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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Patti's Breast Enlargement

fetish siliconejelly 2017-11-02

Patti felt so self conscious sitting there with her tits jutting out, describing what her ideal breasts looked like, especially with BOTH the nurse and Susi there watching her. "Okay, and we'll need attachment BFT78 please nurse." said the doctor, whose name tag read Dr. Gail. The feeling of her tits being sucked by the tit pumping machine, and the increased suction on her clit was causing Patti's pussy to gush with fluid. Nurse pushed the ends deeper and deeper into her cunt; the tit pump making her tits feel like they were so huge and sensitive; the clit pump buzzed away, and once again Patti's pussy pulsed and squirted, this time soaking Nurses white uniform, revealing her huge bouncing bra-less fake tits beneath the fabric.


fetish bourbondream 2017-11-02

I'm not sure how long I was out, but I came to my senses suddenly when I felt a weight straddling my whole body. "I was trying to think of some ways I could help motivate you, baby." She grinned and gave me her sexy eyes. The sight of her large, smooth ass cheeks had already begun to turn me on, but now my cock was fully grown and planning its escape from my jeans. The second hand began to cusp my balls. Being sure not to let go of my genitals, she lifted her bottom up and began moving it back towards my face. "Do you like my ass, bitch?" She asked, her back still turned to me.

Red Mustang

fetish lorad2000 2017-11-02

Winding down from a tense business meeting, I sat in my car eating a fresh sandwich from the farmer's market I had stopped at on the way home. In fact I was just getting out to tell you that I think you have an elegant style and look very attractive smoking." I believe I actually saw her blush a little as she gave me an appreciative grin. "By the way, this is the effect your little massage was having on me." As I realized that it was a moist pair of red lace panties that she must have removed in the ladies room, my knees went weak, but I managed to get us both to the hotel.

Insatiable at Work Ch. 16: Tied-up

fetish insatiablerob8 2017-11-02

"Mmmmmm, honey...keep doing that." I shoved my tongue deep and we kissed, till my hands roamed her body and found that incredible wetness, again. I got more aggressive and started pushing deeper into the heat and licking around her clit; I sucked it between my lips and flicked with my tongue. I pulled out and rapidly flicked at her clit with the tip, while she stiffened and screamed, "!" I slammed back in, fucked her through the orgasm and held myself inside, till she started to breathe again. Giving her little time to recover, I started pounding like there was no tomorrow, "Fuck, look at those...gonna make those big titties shake!

A Different Relationship Ch. 03

fetish Newbottombitch 2017-11-02

We are going to a tattoo and piercing parlour so can you guess what it is?" I was dumbfounded for a second but then it dawned on me. "You're getting a nipple piercing?" I asked and as I was speaking and thinking about it, I could feel my cock strain within its's tiny cage. "I'll try." With a little effort Linda was able to lock me back up in chastity and not push the stud out of my new piercing hole at the same time. The piercings and tattoo got me a little excited and if you want I'll let you pick out a spot for a second piercing.'

Opened by a fist

fetish SexyWriter 2017-11-02

She moans incoherently into the bed totally taken by the moment waiting for my fingers, hand and wrist to open her up at last. No longer her hand, or dildo, or toys, but a flesh-and-bl**d fist to stretch her cunt wide open. Knuckle deep she starts to tighten, she can take it but I have to push, I can feel her pussy stretching around my hand. With her legs tied like this they fall open and I start to work my hand into her again. Her eyes are open in a flash as she feels my fist forming inside her. I twist and turn and push, harder and more firmly I apply a continuous pressure and her flesh stretches and her cunt expands as my fist moves in millimetre by millimetre.

Marissa Gets Home Late (And Used)

fetish geoffelectron88 2017-11-02

I bet he was telling all his friends right now about how he fucked this tiny little white chick right in the ass and busted a nut in her. I wonder what he'd think of me if he knew I was about to eat his cum out of my girlfriend's ass. I climbed on top of her, my face in her ass and my stiff dick jammed against her feet. I began to clean the cum from her ass in long, slow licks. I suckled as many little clots of warm salty cum that I could reach, while I frantically fucked her feet. I had cum a lot, all over her pearl-white little feet. "You know you just ate like six guys' nut out of my ass, right?"

The Wild Isabella

fetish waraxe13 2017-11-02

I grabbed my poppers and took some really big huffs, letting that slutty feeling overwhelm me, as she pulled me back towards the edge of the bed. I watched this (kind of, as I was too lost in my own bodily torment), arse in the air, face turned towards the wardrobe and I remember, as she pulled out, she made her hand as big as possible. I tried to get her off, but to no avail, she just kept fisting me and thrusting her cock into my mouth. I felt it then, as she pulled her fist out, my rosebud popped out and she kept toying with it, waving her fingers against it really fast, pushing her fist back in and all the way out.

