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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 03

fetish Suzanne James 2017-11-03

I tried to reciprocate, attempting to unzip his jeans and release his hard cock to come out to play, but Jack pulled back, saying "let's wait--this time is for you." Our sex life continued to be incredibly hot--most nights we'd turn in early so we'd have more play time without being completely sleep deprived. I loved the days when Jack would keep me in bed all day, feeding me ice cream and other rich treats, teasing my increasingly large nipples, and fucking me in every position we could think of. My breasts had grown almost a cup size, largely from the attention Jack gave them, and my nipples were definitely longer and thicker from his regular and prolonged sucking and teasing.

No Circus Clown

fetish MistyMorgan 2017-11-03

James and I looked in one another's eyes and without a word agreed to see what they gypsy could tell us that we didn't already know. I smiled demurely and turned away from him, taking James' hand. "He's good too, Griffin," Marilyn smiled at her hero and James at the same time. "Yeah baby, he is; let me go congratulate him on his strength," Griffin said as he headed toward James and I with his hand extended. James said thanks then smiled at Griffin, "See you later man." Hugh sat there quietly for a short period of time digesting what he had heard come from James' lips.

That day in clinic

fetish raviraja00 2017-11-03

As I stepped inside she opened a cabinet and pulled out one of those short cotton gowns that barely cover anything. Someone wrapped my feet into the stirrups with tape, then I felt the nurse f***e the speculum against my red and swollen sphincter, and pressed hard. “There,” the nurse said, stepping back from the table and running a gloved finger through the pool of cum on my stomach and chest. I pulled on my white tennis shoes and breathed a sigh of thanks that they didn’t clash with my new “uniform.” At last I wobbled toward the door, hips swaying involuntarily as my sore ass attempted to adjust to the tampon stuffed up inside it.

No Place Like Home

fetish Superheroinenatural 2017-11-03

Lady Kyoto clapped her hands and three Asian women in white kimono's appeared. During a sequence in the altercation, Asian Angel's mask was pulled and Lady Kyoto quickly took notice. Right before Asian Angel could say anything, she received a hard shot to the face from Lady Kyoto's barefoot. After Asian Angel had nothing to give, she was picked up by Lady Kyoto and slammed into the wall. Lady Kyoto then spreads her legs and stick her hand into Asian Angel's vagina. Lady Kyoto feels the upper part of the area of the vagina where the pubic hair is and begins to shake her head. Asian Angel was placed in the tub and The Kyoto's began showering her u*********s body.

Horny Hormones

fetish vampy vixen 2017-11-03

While Eddie used the phone, Kelly opened up the work package and examined the contents. When he got off the phone, his eye caught an aquarium photo of Kelly and her husband looking radiantly happy. Kelly's instinct was suddenly motherly and she wanted to kiss Eddie on the head and ruffle his hair. "Let me suck you off." Eddie had no chance to reply because her full mouth lips was on his cock in a flash. Kelly groaned as he sucked at her tits and climbed onto his cock and rode him roughly at first. Eddie's dick pulsated deep inside her wet pussy, while Kelly rode him rough again yelling "Uh!Uh!" and then she felt herself explode again.

Messlina Challenge

fetish zaaz 2017-11-03

Maggie took a two hole attack, one cock in her cunt while she alternated sucking two more. Jens barked out the score as the men kept spurting, "After 2 hours, Melora leads at 215 to Maggie's 210. "More cock!" Melora yelled growing tired of Maggie staying dick and dick with her. Melora selected two guys, each with nine inch cocks, and positioned then on the bed so that their shafts were touching. Three Kenyans with exceptionally long cocks and unusually limber bodies managed to violate Melora's cunt at the same time. The three huge cocks stretched Melora's cunt as they pounded away. Not satisfied with one triple, Melora stuffed three more cocks into her hungry mouth. Right now, Melora looks like the biggest cunt in Europe!"

new cuckold pt IV still seeing her babies daddy

fetish 2017-11-03

We were just getting settled in when another slow song started, Jim came to Kay with another young man his own age and said Don wants to dance with you. I carried what clothes they had missed and dropped them on the table, Jim handed me a beer and said have a seat as he motioned to a chair in the livingroom and began sucking on Kay's tit. Jim pounded my wife's pussy and slapped her ass for several minutes before he leaned forward wrappng his arms around Kay as both of them moaned and came together. Jim grabbed a beer and a seat, Kay crawled to the couch to rest her arms as I took my place and shoved my cock into my wife's pussy.

Jeannette's a Mommy Now

fetish darience 2017-11-03

He rubbed himself, hands moving across denim, warm lust beginning to ignite as his manhood stiffened into exactly what Jeannette's mouth had gotten wet for so many times before. That's what I want," she screamed, pulling his head deeper into her chest, her fingers pushing through his short brown hair. She opened her eyes to watch Reid rubbing his cock for her, stroking in hard thrashes. One hand reached behind Jeannette's neck and the other worked his cock for the final strokes as he aimed his cum down to her face, an explosion across her sweet pink eyes and lips, a flood down to her full, heavy breasts.

