuck me, yes yes, oh god yes, faster oh harder, get your face on my pussy and eat me slut." Val slid down and with her mouth started sucking Natalie's pussy, sliding her tongue in and out. "oh, god yes, yes, lick it, oh fuck yeah, ohhh, I'm cumming, oh yes," with that Natalie, exploded with a flood of cum, into Val's mouth, oh it tasted so good. Afterwards they just lied there in the after glow, of their beautiful lesbian, sisterly, love session, "imagine what is this is going to be like when Tim becomes our little sis?" Val said.

Off The Leash

fetish eurorevenue 2017-11-08

The waiters yelled back and favored Pam. By the time we left the waiting queue was students and the formally attired live show set. I followed her to the next floor wondering if Tracy had asked the experience as a favor and whether Pam was worried how it might alter their friendship. As the others crowded about Pam and started to masturbate without any apparent order the old man lead me to one corner of the room. After draining his own glass a second time he picked a clean glass and poured a golden straw colored white into it then took it to Pam. After settling her head back upon the floor he drizzled wine from the glass along the length of Pam's body.

Andrea and the Gym Abduction

fetish thefootprint 2017-11-08

I think about how amazing it would be to slowly take off your shoes and bury my face in your socked feet, feeling how warm and damp your socks have gotten from all the sweat. You move your feet around inside your running shoes and can feel how wet they are from all the sweat. I didn't realize how ticklish these smelly little feet would be." You turn bright red as I run all of my fingers up and down your feet relentlessly. "Please, I'm begging have to feet are so fucking ticklish...I can't take this anymore...please just smell my sweaty feet...just...just keep licking them...but please...I can't take anymore of my feet being tickled..." You finally notice that I've stopped tickling your feet, but the lingering sensation feel like I still am.

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 01

fetish eatoure 2017-11-08

Now you try it!" The way she said it, Larissa thought, Judy could mean she was taking the photocopy home or taking her butt home, both of which no doubt would be used to tease her boyfriend. She didn't need or want to say anything about it to Judy, but Larissa had learned from experience that her unusually long pussy lips sometimes got folded over or squished when she sat down quickly, forcing her to pull on her crotch, like a guy who sits wrong and finds that his pants are binding on his testicles.

Justified Payback

fetish Nebic 2017-11-07

Just the night before had been one such time, after coming home from work and spending all day in his room looking at porn his father started pressuring Christine for sex. It also didn't help that Tom loved being loud and giving orders, something Christine would try to shush or remind him of how close Jason was. Once on the bed the entire trailer started to rock, his father grunting and moaning while Christine tried remaining silent, although Jason could still hear her heavy breathing and sharp gasps. Back to the present Jason sat alone in his room, listening to his step mom trying to brush off Tom's drunk flirting, but he knew she would fail and he knew he would have another night of hearing them have sex.

Heidi To Whore

fetish xenaki 2017-11-07

Ed would be inside already, at a party say, and he’d wink and tell me, ‘Tip him.’ Some big goddamn thug takes me to the car, yanks my hair down to his sweaty cock and balls, sits his dirty ass down on my pretty, made-up face, swings my little high-heeled shoes to the car ceiling, starts slapping my thighs, my pussy, grinding his big, sweaty, hairy ass over my mouth, which I’m tonguing and lapping and sucking like a slut.

Obsession Ch. 04

fetish Amyfriend 2017-11-07

But come to think of it I did see you drooling and I knew you had an erection behind that big desk." I said and laughed. "Mmmm that's so nice Edward, keep doing that please." I said as I slowly grinded into him after I had moved his erection into a more comfortable spot for both of us. "Mmmm that's nice Edward." I said as I slowly put my hand behind his head while he sucked gently on my left nipple. "Don't worry Edward, just let it cum." I said as he continued for a few minutes longer. "You were very good too, Edward." I said as I snuggled close while still gently stroking his softening cock.

