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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Giving in to Temptation

fetish ladylynx428 2017-11-06

"Because, you make my mouth water at the thought of your cock slamming into my throat, making me choke and gag, and then laugh." He placed his hand on the back of her head and forced his cock into her throat until she gagged, only then releasing her. Saliva poured from her mouth as he did this over and over, eventually wrapping his hands around her head and slamming his cock in and out of her mouth and throat, roughly fucking her face. She immediately began to lick his cock up and down the shaft before opening her mouth and sliding him inside, sucking slow at first and then increasing speed, taking him all the way to the back of her throat.

First Time I Had A Cream Pie

fetish JaxsonCurry 2017-11-05

asked me when and I told her a long time ago, but I didn't tell her with Shirley worked real slowly as she told me about her experience. Her hands kept rubbing my right leg as she went back to kissing me. Shirley slowly started to work her way down my left her hand fell to my pussy, and I felt her fingers start to rub my clit and moaned very loud, it told me how much she loved it, I worked her the way I felt about having sex with a woman; I told her that I loved it. Shirley asked me if I ever did it in the ass, I told her yes, and she

Jenny's Payment

fetish StoneKidman 2017-11-05

La Diabla wrapped her thick arms around Jenny in what looked like a bear hug until the taller mexican woman twirled around, lifting Jenny as easliy as though she were a child, and slamming her down hard with a belly to belly suplex. The crowd went nuts; singing something in spanish for some reason, like a chant or what I'm not sure but La Diabla was clapping along with them while she genuflected over Jenny for a moment before getting to her feet to rain down stomps on my woman. My woman was on her knees, panting from her horniness and exhausted from the match, when La Diabla grabbed a handful of her dark hair and tucked Jenny's head into her armpit, leading her around like a dog.

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

fetish velvetpie 2017-11-05

Pixie sat on the edge of the bed, her hand stroking Tamela's leg, keenly watching the action. "This razor is sharp enough to slice through your leg so please don't move." Tamela nodded, looking to her friend, who was holding her hand and her breath, afraid that he was some kind of murdering crackpot. Tamela rubbed the head of his fat prick against her wet slit until it was well lubed and positioned it at her opening, using her other hand to pull his hips forward. Sherman withdrew his limp cock from Tamela and gave the woman a smile. "No problem." She bent between her friend's legs and began to eat his cum from Tamela's pussy.

One Kink At A Time Ch. 2

fetish Tyjord 2017-11-05

I take the one inch band and clamp it around the base of your penis, turning the screw until the veins on your shaft start to throb under the strain of the trapped blood. The top opening is right above my cunt and is holding in place a ten inch long black rubber dildo. The dildo is easily as thick as my wrist and molded exactly like a cock, complete with bulbous head, veins and assorted bumps along the shaft. I look down at you, bound hand and foot, blindfolded, gagged with your own dirty sock, ass stuffed with a huge dildo, and force fed your semen with my piss to wash it down.

Steve's Maid

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2017-11-05

He pulled down his shorts slowly and started to rub on his cock shaft, closing his eyes while imagining a German girl, with a name tag on her, Tulip wearing a maid's uniform cleaning his room. Her finger tip trailed all over his bare chest, descending down slowly, just to make the little boy shiver while waiting for the moment to come, when she will touch his cock, for the first time, who was looking away at the time, when she played with her nails all over his hairless chest and down to tummy while she had a sadistic smile engraved on her lips the whole time.

the perfect s;ut

fetish sexybugger 2017-11-05

Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. At that moment, the other woman pushes your mouth onto her pussy, holding your head there by clamping her things around it and putting her hands in back of it. You try to squirm, fight, get away, but between your head trapped in the woman's thighs and hands, your hands cuffed behind your back, me holding firmly onto your hips, and you on your knees, you have no chance of escape. I still rub your pussy hard, getting you off again and again, and me getting off on the feeling of your asshole spasming around my dick.

Pocketbooks Ch. 01

fetish JakeApathy 2017-11-05

The leathery and expensive aroma of designer pocketbooks is irresistible to me, and before I know it, I am masturbating. Licking the asshole of this woman, who every day is dreaming of new ways to torture and humiliate me. Janet, you should tell him the new rules, since you were so good as to suggest them at the last Empowerment meeting." Janet makes them wish that they were still licking their ex-wives' asses as well as filling their pocketbooks. One thing she loves to do is suggest new rules at the Empowerment meetings. Melissa will tell you all about the details, but I know for a fact that it involves lots of polishing nails, making coffee, and shining pointy shoes!"

