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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish mysticalmaiden111 2017-11-05

Last night his fingers played with my puss while he kissed me wildly, holding my hair tight in his grip, his lips nearly devouring me alive all while he probed gently teasingly at my puss. Devouring my mouth, my neck, pulling my hair while craning my neck to him and all while he fiddles my puss and more. In between kissing me, devouring me, fiddling my puss, he made me repeat to him that I was his, his alone, that I belonged to him and that I would give myself freely to him always. I feel the gush coming forth as he slips easier into me, and he growls primally and exclaims proudly “MINE” tightens his grip on my throat and fills me with his sticky cum, growling.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 02

fetish cfblover 2017-11-05

She said, "Well, you have already used my Clarinet as a sex toy a bunch of times which I still get turned on every time I open my Clarinet case, but this time I want you to cum all over my Flute." I was actually surprised Abigail had said cum, usually she says sperm instead, but it seemed like she caught on to me saying the word. I said, "I could do that, how about I use your Clarinet as a sex toy and then let my cum ooze all over your Flute?" I got faster and faster until I started cumming inside her English horn. We both got slower and I just sat there with my penis inside my Clarinet, while she took my Flute out of her pussy.

Step Sibling Sex (SSS PART 1)

fetish Over-cum 2017-11-05

They get to saying the same things they said last time only adding "Wow you got so big little b*o!" and "Looking like a light skinned version of yo dad!" My dad walks into the house saying he'll be back leaving me in the driveway with them. "We always eating late as fuck cause dad don't bring the food home to cook sooner." Kasey said in a low voice. Still in dis-belief, I pulled out my finger, and grabbed my cock with both hands as I pressed the head of my dick up against her soft little pussy. "Yeahhh you like that huh?" I said, thrusting my cock in her all the way going faster and harder as my big hanging balls clapped loudly against her wet pussy.

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 02

fetish Myths 2017-11-05

He went upstairs still clutching Alice's dirty knickers almost reverently in his hand and quietly opened his wife's bedroom door. He moved them over his face and found stronger smells in the crotch where Alice's sweat from her exertions in the gym, combined with the scent of her squishie juices and perhaps, even a measure of her wee mixed in, blended. In his wildest dreams, in the many lonely nights he held and rubbed himself with images of sweaty, dirty knickers suffusing his mind, he had never come close the reality of this moment. Decision made, Bob went to bed, still with Alice's knickers on, dry and stiff with his cum. "Ooh, Bob, you naughty boy, wearing my dirty, sweaty knickers.

Ad Symbol Nightmare

fetish Clemstra 2017-11-05

"Janie, looks like you want some cooking." He said grabbing Janie. Like an amazon heroine coming to the rescue of Janie, she grabbed a butter knife and screaming she went after Pop An Fresh. Susan's hand followed, disappearing into the soft dough body. Then we saw her bodies outline inside him struggling to get out. "Tee Hee" Pop N Fresh laughed as if poked in the stomach, like on those commercials. There were no more struggles from within the soft dough body of Pop N Fresh and no screams from inside Mr. Peanut. As the two horrible creatures devoured poor Janie, I found my courage to jump out the window. We found no larger then life living Pop N Fresh or Mr. Peanut.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 07

fetish Alfamann 2017-11-05

"Now stand up, and hand me your knickers like a good young lady should." I was so embarrassed, as I was sure neighbouring passengers could not have helped but overhear my Mother in Law's request. "Yes Ma'am, the water was very wet." I hoped Rachael and Troy had no idea of the double connotation, although it was not missed by Debbie and John who both joined in on the joke I then scooped them up off the sand and passed them to the waiting hand of my Mother in Law. With little effort she tore the thong in half and placed the remains in her pocket.

The Birthday Gift

fetish annieg 2017-11-05

It took me half a year to find the right one, but it was like a dream come true - one of the large business law firms in the city, specializing in corporate law. Time was dragging like hell - finally I took a taxi at 8.30 and headed for Irene's apartment in the suburbs. "Look, I like things to happen my way. "I want you to lick me first" she said in a much milder way, as if asking a friend for a favour. "The next time you try to be all grown-up and tough, think of the moment you begged me to stop shitting in your mouth because it was full!" Tears overtook me and I started sobbing on the floor.


fetish kingdong1990 2017-11-05

One night i was laid in bed after a hard day at work, just about to go to to sl**p, and my moblie starts ringing it was Katie a friend for school. Katie: Can i talk to you (crying) I opened the door Katie looked hot, she was wearing a nice short dress, as soon as i opened the door, he hugged me and said god i needed that. so we sat outside my house talking, she said i am getting cold can we go inside. we sat on the sofa n chatted, she turned around and what happened with you and Kelly, we just broke it off because it never works. i gave Katie a hug , i said everything will be ok, then she turned around me said i wish i could have u.

