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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dream Lover Becomes Lover For Life

fetish realbigsid69 2017-11-05

"Your pleasure is always wonderful" Dominic replied diplomatically and groaned a little as Kate gave a tug on the weights to ensure they were definitely secure. Once in position, the fact he was now kneeling meant the weights did their job and sure enough, he felt a dull ache as they began to hang down from his balls, while Kate lounged back on the covers, enjoying his tongue inside her. Being away from her for a week had let him realise that no matter what, he was beginning to fall for her more every day and actually felt a keen desire to continue pleasing her in any way or manner Kate allowed him to or told him to.

A Flight to Remember

fetish pissorgydreamer 2017-11-05

While I had my eyes half opened, enjoying a nice ass fucking in the middle of the sky while a stranger whacked off right next to us, I noticed that someone was moving down the aisle towards us, with a sense of urgency. "I haven't had a good fuck in 6 months, can I join you all?" she whispered as she pulled her bra off and shoved one of her tits in Aisle Stranger's mouth without waiting for an answer. Aisle Stranger sped up one more time, and then pulled his cock out of her pussy, jacking it the rest of the way until he blew a nice load on Flight Attendant's ass.

Curse of the gypsy woman - Part four

fetish qudduse 2017-11-05

Four hands went exploring, finding breasts, the softness of ass cheeks, the wetness of crotches, and their eyes met briefly before the petite french woman threw her head back and moaned loudly as two fingers found their way inside her. As she fell backwards, Melissa searched out the source of the intoxicating aroma that was beckoning her, and kissing her way down the soft, burning skin of the other woman, she was finally able to taste that sweet nectar surrounding her fingers. The squeezing around her fingers intensified as she moved them in and out, and as she carefully pushed her ring finger against the flower of the woman's anus, a load moan, progressing into a scream filled the room as an orgasm surged through Francine's body, making all her muscles go rigid, almost cramping as juices gushed from her pussy.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 03

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2017-11-05

I'd taken the roll of film into town and explained to the old photo lab guy what was on it and that I need two copies of each picture as soon as possible. As I promised Dollie we were headed south down the beach to look for more naked sunbathers to pose holding her titties. Dollie told one of our phony stories and the old guy decided maybe posing with this horny woman with the big tits might not be such a bad idea, especially when there are tits to be played with. I remember after maybe as long as an hour playing around and talking, the old guy never seemed to have any more that the two inches he had when we walked up there.

Golden Lust Ch. 05

fetish HypnoticGold 2017-11-05

If Ms Tasha finds out that I let Tammy pee in my mouth, and I swallowed down every drop of it, she'd probably laugh me right out of her class. Before mustering up the courage to actually look back up again towards them, Tammy had walked over to where I was sitting, and began to take a seat right next to me, maintaining that same wicked grin she had since she first saw me here in class. My mouth started to hang open as I felt Tammy stroking me more & more, Ms Tasha was staring more focused in my direction, it's obvious she knew Tammy was playing with me, and Ms Tasha was enjoying watching us, as a student was busy giving her point of view on the discussion.

My panty fetish 3 way

fetish slipn2panties 2017-11-05

I had got a glimpse of Marla's yellow silky panties, Karen and I were wearing our matching purple satin tanga style with lace on the leg openings. I turned Marla on her back while I got on my knees, Karen had gotten her strap on, apparently she'd been planning this for a while, while she was giving me a hand job she was lubing up the strap on and then before I knew it, she was plowing my ass. I flipped her on her knees and showed her what getting plowed up the ass feels like and Karen got a good tounge lashing and let go of pussy juice all over Marla's face.

Log 01: Truth

fetish immoral_Leo 2017-11-05

I want to sit and have two women worship my cock. That's right, I may have been honest and a "nice guy" but beneath that is a man whose brain is his cock and wants to use women like the fuck toys they should be known as. Now I'm not just going to receive, I enjoy the pleasure of licking a pussy clean. I just think about having a bitch sit on my face and ride my tongue while I enjoy the pleasure of her hot pussy secreting juices like a waterfall. Sometimes I don't need to fuck, I just want to please myself by spring cleaning her pussy.


fetish ldrequiv 2017-11-05

Presently Sarah said, without looking up, "You know, you usually can't reverse that sort of thing." "A properly fitted harness isn't something one just yanks off a rack, dear." The girl put out a hand, and Laura automatically took it. "Of course." Martine turned without releasing Laura's hand and led her past the counter, through a curtain of brightly colored crystals and beads, and into a place beyond wonder. "He's not much of a man," Laura said as she trailed her fingers over Martine's mons. "It often is, dear." Martine took Laura's face between her hands. He was waiting for her in the black lace bra, the garter belt and stockings, and the stiletto heeled pumps in anticipation of her return home.

