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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Road To The World Title Prologue

fetish 2017-11-04

Vanessa pointed to a female who was about forty years old, a height of 5’9, weighing in at 130 pounds, had red hair, she was very Toned and a built of a true athlete but she’s the boss and has D-sized breasts and has four stars on her lower back, morning glory vine on right side from ankle to armpit, had two piercings on her bellybutton and on her ears wearing a business suit and her name was Samantha Cruz You need to learn how to fall properly, how to attack using the ring and how to win here." Johnny looked at me, "Oh and Ms. Cruz wanted me to let you know, you're scheduled for a match in two Saturdays." For the next two hours, Johnny taught me everything he knew about the wrestling business.

In Pam's Control Pt. 05

fetish Scottt 2017-11-04

Go and select a sexy panty and stocking, but not my black seamed thigh highs...I will be wearing them." "Get my black seamed thigh highs, and help Mistress dress." "Now get my black bikini panties, and red dress." Pam directed. "Pull your panties up, and come sit at Mistresses make up table." Telling Pam I would suck cock for her, dressed in lingerie, set a new level of I thought! My white stockings against Pam's short red dress had me looking like' Sabrina'. "Amanda is working her way through college, and wants to be a doctor." Pam said. Pam sat the camera on the table, and was now working her clit through her crotch- less panties.

Daffy: Daddy's little demon unleashed!

fetish 2017-11-04

A slight thumping sound, and just like that I knew my Daddy was seconds away from sucking my Master's beautiful black cock. I've only done this a couple other times...heyyy!!" And I knew that Sir had grabbed my Dad's hair and was rubbing his face on that amazing black cock. Looking up I scooted my gaze past the kneeling pale form of my father and his head being held firmly in both massive black hands, certainly with part of that cock in his mouth. Sir's cock was still only a little of the way into my Dad's mouth as I got a much closer view. And right now I was moving to join my Dad's mouth on my Master's huge and hard black cock.

Foot Slave Ch. 03

fetish msgrant67 2017-11-04

Painfully, he looked at me, as I clarified, "Paulie, you just agreed that you need Phoebe to pleasure you sometimes," I gave a sad nod to him and continued, "I may have needs to be fulfilled while you're focused on her. As Phoebe briefly withdrew her mouth from his cock, he exclaimed, "500 a week, Mistress Toni." I then placed my feet back to his face and allowed him to lick them while Phoebe sped up her rocking, this time continuing until he exploded. Looking at her seriously, I said, "We just need to remember to tease Paul mercilessly during the week, and give him some relief on the weekend.

A Wet Washington Weekend

fetish Coveted1014 2017-11-04

She continued, "Its hard for people, especially women, to be open about this stuff." "You liking the touch of another woman and having fun in public isn't the kind of weird I'm talking about," I said. "There all people who like to have sex with animals, Amy," dropping the biggest bomb I could think of. I wondered how many times she had made herself cum imagining a hot stream of piss running down her body. How may times had she opened her legs and watched her own flow wondering what it would be like to bathe in it? She was cumming as I stood over her with my hard cock throbbing in my hand, trying to empty my bladder onto her.

Love and revenge

fetish 2017-11-04

As he pulled the hood over the girl's pretty face, he removed the gag and brought her to her knees with a clank of chain and a the sharp sound of her breath being caught. Adam was happily fucking the girl's mouth as he watched Linda's reaction. Adam slopped up some of his wife's drool and smeared it into the girl's ass. He moved to the girl and lifted up the bottom of the hood to allow his wife a look as he slipped his cock into her mouth again to be licked and cleaned almost lovingly. As the girl became more frantic, Adam shouted over the moans around his cock as he removed the hood...

The Cuckold Chronicles Ch. 03

fetish Gay_sex_only 2017-11-04

Right when I felt my cheeks make contact with Shawn's hips, his phone went off. Shawn are you doing what I think you're doing?" Nick finally said, sounding absolutely disgusted. "Listen!" Shawn said quickly before Nick could hang up the phone. Shawn instinctively started to fuck me, and I felt the monster come alive as it went in and out and in and out. "I think I'll finish up here first, little bro," Shawn taunted as he continually fucked me, slightly slower now. You don't get to tell me what the fuck to do, Shawn!" Nick snapped, puffing up his chest. "Watch and learn, little bro," Shawn said as he placed his head in line with my hole.


Amy in Thailand

fetish RoslynAverill 2017-11-03

One guy tapped the shoulder of his friend wearing the grey singlet and gestured over towards the Amy. The man in the singlet stood up, quickly regained his balance by putting his left hand back down on the table - there must've been over a dozen beer bottles in front of the men - and began walking over to where the girls were sitting. Amy had had a few cocktails over the past couple of hours, enough to boost her confidence so that when the pair reached the door of the girls' room, and George was about to head off, she turned to him and asked if he wanted to come inside to 'chat' for a bit.


Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 02

fetish Uniracer 2017-11-03

Startled, Miharu looked up at Carrie, a red-headed girl whose family came from America. Tucked in a corner of the room, between two racks of costumes, was Princess Miharu, silk gloves and panties discarded, fingers furiously going in and out of her moist sex. Princess Miharu was looking for more things to throw at her talking cupcake when she heard the door. Still looking up at the boy with her coy smile, the Princess played with her breasts right under his nose... A little too quickly for the tastes of the Princess, who actually looked surprised when he squirted a generous load right into her face.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 03

fetish GreyMatterH 2017-11-03

I guess maybe I wanted to feel close to her in some way when I jerked off or something, but I knew that on that day when I shot my load it was going to be into her panties. I wanted to jerk off again - I had no self-control when I had such easy access to Melissa's panties - but she'd be home the next day and would realize that I'd been masturbating behind her back if I didn't shoot a big load for her, especially when she thought that I hadn't jerked off in four days. I held her panties with one hand as I stroked away with the other, thinking about all of the times that I'd heard Melissa getting fucked in the very bed that I was now laying in.

Victor's Van Vaginal Virgin!

fetish Jizzylady 2017-11-03

'Ok love lets skip lunch and head down the park, I know a nice quiet place for a daytime play,' he said. 'You know Julie has a big pussy, wow she took some cock last night and those tits were great to play with, she does a mean cowgirl! He opened his white plasterers pants and let the big balls follow his black snake. Here I was captive in his van, doors locked a dick that would shame a horse, 2 huge balls full of potent man cream and me prisoner to him with his finger fucking my little cunt. He shoved my ass down and very slowly in went the black man, through the tight cave entrance into the white womb.

Others Cum in Girl Push-Up Bras

fetish Hunt_Boston 2017-11-03

First cum : Inside the house I immediately find the room of my cousin, just in front of the bathroom, and try to find his girlfriend bras. WOW I love when Push-Up are padded so I get hard and start rubbing my cock. I was really surprise because I never saw a small big size like that and feel the need to cum in this bra. I sit on my knees, set the bra for seeing the inside of the padded cups and continue masturbating fast like I love. I read the tag size a last time before put-it back in place and leave my cousin room to go in the bathroom for put my cloths.

Life of Alex Ch. 01

fetish newauthor19 2017-11-03

They broke their kiss and Angela turned her gorgeous body around to present her breathtaking ass for Carl while giving Alex a clear view of her shapely tits and her pussy, neither of which Alex can never have in future ever again. Carl placed his strong hands behind Angela's head and started to fuck her mouth fast groaning obscenities like, "'oh yeah whore', 'suck me harder' , 'looks like someone is eager to have a taste of cum.' , 'oh bitch come on. It was at that exact moment Angela tilted her head forward a little to pour down Carl's semen from her mouth to that of Alex's in that classic way of cum-transfer.

The College Fantasy Part 3 (Futanari)

fetish fictiong 2017-11-03

"Thats a good cum slut, take your time and enjoy my cock." She spoke slowly as I imagined the smile on her face. "I see you like sucking my cock you whore," she told me as she laughed and grabbed my shrunken stiff cock. The movement, the feel of her cock sliding in and out of my throat, even the impact of her big soft balls hitting my face turned me on. The sensation was strange and for a moment I stopped but she told me, "I said keep sucking on my cock whore." I did as I was told. It felt incredible and with my cock hard and rubbing against the soft material of the sheets I began rocking my hips reveling in both sensations.

Miss James's Lesson Ch. 03

fetish The Wu-Tang Pen 2017-11-03

A jolt of pain shot through him as Miss James bit down hard on his cock just below the head and he gasped sharply in surprise, his hands grabbing the cushions either side of him. Miss James didn't care anymore; her mind was swimming with lust as she sucked her hubby's hard sweet cock. Miss James ignored him, continuing her assault on his balls, and squeezing his cock as she pumped, watching the big sticky drops of pre-cum forming at his tip and rolling down his shaft. His heart pounded in his chest as his wife took his cock in her mouth again, sucking his cum from it and licking it from his belly and thighs. Eventually Miss James let her husband's hard pulsating cock slip from her lips.

Slut Tastes like Candy Ch. 01

fetish Mnprnwriter 2017-11-03

Lying on the bed she pulled her knees up to her chest and slipped two pillows under her lower back, she scooted up and her legs were now supported by the wall with her head on the bed and her lower body towering over her, the balls fell to the back of her pussy, she reached into the drawer and took out two vibrators one long and slim and the other a egg, taking the long one she slipped it between her slick lips as deep as it would go, she twisted the end turning it on, the tip was vibrating the balls, she groaned as her excitement rose to a new level, then she turned on the egg and pressed it against her clit, her hips humped as she pressed it hard against herself, with her other hand she pulled at her nipples.