Molly's Ass Slave

fetish milfleglover 2017-11-07

I obeyed again, my trembling hands kneading the soft, creamy smooth muscles of her legs, one in each hand, as I lifted Molly's small, socked feet to my face, rubbing it over them, inhaling the crisp, sweet-sour heat from her black socks. "Take them off, suck and lick my feet clean, they're quite filthy and I haven't washed them in a day or so," Molly said, putting the soup bowl on a side table and watching TV, but with one hand, unsnapping her trousers and pushing a hand into her crotch. I lay back on the couch, facing up and Molly sat atop it, pinching it between her firm, warm, sweaty asscheeks, my mouth attached to her bitter butt hole, licking and sucking it deep, cleaning it for her.

First time S&M

fetish rc5232 2017-11-07

When I said I couldn't she open both to display a set of butt plugs starting with small and moving to large. She sat down beside me and insert a range of devices into my waiting hole, all the time rubbing those tits on my face. After a while, she led me into her bedroom and had me sit on a type of bench which spread my legs wide and left my ass hanging over the edge. She reached under and applied more butt plugs and vibrators to my know aching hole. Again she told me to sit with my ass on the edge of the table and then to lay down.

Auditor Tales Ch. 06

fetish peelover 2017-11-07

She has a nice face, which made her special anyway, but her massive tits, her big ass and the fat thighs made her very, very special. I want to feel your big cock in my wet pussy." "No sweat" I replied. I wanted to feel her body, her tits, her everything. Francis moved over and spread her legs so her cunt was right above my face. A few drops of her piss came out falling on my face. I opened my mouth to let the drops of piss hit my tongue. I want to get wet with your piss." Francis moved her body so her huge tits were near my penis, which she had still in her hand.

AA Flight 2057

fetish seat542 2017-11-07

Have you ever had your body ravaged by hands, lips, tongues, fingernails, pussies, cocks, balls, assholes, whips, piss, shit or anything else someone thought about? "Look at my cunt, bitch." Her hands left her reddened tits and pulled open her loins. I've been fucked gently while Mistress was making love to my pussy ass, whispering erotic desires into my ear." In fact, I think she'd love to see me with the sissy slave kissing, touching, sucking and fucking each other in front of her and the other Mistresses while they sat comfortably in their house salon." "Miss Rosa is a wonderful Mistress who feels my genuine and sincere devotion to her.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 03

fetish cuckcpl4play 2017-11-07

The thought was just a moment as I was brought back to reality...Master firmly took hold of Jen's hair and spun her around so she was facing away from us both...keeping her ass in place he bent her over, allowing her hands to rest on the couch ahead, and ordered his slut to spread her legs. I could see her skin start to redden and surprisingly, if possible, I felt my little cock harden more, pushing further and more aggressively against my lacy pink panties...I was confident more wetness was forming at the humiliation of watching my boss, my new Master spank and assault my wife in such a manner. He finally released me and took hold of his magnificent cock, smacked me roughly in the face once again and positioned it at the entrance of Miss Jenny's pussy.

Girl Fur

fetish JonathanStone 2017-11-07

She wore one of Prism's newest designs, a navy pinstripe business suit with a jacket over a short fitted skirt, a high-neck sweater of Rhyce Bennett's sensual design, and matching black leather high heels with a comfortable strap that made walking and standing in an airport so much more comfortable. When Rhyce brought the young woman through the offices of Prism Design on an introduction tour, Sherry noted immediately and was quite aroused by Maria's appearance. Here I am just walking into this place, she thought, and I'm faced with three of my delicious fetishes...Mom's short skirts and those legs-to-die-for, Sherry's beautiful jugs, and now this sexy Maria with that gorgeous black hair and that sensuous look about her.

