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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Good Student Ch. 02

fetish lovingfingers 2017-11-02

Now suck my breasts." As his lips took her nipple again, she pressed his head against her chest. "No panties," he thought, "She said stop, but no panties." He bent his knees and pressed forward, such that his cock ran over her wet swollen labia. Her hands moved to her chest and pressed her breasts together around his cock. In answer, he threw his head back as his cock exploded, thick ropes of cum splattering her throat and chest. "God, that actually hurt," she thought, "He is big enough to make it hurt." He started to pump her with long hard strokes, his hips slapping her ass, making her body shake.

Makapuu Lighthouse lookout, True story

fetish spanksalot 2017-11-02

We weren't very far along and Chris said "that chick is following us!" I turned and saw she was. "I suggest you drop your shorts and climb over my lap, NOW!" "Because it's a bare bottom spanking that you need." "Yes sir." She takes her wrap off and d****s it over another rock. I look up to see Chris sitting on a rock up the mountain, where I left him. But Chris stands and I see what looks like a large cum spot on the front of his shorts and turn back to her. "Damn, you spank hard!" I reach down and again sink my fingers into her pussy and pinch one nipple to bring her off once more, which doesn't take long at all.

Puss In Boots

fetish Teela100 2017-11-02

The boots were like the caress of a man's strong hands and perhaps his warm tongue upon her legs, licking and nibbling his way from her ankles to the middle of her thighs where the leather stopped. She trolled the internet looking for the four inch heel thigh-high boot. A black spaghetti top with lace trim on top, a stretch black mini that would fall a few inches above the tops of the boots, and of course the lace-topped thigh high stockings. Leila pulled on one boot, zipped it up the inner thigh and stuck her left leg out straight as has she sat on her bed.

Drove to Sex with My Impotent Father-In-Law

fetish fitw83 2017-11-02

My husband had a fetish with me in tight lace see-thru crotchless bodysuits because he said that turned him on the most and he usually fucks me like crazy whenever I had one on, so I brought many different ones for my husband’s eyes only. I was too embarrassed to keep an eye contact with my father-in-law, so I kept my eyes on my husband while I fucked my pussy with my sex toy. Then my pussy was getting tired and sore from my toy, so stopped and I turned my head to my husband and said “I think we had enough for tonight.

Celebrity Ass-Licker Is Back!

fetish CAPervert 2017-11-02

When I am probing her with my fingers or eating out her ass she'll have a hip-hop CD playing and she'll tell me how she would have loved to fuck Tupac and how if P. it is at this point that one of the four rappers starts talking dirty to Condi telling her what a fine bitch she is and how he would love to stick his big cock in her. At that first meeting Ron Jeremy entered the hotel suite that Condoleeza was in and the moment he walked through the door Condi was at his side and grabbing at his crotch. Condoleeza loved Ron's hairy, naked body and Ron loved sucking on Condi's tits, eating out her pussy, and licking the black woman's beautiful ass.

Drive Through Tales Ch. 01

fetish Serenus Zeitblom 2017-11-02

The girl's name, Henry read on the little plastic nameplate on her uniformed breast, was JOY, and he was surprised to see a face that reflected genuine warmth and happiness as she went about taking people's money and giving them their change and their meals. Henry felt he needed to say something to cheer the girl up - give her something to feel good about, so he said "You know, you have the prettiest hair I've ever seen. She pulled his mouth open with her shit-stained finger, and placed her head about a foot above his, then let the warm cum in her mouth stream over her tongue and down into Henry's waiting mouth.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 02

fetish skyeslut 2017-11-01

I guess the only problem with my job turns me on a stupid amount, the hot girls stripping, the guys touching me up, the time on my knees practicing my oral arts...all contribute to the nightly damp patch. And Dan knows I'm dying to be fucked so he likes to prolong my agony.After closing the guys like to for some of us girls to put on a show sometimes, I don't mind, but honestly all that licking just gets hungrier for cock... Mikey, the guy pissing moved his stream up to target my nipples, then Dan and Nate joined in , they took aim at my face and hair, holding my jaw open and aiming at the back of my throat so I gagged and choked a little.


fetish 2017-11-01

She was on her knees on the carpted floor,knowing whats going to happen,feeling the heat as he came closer,uncounciously parting her lips,waiting to taster the man's length. "You enjoy cock that much that you went to your friend?" He asked,not waiting for her answer as he started to thrust deeply into her mouth,pulling all the way out just so he could look at her face. The master said nothing as he grabbed her hips,pushing his big cock deep inside her wet welcoming pussy,not even letting her time to adjust. " i love it master,fuck me,show me who i belong to" she moaned as she mod harder against him,thier bodies making slap sounds with ea h thrust.

