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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 19

fetish coniungoergosum 2017-11-01

"Message from Officer Dawes," she said: "You can expect twelve more like that at Exercise tomorrow." "Raymond," said Rose urgently: "about yesterday: Chloe didn't attack Dawes: she was trying to stop Kumali." "Officer Dawes will place no value on the testimony of prisoners," said Raymond. "I will tell Officer Hardiman what I saw and heard," said Raymond. "Get your clothes off Littlehayes," said Dawes: I noticed she was holding the riding crop, and I started to tremble: were they going to punish me now, in private, after all? "And she said nothing at all about any intention to attack Officer Dawes in any way?" asked Hardiman.

Mating With My Woman

fetish hairman 2017-11-01

Pump your dick, pump your dick, pump your dick in my cunt." The rhythmic incantation with my thrusting was really bringing me close to release, then she started commanding me "Ejaculate your testicles into my vagina. Ejaculate your sperm deep inside me." OMG, having my balls tickled while jacking or mating is indescribable. With her waggling her tongue, lightly scratching under my balls, and pitting me with her sex scent, she just started commanding me. I am so full of your hot ejaculate." All that while continuing to waggle her tongue, scratch my balls, and pit me with her sex scent. All during the ejaculation, she just kept moaning and sobbing saying "you mated me; you put your hot sperm inside my vagina.

weekend away....

fetish justshyofnympho 2017-11-01

out came the restraints first followed by the flogs, blindfold, gag, and that red dildo. whack, whack, whack...ass, cunt, back...harder this time making me cry out and struggle against my bindings...pain, real pain. flog again..with f***e over and over all over my body...omg the pain...the ends of each leaving a nice little welt where ever the landed (i found this out once the blindfold came off). he leaned me over and replaced the dildo with one of the biggest, hardest cocks he has had in a long time and fucked me roughly as he used my hair as a leash to put even more strain on my body...out came the cock, in when the fingers...then his cock again.

My Poor Brother

fetish Teresa711 2017-11-01

I got a good laugh out of it at the time but I ended up having a scene with mother. It really pissed me off that he was getting a free ride.) By the time he decided to get up and take a shower, it was usually around noon or later. While we were standing there, Jeff came out in his towel and didn't seem put off by all these women standing around. Not long after that, he broke his right leg in a motorcycle accident and had to have surgery to fix it. There Jeff was, totally helpless, and this beastly-looking woman came in and began to shave him. Mother and Aunt Debbie paid a visit and I made sure they got an eyeful, too.

Mrs. Marlow

fetish shoeslayer 2017-11-01

I was hanging out with her son Ron, we were always working on gas engines for generators or pumps out in the garage and many times we came in to grab a coke out of the ice box, and Mrs Marlow had those gold half-square glasses down her nose and reading the paper with her glass and purple beaded chain hanging from them and for whatever reason I really like that feminine look. I feel the pressure build up and I know it is not long at all, I stiffen up a bit and start fucking her hand and as she looks up to smile at me, the lamp light shining in her half-round glasses, I blow my load.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 03

fetish Eosphorus 2017-11-01

As for Dan and I, it was like our own dreams were coming true in the form of Bonnie and Charlotte. Waking, I slipped out of the bed I shared the night before with Charlotte and found Dan and Bonnie already in the kitchen drinking coffee. Snow came down at a forty-five degree angle, the visibility so poor I could barely make out the sign for Bonnie and Charlotte's shop across the street. "What do you think, sis?" Bonnie said, glancing at Charlotte. Charlotte and I stumbled into the big bedroom along with Dan and Bonnie, kissing deeply as we went. I showered and dressed, returning to the living room where Bonnie and Charlotte were watching the news tell us it was snowing.

The Smbian

fetish denniscarpenter 2017-11-01

But I stayed in my seat watching the lovely Ella who had now picked up the Symbian controls and flicked a switch and I watched as the huge toy inched into her eager pussy, it travelled very slowly and I could hear her moan as she felt its girth stretching her open, it kept going in to her and I couldn’t believe that she had now almost all of its length inside her.

My secret Passion!

fetish ManLeiria 2017-11-01

i am a very young sex addict and my most secret fantasy is to have sex with a overaged couple man and wife! i can´t stop thinking about pleasuring a chunky granny with saggy boobs, while her hubby feeds her lustfull mouth with his cock! after pleasuring her and having cumm ate least 2 times on her boobs and mouth, we will be taking turns into her ass and cunt, both of us at the same time fucking her every-hole!!! damns the hardness of my cock just turns her ass upside out and tears up her cunt, i can her her moans of pleasure and her husband just shouts out loud that he whants to be fucked too....