a sneaky play

fetish shanossy 2017-11-05

I just wanted to make my way down there as i was just about to pull her panties to the side she said "lick me feet and suck my toes i wana know wat it feels like?" i was more than happy to do so. she said "for wat?" and as she said that i drove my tongue down her sweet pussy she tasted soo good and she was shaking trying soo hard not scream, i licked and sucked til she came on my mouth, by this stage i was that hard and turned on i was leaking pre cum.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 07

fetish NancyPan 2017-11-05

I'm sure little Tommy would love to suck on them like a wittle baby," Nurse Pyre continued making a display of cradling one of her tits with both hands, "And now you have yourself in more trouble. Nurse Pyre went to one of the cabinets and returned with what appeared to be several large fluffy cloth diapers, some transparent plastic pants, baby oil and powder. "Okay baby Tommy, let's get you in your high chair," she said sweetly, pushing me up and off of her, "But first I will finished getting you dressed." She produced a plastic onesie from a cabinet drawer, slipped it over my shoulders and snapped the crotch closed, securing the closure with another tiny padlock.

Sister-In-Law's Creamy Delivery

fetish DiggerDave 2017-11-05

Pam came round a few times, but she never mentioned the party or our cozy little chat about our sex lives and my fantasy, and I had almost forgotten about it until two weeks ago. No one has ever licked a cream pie out of my pussy before and the thought of it has really turned me on.' ‘When Steve fucked me just now I put on a big pair of knickers straight afterwards, under my tracksuit bottoms, to keep all his sperm safe inside me.' I licked and sucked at the mixture of her wet love juice and Steve's sperm as she ground her pussy down on to my face and mouth.

Remember That One Night

fetish venomlegions 2017-11-05

Her stomach was swirling with butterflies, and yet a dark side of her mind was blazing with excitement as the door opened and the girl pulled her out among the other women. "Inside that bar is a mass of hot, horny, smelly, rough, mean, bikers who will do you until you drop," Liz said, sliding her hands down her body and into the top of her teddy. Liz pushed the door open and pulled her in after her, and Erika looked around wildly at the crowded bar. The men and women cheered him on, and even through her shame Erika gloried in being the centre of all their attention, in being seen as a hot, sluttish sexual animal.

Serving Jen

fetish stokes52 2017-11-05

I looked into the shopped and saw the stylist and Mistress Jen, my body shivered with anticipation. I walked into the shop and was told to come over to Mistress Jen. She was holding the riding crop she told me to kneel at her feet. When I was finished she pulled my face up and said to me “I bet you want to lick my pussy don’t you slut” I nodded my head yes being careful not to speak. Jen came to me and pulled on my leash telling me to come with her outside. Once I lick up all the piss and hair and wax I was told to get dressed and to keep on my collar and cuffs.

Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

fetish keithdavis1010 2017-11-05

I had no more designs on retaining any dignity as I said, “Oh yeah, my ass is all yours, fuck it good baby.” Like a total whore I said, “Please fuck me.” My ass was making these obscene wet sucking noises. She slowed down to the point of almost stopping and said, “That’s right think of me as your master or your pimp baby!” She grinded against me hard I let out an involuntary groan. She passionately said, “Oh yeah baby, just think what it will feel like to get a real cock up there. She withdrew the immense cock with a popping sound making the comment, “Whew, look at that ass its gaping wide open like those sluts in the porno moves – you have definitely been fucked baby.”

First Time Naked In Public

fetish Winkee 2017-11-05

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to stand up naked, but eventually I did and wandered down to the sea for a paddle. The girl furthest away from me, a gorgeous brunette with huge globe like breasts and a tiny patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair just above her slit called out "That's the smallest I have ever seen, oh my God that's SO small!" At this point I came out of my frozen state and went for the most dignified option I had available, I continued walking towards my towel. I spent the whole day naked and walked a considerable distance along the beach naked, allowing as many people as possible to see my tiny penis.

My Favorite Glove Saleslady

fetish Classygloves 2017-11-05

Ever since my mother bought me my very own pair of black ladies' kid gloves after she had caught me wearing her kid gloves to pleasure myself with, I have developed a very strong affection for the ladies who work at the "Ladies Glove Counters" in the better department stores. I was especially fond of the long white kid leather "debutante" gloves which were the vogue back then and still are today.One of the things that I would enjoy doing when I got a little older and able to get out on my own and had a little spending money, was to shop for gloves. I said yes very politely and told her that I had been speaking with Helen and that I had ordered a pair of long black unlined kid gloves.