Getting to Amp

fetish rrspence2002 2017-11-02

It also introduced the term "devotee" to Brett and it got him to wondering about these sensations he was experiencing while thinking of Nancy looking like the gorgeous one legged girls in the photo albums. "There seem to be all sorts of different crutches available too," Brett said as he climbed on the bed from the bottom and began pulling himself up to where Nancy had her short, folded stump-leg spread wide right and her long left leg spread wide left. As they exploded together, Nancy's left leg wrapped around Brett's back and squeezed while her stump-like right side batted uncontrollably at his side.

Golden Shower

fetish wetguy42 2017-11-02

I want to pull out my dick and piss all over your lovely face and your body and when I am finished I want to jerk off in your face. As my stream started to flow more freely I soaked her hair, her face, her neck and finally her tits. I pulled out and told her the deal was I wanted to cum on her face. Just as she finished cumming, she released a torrent of her piss from her used pussy. As she ate, she forced me to eat her pussy again and she pissed in my mouth. When she finished eating, she hopped on my dick and we fucked like crazy once more.

Punky's Diary, 02/08/07

fetish Selbryth 2017-11-02

We get up and head for the stage and Ava and Syndi are saying something about whether I know an "E chord" and the name sounds familiar so I nod and right before we get onstage, they both tell me that I'll be playing that chord a lot. Just like on music videos!' I start strumming harder and the drummer's playing louder and Ava's dancing around while she's watching Syndi, and all of a sudden Syndi kneels on the stage with her bass right in front of her, spreads her knees and then pulls the bass right up between her thighs.

The Lady Privateer

fetish rrspence2002 2017-11-02

Robert had always had a fascination for lower limbed amputee women so he was agog not just by Anne's costume and her particularly good looks and statuesque presence, he was also mesmerized by her amazing ability to look totally convincing perched on the shiny peg poking out from the bottom of the left side of her wide pantaloons. At one point, as Robert was swaying to his left, and as if it was a practiced movement, he accelerated the movement and swept Anne off of her foot and swung her around a half circle before she gently lowered her leg to the floor.

Compulsive masturbators

fetish klammer 2017-11-02

An emasculated, sissy faggot locked in chastity, made up like a pretty girl, dressed in stockings,and high heels and panties, prostrate and helpless before one of your wife’s lovers, as he pumps your mouth full of his residual cum after he has pumped her to delirium! You know that she will regularly invite male company, and that you must sit there in your stockings, heels and panties, playing frustratedly with your chastity device whilst your trophy wife is consumed by another man; whilst she mocks you in front of him, about what a pathetic sissy loser you are; about how her male company is providing her with the real sexual fulfilment you were incapable of giving her.

Trip to the Doctors

fetish AndrewRichards 2017-11-02

So I as I am waiting I start to imagine what this Dr. Mendez looks like and a couple minutes went by when I hear this knock on the door and I holler "Come in.." Dr. Mendez begins to back off a little and next thing I know she has her hands behind her back unzipping this low cut dress and pulls it off and under this black very revealing dress was a nice emerald green matching bra and thong. She undoes my belt and pulls down my pants and she notices my rock hard cock peaking through my boxer shorts and and sits on the doctors stool and says "I love cock!!!" she proceeds to remove my boxers and places my cock into her mouth going up and down, up and down.

The Desert

fetish playfuldophin 2017-11-02

My hand rested on her thigh and I loved the feel of her smooth but tight skin covering those strong hiking muscles in her legs. She laughed and dropped a hand onto my leg and slowly ran it up my thigh to my shorts and then across my crotch, feeling the growing bulge in my pants. I moaned and then whined, "An hour, I don't know if I can keep my hands off you that long or wait for your lingerie treats!" She turned and smiled with one eyebrow arched and said, "Patience TC, good comes to those that wait". "Then I guess I will just have to enjoy the moonlit view" she said as she leaned against the hood of the mustang with her legs glowing in the moonlight.

An Uneventful Shift

fetish JuliaHandel 2017-11-02

"Hey, guys, if you want a cup of coffee I've got some in the guard office," Norita offered. Blue Hat smiled at Norita and extended his hand: "I'm Frankie McLaury, nice to meet you." Yo, Enrico, can you bring the walkie in here, please?" Norita scooted bare-assed over to the washbasin and braced her bare feet in the sink, providing Frankie a clear view of her dense black curls. Frankie was splashing water on Norita's toes in the basin and trying to work his right index finger into her pussy. "Hey, Miz Norita, I got somethin' you'll like better than a finger." "Hey, Miz Norita, baby, you don't have to do the work now." His erect cock brushed against her buttocks.