Dominating my girlfriend

fetish angelslover 2017-11-01

Afterwards, I moved in front of her and started pulling her nipples up again, while twisting, then I spanked her pussy hard a few times. When her boobs were getting red, I stopped and grabbed the ice cube set on the table next to us and started slowly drip water all over her boobs licking it after and sucking on her nipples. As soon as I placed it on her pussy, her entire body started to shake and she asked moaning “can I please cum now, master?”. I slid my finger out of her ass, and put more lube on it then got the vibrator and turned it on then slowly started to push it in her ass, listening to her loud moaning and screaming.

Black Pantyhose Story

fetish 2017-11-01

Your left continues to tease your nipples as you slide your right hand down your chest to the waist band of your pantyhose. You tell me how hot and wet you are as you slide your right hand inside your pantyhose. You get on your knees and grab the base of my hard shaft as I put my hands on your pantyhose covered thighs.. You let go of my cock and slowly lower yourself down onto my cock feeling my hard shaft enter your tight pussy. You start to bounce faster and faster, up and down, you can feel every inch of my hard dick slamming into your hot wet pussy. Your hot wet pussy feels so good on my hard shaft.

Brotherly Lust Pt. 02

fetish Nick_Mason 2017-11-01

As her breathing slowed, Nick released her drool covered toes from his mouth and started instead to gently kiss the soles and tops of her feet. As her toes moved, pressing harder and moving faster with every stroke, Nick's breathing became heavier and heavier until he was moaning loudly along with Katie's movements. Katie was watching with undisguised lust on her features, and as he let out a loud gasp Katie quickly moved her toes to the head of his cock just in time for the first huge spurt of cum to squirt up and between them. She gasped with pleasure as Nick bucked and a second and then a third spurt erupted, squishing between her toes and coating them in the sticky white goo.

fat little slut belongs to me. part one

fetish crbigboy 2017-11-01

Id never spoken to her but today I thought I d make an effort she left the house for work as usual . At this point I asked if she would like to come to my house after work she said maybe and then got on her bus. I told her to sit on the sofa I asked her if she had ever masturbated to shock she replied daily. Sliding her hand down she spread her pussy lips and began to run her clit while staring at me intensly. I asked her if she had ever used a toy no never she said. I handed her the bottle and watched as she attempted to insert the bottle in her tight pussy.

First Thirst Ch. 08

fetish NastyPierre 2017-11-01

I was content to look into her eyes and suck on her breast, but Colleen needed to speak. "Ja Nutte, there you, what took so long," Colleen said to the stranger. While I'm at work Nutte will look after you," Colleen said. No husband of mine will be left unattended, until trained," Colleen said looking up to Nutte with a smile and a wink I felt sure was returned. Colleen rolled out of bed and I strained my eyes to follow her, but Nutte held me fast and made it all but impossible. Nutte will see to you and I want you to obey her without question." Colleen said in a demanding voice.

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 02

fetish kleincox 2017-11-01

"Do you want to wear my panties?" She seem shocked and confused, "I was going to suggest you go bottomless while you're at home," she gave me a weird look. I felt ridiculous standing in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and socks while my wife talked about my hairless crotch and diaper rash. How am I supposed to explain that my crotch is agitated from having all my pubic hairs shaved off and I've got a diaper rash because I was left in a diaper too long and I'm not wearing under because my wife threw them out because they had pee stains from my small penis. "Sweetie, I've got a couple of things to tell you." My wife said after greeting me at the door with a kiss.

Record Deal

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2017-11-01

I came around to the front of the desk and looked Sara in the eyes..."Now Sara, I know how badly you want to become a professional music singer but right before you can sign these forms and become a music star, you must first pay the price." I drew to the response I had heard echoed for years..."Well I am very sorry to have to tell you this, but if you want your daughter to have a recording deal, she has to pay her dues. Soon the up and coming teenage super star was watching her mother freely slapping the ass of her 32 year old manager, as I signed each and every form.

Bedroom Surprise

fetish wylite 2017-11-01

Mandy had told me what to order and I had been busy on line picking out a nice pair of frilly pink panties and a pretty sissy dress. Oh so lovely; row upon row of frilly pink lace ran across the back of the panties; I was longing to parade in front of Mandy and Beth but that pleasure would have to wait. I entered the room to find Mandy sat on her bed, she stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, "Hi Sis. Put the clothes down and hang the robe on the door." As I complied she said, "Let's see what sort of a job you did with the body hair."