My Little Slut

fetish actionpacker 2017-11-05

I wanted so badly to stroke his rock hard cock, but I knew he was so close and I wasn't ready for my little slut to cum just yet. I could feel my body getting closer and closer to climax, until I finally pull out of his throat and squirt my load all over his face as I moan and cum harder than I ever have. I grab the glass beads from the box and slowly push them into his ass, watching each bead stretch his asshole wider than the last, him moaning with pleasure each time. I start slowly thrusting into his ass, watching my cock stretch him and make him moan.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 18

fetish coniungoergosum 2017-11-05

"I'm sorry Chloe, I can't help myself," she said: and a spurt of fear-induced urine gushed out from between her thighs, and quickly became a torrent, streaming down the inside of her legs and forming a puddle on the floor. My fingers flexed, and my mouth and eyes opened very wide as my body tried every trick to attempt to relieve the pain. My legs for a start: I could not move them up or down, but they had been left spread open, and I found I could just about bring my knees together - in this way I might be able to shield my private parts from the slops - though this was a strain, and the easier position was to leave them as they were.

The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 05

fetish RandyVicar 2017-11-04

The night before, Richard waited outside the hotel room while his wife Clara hooked up with her co-worker Jay for the first time. Richard later threw Jay out of the room, and Clara punished Richard for that by inviting her ex Kurt to come to the room and fuck her while Richard watched. Clara sensed Kurt's excitement; she knew he was turned on by the shame and abuse she heaped on Richard. She was thinking about how Kurt would have to deal with Penny when he got home on Christmas morning after spending the night in Clara's bed. Richard's looked to Clara the moment Kurt left the room. when she'd said he was hers, he could already feel the cum rising from his balls, his cock pumping hot into Clara's hand.

Legs Everywhere

fetish Kessler 2017-11-04

Becky's legs were very long and well conditioned as I watched her calf muscles flexed as she gripped and stroked my cock between her strong insteps. I gripped her legs hard pulling them into my chest as I felt Rhonda's relentless fingertip dance across that hot spot in my nut sack one last time causing me to shoot my load. Becky continued to stroke my shriveling cock between her toes saying, " I know, like I said it was a strong one." I sat back up again to see Rhonda reach up with her index finger and wipe my cum that had landed on the inside of Becky's calf.

Stacy wants to Play Ch. 05

fetish ruuddog 2017-11-04

I wouldn't want anybody to open the top and see who our little cum slut is now would we?" Stacy was just torturing Jessie, teasing her to get her going. "Well I bet it is going to be a lot hotter once the guys start using your face." Stacy seemed to be enjoying this game a little too much and I knew Jessie was in for a long night. "That is what our little girl in the box is doing right now she is earning our trust" Stacy slapped the top of the box and Rachel's knees almost gave out when Jessie tongue snaked out of that hole and started licking her clit.

My Panty Fetish Ch. 02

fetish kinkyjill 2017-11-04

I put it on the outside against his cock head and gently stroked it through the panties carefully because I knew that he could ejaculate and sat straight down on his face so that his tongue could press against my pantied pussy. I left his hand under my skirt for 1 minute and in that time his finger pressed the gusset inside my cunt and felt the wetness of my panties before I took his and away and retied the hand to the cuff on the bed. I moved away from him and sat down on the seat and slipped my hand down inside my skirt and skid a couple of fingers into my sloppy pussy to feel just how we I was and to see how far up inside my cunt the panties had travelled.

Keeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 04

fetish Billyglide 2017-11-04

If you read the earlier parts of this series, you'll know that Marcy had told Nancy that her husband, Jeff, had eaten her creampie after they had sex. Nancy replied, "Marcy said Jeff was always selfish, both in and out of bed. "Please don't be embarassed Billy," Marcy said, "You know Nancy and I talk about everything. I looked at her and said, "You are a beautiful woman Marcy." I was a bit uncomfortable and I didn't want to make Nancy jealous. I love that all the neighbors saw the video of us having sex and you eating my pussy full of your cum!" Nancy answered. I said, "Thank you Marcy, i really enjoyed that." I gave her pussy a kiss and sat up.

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 01

fetish ElRoylk 2017-11-04

Corrine stepped inside and let him pass through taking a long look at his tight ass, held snugly by the designer slacks. I mean, it's a little over the top, especially in this light, but when it's dark you can't really tell what color it all is." She looked up to see him blushing and tried to imagine what he thought was so embarrassing. "That wasn't the first time someone did that with you, was it?" She washed her hands under the faucet, looking at his face and letting her gaze stroke the front of his body, coming to rest on his bald cock and balls.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 02

fetish AnimatedSocks 2017-11-04

"This is why you animated us, isn't it?" The red striped white knee socks collapsed upon Lexi's body just then, the toes lifting in the air and slithering around their sister's neck like a pair of ivory snakes. Lexi grinned devilishly for a moment before lifting her head up and gently snatching one of the socks by the toes with her teeth, lying back down as she rubbed her tongue across the knitted toeline, moaning softly as she felt the animate cloth push back, playing with her tongue. The tops of those white knee socks continued to kiss and suckle at those erect nipples, causing Lexi to moan a few more times before the toes of the left sock pulled out of the mouth, leaving the teen wanting, and attempting to follow before she found her hands being forced up over her head.

