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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bigger Than Huge

fetish roukos 2017-11-03

Every time we watched a porn film she made comments about the actors' cocks, their size, she even compared them to mine, saying things like "yours is bigger baby" or "wow! Funny thing is that this obsession of hers about big cocks started to turn me on and I had a huge hard-on every time she made comments about other guys' cocks, especially when they were bigger than mine! Actually he was the only one of Irene's gay friends I was feeling comfortable with and after some time we started to even discuss about sex, though he never gave me details about his sex life and I'd never think to ask for such details. As I mentioned before, after Irene got me into this "cock size thing", I started fantasizing about other guys' cocks and one of those other guys was Nick.

Magic Hands

fetish Frozenhero 2017-11-03

"You're a dirty old man, Mr. Anderson, paying for a hand job from a sexy little slut like me. "Look at your greasy balls, all puffy with your filthy cum." Sloan said as she took his sac into her free hand and squeezed them, teasing Mr. Anderson with tickling scrapes of her painted nails. Sloan took a moment to wipe some the cum away from her eye, then abandoned a blushing Bobby to take Jerry's fat cock into both her hands. With a fat cock in her hand, cum all over face, and the grunting sounds of Mr. Anderson masturbating behind her all combined to arouse Sloan in a way she didn't understand.

strapon bride thanx to dave b

fetish 2017-11-03

In his fantasy Regina's mouth would be wide open and her eyes shut in ecstasy as he lay on top of her, repeatedly plunging his engorged manhood into her body, driving her wild, and finally spurting jets of hot semen into his naked, unveiled new bride. Regina continued to penetrate a little at a time, working it in and out, while being stimulated by the probe that was inside her, which moved slightly every time she penetrated or withdrew. Finally her open-mouthed moans and the feeling of her hot moist womanhood pushed him over the edge and he spurted months of pent-up sexual desire into his new bride.

Breastfeeding Class

fetish oggbashan 2017-11-03

If I'd known that the "mother" attending was Geraldine, Maureen's brother's wife, wild horses wouldn't have dragged me to that class. I think you need some help understanding what hard work it can be carrying a baby around." She turned to Wendy. The class gathered round us as Mary explained the various positions for breast-feeding. Finally she withdrew but every member of the class took turns to try breast-feeding me. Geraldine held my head with its back cradled between her breasts while Maureen moved into position. My mouth was filled with Geraldine's breast milk as she and Maureen held me. PS Later, when I looked at the "empathy" corset before Maureen returned it to Hazel, I noticed that the arm holes had some new stitching around them.

Horse Play

fetish fitineverysense 2017-11-03

It was a few weeks before I bumped into him again. "Yep, rotating next week." Both gave me a strangely seductive look. Since Siobhan was the boss, and I would get paid regardless, I quickly agreed to change the curriculum for my training day. Strange thing was, I didn't see any other spectators. "Your things are in here." On the wall were a small bridle, blinkers and a black horse hair fly swatter with a strangely curved handle. I was glad I wasn't going to wear a saddle on such a hot day. Since I'm not a great fan of raw carrots, I was glad for her high-tech reward system for horse training. I didn't need a horse whisperer to guess what was on her mind.

Caught by daughter inlaw 2

fetish mytomg4u 2017-11-03

That's were the fight started and before she left she tried to makeup with me but I didn't want to, she said up left the room for several minutes coming back in with a hair brush,her phone ,and a smile. ask what you think of this," pointing to the bed " but your dick is getting hard so I know you want this." So what should I She smiled and said ," Take off those panties jack off and cum in them now. She said I didn't need to be getting hard all the time ,then she put a cock cage on me ! It was a CB 6000 and she locked it Holding the key up she said now get on the bed face down ass up!

The Halloween Tease

fetish kinpatsu 2017-11-03

Her eyes closed and her mouth still open, Nikki breathed in shallow pants while Andrea worked her artistic magic. The girl's tongue slipped out of her lips and caressed the outer ball of the candy up and around like a fancy lollipop, pulling it gently towards her mouth without removing it from it's sweet containment. Breathing hot breath on her skin, the girl once more leaned towards Nikki's sex- this time taking the whole end of the candy dumbbell into her mouth. While the two trick-or-treaters watched, Nikki removed a second treat from the cauldron and with a glance over to Andrea almost as if for permission she inserted it between the lips of her pussy.

Taken Wife Pt. 02

fetish cuckoldwishes 2017-11-03

Black probably, to match the dress I had selected, a good size heel, something sexy but something I could stand on for a long time and dance in. "I'm going to a dinner thing with that guy from the club last night, Dylan." Dylan turned to me and asked "Do you want me to let him go?" I liked the way Dylan's muscles looked as he twisted this man's arm. I liked the way the guy begged for me to make Dylan stop. Dylan placed his hands on my hips and pulled me on top of him, so I was straddling his waist. Dylan pulled my chin up and forced me to look into his eyes.