Dreamin for Semen

fetish Formerly Ty 2017-11-02

Most of my early sexual experiences were jerking a guy off, or better yet, watching him do it himself, and the sight of that cock pulsing and then the little eye opening up and the semen spurting out just turns me on no end. Sure, I'd given blow jobs for a long time, and was never squeamish about swallowing the cum if the guy wanted me to do that, but usually the cock was way back in my mouth when it came, and I never tasted it or anything. I told one guy I was dating, only half-joking, that I'd like for him to get about half a dozen guys to come home and fuck me some night, and I'd want each of them to cum on my face.

World of Warcraft A story of Horrors, Adv

fetish nagatoX 2017-11-02

I saw myself with the f****y long before the horrific war came to our doorstep, I saw the Dalson f****y legacy unfold before me as if I was witnessing it first hand yet again, I saw the horrors I became, but at same time holding my conscience within this body, not being able to relinquish my memories, my love and hatred, living like a normal bl**d elf hunter trapped within a hideous abomination carcass made by curses and nightmares. In the years I lived, as a hunter and as a long and forgotten traveler hooded by fear and pain, I came across so many wonders, the likes I wouldn't be able to describe, many legends of hidden power, cast away knowledge which might pose a threat to our world once more, unfathomable relics of power from lost times, I couldn't help but think back on all of it and gaping down towards the bleak future.

The Insemination Ch. 02

fetish Urgh01 2017-11-02

Tammy stopped bouncing her big ass on Oak's cock and turned her head to look at her husband, Oak just grinned his way. Stewart couldn't believe his ears or his eyes as Tammy began to stroke up and down on Oak's cock again. Stewart saw Oak's angry, slimy cock plop from his wife's pussy and smack above his belly button. Tammy hugged him, but Oak piped in, "If you want me to fuck your wife I'm gonna need you to tell me so. Oak grabbed his half hard dick by the base and told Tammy, "Come on over and suck my cock, slut. When he came to Oak was bending Tammy over the side of their couch and smacking her ass with his hard cock, making it ripple with each hit.

Detention Pt. 02

fetish Croony 2017-11-02

The last time he'd seen her in that dress was when she'd walked into the headmaster's study and he'd been naked and tied to a chair while a fully clothed Mrs Smith, the school secretary, slowly stroked his cock. As Toby was led away by the teacher Susie tried to stand and said, 'Wait..wha...' Mrs Smith held her back and told her not to worry as they would be going upstairs soon. Adam sat with his back to the headboard and guided Susie's mouth onto his throbbing cock just as Mrs Smith's rubber cock slipped easily in to her soaking pussy causing her to moan around the headmaster's. The headmaster fucked Susie for the rest of the afternoon and Mrs Smith took her urges out on Toby.


fetish quillian 2017-11-02

She kissed my neck, my chin, she took one nipple in her mouth and suckled me as I might have done her, her tongue pressing urgently at my areola, her pussy grinding into my leg. One man, whose eyes I would avoid in the street if I saw them, was watching us while his chosen mate for the night took his cock as far down her throat as she could, her best friend was licking his asshole while she fucked herself with two, sometimes three fingers. Slowly, her tongue ringed the tip of my cock, her velvet-soft hands stroked the shaft and fondled my balls, sometimes reaching a finger down between my cheeks, stroking the brown pearl that lay hidden there.

Enjoying Katie's Dirty, Sweaty Body

fetish regularjohn 2017-11-02

Like a madman, he sucked her thick, swollen lips into his mouth, tasting her salty girl cum all over his tongue. I'm gonna cum all over your big fucking cock!" Her body started to spasm as her tight little pussy got even tighter around Eric's cock. This was all a little new to Katie, and a little weird, but she had come this far and really wanted Eric to cum as hard as she did so she decided to play along. "I want to watch you jerk off your big dick." Eric grabbed his cock once again and gripped it tight, slowly squeezing it hard as he stroked it.

The Interview

fetish PJFL 2017-11-02

In my opening letter I told her that I loved pleasing a woman orally could spend hours eating pussy but I had a special desire. I explained to her that my fantasy was about interviewing many woman which ended up having sex with one of the ladies because she of the way she was dressed in a short skirt and black pantyhose. She leaned back on her elbows closed her eyes and started moaning while I fondled her pussy through her black silky pantyhose. We talked a bit more and I told her that I wanted to be with someone that was willing to wear pantyhose for me twenty four hours a day.

fantasy about medical

fetish 2017-11-02

Now you must understand, I will not wear gloves for this test because I must be able to feel you body with my hands and fingers. Your clit is nice and swollen, begging to be touched." I felt his finger circle around and around my clit, sending shudders of anticipation through my body. "Your friend will want to access this part of your body also." I felt his finger probe around my ass. "Take your feet from the stirrups and turn over." I did as directed, bending over and laying my upper body on the table, my feet on the pedestal.He stepped onto the pedestal at the end of the table and I felt his fingers probe for my opening and then his cock replaced his fingers.