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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Reunion

fetish anonymous3 2017-11-01

"All right," she said, "I wanted to let you know I got a call from Meg before I left for work this morning. She's thirty-one, four years younger than Meg. Her name is Valerie, and people shorten it to Val," Amanda finished. Don't get me wrong," she said as she lifted the lid on the toilet and sat, "I'd really like to leave a load in your lap, but it's late and I suspect neither of us really wants to take time to shower." "By the way, did Amanda mention she was going to try and stop by one day over the weekend?" Meg asked.

The Boss's Office

fetish rhyze 2017-11-01

I entered the office, closed the door behind me, and took a seat across the desk from Dawn. On the next hard thrust I started letting off inside of Dawn. I got down on my knees behind Dawn and began licking her slit, lapping up a mixture of our juices. She jumped back up on the desk, spreading her legs so that her clit was now on display only a few inches away from my face. I took her hand and replied, "I look forward to continuing to work with you." A moment later I was walking out of her office as if nothing had happened and to the rest of the world, nothing had.

The Golden Navel

fetish blankbob20 2017-11-01

The numbers weren't adding up, and it didn't help that Caroline, the sketchy tenant who lived in the room upstairs, wasn't paying her rent on time. Caroline reached into a small fridge by her bed and pulled out a round glass flask filled with a crystal clear liquid. She knew Caroline was a witch, and that living so close to one was dangerous, but she felt deep down inside that she had to try out that potion. Caroline knew her potion was diluted the minute she returned home that evening, and the only logical conclusion she could draw was that her annoying landlord took it. Shannon thought for a second about what that would look like; probably no worse than becoming a smelly belly button.

Wife's Golden Shower

fetish wetguy42 2017-10-31

By this point my texts to the wife were downright nasty; I want your hot piss, fucking drench my cock, please make me cum with your piss. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I stuck my face in between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy like a madman. That gorgeous pussy shooting out her hot piss directly in my mouth. My wife got on all fours and stuck that pussy in the air to be fucked royally. She was laughing and giggling as I shot my hot stream all over her just fucked pussy. I was in heaven; my beautiful wife standing in front of me with my cum dripping out of her and my piss soaking her tits.

My Dream Role 03

fetish newsub4rall 2017-10-31

Christine told Joy that it was time to flip me over. My eyes watered as she mocked me saying, "I've had better." Joy put my legs up in the air over her shoulders and with no regard to the pain I was in from the last fucking pressed her cock into my reddened ass. Christine and Joy fucked my ass several times as the night went on. The last thing I remember is her suggesting to me that I mind my manners when it comes to women and saying good night as she covered my face with a cloth soaked with a pungent smelling liquid.

A Mother's Milking Fetish

fetish Katelyngentry 2017-10-31

As soon as my milk really started to come in I began getting extremely horny every time I pumped. One day during a lustful feeding with one of my largest dildos deep inside me, I was looking around online and found lots of sex cam sites with men paying good money to see women do exacty what I was doing. Drink it all up little boy." I pulled my blouse down off of my shoulders and stripped my bra off freeing my other breast to fall heavy on this young mans shoulder. Not only was I having a strange man come to my house, but I was trying to conceal large milking breasts behind a lowcut black shit.

The Shy Girl and the Marine

fetish presumedinnocent24 2017-10-31

He was dressed in a uniform that highlighted his musculature, broad shoulders she could imagine biting while he thrust deep inside her, arms she would squeeze as she came on his cock, powerful legs that made her wonder if he could finally be the one to give it to her as rough as she wanted. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head to his cock, "I said suck it, slut." Feeling her start to slump, he reluctantly pulled his cock from her throat and allowed her to breathe. Knowing he was getting close to cumming, he pushed her head back into the sheets and violently shoved the rest of his cock deep into her pussy.

Real stories 1 BBW at the Bar

fetish Maverick2112 2017-10-31

I've always felt like I could use a bit of push when it comes to meeting girls at a bar. I took like a 25 minute, very hot shower; I was definitely feeling the effects of the adderall. At that point, you are just trying to keep your arms out a little bit so that you can make some space for yourself and at the same time be able to keep your arms up in case you get pushed. After a few minutes of this, while the band is playing, she says, "do you want to go outside." Of course, I say "yes" and we head out the back exit and into the alley. She was sitting on the arm of the couch, and I went right up to her and started making out with her.

Last Night

fetish 2017-10-31

So last night me and my wife where in our living room watching movies, and she started to fall asl**p. She said maybe be if you put that big daddy dick in my fat wet pussy I might be able to stay awake. Then she started to like my shaft and work down to my balls, she started to suck them one at a time then she d**g her tounge up to my head while stroking my cock, I rolled my eye and grabed the back of her head. we both started to laugh, 30mins later she grabed me by my hand and took me to the dining room and sat me in a chair.