Path to Redemption Ch. 01

fetish Duke567 2017-11-04

Kate, I'm going to need you to be extra strong." "Kate, I love you so much." I looked at her ample breasts, heaving with her heavy breathing. I put my hand on Kate's breast and started to fumble with the buttons on her shirt. I kept steeling glances at Kate's sexy body, wishing I could just scoop her up and make love to her. I wanted to lick her nipple, run my finger in circles around her clit, make her moan, make love!. As Kate got close to cumming, my cock was so close, without even any stimulation. Kate came hard, while my cock just continued its silent protest, desperate to feel release.

Calliope's New Life Ch. 02

fetish xelliebabex 2017-11-04

"Look at me," Padraic growled, "Is this what you had in mind when you asked to stay in bed all day?" He began to spank her ass again watching her blink a tear to her cheek as she craned her head to look over her shoulder at him. "We'll leave you to it," Padraic said trying to end the awkward moment, "No baking today, please Bea. We are doing a whole body cleanse." Padraic grinned, "We have had a late start, and I have work to attend to, this one distracts me so much." He picked Calliope up off the stool and walked away toward the study.

Bukkake Diaries: Jane's Induction

fetish NomDeClavier 2017-11-04

Like everyone else, I'd pump quarters into wherever I needed before dropping into the vinyl covered arm chairs across from the booths' screens. Then I'd begin my search through the channels, looking for kink, hoping for a girl surrounded by cocks and coated in cum. It seemed Elise could sense how my body was responding, so she went ahead without a verbal response from me, "I get lots of emails in connection with that ad. I was a little embarrassed that Elise apparently had told the shop girl about my habits, but I was also turned on by it. The shop girl pointed down a short hall with double doors at the end without saying a word, smiling.

My Girlfriend's Real Life Adventure

fetish Shadow_chaser 2017-11-04

She cleaned herself up and then told me to come watch as she walked back out to the kitchen in her towel. I said sure and grabbed the towel and took it back to my room. A few weeks later, my friend and I were at a meeting together and he told me again my girlfriend rings a big bell but he couldn't remember. I told my girl and we both figured he finally remembers that he had either received a hand job, or blow job from her or fucked her and felt too bad about it and doesn't know how to tell me. So he finally picks up his laptop and tells me he remembers my girl.

Wife desires fulfilled

fetish chandan0707 2017-11-04

I tried but could not do much to satisfy her hunger so I asked her if she would like to have another man at first she was apprehensive as to my reaction when I told her that ts ok with me and she agreed an said it has been her desire form long time. He was about 35 years old andd had a muscular physique in fact wife was impressed by his looks, he was dark and his name he told us was Ravi when we agreed, Ravi took us inside the massage room which ahd a masssage table with a bathroom adjoining. He asked my wife to remove her clothes and tie a towel around her in the bath room and come lie on the massage table.

A Most Exciting Experance: Sarah

fetish Sin_Sex466 2017-11-04

I've played with Calvin's ass hole before, and I know he liked it, but I never even thought about licking it. When I looked back, I saw that Eric had stopped licking, and had moved around the bed in front of Calvin. As soon as Eric's big hard cock went into Calvin's tight ass hole, I also inserted my middle finger into my quivering pussy. God I remembered how good it felt to have Calvin's hard dick in my tight pussy, and with that memory I had a small orgasm. Than I saw Eric reach around with his right hand and grab Calvin's cock. This went on for 10 minutes, watching Eric and Calvin, remembering how much I loved Calvin and remembering all the wonderful things he had done to and with me.


Panty Boy Ch. 02

fetish AussieKev1 2017-11-04

Shelly said, very matter of factly, considering sexually charged I was and I assumed they were, "Just spread your legs a bit, Panty Boy." I bristled at the fact she knew that much that she was aware of the name Kasey called me yesterday. You've got two hot horny women here, playing with your arse while you're wearing one of their juice laden panties, while they're dressed like high class sluts and you want to know what the fuck is going on!?" "And that's not easy", Kasey said, seemingly knowing the next thing to say, "when most of the places are small communities like this", She continued herself this time, "and a one night stand usually means a quick fuck and suck and that's it.