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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

An Androgynephilic Daydream Ch. 02

fetish Trapper_Jock_Mcintyre 2017-11-04

My mind was alive with thoughts of her, thoughts of pleasing her, thoughts of submitting to her, thoughts of running my hand along her hard flat masculine chest, tweaking her small manly nipples, breathing deeply of the musky male scent of her armpits. Sex with her takes on a quality that is more like two men fucking than a man and woman, and I am absorbed by the incongruity of that because as I look up from my position of sucking her cock-like clit I see that hard flat masculine chest of hers and then her beautifully feminine facial features, the pert lips blood red with lipstick, the eyes outlined in black eyeliner accented with coloured with the shades of eye shadow on her eyelids, all framed by her soft curly hair.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 03

fetish ILuvAnal 2017-11-04

"Thanks, but I have the Jordan account to take care of. My initial fury waned. I figured it was because I was so fat. My fury mounted again. I asked myself, as I pulled out my cell phone. I was very pleased he answered the phone. Your choice." I didn't give a chance to answer. "Shit, she knows better than that." "After that I was afraid to break it." "Break what?" I was horny. Made me horny as hell." You have to understand that she is going through some wild hormone swings. I hung around while they hugged and kissed, but left as soon as he mentioned the enema to her. It will give me a chance to tidy up." Now get the hell out of here.

Lilly's Full Tits

fetish JaxsonCurry 2017-11-04

get to live my fantasy and with a young good-looking woman like Lilly to and her pussy lips parted, allowing her juices to seep onto my hand. Her juices ran out of her wet pussy and coated my fingers and hand to the My cock had become hard again and I took it in my hand a started to slowly "Oh, yes, it sure does, George, your filling my small pussy with your big I let go of her nipple and drove my cock as far inside her pussy as I "I haven't had a fuck that good in a long time either, George and to tell then placed her hand on my cock and started to stroke me slowly, each

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 02

fetish jawanaut 2017-11-04

"So are you going to tell me what he texted back to you," I asked as her phone began to rattle on the dresser. "He said O.K. and to let him know if you cared if I met up with him tonight." I want to fuck you right now actually." She giggled at my reply, then grabbed her purse and headed downstairs. Kissing her deeply, I looked into her eyes and said, "So, you sucked him off tonight?" She kissed me back, then pulling her lips away slightly, began to trace my lips with her tongue as she spoke "Yes, completely" she said heading back down to her previous task but before inserting my dick back into her mouth she said "and he came so fucking much...

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 06

fetish KarlMartinK 2017-11-04

Angie had promised she wouldn't talk about it, but then, she admitted that the mystery girl knew about it, so she obviously hadn't kept her mouth shut. As nervous as I was, I had no intention of making the experience end any time soon, so I stood there patiently waiting for Angie to move out of the way and for the mystery girl to move into place directly in front of me. "Shh..." she repeated, pressing her lips against mine again, planting soft little kisses on my lips, then she tilted my head down slightly with her hands and I felt her body rise as if she was standing on her toes, kissing each of my eyelids in turn.

Tina Rules Ch. 2

fetish jimmysub 2017-11-04

I reported Lydsay was out swimming and asked whether I should start the pasta. Tina told me to stop staring at Lydsay' boobs put the crackers down, pick up her clothes, bring a robe to get into, and if you can change quickly into your new bathing suit, you can have a swim before dinner. Lydsay commented that Tina was so beautiful that she was not going to have any problem finding a nice guy who knew how to treat women. Tina asked Lydsay if she had plans for Saturday. Tina confirmed that Lydsay felt comfortable getting me fitted. Tina looked at me and said hair brush and I felt compelled to clean up the mess I made all over Lydsay"s feet..

County Girl Ch. 01

fetish LaurenWestley 2017-11-04

He asked if I had the package etc and then took my breath away when he said, "I am going to turn my web cam on now and you will be able to see me." A few moments later a little video screen opened on my computer and there he was. But, Master Cock said, "Most submissives want to be in some control but in order to really be what he said I wanted to be, once I signed the agreement and we got to the cabin I would not be allowed to object to anything any male asked me to do that was not on the excluded list.

The Closet

fetish super_chicken 2017-11-04

Rob was treated to the site of her ass moving up and down on her bed as she worked the g-string against her pussy. Dani returned to the bedroom with a naked guy around Rob's age. He took his fingers out of her pussy and grabbed both ass cheeks, causing Dani to wince in pain. Rob stuck it back in her pussy and came face to face with Dani's puckered asshole. She then forced her on the bed and fucked the girl with so much intensity Rob couldn't believe it. The girl came and Dani pulled the dildo out, got down on her knees and lapped up the juices.

