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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tammy Takes A Road Trip

fetish cginboston 2017-11-06

He positions the head of it on your asshole and with one fast hard push slides the cold metal probe up your ass. Ray and I both agree your ass looks so nice when it is bright red and for a while I continue to whack your ass turning it the nice color we want. As I paddle your ass, occasionally Ray and I reach between your legs feeling your cunt and slipping our fingers into your cunt. Ray and I slide into the front seats, start the car and begin our trip. Let's expose her completely, so pull her skirt up to her waist as well." As he does that I start the car and begin driving.

Linya's Interrogation

fetish ebonfire 2017-11-06

They hugged and before Yuna could answer, an officer asked her to leave the station because she was finished. Outside, waiting in front of the door, Linya could see the two brutes who came at her before in the interview room. As they left the room, Linya began to realize that she was no longer in the police station. The Doctor walked out of the light and Linya heard a drawer open, the rattling of metal and the drawer close again. The Doctor opened a wooden box, took out a six inch long needle and held it before Linya's eyes. And as Dr. Kairi finished skewering her body with the last needle, something began to dawn on Linya.

New life

fetish 2017-11-06

I woke up with a very thick head; I began to glance round the room before I left the bed. Susan put on a serious face, "Your first customer is waiting for you outside the room. "Don't worry, everything will be attended to at good time," Susan answered. Your last customer will meet you at your house," Susan said. Susan put a blindfold on me and led me out of the room, "Sorry, we want to keep this place secret," she said. When my blindfold was finally removed, I was sitting inside a car; Susan was on my left side and Jonson was driving. I picked up the phone and dialed a number; I waited for a while, "Susan, can you picked me up tomorrow morning?" I asked.

Jacuzzi with Friends

fetish KittyKapers 2017-11-06

It was so hot and so fun being in the Jacuzzi with Tom and Peter, two men who loved me and had nothing more in mind than seeing to my extreme pleasure. They had me sit up on the tiled edge of the tub and took turns pleasuring my wet pussy. I turned to Peter and kissed him deeply with my cum drenched mouth. The guys traded places and I enjoyed Peter’s cock in my mouth while Tom set the pace, leisurely stroking his cock in and out of my cum drenched pussy. We all got dressed, Tom left the room first, Peter and I few minutes later.

A Dungeon Holiday

fetish azid619 2017-11-06

I sharply turned my head to the doorway, the big steel door had slammed open and in walked a bunch of young looking girls, they were dressed the same as the young girl from the bar. "Yeah, your nothing but a dog, aren't you," She continued taunting, "and like all dogs, you love sniffing at your owners crotch!" with that she quickly grabbed her head and f***ed her face between her thighs, pressing the woman's mouth and nose onto her naked shaven pussy. The mistress reached around grabbing the woman's flame red hair on the back of her head, and f***ed her face into her bumcheeks. The woman whimpered submissively still panting for air and leaned her face forward, placing her little button nose between the mistress's firm naked ass and started to obediently smell it.

Me and My Games

fetish bikiniplayer 2017-11-06

I was actually starting to get a little pissed off in that I was working so hard to get him to make his move, and yet he just sat there like a fucking idiot. I turned to walk off and he stopped me by saying "Ma'am, if you don't come with me right now I will tell security that you exposed yourself to me, and I am sure you don't want to deal with the ramifications of that." I figured that if he wanted the blow job bad enough he would probably agree, and if I was going to be sucking his cock, it wasn't going hurt to at least ask for a shopping spree.

The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters - Par

fetish 2017-11-06

My reminiscing stopped when Sarah, now Lady Sarah in our role-play stopped the recording, just at the moment as I gagged on the hard cock being f***ed deep into my mouth. Lady Sarah then showered, as I knelt in the bedroom waiting to help dry and dress her, my ass filled with the butt-plug. Dressing Lady Sarah in black basque, my hands smoothing the stockings up her legs and attaching them to her suspenders....Lady Sarah allowing me to lick and enjoy her shaved pussy. Standing facing the corner my sissy ass filled with the butt-plug, gagged and bound I waited for Lady Sarah to make her next move, but she did not do anything to me, I heard her send a text message, then leave the room.

Beer Bums and Breakfast

fetish ilikecake 2017-11-06

I felt uncomfortable like we were going to get caught , “I’d better go now I said, and stood up. Almost before the key was in the door we were ripping our clothes off running upstairs and jumping into bed, “I want to kiss you all over” he said, “I don’t” I said, push ing him away, his face looked pained, until I added, “I just want you to fuck me long and hard right now” that gorgeous cheeky grin spread across his face, he immediately obliged. ”I don’t know” He said then looked more closely through the bottle and up into the neck, “Oh yes, it’s fantastic, MMmm I think I need a torch” I smiled and went into the bedside cabinet and produced a torch.

