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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Victorious Victoria Ch. 03

fetish analyst43 2017-11-07

It moved down his face, neck and chest until it reached his left nipple where it gentle stroked up and down several times. The left hand stopped stroking his cock, but held it in place as the riding crop continued to tap its gentle tattoo. It took tremendous self-control for analbliss to keep watching Mistress Angelique's face, as she continued to stroke her pussy with the wand. The sight and smell of Mistress Angelique's pussy, combined with the wand under his balls managed to extract a little life from his cock, but it was too drained to completely harden. Mistress Angelique moved away, leaving analbliss lying on the pad, with the wand still buzzing under his balls.

Imogen's Undies Ch. 02

fetish Paradiggler 2017-11-07

My preference is always for her freshly worn pairs so I can smell her indirectly from the gusset of her underpants, although it is still a pleasure masturbating with her clean pairs as the cotton crotch panel still feels so soft against my penis and it is always in the knowledge that it has been in between her legs at some point, rubbing against her pubic hair and anus and vagina during the day and night. For those few moments that I could enjoy it, Imogen's faecal odour was so present and filling the small room - sharp yet subtle and unmistakable - if I had to imagine how her poo would actually smell, then this would probably it; obvious yet not so foul that it was completely off-putting, in fact all I wanted to do was to get closer to the toilet bowl to take more of it in.

SSBBW Encounter part 3 - her point of view

fetish plumpling 2017-11-07

Oh God it felt so good, I couldn’t stop whimpering as he drove his hard cock home, impaling me on his prick, feeling his balls slapping my ass with every stroke, his pelvis grinding home against my clit, his hands squeezing my huge tits so hard. “Liar,” he said, “I can feel your pussy shake.” He sat up again and as he kept up his relentless pounding on my pussy, slamming his cock into me over and over he started slapping my huge tits, back and forth, flopping across my chest under the continued assault with his hands, stopping only to pull at my nipples.

The Power of Lust Ch. 01

fetish Quin 2017-11-07

Today was her turn to keep an eye on things for the afternoon and make sure the building was locked up and secure when the workmen left; in fact, as most other members had better ways to spend their afternoons while their centre was being refurbished, given it wasn't possible to indulge in their usual activities, they had taken advantage of Judy's good nature. Encouraging Gaff to lean his head forward she lifted her left breast toward his mouth asking him to suck her nipple before glancing at the man, hoping he liked what he saw: she felt a thrill when he smiled and nodded approval – then smirked and nodded back.

Wife's First Sybian Ride

fetish intotrouble 2017-11-07

Joules turned to my wife looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she would like to try the Sybian for herself. Joules guided my wife to the floor and went to work on her tits licking and sucking each nipple to hardness and then she started her way down to my wife's little pussy where she slowly spread my wife's pussy lips revealing her very hot sopping wet pink pussy. Joules then looks deep into my wife's eyes and tells her that if she thought that was good she hadn't seen anything yet and gently takes her hand and leads her over to the waiting Sybian.


When Sara Met Bob Ch. 04

fetish yellowfrog 2017-11-07

The implanted micro-devices gave Sara the ability to massage his prostate remotely, be it from a distance in the same room, to the other end of the bar at the shemales saloon they frequented often, and even over WiFi when either Bob or Sara were traveling away from each other. Two dozen gold micro electrodes, each a tenth of the width of a human hair were shot at precisely controlled depths into the head of Bob's lovely penis, in a delicately well shaped dome-configuration. Or Sara could alternately expand and compress that head so as to drive Bob wild, not knowing what was happening while Sara kept doing things to his lovely cock.

Wet and Wild

fetish AfroerotiK 2017-11-07

"It's pronounced MO-HE-TO silly, and sit your drunk ass down before you fall in the pool and bust your skull open." Vivian was playing mother hen but she looked more like a Sports Illustrated cover model in her skimpy little bikini and that thingie that wrapped around her booty. "Hey, y'all, it's getting late and me and Teresa are going to head out." The girls started kissing each other goodbye n' shit and Ezra and I pulled Tracy to the side. I wasn't letting her go and she was meeting my every thrust by grinding her pussy on me and making my dick feel like it was enveloped in a heavenly body.

Naughty Naomi Ch. 06

fetish toocold 2017-11-06

At that point the slipper was dropped, Naomi was dragged upward by her shoulders and the two kissed, tongues questing deep into each other's mouths, two pairs of huge boobs squashed together, Naomi rubbing at Christina's pussy, Christina cruelly squeezing Naomi's tormented bottom, enjoying how hot it felt and how it made her young lover shudder and sob. Filthy sub-slut that she was, Naomi was quite willing now to go into the store and buy more diapers but she recognised the look of lust on the redhead's face and knew that Christina wanted her right now. She felt like she was watching herself as she stepped away from the piss-covered slut in the dirty diaper, turned her back on the girl and then, bending slightly, pushed her bottom, encased in glistening, pee-wet silk, against the girl's face.