Piercing Virgin

fetish ZeldaHemingway 2017-11-05

"We need to make sure that the piercing process didn't hurt any nerves or diminish sensitivity in your nipples," He slipped the new pair of latex gloves onto his hands. Jason leaned down and kissed me again, his hands immediately pulling and twisting my sensitive nipples. Jason instantly dove into my pussy, smearing his face with my juices and driving his tongue deep inside while his chin pressed tight against my clit. Upside down, a stranger's face in my pussy, my nipples being pulled so hard that they felt as if they were going to be torn off, I had one of the most amazing orgasms of my life.

What You See is Not What You Get

fetish Marty Eagan 2017-11-05

Once the fabulous woman had coaxed her legs to carry her into the pub the redhead moved toward an empty booth across from Dan and Jimmy. After sharing some of his experiences working for Lynn's boss, Bob, and his perspective on her workplace she realized that there were good reasons Dan left the company. Dan loved pretty feet as much as anything about a woman and he took each in his hands in turn and rubbed them sensuously Lynn groaned with pleasure as well. Over the next few days Lynn thought about Dan's revelation and alternated between feeling degraded and feeling great that a man could find her attractive, crutches and all.

An Awakening of HER Desire

fetish rrspence2002 2017-11-05

Without hesitation and without any reluctance from her, Ross' strong hands gripped and lifted her around her empty left hip and for a brief moment, his fingers brushed her womanhood that was now open and vulnerable and oh so wet with desire right beside her short stump of a left leg. As he was walking to his side of the van, she quickly arranged her folded pant leg so that the perfectly round end of her stump filled the pocket in a smooth, breast like form. His touch on the end of her stump sent lightning bolts of desire to her love-bud, to her throbbing breasts and to her warming thigh of a right leg.

can you help

fetish FREE2694U2 2017-11-05

please her.WEll the other night during us plaing around she brougt this up agian.sence her B_DAY coming up I told her jokingly that I love her so much, that I want her to be fulfilled by more than just my own cock. she yelled out that She wants me to eat her pussy while the other man foucks her she begged me and told me that is her real fantise after some heatiton I put the real looking dick from behind her as if the man was under her and her siting on the cock I began to lick her pussy as she rode the fake dick she came and squrited like she never did before It drove her wild after

We Know Your Weakness

fetish Quillman 2017-11-05

Jenni screamed as much as her lungs would allow, and thrashed her head from side to side within the tethered restraints of her bonds. Jenni was aware of their strong hands holding her ankles, their touch seemed warm, comforting somehow, but her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the scream that involuntarily expelled itself from her lungs. With the sinking feeling that her torture was about to begin all over again, Jenni attempted to speak to the men. To her horror Jenni became aware of her hands being pulled slowly above hear head. Jenni struggled as she felt her shoes being slowly and teasingly removed, she attempted to curl her toes to prevent it, but of course any resistance was useless, and these sadistic tormentors knew it.

A Night On The Town

fetish Rust1 2017-11-05

I couldnt help but be excited as I walked back over to Mr. W, "get down on your knees" he commanded and I did as I was told dropping to my knees right in front of Mr. W, I could smell his musty balls the scent of it filled my nose making me hornier and made my mouth water. It didnt take long for Mr. W to return and when he did he was wearing a hoodie that hid his face almost completely and he was holding what looked like a long thin black rope clutched in his hand, (that's new) I thought to myself as Mr. W walked toward me.

Bukkake Holiday

fetish HardCoreFire 2017-11-05

I started to taste sweet pre-cum, so I removed his cock and started jerking him off, my tongue eagerly awaiting his load. I love feeling warm gooey cum splatter my hard nipples, and these guys seemed to know it. The guy fucking me was ready to cum, and I soon felt my cunt fill up. I opened my mouth and caught some on my tongue, and a cream pie started to ooze out of my cunt, and I instantly slid three fingers into my pussy and started fucking myself, and as oceans of cum poured down on me from above, I hit a stunning orgasm, and it continued for a full minute, as fresh cocks replaced spent ones and showered me with more.

Like a Dream

fetish Scotsdude 2017-11-05

We kissed the moment we entered the door, and seconds later, we were naked on the bed, with her on top of me, riding me like a cowgirl. "Good!" As she fucked me, she bent around and gently rubbed my cock, but this time, she wasn't masturbating me, she was milking me. Would you like that?" I nodded with the cock in my mouth, enjoying the sweet humiliation. In fact, company rule was that all office doors were to stay open unless in a meeting, but Martina had started closing mine. "This is going to hurt, a lot, but you'll like it." She told me, as she also pulled out a ball gag.