A Christmas Fetish Pt. 02

fetish jdnybk 2017-11-06

As I began drinking from the bottle, Kelly reached down and slipped her heels off, and placed them next to the bucket of ice. "Then you're going to have to accept things like a man, o.k.?" Kelly leaned back and reached behind her. I pressed my tongue as far into Kelly's shoe so I could and began licking and sucking up the remains of the wine. As Kelly smiled down at me and began sliding her crotch closer and closer to my mouth, she reached over towards the coffee table and picked up the cell phone. Oh, well hello Monica!" I could have died right there with this gorgeous woman sitting on my chest, getting ready apparently, to sit on my face, and my mom at the other end of the phone.

When Men Play With Dolls

fetish soleful 2017-11-06

She put the plastic key in the ignition and rested both white-gloved hands on the steering wheel as she positioned both of her tall riding boots above two of the pedals. Like a magic trick, Barbie reached behind me and with one fell swoop deftly removed my robe and undershirt by pulling it over me inside out without even getting my arms caught in the sleeves. Tape Recording- We hope your are enjoying our life-sized doll, model name: do(ll)matrix Barbie, sub-model name: equestrian rider. As a final gesture Barbie delicately traced a heart on my plastic enclosure before both long white gloves pulled on the heart shaped knob as her black riding boot flexed up and then crushed down again on the enabler pedal in unison.

Halloween Fantasy

fetish averagejoe1976 2017-11-06

Knowing how chocolate and wine affect her and looking at the bowl of a few unfinished candies; I ask her if she would like to sit down to join me in finish them off and the last of the wine. She starts out pumping my cock again up and down from the tip to the balls, while fingering herself with her other hand. She works my cock in and out of her mouth faster now my one hand playing with her breasts my other on the back of her head. I cum in her mouth with a fury never before unleashed, like a good woman and maid she sucks it all off, she cums just as I do soaking her hand in her hot juices.

The Exhibition

fetish sammy_808 2017-11-06

"The idea is to suspend a set of girls in these see-through sealed plastic bags, each of them posed in different erotic positions, and then the air pulled out to hold them in place. She picked up a roll of duct tape, and pulled off a large enough strip to completely encircle Sammy's body, locking the end of the wrap in place like a belt. The photos were set up to tell the story, showing in order as they went down: Sammy signing the contract, Sammy staring at the naked girl display, Sammy stripping naked (which the girl liked best because of the deep red blush on Sammy's face), Sammy's spread legs with the catheter being inserted, Sammy pushing the ben wa balls inside herself, and then one of Sammy standing with her top half mummified.


fetish sweet_sara 2017-11-06

She felt all the anxiety drain from her body and excitement build as she kept her face buried in his knees to hide her tears of relief. As soon as that second of unsurity passed she started kissing his feet all over, adding small nibbles, sucks and licks as well. She was so focused and thoroughly enjoying kissing, licking and sucking all over his feet and toes, that she didn't hear him direct her to start back up his legs again. It was so overwhelming to be kissing his thighs two inches away from his cock and to have the smell of her excitement filling the air around them. She kissed her way up to his pelvic area where she suddenly started nibbling on his pants as well.

Close Call

fetish purplepanther25 2017-11-06

When I heard the snoring, I knew he was out like a rock and I started to kiss on Beccas' neck. "Well he is asleep again, lets see if I can take care of you big boy." As she said that, her head slid under the blankets and I suddenly felt her mouth wrap around the tip of my cock. Her dad was right there, I knew for a fact she wasn't going to be able to keep quiet, but I was thinking with my cock not my brain. Becca was still wiping cum from her lips when we got up and she went and gave her dad a kiss on the corner of her lips.


fetish 2017-11-06

I'd wave the green flag if I found the man appealing and thought I might like to see him enter my wife. If the man in question was not to my liking, I'd wave the red flag and my wife would move on. It was exciting enough for me just to watch my wife move through the room and draw men's attention her way, but she soon grew frustrated with me. "This is Cory." My wife stood arm-in-arm with a black man who was three inches taller than me and ten years younger. Soon his big cock was firmly inside my wife's pussy and they began fucking passionately leading to several loud orgasms from my wife and then finally a loud groan as Cory filled her with his load.