Milky Suzy's Fantasy

fetish DPMaster 2017-11-07

Once that thrill had grown pale, he faked their biting using steel hair clips, the ones with teeth like piranha, ripping mercilessly at herself until she'd come a half-dozen times and her nipples and areolas glistened crimson from a hundred tears while her breasts dripped with red. One of them, a big bald vampire with spider-web tattoos covering his skull -- the one that preferred her pussy -- yelled back over his shoulder, "Kevin, your birthday present's here!" The other actually hissed when he saw her granite-hard nipples now on display for everyone to see. Before she could recognize the sensation of a hand tightening around an ankle or fingers crushing a handful of breast or bottom, another sensation, like the burning tear of her bikini bottom from her rear, would try to make itself felt -- but her brain couldn't keep up.

female freinds transforming me

fetish ranger499 2017-11-07

there were times that the wife would take me home and I wanted to ask her what it was like to be a girl all dressed up, I also wanted the husband to take me down a country road and pull is cock out and tell me to suck it. when I thought he was asl**p I started playing with his cock, then went down and started sucking it. I have looked for sexual encounters with men since my wife did not want sex anymore. I went to her house and talked, she wanted me to try on some lingerie of hers, I tried them on and she told me I looked good in them.

The Doll and Me

fetish mrniceman 2017-11-07

Delicious babes with sexy asses. I searched on and found yet another jackpot. Maybe I would try them out also, with a sexy skirt I found, while I was jerking off. I continued searching and what I would find next was beyond my wildest dreams. There were cars, plastic models, old toys and a few barbies. Many of my first jerking-off memories were with Barbie-dolls. When I came to my room I let the pants slide down and I almost ripped off my underwear, I was naked from the waist down. Meanwhile I was jerking my hard cock to almost a climax. I readied myself for a good fuck and took its tiny little doll legs.

A Foot Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish fix8ion 2017-11-07

I have been at meetings at work where that thought passes through my mind and suddenly I feel my pants getting tighter in the groin area as my arousal starts grow. Jessica took my shaft with her hand and placed it between the arches of her perfectly formed feet. Jessica took her feet off my shaft and placed them in my face. The next morning I woke up to see Jessica still in her stockings face down in bed with her legs spread out. Although Diana was very good looking I knew I would be a fool to allow one meaningless night with her to come between me and Jessica. I showered leaving Jessica sleeping in bed and headed off to work content in my decision.

Controlled by My Neighbor

fetish Rita2121 2017-11-07

She said that she got a good look at my panties showing out my shorts when I was bending over and the tag was also showing. Several days past and nothing more than our usual small talk and hellos and one Saturday morning she said "do you want to continue our little fun time? She said you cannot believe how long I have wanted to live out this fantasy since dressing up her younger brother, you look great and this will be fun. As she started to fuck me with it going in deeper each push I heard pants coming off than Carol came an knelt right in front of me and backed her ass right up to my face.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 06a

fetish gbr2004 2017-11-07

My cock starts to respond a little as I wash it and I look at it and realize I feel embarrassed that it isn't bigger. My shaking hands lift up the note and I read it: 'you bad boy, you better have these on before I leave Ms Hunters office.' Can feel my face getting red as I shut the drawer. "You looked so pretty last night with my black cock in your mouth Stef, like such a pretty girl," she says quietly in my ear. "You do want to be my pretty girl, don't u Stef?" she asks, "my pretty little sissy." Her hands making me feel so good.

Shrinkage Ch. 01

fetish runtz4 2017-11-07

After about an hour Kevin had a fire going in the fireplace and we had rigged up a curtain to the bathroom and to the bedroom which Jill had claimed for them, Kevin and Karen took the loft; once again leaving Shane, Shannon, Angie and I together on the sleeper sofas. I grabbed the bottle and took two big swigs, and told my story, leaving out the most embarrassing details; like how small and hard my cock was at the time, and how they had written 3 inches across my stomach with an arrow pointing to my dick or how my arms were tied behind my back.

Mom's Pies

fetish hi1 2017-11-07

Mom loved discussing sex scenes with me and always wanted to know if a particular way to have sex is better way to make the man cum or not. Regular fucking had turned my mother's asshole into a big, gaping hole. "I wanna fuck" she said looking at me with her eyes wide open and pupils dilated. "Why don't you eat the cum from my ass baby while I masturbate?" she said waiting for me to bend down and glue my lips to her dirty, large anus. We promised God we won't fuck but you can cum without penetrating your mother. Taking care of his mother everyday, getting her the men to fuck, eating cum from your mother's asshole and cunt.