Girl's Night Pt. 10

fetish DifferentBreed 2017-11-05

"That's enough of that Candi...," Catherine said, "keep that sissy head high, I want to see every pathetic look in those pretty blue eyes. Fisher tugged the front of his dress back down and swept himself around the pole as the two scantily clad club girls took seats with Catherine and Sophie, talking about him just out of ear shot, their laughter and scandalous looks making him feel increasingly uneasy. "Wonder how much she'll love showing off when we makes her flaunt her earrings like an invitation and have her dance with a couple of guys," Catherine said, watching Sophie's eyes light up and smile spread across her face.

Over the Railing

fetish 2017-11-05

The other girl, the one with the new guy on her ass, kept giggling, but mine was clearly upset, saying things, like "Disgusting" and "Pervert." Her comments and her attitude were driving me crazy. As my cock tightened to finally release its semen, my girl said like a valley girl, "Oh, my God." The other victim, who by now was being subjected to a pretty intense humping session, asked "What's the matter?" My girl leaned in and whispered something to her. I knew she felt every jet of jism shoot out of my cock, because she put her head down helplessly in her hands, shook it in disbelief, and said, "Gross!" out loud.

Tricked to Serve – Part 2

fetish TakenMale 2017-11-05

I knelt between Mistress Alyson’s open legs and tasted for the first time the woman I had craved to pleasure, serve...completing all tasks set and now trapped in her home dressed in lingerie, with two naked men standing behind me, and as my tongue touched Mistress Alyson’s wet lips, gently pushing into the cunt of my Mistress, I wanted to be nowhere else. I did not consider where she had gotten the information of my desires, even now as I was knelt licking her sex, two naked erect men standing behind me and there was the other man, the one I had seen first as he had taken the bag with my clothes/phone/keys away, to what was it Mistress Alyson had said, ‘to check on our other slut’.

Super Store Bathroom Fuck

fetish RavagedKnight23 2017-11-05

"Mmmm, I want to taste your cock now..." she moaned, biting my ear playfully, moving down to my neck, then my chest, then finally she got down onto her knees in front of me, stroking my cock now with both hands, looking up at me with her grey-ish blue eyes, my cock head inches from her face. Starting a nice, slow bobbing motion, she took more and more with each bob, until she couldn't take much more and I felt her gag slightly as my cock head reached her throat, then she pulled it out of her mouth, stroking slowly with her hand and looking up at me.

My Threesome Sex

fetish coolguy2020 2017-11-05

Neelam got horny and came near me she put her hands on my pants to feel my rock hard cock, I couldn’t hold on and smooched her real hard and squeezed her boobs not realizing that her friend was sitting next to me, then I looked towards Neeta and she acted as though she was not seeing and was busy seeing the movie, now I couldn’t hold on and my hand went under neelam’s skirt and her panties were completely wet. Neeta saw us and smiled and continued to see the movie, Neelam made me lay down on the sofa with my head on Neeta’s lap and she started to suck my cock, I was so horny and seeing Neeta’s boobs right in front of me I could not resist holding them.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 09

fetish Max332 2017-11-05

"It's my turn, give me the place!" She smirked, "I want our slave to lick my whole feet too, he'll enjoy it to no end!" Time for Yuna's feet, I hope you're prepared, you do know from experience they're worse than mine..." she smiled, and stood up to let Yuna the place. James was going to lick her feet, like the dog she wanted him to be! As the movie went on, James finished the first feet, and Yuna delightedly gave him the second to lick and worship. "I told you!" Faith giggled, knowing perfectly Yuna was not only pleased by James's services, but horny as hell too.

Laura's Tights Fantasy with Maiko

fetish MELD9003 2017-11-05

Since moving to New York from London a year ago and joining the Santini School of Dance, Laura had hit it off almost instantly with Maiko, a petite Japanese American girl with warm soft brown eyes and a friendly personality to match. Smiling and nodding in agreement as Laura stood there bitching and complaining in her black long sleeve leotard, black short skirt and white tights, Maiko wondered why her friend looked at her in that strange way sometimes...unless couldn't be that...could it? Reclining back on the sofa, Maiko closed her eyes and tried to relax as Laura continued to massage her feet, switching back and to between them; but it was no good, the amazing feeling building in the pit of her stomach was moving down between her legs.

My Husbands Fetish

fetish lauren003 2017-11-05

He replied not to worry that he won't be fucking me in my bum tonight but he thought he would start loosening my ass up for anal sex tomorrow night if I'm keen for it. I then got up and made my way to the shower to wash my husbands cum off my face and upper body. Waking up the next morning and getting out of bed my husband spanked my bum saying look at that sexy ass I'm going to fuck later. I laid on my tummy and my husband soon sat on my bum and drizzled oil onto my back and neck and started to massage me.