Kinky Dentist Sian And Sissy Rachel

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-11-01

As I am a fifty year old sissy, I got kinky pleasure in wearing pretty panties underneath my trousers. "He is in my surgery now wearing pretty, pink panties and I'm at this moment masturbating the kinky pervert," laughed Sian. Sian Harris gave me a kinky smile, as she wiped her pretty nose with a white paper hanky. "I love you Mummy Sian, my name is Rachel Page and I'm an 18 year old Olchfa schoolgirl," I said proudly. "Yes please Mummy Sian, You can do what you like to me, I will tell you all my kinky secrets," I said in a high pitched voice. "All the eighteen year old Olchfa schoolgirls I know have girlie hairstyles, let me put this Emily White wig on you." said Susan.

An Hour of Your Time

fetish MattChancellor 2017-11-01

By the way, I usually start with a massage -" I grabbed her right foot and set it in my lap " - just to get you used to my hands." The fact that Natalie would do something like this for so really said something about her situation. The angle I chose had Natalie in the right part of the frame; you could see her face and her feet, which she'd clad in little white socks while I was away. Slowly, agonizingly, Natalie started to wiggle those perfect little toes. Maybe Natalie heard the dejection in my voice, or saw it in the way I uncuffed her hands, untied her toes and freed her feet.

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 02

fetish Chastebob 2017-11-01

Weeks after David's apology and "Act of Contrition" with Miss Ann, as Mary's mother liked to be called in discipline sessions, his physical marks were gone, but mentally he was still struggling with what happened. The conversation provided him with enough justification for believing that Mary knew what happened and as her mother said, would have explicitly agreed if pushed. He didn't mean anything by it, it's OK, really." Mary held the phone out to David, with a concerned look, "she wants to talk to you." About the third stroke of the extras the poor man, her husband David, peed himself, and at that moment Mary came with a powerful orgasm and squirted.

A Dutch Treat

fetish StrongMaster7 2017-11-01

As her breast pulsed and warmed to Larry's attention, Denice felt a dull ache deep inside her pussy. As Larry sucked deeply on her other breast and its milk fairly poured into his hungry mouth, he felt Denice free his cock to fully stiffen and stroke its newly freed length. Looking down at Larry as he fed on her bounteous breasts, Denice's fingers pushed her thong aside and rubbed her stiff clitoris. Larry pulled away so that he could push Denice's legs apart then, still wearing his clothes, shoved his exposed cock past her thong deeply burying it in her still-coming cunt. Needle-like jets of the warm, sticky milk arced up at Larry as his cock exploded pumping a massive cumload deep into Denice's hungry pussy.

Late Again

fetish domdaddy4u 2017-11-01

I glanced back over my shoulder, watching as the train pulled away. She stood, and just said "Sorry." She followed as I turned around and walked back into the room. Finally, my hand came down hard, knowing her jeans were absorbing the blow. I slapped her hands down, and yelled, "Get on the bed, face down. I moved to the bed and noticed her ass was red from the first spanking moments ago. I ordered her to turn around and look straight ahead, then wasted no time striking her ass again. My arm came down, bringing the slipper hard across her ass. I looked at her in shock as she wiggled her ass while pushing her pussy against the bed sheets.

Sexy Sweetie

fetish FCGuy 2017-11-01

I looked straight across to the bench about 30 feet in front of me, and saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life just smiling at me. When I asked how she planned to do that, she reached between my legs with those delicate fingers of hers, pulled out my now throbbing and moist penis and gave me the mother of all handjobs while looking back into my eyes the whole time. After several minutes of pleasuring me she told me she needed to leave because she was due to arrive at her sister's home in an hour and needed to freshen up before going there, and she wanted me to know she wasn't just some slut who enjoyed blowing unknown men anytime she saw them!

Knicker Teen: Anna's Debut

fetish Carpe Diem 2000 2017-11-01

Anna felt so close to her orgasm now, 'Ooh, yes, I like,' she murmured, 'I want fuck, I want cock. 'Ah, yes!' she cried, 'Now just need to turn on camera.' It took another ten exasperating minutes of pressing buttons before the screen came alive, the lens was directed at the bed and Anna found herself looking at an image of the sex-toys strewn on Anna cradled the phone between shoulder and ear and reached down, both hands free, and squatted lower, taking the last five inches of the glass cock all the way to the hilt. 'I want it suck my clit Alan – I want it finger and fuck my cunt please, I want it lick Jenny's pussy!'

A Happy Trouple

fetish Dennis_Kiros 2017-11-01

Sex with Brit was really nice when we first met, but pretty early on she confessed that she really wasn't into trying new stuff or even repeating some of the old stuff that I really liked. "Watch out, his friend is about to slap your face with his cock!" I continued, sliding one more finger into her creaming pussy; then I licked her earlobe and whispered, "Now the girls are sucking on your tits and spanking the dude's butt, making him fuck you even harder." Brit, and later on most of my sexual partners called me pretty, never handsome, probably because of my compact physique, baby-face, baby blue eyes and very light golden hair, all of which make me look much younger than my actual age.