Dream come t

fetish 2017-11-06

Fui para a casa de banho e bati logo uma grande punheta a pensar naquelas pernas e aquelas mamas já de uma mulher madura e ainda para mais minha vizinha que tanto desejava comer. Ela abre a porta e de pijama, vejo as mamas e os bicos das mamas bem tesos, ela dirigio-se para a cozinha e eu atrás dela a ver o seu fio dental vermelho que tão bem assentava e ainda mais vontade tive de a comer. I went to the bathroom and soon hit a big jack off thinking of those legs and those breasts of a mature woman and give me more hungry for eat my neighbor.

Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 06

fetish The Needler 2017-11-06

When she got home Saturday night, she found Graham and Lydia having a party with their grandchildren, so she went to bed early. They went through the line a couple of times and Lydia looked a little bit anxious. As Emily followed her friend to the parking lot, she detected a little tremor in the older woman's step, an anticipation. Then she took the large clamp Graham had left from a previous session and fixed the hugs churns in place, squeezing hard so they got extremely tight and the nipples popped out. Emily fucked Lydia gently with the brush as few times before the older woman orgasmed. I imagine you'd be happy indefinitely sitting on the couch watching Spongebob with your little descendants." Emily snickered, and Graham glowered in response.

Busted! Ch. 01-03

fetish bjameson 2017-11-06

She put her magazine down, turned to me and asked playfully, "And the pervert's name is?" I looked her in the eyes and we both lost it, laughing like a couple of kids. "OK, and since you were honest and didn't try to deny it..." she paused and looked down as if embarrassed, "..and, I hate to say it, but it does kind of turn me on knowing you find my panties so exciting that you had to take I'm not gonna leave you empty handed." She looked up long enough to see my surprised expression, then quickly looked away, fidgeting nervously. "Well..." she began, her hands fidgeting rather than folding clothes, "I thought maybe you might like something a little lighter on the fabric softener."

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 05

fetish cfblover 2017-11-06

She said, "Yeah, I don't know about watching you doing it with my English horn again, but I want to see you use your Clarinet." I said, "Maybe, but I want you to blow warm air in her English horn like you did before." Abigail started to blow some warm air in Mallory's English horn which felt really good on my penis. Abigail said, "Wow!" I started to move the bell of Mallory's English horn up and down and it was beginning to feel really good. I said, "Yep." It's still a little weird having my step-sister do all the things she does and I can tell Abigail isn't going to want to have sex with me with Mallory around, which is a good thing, because I know I wouldn't want to either.

First Watch

fetish jawanaut 2017-11-06

Every once in a while I would turn back to look at my wife and her lover laying in our bed, each time hoping they wouldn't notice. I slowly turned my head back, trying to gaze only out of the corner of my eye. I too, was stroking my own dick as I watched my wife give this other man a hand job. I could tell she was trying her best to make him feel comfortable, after all she was giving him a blowjob, but it must have been hard to get sucked off in another man's bed by his wife... She continued to stroke his cock while he fingered her and their kissing was began to get increasingly heavy again.

Life With s*s: Pt5

fetish 2017-11-06

Lexie got up and went over to Steph too and started to lick her clit while Terece kept working her fingers in and out. By the time she was sucking on her breasts, Steph had four fingers in Tereces pussy and was adding a little more lube, I started to stroke my cock, slowly, I didn't want to cum yet. Then Terece said she wanted to help and she stradled me, got her pussy above my ccok and she started to pee on me, she was smiling at me as she did it and I knew I couldn't last much longer.

Cissy meats Sissy

fetish 2017-11-06

"Well Sissy, some guys wouldn't let you suck their cocks if they knew you weren't a real girl" I instructed. I slid to the floor between her legs and started to lick her sweet little boypussy until it was sopping wet, I moved back to her cockette that had gotten hard again and started sucking it, as I did I slipped a finger into her pussy. On my way up I lifted my skirt and slid my panties to the side freeing my clitty, then removing my fingers slid it into Sissy's pussy. "YES Cissy cum in my pussy" Sissy screamed grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me deep inside her as I emptied myself into her, then collapsing on top of her we slept.

Taking a Chance

fetish Alphamon35 2017-11-06

Anyway I better go finish up my summaries, I don't want the boss to chew my head off when I come back from vacation." Chris said as he rose to his feet and awkwardly stumbled his way to the door. "Hey Britt, sorry to bother you, but it's almost time to go and I hadn't heard from you so I was just stopping by to make sure you got my message." Chris said as he timidly made his way into Brittni's office. I'm sure you have been busy." Chris said as his body temperature temporarily spiked from embarrassment, since he thought Brittni was going to call him out for looking at her feet.