A Bath and a Shave

fetish do4ualso 2017-11-03

She called a few days ago and asked to meet again, saying she wanted a bath and it shaved again. We smoked a bowl and talked a bit when suddenly she spread her legs open and asked "how did it look and feel?" Reaching down with my hand I felt it, "much smoother and kinda hot." This was different from last time. I started to spread my fingers open while stroking and could feel her wet lips open. She told me she wanted to do this the last time I gave her a shave, but could not bring herself to ask so she kept quiet and let me leave. I could still feel her lips on my cock and she was moving slow.

Pantyhose in the woods

fetish tonyhose 2017-11-03

She was wearing a knee length pleated skirt which moved nicely when she walked and she was also wearing tan coloured stockings or pantyhose, I couldn't be sure which yet. I pulled off my t-shirt and slipped off my shoes and then pulled off my trousers and stood there wearing just my tan pantyhose with my cock straining at the nylon. She got me to lie down on the grassy bit of the clearing and climbed into a 69 and lowered her pussy onto my face while licking my cock through the nylon. As we walked we arranged to meet again for some more pantyhose fun as she said that she would like to feel my cock in her pussy next time......

Losing all Control

fetish moonlight58 2017-11-03

He held his breath as his dick moved like a pissed off snake in his pants, his pee forcefully breaking through his thumb and finger. He recklessly jerked his dick out of his pants and watched in dismay as his piss forcefully hit the back of the seat in front of him, sounding like water from a fire hose as it hit the floor and kept on going. She reached his seat and stopped, watched as his cock now shot his pee out in bursts like he coming. With a shuddering groan, Jeremy pushed her off his lap, jerking his cock out of her hot wet pussy.

Fatale Foot Frenzy

fetish SeedeeBeetoo 2017-11-03

The elevator finally reached the twenty-fifth floor and Noel switched video angles again to watch Carl exit the elevator car and make his way to his office. All he could do was kneel as the foot scent assaulted his nose and images of the beautiful feet assailed his mind's eye. Noel sat on a nearby black leather sofa and reclined with her feet facing Carl. Carl hesitated, but Noel raised one foot, flexed it, then quickly pointed it at his face. The salty taste of Noel's foot immediately hit his tongue and Carl couldn't contain himself. On the thirtieth floor, Noel Fatale tapped the touch-screen on her desk and switched off the video surveillance on her new pet.

My cousin got too d***k.

fetish 2017-11-03

I wanted her to lift one leg on the sofa and reveal if she was wearing panties under that skirt or not. I wanted her to feel hot and start taking off her clothes. My brains said stay still, ignore it, but after only a minute, my leg started rubbing back. I grabbed her leg and massaged her foot and calf as I pulled her toward me. I pushed her forward, got on one knee and plunged right in, stopping for a second, a few slow pumps, then time to get to work. Not a good time to talk about what just happened, but I thought I'd do my best to get away with it.

Combat Boots and an Army Girl's Feet

fetish Borg511 2017-11-03

And as the green army sock falls to the ground, a pair of pre-pampered feet is revealed with a pair of love making red toe nail polish, and by now my pants has gone wet. And right before my eyes is a barefoot female soldier in slippers fresh out of army socks and combat boots. But when I turn my back to take another peek, my video camera still, on i see and record you as your girlfriends help you up, and one of the carrying your combat boots, with the socks in it and the other carrying your rifle, and ruck sack.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 06

fetish cutebabysadie 2017-11-03

Chapter 2: After Todd, licks his girlfriends pussy clean of Mark's sperm, Mark further humiliates him by slapping the shit out of him and telling him how he fucks Sam better. Mark has Todd lick his asshole while he fucks Sam and when a frat bro hears Sam exclaim "he is really licking your ass" Todd lets his friend believe that Mark is his bitch instead of the other way around. "OK, I give you permission to clean up your face by eating my cum and I don't lick assholes so Sam i give you permission to lick Todd's little vagina and get him ready for me" Mark exclaimed

Getting Her Cup of Joe

fetish madwhacker 2017-11-03

Over time, Anna stopped telling Joe when she hooked-up with other guys and insisted that she changed and wasn't like that anymore. "Why didn't she lean forward blow smoke straight in my face, kiss me and tell me that she wanted to see me cum?" Joe considered that this kind of activity was different than Anna's usual sexual participation. I think you'll like it." Joe asked with a furtive smile and began to unzip his pants before Anna could respond. "Look how hard my nipple got!" She teased, took another drag and blew smoke in Joe's face then laughed hysterically. Anna took a drag from her cigarette and blew it right at Joe instead of to the side like normal.