Claire's Goes to School

fetish OregonProf 2017-11-03

While it begin to feel pretty nice, Claire saw the look of control that Penny had in her eye and longed for that feeling. Physically, the level of satisfaction was nice, but Claire knew the absence of her ability to implement an element of control over someone was going to leave her unsatisfied. Form fitting athletic shorts that hugged her ass in a way that she knew guys just had to look, a sports bra type top and a small cover that was specifically arranged to fall off of one shoulder. The thought of controlling him to her advantage and bargaining for a grade caused the adrenalin within Claire to kick in; she knew she would have to calm herself if she was to manage the situation to her liking.

More Panty Shopping Adventures

fetish amorepanties 2017-11-03

The sales lady starts to undress giving me the first view of her sexy lingerie, a very expensive white lace sheer bra holding a beautiful set of 36B breasts and a matching sheer French cut panty with a ruffled satin edge covering her beautiful petite butt. Tracy looks amazing on her knees with her pink satin panty covered butt sticking up and her head between the sales ladies legs as she continues to lick and gently finger fuck the dripping cunt. I'm trying hard not to cum as I watch Tracy lick the sales ladies pussy with increasing speed. After a moment the sales lady stands and grabs Tracy and kisses her pussy juiced lips releasing her she says,

The Out of Town Pickup

fetish Art 2017-11-03

There was a faint hissing sound as hot fresh girl-pee washed over my chest with a little of it splashing up to my face. There was more than pee making her damp thought, she was leaking girl-cum, and getting her pussy very wet. My tongue went to work lapping up the last of her pee, and tasting that wonderful slick girl-cum she was leaking. I love the taste of her pee, and of course it mixed with her girl-cum. Well, with her talented little soft hand on my cock, in spite of it having shot a huge amount of my thick hot cum deep in her asshole not that long ago, she did manage to get me off pretty quick.

One Little Wish

fetish PhaedraLovesKnives 2017-11-03

"I think I'd remember this!" She screamed, gesturing at her swollen belly as she struggled to her feet, slapping away Philip's outstretched hand; finally taking it as she realized there was o there way up. For his part, Philip couldn't help but notice the two wet patches spreading across the front of Kate's straining gown; her overburdened breasts were leaking milk. Kate moaned and knew she was wet as Philip took the heft of her heavy breasts into his hands, brushing his thumbs against the dark pink nipples. Kate grabbed one of Philip's hands and placed it on her thigh beneath the nightgown, it was clear what she wanted, and he was only too happy to oblige.

Girls Weekend

fetish suzieq662 2017-11-03

His friend immediately started chatting with the other three girls while Jamie kept trying to pull me out to the dance floor. A slow song started playing so I finally gave in and went and danced with him. When I was about halfway done with my beer he came back to the table, Leaned in close and started running hand along my thigh. I took Jamies hand, stood up and leaned over to Adam and said :Go home, I got him covered” then went dancing again. I was close to coming several times and then he’d start talking about what else he wanted. I finally leaned down, my chest almost in his face and put my hand across his mouth and told him to shut the fuck up.

Shared Fantasies

fetish rrspence2002 2017-11-03

An earlier relationship had progressed to the point where she was open enough about this fantasy and her lover at the time was receptive to the deception so the two of them had enjoyed many amorous evenings with Fern crutching after her friend while he feigned resistance to having his crotch stroked, prodded, and petted with Fern's knee length "stump." Don gently removed Fern's crutches, laid them against the couch and caressed her stump with his right hand while his left hand hugged her close and massaged and fondled her back, shoulder and waist. I want to caress your stump, to smother your lips with kisses, to lick your womanly juices until there are no more and to stroke your long leg from its sexy 5 toes past its ankle and over its curved calf to your knee.

GFS Bestfriend pt.5: Phone call & Sucking

fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-03

He had to stifle a moan, smiling, tuning out his girlfriend's story as his entire cock slid into Liz's expert mouth. He said "ya?" into the phone, so his girlfriend would think he's paying attention, than he sucked Liz's gorgeous cunt lips into his mouth, tasting her. Liz half lay on the kitchen table before him, long, sexy legs spread wide, pink, swollen pussy lips swollen and partially open, needing his cock back in there. Pleasure surged throughout Liz's body as she felt his tongue on her pussy, and then her ass. A few thrusts later, Danny slid his entire cock into Liz's anus. Pussy and ass still buzzing, Liz put an arm and a leg around him, holding onto him as she rested, smiling.

