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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My new toy, day 3

fetish ray_zhor 2017-11-07

After twenty minutes of twisting and adjusting and a wet spot on the bed from the ice, I finally have my cage on. When I arrive home I give my key holder her dinner and tell her the cage is putting too much pressure on my nuts. You look like a girl peeing.", she giggle, "don't forget to wipe your slit." When I was finished, I did as I was told and wiped off the opening and the end of my cage. When I got to bed I thought after enduring the humiliation of going out for the first time and being laughed at while peeing, my mistress would make up for it with some more great sex. I don't think I can leave my cage on for a full day of work."

The Panty Store Ch. 01

fetish Gabbycat 2017-11-07

“Sure you are, or you wouldn’t wear little things like this.” He tugged on the skirt of the dress pulling it down and exposing more of my breasts. “Come closer to me.” I turned and looked at Lance good for the first time since I walked out. He chuckled softly then turned me around running his hands over my exposed ass cheeks then his fingers around the straps of the thong. His hand played with my panties, his fingers always toying with the edge of the satin covering my pussy. As my body bucked against his hand, my pussy sucked at his fingers he moaned as I sucked his cock harder.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 3

fetish germanmemail 2017-11-07

couldn't help focusing on that pair and letting out a little sigh. When she saw the little leather thong pouch I had on under my jeans she smiled with a look up and a wink starts lacing. My little leather tng pouch was not doing a good job of hiding my tight and when I moved even a little bit I could feel the laces tugging and she stops, stood, and grabbed two of the laces in each had and said "Now, this When I lace myself I just use slight little pull and get great Saying nothing more she picked up the laces and works a weave up my chest to my rings like some sort of little cage.

The Librarian's Dilemma

fetish AnalDouglas 2017-11-07

Brenda didn't quite understand Bob's desire to drink her milk, but it wasn't a good idea to upset Bob so she allowed it to continue. After Brenda returned to work from her maternity leave, she continued to pump her breast milk several times a day. Brenda took another deep breath, then continued "Gerald, there is something wrong, and I need you to help me with a personal problem. He hesitated, and Brenda cupped one hand under her breast, leaned forward and pushed her nipple right into Gerald's face. Brenda started to reach for his zipper, but then pulled back, and said, "Maybe you better pull it out." It was her turn to feel a little embarrassed about what they were doing.

A Disgraceful Slut

fetish Mailman421 2017-11-07

My hands were massaging, slapping her bare arse as she sucked hard, and the cabby then turned one hand back to us and started groping one of her tits! The perversity was overwhelming for us both as I pulled my cock out and she kept vomiting, her legs splayed and soaked in her juices and piss, her body slouched against my car, her exposed tits covered in her own vomit and mouth slime. Bending her over the kitchen table facing the glass, she had a perfect reflection of her abused and filthy body to look at as I began to slap her arse and nuzzle my cock against her protruding cunt.

Latching On

fetish Dakota_North 2017-11-07

Visions of the naked form he had just seen filled his mind as he stroked himself off, hand gripping his cock tight as he fantasized about fucking Karen's hot little box. The water was a tad chilly, but exhilarating and it wasn't long before Karen was collecting her things and heading back towards the changing stalls. The man continued to watch as Karen quickly showered the loose sand off her body, and he was careful to stay a respectable distance away. Don turned away before Karen could catch him ogling her, but as soon as she closed her stall door he was right there. Karen was making sure she had dried her breasts completely off when she looked up and noticed his shadow in front of her stall door.

Poppers got me again

fetish SabianTama 2017-11-07

One of the two guys, let's call him Dave, frequently wrote me on Facebook asking what i was doing and whether i want to join him for a "ride", he wants me to meet his friend Mark who would be known for his good fucking. He needs it!" Dave motivated Mark, who finally pushed me flat onto the bed letting me feel every inch of his bare(!) cock. They turned me arround and i could see the guys who have watched me getting fucked, i didn't care at all because i was so single minded about cumming that i started to stroke my cock as soon they loosened my bondage.


fetish OpheliaOpiumOblivion 2017-11-07

Ophelia was barely able to choke out, "Yes!" as close to cumming as she was. Two more times she made herself cum, each time picturing how her Daddy would fuck her, holding her down and pounding her relentlessly while she was helpless to move. Ophelia loved it when her Daddy raped her, taking control away from her as she came, helpless, on his cock. I want you to know that Daddy made you cum like this, and that I get the last word on that pussy." Ophelia bit her lip and wrote back, "That turns me on Daddy." "Yes Daddy, I love being your slave," Ophelia whimpered, feeling the oncoming wave of another orgasm.