Being Johnny's Bitch

fetish dickslapme19 2017-11-04

good cuz ur dick aint gettin no where near my ass but since u dont have any weed or gas i guess ur suckin my dick as he said that he grabbed his junk and pulled and rubbed on it a little bit yeah u are i know u like suckin dick i can see u gettin a hardon in ur pants just slide over here take as much of my monster cock as u can make me cum and bitch u better swallow and ill take u home. Fuckyeah suck that huge dick bitch take it all he said as he took a few inches out of my mouth and slammed all back in a fast past in the mean time his nuts were slapping me In the face on the nose on my checks.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 03

fetish secretsubmissive22 2017-11-04

Use your diaper right now or I will take you to the car for your spanking and your bottom will be bare for everyone to see." Claire wanted to cry, but the waitress came back and asked if they were ready to order. I want you to sit in timeout facing the corner." Mark went to his car to retrieve more bags, the contents included a rectal thermometer with some lube, more diapers, some pull-ups, a trainer toilet, a wooden spoon that says "For Claire's bare bottom" on the handle, more baby clothes, a step stool and a few other things he was going to need.

Slippery Stuff

fetish emersons62 2017-11-04

She leaned her head back and moaned as his hot tongue pushed her open and moved up and down the path the peach had made. His tongue tasting the peach and then moving to tease her hole as she cried out how good it felt. His cock grazed her wet lips as one hand slid down and he slipped two fingers inside her ass. He felt her start to spasm at the intrusion and as he pulled back out a bit, the slice of peach that had been inside of her fell out and slid to the floor. Then with a thumb moving in quick circles there, she slid a finger inside of herself, next to his hard cock.

A Chocolate Covered Cherry

fetish rogereyes 2017-11-04

My girlfriend slid her hand between her legs to my crotch and gave my throbbing cock a firm squeeze but didn't let go. She couldn't care less if I was fighting off the desire to cover her face with my hot load, she was completely crazed by this point and my dick was the only thing she could focus on, she pushed forward and sucked my balls and my dick swelled to its maximum size. My balls tightened again, my legs shivered and a thick river of cum rushed up through my cock and fill her chocolate covered pussy.

The New Nudist Ch. 02

fetish markelly 2017-11-04

I called the ambulance to the house and met them at the hospital, we decided to name our child and buried him a week later, grief is a terrible thing that I could never ask my worst enemy to go through, when we look back now we both believe that Jodie came so very close to losing her mind. Yvette took Jodie away for the day, we were told to look after the girls, so we all hit the beach, although we all enjoyed ourselves we felt the absents of them both, they turned up at the beach just as the sun had started to loose it's heat, Jodie showed Yvette my tattoo, she made the remark that were now book ends.

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 03

fetish KindAsCake 2017-11-04

He settles back in his chair and starts the movie, she's facing him so she can't even enjoy the distraction of watching the movie, she's focused on watching him and the feeling of the pillow clamped tightly between her legs. "Stop." he turns off the television and looks at her, "Clutch the pillow tightly between your legs and walk over here on your knees." she maneuvers awkwardly, taking comfort in the way he admires her jiggling breasts. "Here's the problem pet," he starts, sounding truly distressed, "I was going to let you cum today, but now I've got this raging erection, that you caused by the way." he strokes his cock a few times for emphasis.


The Ex's New Toy

fetish Urtoy2be 2017-11-04

Trying to shake the image of Dana smiling at me and Rick's big cock out of my mind I continued with my drive home. As I lay there thinking about Dana and about Rick, the image of his big cock kept playing through my mind. Dana saw me and said, "Look at you, even now you can't take your eyes off Rick's fat cock." There was no point in arguing anymore she knew and I knew, I wanted to see it. She knew I wanted to suck Rick's big fat cock. "Come over here boy, if you want Rick's huge cock you have something to do first," Dana commanded.

My b*****r (Part 3)

fetish 2017-11-04

And then I lost all control, as soon as I heard the bathroom door closed. And I’d continue if I wouldn’t hear the bathroom door open. I heard the door slam, and then the water run in the bathroom once again. He always look so serious, that I wouldn’t even know what his face looks like if he does it. Without even reaching for my clit, it started throbbing and my nipples got hard. I wonder if it was me who got him horny. I have never tried that, and it would definitely be hard and embarrassing, but I suddenly got the idea to seduce my b*****r. I wanted him…I wanted him bad…and deep down in my mind, I knew that unless I had him, my body wouldn’t calm down.