Karen Ch. 02

fetish seat542 2017-11-03

As Chloe broke our kiss, her hands went to the back of my head and guided my mouth to her left nipple. Gazing into my eyes, Chloe said, "What type of kinky sex does your Liz enjoy." I looked into Chloe's eyes and said, "Liz turned me into an ass freak." I wanted to see where this would go. Opening her eyes as she released my hand, Chloe looked at me and begged, "I need you to lick my ass. Shoving my cock into her cunt Chloe told me how good it felt and much better it was going to feel buried in her ass. After a few deep sucks Chloe pulled my cock from her mouth and looked into my eyes.

Tickle Me Mercilessly

fetish HandFan 2017-11-03

" It's this sort of thing that I want to do…but it is hard to find girls who would like it back and not think I'm weird." Your erection rubbed my hip again, "I like it in a more then a just for fun sort of way…if you catch my drift." Your lips were seducing my senses and your words were making my head spin. I was still giggling as you squiggled your fingers up across my hips and outer thighs, but that all changed as you began to trace your tongue between my swollen pussy lips. I pulled my mouth from your cock, replaced it with my hand and groaned, "Oh no, not more!" I could have sworn that you were smiling against my cunt as you continued to tease my ass with your nails.

Actual CFNM from college days

fetish ILoveBigBush 2017-11-03

I start to moan and say, "I think I'm gonna cum on your couch." Katie says, "We don't care, it's not ours. As it happened, you proved us wrong and we gave you a 'just friends' handjob for doubting you." Laura laughed and said, "I'm inclined to agree." At this point, I was so impressed by their candor and, frankly, compliments, that I gave back a little honesty of my own and said, "As it happened I was going through a major dry spell at that time. I don't remember the last time I even got a hand job - "just friends" or otherwise - so you guys really helped me out." Now Laura piped up, "I'll say, you must have been storing that load cum for months!

How Do You Like It?

fetish blackstallion21 2017-11-03

The next time you are on the bus headed downtown to work just close your eyes and think about the really pretty lady sitting across the aisle from you or that quirky looking man in the business suit sitting a seat in front of you on his laptop and expensive Personal Data Assistant as he 'supposedly' books dates and meetings. He could be headed into work to masturbate furiously thinking about his boss's secretary or wouldn't it blow your mind to know that he is actually screwing the boss's secretary; with her long muscular calves and thighs trailing down from the mini-skirts that she flaunts around the office!


Dressed for a Wedding

fetish Ducluc 2017-11-02

Without moving his eyes from hers, he got close enough to kiss her red lips, taking her gently in his arms, as if touching a fairy, and tightening her perfect body against his, as if the touch was the only way of sensing her. He began the same light spider-like hand movement Cupid had done to him, starting from her stomach, moving around there, going down to her panties, playing a little more, then going lower, until being right between her legs, playing some more, then moving a little in the direction of her ass, and more, and more... Only with the wet point of the tong, he licked the very limit of skin right before the panties, close to her vulva, between her legs.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 14

fetish black saphire 2017-11-02

Stephanie's eyes had taken on a glazed look as Mathew slid downward and positioned his cock at the entrance to her now seething cunt. I don't!" She didn't want to let Mathew know how good his cock felt in her pussy. The sight of Stephanie sucking on her panties mixed with her tight, wet, convulsively clutching vagina pushed Mathew over the brink within seconds and, grunting hard he rammed his throbbing meat into her all the way and emptied the contents of his aching balls into the sweet, hot depths of her heaving belly. Steph felt her pussy full of sperm as Mathew's cock continued to jerk inside of her, releasing every last drop of sperm.

Wendy Fucks David

fetish fossie123 2017-11-02

Hearing David, I quickly put it away, but for the rest of the day I kept thinking about how that dick looked and my belly would start to burn. We just sit and kiss for a long time every now and then he tries to feels my cock but I push his hand away. Standing there with my hands on his hips that burning in my tummy is spreading to my whole body, I was breathing hard and my legs were shaking, all I could think of is this time I am going to cum and it is going to be fantastic, I know it.

The Waiting Room Ch. 03

fetish MaryR 2017-11-02

Later on Malcolm had told me about his private conversation with Mr Rogers and he had kindly referred to my husband as a good little boy and how much Malcolm had liked holding my panties and bra. In fact just like Mr Rogers I had thought that Malcolm was a Good Little Watcher. I could see from Malcolm's trousers, that the conversation was affecting him but he did manage "Yes Mrs Rogers, I want to be a good little boy and would like to watch if possible." Mrs Rogers spoke teasingly "We can help the pretty little cow to open her legs, Malcolm." I could see Malcolm blushing but looking excited as I said "No, I haven't gone that far with him, Mrs Rogers."