The Shoe Store

fetish Honda629 2017-11-07

Then I had the opportunity to dress them and feeling the hot warmth of their sweaty, stinky feet in my hands, while putting their shoes on before work. I get to see many barefooting women walk in with smelly and sweaty high arched feet. I started to hear, "you love high arched feet don't ya, Dave?" "It means that a man loves and is attracted to women's feet, grandma." I replied. "Yes grandma and you, auntie, and mom all have high arched feet. Because your arches make sexy shoes look sexy which women with flat feet can never do. Women with high arched feet dont know how sexy they are. When im out helping women try out shoes, i get a hard on and masturbate later fantasizing about their intense arched feet.

A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 05

fetish chauncygardner 2017-11-07

She giggled as she grabbed the cock, pumped it a few times with her fist (it quivered and emitted more pre cum), then grabbed the back of my head by the hair with her other hand. His cock was now firmly planted deep down my throat, so she had a free hand and guided one of Horse's hands up to her firm round tits. Twice she brought him to edge, I felt the hot cock in my mouth shaking like a volcano. The cum was like geysers, I felt the bursts shooting down my throat and my belly was getting that warm full feeling again.

A Job I couldn't afford to lose.....

fetish beth080808 2017-11-07

I came prepared, not only did I have my target prices memorized, I also looked professional while still showing a little leg, Mid Thigh skirt, with a V-neck top showing just a hint of cleavage, my nails were done and my hair was done...(I know what you're thinking, dressed to fuck him...but no, I wanted to look like i knew what i was doing, not like some dumbass 22 yr old who just wanted to smile and giggle and hope for the best) I was ready to seal this deal. His left hand had remained on my thigh the whole time, but now his right hand reached over, pulled my right leg open and slid his right hand up until he felt my panties.

Alex in the Shit

fetish alexovitch 2017-11-07

I am allowing this cycle to keep happening: the water is slowly filling me up, and I feel an increasing pressure in my bowels; and now it all rushes back out again, with a delightful feeling of relief, bringing more shit with it. The shit is less solid now and is flowing out in a great rush with the water. Water from the hose is still trickling into my bowels and flowing out again. I stand up and turn on the shower and let the warm water wash me and clean out the bath. I know finding myself late one night in the bath, up to my neck in warm water and shit, is hitting a new high or low.

The Boy's Story (Chapter 15)

fetish gazzy43 2017-11-07

Eric and I lay across the bed as ordered and our Master,looking very sexy in his harness and cockring, went to the cabinet and got the large black double dildo. The Master then went to the end of the bed so that he was between each of our arses and taking one end of the dildo slowly pushed the head into Eric's arse. Each of us slaves was laying on our back so our Master walked to one end and, because our heads were hanging over the edge of the bed, he was able to line his cock up with my mouth and started to fuck my mouth while he leaned across my body and still worked the dildo back and forth in our arses.

Edith Ann

fetish Bakeboss 2017-11-07

She sat astride me like a cowgirl on a horse; she reached under her big belly with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. Edith Ann reached over my head to grab her panties and as I watched, she turned them around in her hand until she found the crotch. She told me she had my special dessert in her hand, and then she reached up and rubbed her panties in my face. As we were leaving, I remembered we left her panties on the table, I told Edith Ann I would go get them. As time went on I began to crave Edith Ann, I couldn't get her out of my mind, and she merely had to mention her panties to get me to do anything.

My Kinkiest Sexual Experience

fetish pussylove69 2017-11-07

I was so concentrated on watching that sexy, exotic girl, performing her hot table dance that I hadn't seen a black guy nearing me. Later as Jeff was still sucking my breasts Victoria went down on me and kissed and licked my pussy. I had my eyes closed as I felt Jeffs hard, black cock filling my cunt, meanwhile Victoria let me kiss and suck her breasts and finally knelt over my face to let me lick her dripping wet pussy. Victoria was still kneeling between my spread legs and she was cleaning my cunt with her tongue – which –as a matter of fact – was an impossible thing, as I was getting wet from arousal immediately again.

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 05

fetish PantiesAndPies 2017-11-07

I slid into bed wearing the cum stained panties I has worn all day; and the slip that I had cum on three times to ensure it was stained enough to suit the kinky Johns before they both fucked her (and then of course I ate the pies!). we'll just have to wait and see," Karen told me, clearly having decided that whilst it was fine to have her employee clean her cum filled pussy, making her boyfriend do the same thing was inappropriate. You love having a big hard cock in your pussy, fucking you for as long as possible," I began (and Karen was squirming, I knew that look, I knew that smell -- she was very wet). Look at it this way, ordering your panty wearing employee to clean you cum filled pussy is sexual harassment and illegal.