The Aventures of my young Natasha

fetish fetishka 2017-11-04

Dmitry arrived first and handed her a box of chocolates, ''my you look ravishing Natasha,'' he said and immediately began to smooch with her; he was indeed determined to have his wicked way with her as soon as possible but to his surprise as soon as he lowered her on to the couch the bell rang and Ivan came into the room. The moment he withdrew she felt hot lips pressed to her labia and knew that Ian was drinking his friends sperm, as she had suspected he was a cream pie man, the sexiness of this deprave act aroused her again and she pressed her pussy lips on his mouth excreting her juices as he gobbled the contents of her vagina.

Chance Encounter Ch. 27

fetish Miguel59 2017-11-04

He did mind; what he wanted to do was go down on his beloved Jean, hear about her sexual exploits, show her his cage, talk about Tommy, find out what was in the letters he hadn't read, and tell her everything that happened with Father G and ask her if what her mom said was true, that she was done with Leo. And he wanted to know if Father G was the man fucking her in the recording he had heard. Jean had earlier in the evening told Miguel to wait in her bedroom during those times when the guests didn't need new drinks.

Princess Artemisia

fetish ollraigth 2017-11-04

"You may be a maiden, but I think you know what to do with this, hmm?" The hard thing twitched, and and something hot and wet spattered her cheek. "Make bets about how much milk you have in these things." Artemisia gasped as she felt her sweater being lifted up. Princess Artemisia, heir to the throne, bound and milked like the slutty, fat-titted cow she is!" Their future queen, squirming and gasping as her plump, luscious tits-" Artemisia felt Merriweather's hands on them. Artemisia couldn't see the spray, but she could hear it and feel it as hundreds of white droplets hit the ground a good five or six feet away. Merriweather giggled, and Artemisia felt a hand patting her head.


fetish Stephan 2017-11-04

A drop of pre-cum squeezed out of my dick-hole as I again looked at Sally's tit's in her half-cup bra, Jane Wyatt's hidden tit's and Aunt Jayne's bare tit's. I shot my last drop, my ball's were empty for now, but I didn't stop my humping as Aunt Jayne and Sally had taught me the first thing a man has to learn about women is that you don't stop fucking a female until she cum's. I was rubbing my stiff pussy-plug with one hand and cupping and squeezing my ball's with the other as I strained to dump my shit into Sally's face as Aunt Jayne called out ribald encouragement!

Josie - at a Festival

fetish Genghis_Rees 2017-11-04

I had slowly become accustomed to the sort of things that Josie considered a date to be, and with the festival site being as it was (i.e. closed off, with us effectively held captive) wondered to myself if this was going to be another of her confidence boosting adventures. As we made our way back to the camp I wondered how the girls were going to clean themselves up - trying to paint kiddies faces whilst stinking of stale urine on a hot summers day would be one definition of a nightmare - but we came across a fresh water tap with enough room beneath its spout for them to crouch low enough to clean most of their bodies, and using a discarded bottle we were able to rinse their hair and faces with cold but clean water.

Pleasure in the Bathroom

fetish famela 2017-11-04

Hasliza then crumpled the underwear in her hands and brought it to her nose and for the first time in her life, smelled the boxers that Lenny was wearing yesterday. Positioning the crotch area of the boxers directly in front of her face, both of her hands were now free and Hasliza wasted no time reaching for her own panties and began masturbating. In her mind, Hasliza was imagining Fizah's younger brother, Lenny, standing over her with his cock in front of her face and she was smelling his pubic hair. With the smell of Lenny's boxers on her nose, her lips tasting her own pussy juices with her right hand and her left hand stimulating her clit, she knew she was going to cum soon.

Revenge of Champions

fetish DestinyBlack 2017-11-04

Though I look up in surprise as Verain says, "So it seems that I wasn't the only one to have met with misfortune in being chosen as a champion," she downs her beer and yells for another one before continuing, "My parents actually come from this land. It took a day more than it should've to throw it away I'll admit," she bashfully smiles with embarrassment, "Several days later a royal messenger arrives asking for 'the artist who crafted a most exquisite and lovely arrangement for an Elena Cantabree', I admitted it was me and he said that I was invited to speak with Elena at the Cantabree estate later that week.

Extra Credit

fetish sajukno 2017-11-04

"Getting turned on by your teacher's hot dick touching your back?" Ms, Zander asked as she pulled her hand out of Stacy's pants, putting her wet fingers under her mouth. Snapping out of her train of thought, Stacy continued the blowjob she had already started, working more of Ms. Zander's hot dick into her mouth, working two fingers into her teacher's pussy at the same time, juices flowing out and down Stacy's hand. "Look at you, sluttily sucking your teacher's huge cock while fingering her pussy," Ms. Zander said lustfully. Stacy screamed in her mind as she too came, moaning hard into Ms. Zander's erupting cock, her pussy juices soaking through her panties, through her jeans, dripping onto the floor.