A Mouthful of Panties

fetish 88vendetta88 2017-11-06

On boxing day, I walked into the drawing room to find Haley, one of the house sluts sitting on the chaise longue, applying her nail polish. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, dear.” I gave her a too-cheery smile then exited towards the guest wing of the house, leaving a very worried slut in my wake. A few minutes later, I entered the first guest room to find Rebecca dilgently dusting the dressing table. And so today, I summoned Haley and Rebecca to the living room. I think that maybe spending the rest of the day with Becca’s stinky panties in your mouth will teach you not to talk back to your mistress.”

Jen & Carol's Goodbye

fetish Kessler 2017-11-06

She looked at me and said, "I can smell you're cum and I want it all over my face." Carol lowered her face pressing her right cheek against my swollen head as Jen used her hands to guide it along her skin. Carol's tan skin felt smooth and supple against the head of my cock as Jen guided it down the side of Carol's face and across her pouting full her lips. I moaned uncontrollably each time Jen stroked my shaft and pressed the head of my cock into Carol's face. I look like one of those porno women." Jen finished off what little cum I had left in me by rubbing the head of my shrinking cock against her beautiful shapely calf.

Both Hooked on BBC Cuckold Gay

fetish 425olds 2017-11-06

Sweat covered Trevon's dark muscular body and his taut muscles rippled with each powerful thrust of his thick hard black cock.  He had dreamed of being that close to her cunt while she fucked another man and watching Trevon's fat cock stretch his wife was incredible.  Bill continued to suck Trevon's balls as his big black cock remained buried inside Denise's wet cunt. Denise watched her husband suck Trevon's dick into his mouth and she moaned loudly. His cock grew hard in Denise's hot mouth as Bill grabbed some lube from his night stand and handed it to Trevon.  He liked the way Bill's tight sphincter gripped his shaft and he knew he was going to cum much quicker than he had fucking Denise's wet cunt and Bill's inexperienced mouth. 

The Breeding Games

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-06

As it was, the females that they released at different points in the 'arena' were a beautiful mix indeed, ranging from an Appaloosa mare and a spunky Anubian jackal who joked to one another in a comradely fashion before entering to a feline taur that walked as if the ground beneath her was going to crumble away at any moment. With her ears flopped like so, the little jackal couldn't have looked more innocent and, not for the first time, Kory wondered why someone like her would volunteer for the games in the first place. The other feline purred lustfully and ran her paws down her body, allowing just the tips of her claws to rake through Kory's fur -- a little warning of what was to come if she, of course, was to struggle.


Fucking My Bosses Youngest Daughter

fetish reckless770 2017-11-06

of my time....i grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me...she fell back in disbelief of wat was going on..i started fingering her she went crazy...her legs were shaking nd she was sweaty...she was screaming at the top of her lungs she was gunna come...i began hitting her G spot and sucking big tits....she screamed in a SUPER high pitch voice im coming nd Squirted all over the gym i put my finger over her clit nd jus watched her body spaz out...she looked lik she was having a seizer but with a smile on her face...she then said...nobody has every made me do that b4...i kissed her shoulders nd neck nd whispered into her ear..lets do it again...she smiled with a cheesey grin on her face nd instantly layed back down...she squirted again but it wasnt as large and intense as the first...i pulled my dick out nd she began deep throating me...this girls head was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2017-11-06

I want those invitation handed, in person, to every mother of every boy, that lives in this neighborhood and goes to school with my son," Don Venuto said. I don't have a choice!" Mark's mother said and added almost in tears: "You must go and you're going dressed as a little girl." "Use your cell phone to call your friends and see if they've got invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms." Mark's mother said. "Honey, according to that woman, the Don wants all of the boys to be wearing panties as well as their little dresses." Carol said deciding not to try and find a better way to say it.

Poachers and Puddles in the Dark

fetish kaele1gh 2017-11-06

Bush work is not glamorous and I guessed I looked anything but that today, my curls escaping under my functional bush hat, tendrils at the nape of my neck damp with perspiration, the thin cotton vest sticking to me like a second skin, no makeup just lip balm and sun block, feet encased in bush socks and my work boots, legs in light cotton khaki jeans. I scanned the area again and as I lowered my binoculars I heard the bush to my right moved and my heart thudded painfully in my chest and my breath caught in my throat~! Five of the rangers moved off back to Mike's vehicle with the poachers, Stephen and one other stayed behind, having rounded up the dogs.

Pierced for Art

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-06

Shrieking, the feline arched up from the piercing table a moment after the pain hit, though thankfully not while he was actually pushing the needle through her nipple. Flint shook his head and rapped her nose sharply with his fingers, pushing her back down as he readied his tools for a matching piercing through her other nipple. Finished with the piercing work, Flint sat back to survey the two lines of piercings running down the cat's body, from the inside of her breasts to a wider section at the tuck of her hips. Far from pulling away, Gwyn struggle not to buck into his touch, the pain making her sex slippery, drooling over Flint's fingers even as he made his mark on her.