Laundry Tales 07: Bustling

fetish jeanne_d_artois 2017-11-07

"You don't need it yet," Martha's voice said, "just try the bustle on yourself and I'll tell you a story about it. She did, wearing this bustle and dress for the first time, and on the way back to The Hall Stewart proposed..." "Never mind, new Fiancé Stewart," I said "I'll hug you like that again, many times, if that's what you want, but we need to check my dress. For a major transgression, I would secure his arms and legs with stockings, face him outwards, gag him with the padded roll, pull the bustle's hood down, secure the tapes really tight, and trap him under the black silk petticoat.

The Biggest Finale

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-11-07

All I know is that Eric was working Black's midsection like a boxer against a helpless bag, the deep impact of his strikes causing book after book to topple onto both of them. That was when Eric caught him with an uppercut of such grace and beauty, it actually pushed the cock out of my mind for the first time in weeks. Eric and I were in the car again, and while I didn't know where we were going, this time, I didn't care. He must have liked that a lot, because his snake slowly started to lift into life, just in time for my to stretch my jaw and engulf his whole head between my dicksucking lips.

Sow Wedding

fetish InYourDreams 2017-11-07

She wondered what David would think, as this would be the first time he had seen her since she packed her overnight bag and headed off with the men from the sow farm for her final preparations before the big day. I Angie Collar, having been given every opportunity to reconsider, but having remained resolute in my intention to become the sow of David Hardwick, from this moment on relinquish all authority over my self to him. "I Angie Collar, having been given every opportunity to reconsider, but having remained resolute in my intention to become the sow of David Hardwick," her voice rose in strength as her resolve filled her, "from this moment on relinquish all authority over my self to him." Her heart thudded in her chest.

Football Sundae

fetish peebudy 2017-11-07

You put your hand in the trail of beer and start rubbing it into your skin, like it was a fresh load of cum from my cock. On the next thrust of your hips, I let my thumb slide out, and you start pushing your ass back at the air, trying to find it and reinsert it. Feeling great about the game, and more and more sympathy for your situation, I let my hand lie in your lap and start fondling your extremely wet pussy. I sharply pull out of your ass and give my cock three good strokes with my hand, and my cum starts jumping out of me in long white ropes.

Baby Susie

fetish angiefuch 2017-11-07

She felt the first drips escape and held her Teddy bear tight but once it started she was poewerless as her bladder emptied and the soft diaper became firm and warm with her wee, "that's it let it go, good girl." the woman spoke from the darkness, "I'll get Martha." Martha arrived in her night dress and bathrobe pushing a trolley and the two women changed the diaper in the Cot, putting down a rubber mat and sitting Suzanne on it as they removed the old one cleaned her with wet wipes and applied powder to her pubes and bottom before wrapping the new diaper tightly round her.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2017-11-07

I waste no time scooting over on my knees and inhale his thick cock into my mouth, running my tongue over the head and shaft to get him aroused more. He says "yeah, that's right, take that big cock in your mouth. Realizing my subservience to his big cock, he begins to talk more and more authoritatively, commanding me to lick his balls, grab his ass and pull him deeper, caress his chest. Doug says "Yeah, that's right, suck that big black cock. This black cock just found itself a home." I manage to get out a "what?" and Doug says "Yeah, you heard me, you're going to be my blowjob buddy.

The Insemination Ch. 01

fetish Urgh01 2017-11-07

The two men could not have looked more different, Oak standing 6 feet 2 inches, weighing 210 pounds with a tight, toned body and a rakishly handsome face, and Stewart standing 5 feet 6 inches and also weighing 210 pounds but completely flabby and out of shape with a double chin and weak features. "I think this is the best deal we're going to get and I trust Oak. I think we should sign the contracts and get started as soon as possible." She kissed and rubbed on Stewart. When the last one was signed Oak popped the bubbly and said, "To Stewart' and Tammy's beautiful baby, who will be born between nine and ten months from now.

How it Began

fetish jlltec 2017-11-07

"In many ways I think they are, my Mom is a very strong woman and your Dad is just a very nice guy, very accommodating, helpful and sincere. My mom says your mother and dad were the same way and it's why our parents were friends, I think. She looked at me and said with a smile, "Now that's a hard on!" As she laid on my chest catching her breath she said, "I just love the taste of cum in your mouth. She leaned in and kissed me saying, "Cum in me, I want to see how good you are with your tongue, I know what your cock can do." She started humping me again, kissing me and talking to me as she fucked me.