Laughter the Best Orgasm

fetish sxypaganmom 2017-11-05

Then it stops, not touching you, but you feel the breeze it makes over your clit, laughing, screaming and sobbing you beg for release. Tickling your pussy, and your clit, shockwaves of pleasure reverberate throughout your body, your laughter and screams are indiscernible. Then suddenly as the masterful mouth is moving back and forth between your tits working them teasing them, that touch, soft, repetitive and playfully dances around that spot on your sides. Tickling your sides, Tongues dance across your stomach as warm mouths envelop your breasts, sucking, nibbling, and rolling your nipples between their lips. You ride these waves of pleasure screaming laughing as they tickle and tease you, massage and please you over and over never ending.

Dana Ch. 03

fetish primacord 2017-11-05

I watched as Kristen put her head between my wife's legs, her long blonde hair cascading over Dana's thighs, and started licking her pussy. Dana took Kristen's head in her hands, pulled it tight against her pussy, and started to hump against her mouth. She had Dana's clit, which had swollen up like a little cock, in her mouth and was biting and sucking on it, as she fucked at least two fingers in and out of her pussy. Kristen took my head in her hands and started to slowly fuck my mouth, sliding her cock in and out. I reached out and put my hand on Dana's pussy, letting the cock slip between my fingers as Kristen fucked in and out of her.

The Bet Ch. 03

fetish ssnatch 2017-11-05

I wasn't sure I could handle anything larger, but her words brought images of Sarah pulling a giant plug out of her large roller bag. My attention was brought back to the now as I felt Sarah pulling on the plug in my ass. She tossed onto the bed a small plastic wrapped package, another pair of panties, this time black with some lace, and a matching garter. I looked up and realized that while I had been focused on the stockings and garter, Sarah had completely changed her clothing. The silky feel of the stockings and camisole beneath my clothes along with the plug had me hard almost the entire time.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 01

fetish sunniedaies 2017-11-05

"Of course I mean it." Cleo moved on the bed and came to press her body to the big man's back. He couldn't avoid the initial wash of shame, at how easily he submitted while in Princess Cleo's bed. Amadeus glanced at the Princess's beautiful face and saw her eyes shine at seeing how his body reacted. Amadeus was just about to open his mouth to ask for an explanation, when Cleo position the rounded head of the polished wood phallus at his opening. "Yes, Princess." Amadeus quickly got up from the bed and went to the washing chamber. Amadeus was no fool and knew very well that he wasn't the only of the King's guards to share her body and bed.

Enjoying Pregnancy

fetish Lucien_Al 2017-11-05

"Your boyfriend is an idiot" I said, "A pregnant woman is such a sexy sight." I knelt down in front of her and gently opened her legs. "Yes" she whispered, "he never goes down on me." I didn't say another word, I gently pried her legs open and let my lips settle on her hot, wet pussy. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her pussy and let them slip down until they started to nudge her tight ass. "Yes" She moaned, "fuck me hard, I need that hot cock deep inside me." As I slowly slipped my cock into her my hands started caressing her large stomach, the thought of my fucking this pregnant beauty was so erotic.

My Best Friend's Sister

fetish AceInTheHole 2017-11-05

When she saw me, she took a quick drag and rushed to me, exhaling as she went to hug me, and the smoke hit me right in the face. I saw a naughty smile form on her face right before her lips wrapped around my cock, and I saw and felt smoke exhaled through her nose as she began to suck. The next time she took a drag, I pulled her head off my cock with an audible slurp and brought her up to face me, and I could see the wanton need for sex in her eyes. It managed to get lit though, and she took a long drag, throwing her head back in ecstasy as she combo-exhaled, beautiful clouds of smoke coming out of her mouth and nose.

My Wife Enjoys a New Hobby

fetish dixeenormous 2017-11-05

Not completely satisfied with my new look, I found a lace teddy on the bed and after stuffing my bra with some of my wife's panty hose, I pulled the teddy over my head and turned to check out my profile in the full length mirror. "I knew my little bitch would like my big black cock," my wife moaned as she reached down and stroked the massive dildo with her petite hand, her fingers not quite reaching around its full girth. There I was, on my knees, my hands restrained behind my back, dressed like a cheap whore, wearing a red wig with several inches of black rubber cock in my mouth.

My Friend Lisa

fetish vinceh23 2017-11-05

I had told her how sexy it was for me to find panties in a hamper and how I looked for that "crusty yellow" stain of what I liked to think of as "pussy juice". I once confessed to her that I would like a CFNM scene with two or three women watching and humiliating me while I was forced to sniff their panties and wear them and jack-off in front of "the ladies". As I was going in the bathroom Lisa called "be quick, we need your opinion on some things and Jane and Doris have to hurry. With that Jane pulled out a pretty pink bra and held it to her chest asking "what do you think of this?" Well, I liked it, of course, a bit surprised, but delighted that they would be displaying their intimates so quickly.