The Ultimate Tribute for Janelle

fetish escriterra 2017-11-06

"A tribute is a video in which a guy looks at a girl's picture as he masturbates, saying how much her picture turns him on, how hot it makes him to see her body, her nipples, her butt, maybe even just the outline of her breast beneath a sheer top if that's all the girl is showing in the picture. After a few minutes of fascinating investigation on the web page and a couple of the links from it, Janelle had another thought during her education about this new, sexy thing called a "tribute": What if he talked about wanting to lick my pussy and suck my clit as he masturbated for me?

Ellie's Decision

fetish tickle23 2017-11-06

Tom had a tickling fetish, along with its cousin foot fetish, and he had admitted this to Ellie very early on in their relationship when he and Ellie were both twenty year old college juniors. Almost immediately, five masked figures stepped out from the shadows and wheeled out the white table so that it was adjacent to Tom's bound standing body. The table met Ellie's criteria, and the red-vested Ellie -- with her wrists secured to a table surrounded by strange masked men -- was seen to be reaching for Tom's face with her unsandaled feet. The two men at the foot of the table complied, and they lifted Ellie's feet together close to Tom's face so that he could see the scribbligs.

Many Fetishes - Fetish 01

fetish ManyFetishes 2017-11-06

This first fetish/desire is along those lines... I just want to know what it feels like in my mouth. But I've also had this fantasy, fetish, desire... We eventually get to a point of arranging and scheduling an encounter and it goes something like this... He's never done this before and it isn't something that just happens. gulping as quickly as I can... he hits the back of my throat a few times and this is something I'll continue to work on... hopefully with him, as now I'm hooked on this and I'll want it to happen again and again... what I've been wanting... I gulp down the last of his generous gift to me and I stand.

The Teacher's Socks Ch. 02

fetish socksandfeet 2017-11-06

Gary had grown in confidence since he got close to Miss Saunders' socks, and he was determined to make a move as soon as he could. Gary was able to stare uncontrollably at Miss Saunders' socks, but couldn't do such a thing with his art teacher. Miss King was starting to make slight groaning noises, and pull faces, which Gary caught a glimpse of. She started to put her hands down her boots, to gently massage her calves and her feet, and Gary started to feel weak. Miss King sat up briefly while Gary was still licking her socks. As Miss King put her socks back on, she asked Gary what he was going to be doing when he left school.

The Neighbor

fetish jeb22 2017-11-06

Tom's hand moved up and down his cock as his eyes took in Taylor's nylon clad legs and followed them up to her thighs and found himself hoping for a glimpse of a little more. Taylor looked down at him one last time, patted his head and slid her hand down to his chin and lifted his face up to look at her," Don't worry baby, I won't say a word about this," and then walked out of the room which was followed shortly after by the opening and closing of the front door signaling her exit from the house.

Foot Lover Enslaved

fetish jaffamate 2017-11-06

The Mistress of the house greeted me and immediately told Paul he was to proceed to the dungeon, undress and wait on his knees. I thought we were going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show and instead I listened to Mistress tell me about Paul's secret life. I listened to her tell me that she could make Paul do anything and she was going to teach me how. I was still angry because Mistress was stunning and here she was telling me that she had made life choices for us both. We made Paul lick our boots and heels. Paul had to listen to these recordings as he was going to sleep and when he went to the gym.

Piss In The Park

fetish k1kop 2017-11-06

She said ok and got off the toilet and squatted to my mouth, where I can see her trimmed pussy dripping with the golden piss on her lips, she started to let loose with the rest of the flow as it went all over my face and in my throat, I swallowed real fast so I can continue drinking her hot sweet piss.

Cum Conference

fetish cahab 2017-11-06

The feet were quite hairy, and when a hand was put under my chin to lift up my head I found myself looking into the eyes of a middle aged man of western appearance, with a bald head and a slightly graying mustache. After quite a short time the man fucking me started to get louder, pulled out and stood up, walked over to my head and came over my face. The two geisha were busy scooping from the floor every last bit of cum, and tipping that and the contents of the bowls, actually three bowls, I must have lost count, into a large glass tube.

BBW fisting Bandit

fetish luv2bfisted2 2017-11-06

Now if you’re on your best behavior, I won’t have to stretch this one too.” Kate didn’t sound like she was joking, at least not to Cassie as she turned to get a good look at her face. Once the d**g that was inside entered her veins, the effects took hold almost immediately and with the sound of a loud, wet pop from Kate’s arm as Cassie’s sphincter finally released its grip and allowed it to exit her ass, she woke up in a fright in her own bed, flinging her arms and legs as she sat up and clutched the white sheets; her forehead riddled with sweat.