The Gay Bar

fetish stormcheese 2017-11-01

A bald black guy came up to the bar, ordered a drink, then looked at me and asked if I wanted one too. I was really turned on by this, and I started to suck on his tongue like a little slut. I was rock hard while he fondled my cock, then I felt another pair of hands from behind, and some guy was grinding his dick into my ass. I pulled his dick out of my mouth, “I love being your slut and sucking your black cock. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and pushed my head into his balls. Stick that black cock in me and fuck me like a whore” I said.

Dinner for Two

fetish sparkle8 2017-11-01

"I want you to go into the men's room, enter the handicapped stall, remove all your clothes, keep your shoes on, hang your clothes on the hook on the back of the door, and sit down on the lowered lid of the commode. I looked from Alex to Buck, and back, and then I pulled my skirt down to the floor, and slipped my soaked panties off, and put them over the grab bar. The door opened again, and it sounded like multiple feet I never removed my mouth from Buck's dick, but I stopped moving. "Alex, you go out first, and knock on the outside of the men's room door when the coast is clear."

(Commission) Milking: For SCIENCE!

fetish rikkusguardian 2017-11-01

Yay! My first commission is done! I really wanted to get into a writing mood, but did not have the motivation until life kicked in and i got needy for money. Hopefully this will be a start of a long list of stories to come, if people like my work. This was a commission from LizardGuy who wanted a story featuring his lovely panda engineer Penny. The fact that she was such a sexy, curvy panda with a name similar to another sexy panda character I love, i had to sneak in a reference to Patty who belongs to marauder6272 who also did the art that I used for a thumbnail. I hope you all enjoy!

Stuck in the Lift

fetish Nomean_feet 2017-11-01

Needing to take her mind off of her bladder predicament Emma removed her shoes and sat on the floor in the corner of the lift, closed her eyes and tried to force herself to sleep to pass a bit of time... She obeyed without question, revealing her tight little pussy as she continued to spray her piss all over the floor of the lift, for what seemed like forever she streamed her fluid onto the floor, aware of heavy breathing directly above her but afraid to open her eyes for what she might see. She looked up just in time to see the handsome stranger exiting the lift, his eyes told her everything she already knew, a devilish smile playing subtly on his lips as he exited the lift at the thirteenth floor.

Getting Physical

fetish cutiepee 2017-11-01

Thursday came sooner than Louis anticipated, and as he drove himself over to the office, he couldn't help but think of the stories and videos of horny female doctors that he had enjoyed over he years. However, Louis couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated when she looked into his eyes. He slowly stripped, and settled on his hands and knees, extremely aware of the loud crinkling of the paper liner on the examination table. But she pressed harder, and the urine stream became an arch, pattering loudly over the waxed paper and splashing onto his thighs as it became a steaming yellow puddle, growing as the piss noisily squirted all over the place.

The Office Visit

fetish casper33 2017-11-01

I groan into her pussy as I feel one of her sexy stiletto heeled shoes slip between my legs and under my balls causing my hard shaft to press against her silky stocking covered ankle. Electric sparks were shooting up from my groin and I could feel an orgasm starting to build from deep inside me as Meghan slowly and loosely stroked the sheer stockings against my rock hard shaft. As my hard on throbbed in the cool air, Meghan laughed and perched her sexy bottom back on my desk and one leg at a time smoothed her sheer stockings back on to those long lovely legs of hers.

Oldies but Goodies

fetish gallowglass 2017-11-01

The last time round, she didn't let go of my hands at once, but just flashed me a wicked look. "Fuck the arse off me." she shot back in a queenly and commanding voice. No doubt quite elegant in her time, good cheekbones, thighs and calves well-proportioned, but the rest of the body skinny and shrunk, and the breasts sadly wrinkled. For the first time ever, I started to notice a woman's feet. Now I was suddenly becoming aroused by the sight of Maureen's stockinged foot, shapely and poised, especially that lovely curve of the instep. It was clear she liked being on top, and the way she went at it, I started to wonder why she needed a stair-lift at all.

Make Me Bigger

fetish Safetystars 2017-11-01

Her nipples are so big now that it would take a whole hand to pleasure each one, if you could still reach them both with your arms spread, not that she would mind if you pulled a little. After an intense amount of heavy petting, kissing, sucking, and pleasuring one another, and following a long bout of sex, he reaches a point where he is so turned on and hard that it can be a little difficult to come. I'm feeling so big baby!", and bust another nut, coming again all the harder, with her, as her tits boom to a colossal beyond. The hill to your side shifts a little, and you think nothing of it until you feel her push you inside her again.