Solidarity Pt. 01

fetish PJSlax 2017-11-03

The first thing I noticed was Eddie standing behind Rachel, guiding her next shot, then he eased in closer so her back was pressing against him. Instead, I found that seeing Eddie pressed up against my girlfriend like that was starting to turn me on. Eddie turned and winked just as she leaned over to take the shot, and then casually grabbed her from behind again, pressing his waist into her. "Can't nail it every time." Eddie said finishing his beer, " I'm gonna hit the can, be right back." Rachel took a last look in the mirror to make sure I was still watching before leaning over and wrapping her lips around Eddies cock.

Just Between Us

fetish DarkStar2005 2017-11-03

I almost fell off the table when she told me “especially my feet.” She held my glance for a moment waiting for a response before turning away with a smile. Trying not to lose the moment, I told her it was 1:30 in the morning and that if she stayed the night on the couch, I would give her a personal foot massage. She smiled and told me she knew of my love watching her getting ready for work and coming home at night. I rolled quickly onto my back, letting her feet dangle over my head, Slipping off my shorts and tossing aside the nylons covering my hard on, I started to pump faster.

Wet Kitty

fetish naughty_estella 2017-11-03

She wanted to wet herself, piss her knickers sitting in the drawer, rubbing her soaking wet crotch over all his nice clean things! God she felt naughty, pissing her little knickers in the middle of the night, all over his nice clean clothes. She came so hard she saw stars, and then crawled back into bed, leaving her wet knickers in the drawer, and drying off her little damp pussy against the sheets. 'I'm going to wet myself like a little kitty, and make a big sticky puddle.' 'Go on, I'm going to put my big cock inside your little pussy, kitty, whilst you wet yourself into your tray.'

Sarahs chastity

fetish stig1963 2017-11-03

I said, "Because it's going to be on you for a very long time!" I put a small box against the front of the belt, and pushed a button. And she said she didn't want to - she liked the idea of never meeting the man who was going to push needles through her body. I stood between her legs, put my hard cock against her new pussy shield, and said, "I bet you'd like me to thrust into here!" I could see her trying to thrust her hips forward into my cock, but it would do her no good. Sandy said to Sarah, "So you have to wear the gloves all the time he tells you to? Sandy said, "It's times like these..." then she stopped, looked shocked for a moment, then smiled, very satisfied.

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 05

fetish Mouselegend 2017-11-03

Kitty expected to see her Caretaker bark at her as usual to get ready, but this time to her surprise and displeasure it was the villainess that has captured her -Black Whip! As Kitty got dressed she felt Black Whips gaze on her, watching her like a hawk. Kitty barely caught the pattern change as it started swinging twice every second time, forcing her to adjust her jumping pattern. Ignoring the jolt in her pussy Kitty started going on a tirade about how Blitz was the worst commentator she knew and how the crowd he entertained was a bunch of human refuse that deserved to rot in a prison cell.


fetish Sean Renaud 2017-11-03

"Is this what you've been waiting for?" David asks gruffly as he tosses the manila envelope on my desk with a knowing smile. Tasha Lei is her name, I don't know what she looks like, not yet but I'll know as soon as I open the envelope for the moment I'm just dragging out my own misery. I know there are tons of ways to edit photos but I've been very specific about how I want her posed, and wearing what and in what room. I'm not even sure I want to open my eyes because I know you'll have some kind of crazy bullshit story why my request was impossible and then I'll be back to wondering if you're my neighbor Craig.

Under the Table Footjob Domination

fetish Kayb1234 2017-11-03

As we sat eating lunch and I downed mug after mug of hot coffee to give myself a desperately needed caffeine boost and not pass out in my seat, I looked at her smiling and chatting away seemingly without a single care in the world and felt the urge to grab her by her throat, pin her against a wall and ram my cock in her ass repeatedly until she screamed in thunderous orgasm or bled, cried and begged me to stop because the pain was simply too much for her to take. You never, ever get to win.' I was wondering what the hell that meant when I felt the high heel of her left shoe rake along the inside of my thigh moving closer and closer to my now completely hard cock and sending shivers of excitement along my leg as it travelled.

Tattoo Me

fetish Gothica_Exotica 2017-11-03

He tells me he's going to start, and the gentle hum begins, the anticipation excites me but I hide this as he places a hand on my back and I make sure my hair is out of the way, then I feel it, a slight scraping, like someone lightly dragging a pin across my skin, it feels all tingly, slightly sore but deliciously so, he asks me if it's ok and I try not to reply too dreamily when I respond with "oh yes thats fine."

The Visit

fetish stateofdenial 2017-11-03

"That is true Mistress, but wouldn't please you more to see me grovel and beg for your generous gift of allowing your cock an erection." He wanted to beg for an orgasm, but dared not ask. "Now I personally know you are not ready to cum, but in the interest of being fair and humane I am granting your wish of letting you suffer under my skilled hand." She began spreading the lube around with one finger. Once his cock was completely coated she deftly, yet ever so slowly began making small circles with a finger on his shaft. "I bet you've got a big load just jammed up in that rock hard shaft of yours." She lightly traced a finger up the length of his cock, causing it to twitch.