Foot lover gets lucky as a his shrimp boat comes i

fetish lordmax454 2017-11-01

I think women who wear high heels are very sexy, especially in the summer, when all the open toed shoes and sandals come out. "Oh yeah, wow that tickles," she said, " Normally I can't stand it when someone tickles or even touches my feet," she sighed, "But this feel so naughty and sexy. After a while I looked up to see Wendy's face pleasantly contorted as she sprung into orgasm, while I continued to suck on her toes, play with her feet and massage her thighs. Then, as I sat with my legs wide apart, I pulled Wendy between them so that her hot wet pussy was right above my extended, throbbing cock.

Donovan's Fetishes

fetish powelldonovan 2017-11-01

After gagging Stan with a black leather strap, I descended from the stool and turned away from the bench. The look on my young lover's face was priceless as she dabbled her fingers in the wetness along my thighs and then sucked them dry, thrilled at her own daring at having tasted for the first time the spilled juices of a male. "I d-do know what I'm asking for." I trembled, but I grabbed for the hard lump slung on the left side of his heavy black leather pants. All they'd seen were my pale legs grappling Frankie's leather pants, my heels pulling his ass to me with every thrust of his huge cock.

Rose by Any Other Name

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-11-01

Evan rested his arm on the back of her head, making sure she couldn't pull up very far and she bobbed up and down enthusiastically wishing he would give her permission to reach under her short skirt and play with her pussy (of course she had no panties on, he liked her visiting family while so exposed) while she did this. She nodded as she lifted her head from his lap and flipped his dick back into his jeans then smiled a sexy smile at Evan and opened her mouth to show him the cum she had held in there, like a dog trying to please it's demanding master. A week after the cum encrusted kiss with her big sister Rose came home from work to the house she shared with Evan to find a silver collar and leash wrapped around the door handle.

Jack 'n Jill

fetish shoeslayer 2017-11-01

"Oh yes Jack, I know you like seeing the light in my glasses, specially when you're gonna blow your load up into my bra, This bra has been lookin' good for too long now an it's time it saw some life." Jill began to jerk me off, the chains of her Moms glasses around me and her looking at me as well as her two tits Jill then got on top and had my cock stuffed into her bra and between her boobs and we both started to fuck her gorgeous tits.

The First Night

fetish shane038nz 2017-11-01

I kneel beside your head and bend down to kiss you again deeply I feel your hand enclose my shaft you gently wank it back and forwards I moan you turn your head and lick the tip then slowly take me into your mouth and cup my balls in your hand I reach and start sliding the vibrator in and out of your wet hole it is making squelching sounds which turns me on more still deeper and deeper you take my shaft until it touches the back of your throat.

Crawl Ch. 01

fetish publicjohn 2017-11-01

I thought about my hot cum spraying all over Jim's muscled chest and suddenly, my body went hot and my orgasm hit me and I came so hard that I almost went to my knees but I did manage to get a large amount of my cum on Jim's chest and pants but I missed his face. I was kind of pissed about that but I got over it when I realized 2 things, first, Jim was still asleep and had not moved a muscle when my cum hit him and secondly, I was still rock hard. I came with a yell and I sprayed Jim's face and neck and hair and just as I was finishing, Rachel swooped down and took me in her mouth to suck me clean.

Love those unshaven armpits

fetish trevor54a 2017-11-01

I don't know when or why I started loving those wonderful unshaven female armpits. A sweet bush of brown hair in both pits, glistening with a few beads of sweat and sending out just the faintest smell of sexy woman. After a while we cleaned up the mess, had something to drink, all the time I was clearly conscious of her unshaven armpits and her lovely scent as we sat naked in bed. I was sure I'd last real long this second time but her sexy armpits was too much for me to handle. Before long we both we fully aware of the power of her unshaven armpits.

Her Monthly Celebration

fetish biatlguy4u 2017-11-01

I open my eyes as I watch the dress flow delicately across her ass. What I want is to lick her pussy, fearing that is not the right response, I hesitantly replied, "Yes Mistress, I would love some wine." "Lick my ass first!" she exclaims while lowering her soft firm cheeks on my face. Moaning and slowly moving her hips, she is pushing on my face my tongue deeper in her ass. She shifts her hips back and pressing lower allowing my tongue to explore her inner folds and circle around the swollen engorged skin. I hear little of what goes on around me, my eyes are closed and my breath is lost, my focus is on my tongue and what pleasure it can bring to her.