Dinner & A Movie...

fetish Mick-Carlo 2017-11-03

Even the graceful way you hold the cigarette between your fingers brings a throb to my dick, and pre-cum starts to coat the inside of my pants. My ass squirms in the seat, and my hips begin a herky-jerk movement trying to fuck up into your squeezing, well-greased fist, as I feel a bone shattering orgasm quickly approaching. The cone-shaped exhale issuing from your pursed lips blows over my cock and the popcorn before the bucket's shape forces the smoke back into your face. By this time, my runny cum completely coats your face and is dripping back down into the bucket, all over the popcorn and the squirting head of my prick.

Slave Sister

fetish IsraelKylie 2017-11-03

It was a bright summer afternoon and the Kennedy parents were out, leaving their three daughters Sam, Veronica and Lucy in the house. Lucy reached out to grab Veronica's right foot, while keeping her other hand around Sam's size 8 foot. Veronica and Sam placed their feet onto the girl's lap, as if she were a footstool and watched her as she applied the strawberry scented moisturizer to their calves. Lucy massaged their feet for the next half hour until Sam ordered her to stop. Lucy spent the rest of the movie polishing her toenails, then she moved onto Sam's who wanted hers blue. As soon as the movie began, Sam had Lucy get on all hours, facing them sideways, just like table.

Make You Bleed

fetish Aelwyn 2017-11-03

Biting your lip hard enough to draw blood, I lick and suck at it, pushing my tongue deep into your mouth. Growls rumble low in your throat, and I put my hand on the back of your head, responding harshly to your attack on my mouth, sucking your tongue hard, releasing it, and kissing you harder, biting your lower lip even harder, feeling my teeth puncture skin, licking the blood up. Removing my nails, I replace my right hand with my mouth, sucking hard on your nipple, tasting blood on my tongue. I replace my hands with the pads of my fingers, then finally with my nails, scratching softly at first, then hard enough to draw blood.

My Wife’s New Friend Mike

fetish cocksucker1966 2017-11-03

My wife’s hands moved down your physique for your major dick and wrap about your hard cock pulling you to her. She kisses and licks her way down your tough cock and sucks on your balls. She wraps her lips around the very difficult head of the dick and sucks it deep into her mouth and throat. My wife wraps both of her hands around your balls, pulling your massive cock deeper into he mouth. My wife sucks tougher in your dick, sucking all of your cum into her mouth. My wife moans asking you to suck her tougher telling you to stick your tongue deep within of her. My wife begs you to fuck her tougher saying she would like to feel all of your cock deep inside of her.

Mother son panty fetish

fetish Sissy187 2017-11-03

I was close enough to take a sniff we'll just as I tried my naked dick rub up against mom calf an I was jacking off so just then mom looks up at me with that WTH look the she noticed I had my shorts off she smiled a little an said hunny what are you doing , I was so red I grabbed my shorts to cover up , honey mom said does looking at your mother like this make you horny ?

Blondes On Blacks Strapon Hell

fetish 425olds 2017-11-03

I mean, when you watch interracial porn, most of the time you see Black men acting all macho and fucking the hell out of White women. Which is why I've got him face down and ass up on my hotel room sofa, and I'm drilling my eight-inch strap-on dildo into his asshole like there's no tomorrow. A lot of these macho Black guys scream like punks once they've got a big dildo up their asshole. Just like I've seen so many Black guys pull on a White woman's hair while fucking her anally in the doggy style position. I spat in his asshole just like I've seen Black male porn stars do to submissive blonde-haired White women in the interracial porno movies.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 10

fetish Carnevil9 2017-11-03

"I'm going to start out slow, Dennis," Chloe said, "just to get you revved up." She began stroking her smooth, soft fingers up and down his shaft, her fingertips grazing his groin and her wrists stimulating his sensitive head. You just wait," Continuing the massaging of his balls with her left hand, and the stroking of his shaft with her right hand, she added a side-to-side flicking motion of her thumb on the sensitive, fragile, tender triangle of flesh known as the frenulum; that most sensitive of tissues on a man's body, just below his cock head. As her talented mouth slurped and sucked on Roy's shaft, her left hand cradled his balls, twisting and squeezing them, with just the right amount of pressure to ensure a pleasurable experience, but not to cause any undue pain.

The Mysterious Outfit

fetish Learningfast 2017-11-03

She reached around her tiny waist and tried pulling the corset open, but it was locked shut, and very tight. The boots slid off easily, and she sighed with relief when her feet were finally free of the tight pointed toes and stiletto heels. She wanted to wear it always, but after long periods of time her feet and waist would begin to hurt, intensely if she ignored it; so she was forced to remove the outfit upon returning home. Jessica returned home one evening after being out most of the day, and the outfit wasn't bothering her too much, so she left it on after taking off her other clothes. Jessica sat on her bed, breathing heavily, rubbing her waist, and wondering what she was going to do.