Eating Her Out by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2017-10-31

God it would be awesome if a guy like that would come up to her and flirt with her and eventually say "May I eat you out" Yeah right, she thought...that'll be the day. Still, if the right man came around, and this guy, about their age seemed to be like that...she'd become comfortable enough to take it to the next step...and the next one after that...until she was sitting, naked, on his face, and he was eating out her pussy. "How are all of you tonight" Almost all of the young and vivacious women said fine as they each smiled at the good looking, wide shouldered, but also nicely dressed young man about their age...that is except for Caroline who knew what was about to happen.


fetish goldbloke 2017-10-31

Craning my neck to do so, I look beyond Lin's pretty, cock-filled face, down past her tiny tits and erect nipples, over the flawless gentle curve of her slim belly to her small erection and shaved balls bobbing lewdly between her legs in time with the rhythmic up-and-down movements of her head as she fellates me. Withdrawing my head from Lin's ass, my face slick with a combination of both our sweat and my own saliva and with the taste of her ring on my tongue, I tell her I want to feel her cock inside me. Alternately lifting her ass up away from me and sliding it back down by extending her knees and grinding her hips, she starts impaling herself fully onto my rock hard shaft, keeping just my bell end inside her loosening anus on the upwards strokes.

Brother and Girl have Sex with Me

fetish grsweeter14 2017-10-31

So then we left and he took out his dick during the drive home and I was still taped on and he said "so did you like the view?" He said "no, a horrible brother would have had sex with your 4 inch arse not my girlfriend!" He started to jerk off and said, "wait till we get home!" He said, " oh and I don't want you watching like a creep, so I got a better place for you!" He took me off his dick and he lifted up and he stuck me directly underneath his huge arse! Then he said to suck his dick, so I at 4 and a half inches tall starting to suck my big brothers 12 inch cock!

How i became me

fetish claudiafeliz 2017-10-31

Then there was my girlfriend Tammy who l tied to her bed, and basically let her baste from multiple toys strapped in and on her body while l made love to her for several hours w/ my hands & lips Between these two women, l've seen them cum from my sucking a neck, earlobe, & making love to their breasts. A woman has the ability when properly loved, respected & pleasured to go far beyond the simple arousal a man can experience into what's almost like an out of body experience where the pleasure she feels literally enveloped her heart & soul. l could just sit & enjoy seeing that for hours wishing l could trade places with a woman just for 1 day & feel the depth of her sexuality & passion.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 04

fetish Thorilla 2017-10-31

My penis was now stirring to embarrassing proportions and I was pleased when the housekeeper, Haynes, left me with the housemaid, Kathryn Fields, and Lady Gertrude. The maid hitched up the back of Lady Gertrude's dress so that it lay over the old lady's back and shoulders and then repeated this process with seven further layers of white silk petticoat. "He may start," said Lady Gertrude and I felt Kathryn tap me on the head through the eight layers of rustling material. The leather straps on my wrists felt painfully tight but there was a certain degree of 'give' and I now understood that Lady Gertrude could control the pressure of my face against her hindquarters.

Emily and Danny Lawson

fetish Matt Moreau 2017-10-31

Then, how about that request for information about that big cuckold fest two weeks from now?" she said, nodding toward the still open page on the desktop. Sometimes they even come down with their lovers to watch their husbands do each other; it's a very large kick for the wives, believe me," he said. Your husband Danny here, is here because he wants to be cuckolded by his very beautiful wife. "Okay, honey?" said Emily looking at me with cow eyes. We said our goodbyes to Candace and David, the latter, who had seen us coming, had retrieved Emily's coat. "But, right now I need you to make love to me." She'd said it like she was scolding me.

After The Races

fetish billstew 2017-10-31

We had a hot time last night with a guy named Justin. Sophie decided to go to the races on Saturday afternoon with some girlfriends. On a couple of occasions after going to the races Sophie has come home around 4am looking very dishevelled and ... with cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy. After about 30 minutes of small talk, I noticed that Sophie had let her dress ride up, exposing plenty of her smooth shapely legs. Then Sophie said, “I want you to come inside me.” With that Justin picked up the pace and began to slam into her. Reaching down she grabbed my cock and stroked it up and down her cum-filled cunt.

The CareGiver

fetish Sensuous Storyteller 2017-10-31

Martin looked up sheepishly and it was the first time, Chloe saw him as he was, a man very angry about his situation and rightfully so, if truth be told. Chloe there is nothing in this world that makes a man feel more like a man than when a beautiful woman needs him. Just as his finger ripped away the fabric and his tongue touched her for the first time, Chloe bent forward to take his cock into her mouth. Taking her finger and slipping it in her mouth to cover it with saliva, Chloe placed it between the cheeks of his ass, feeling his moan of pleasure before she even inserted it.

A Coffee Morning with the Girls

fetish Cookie5 2017-10-31

My 'useless juices' are starting a free-flow from my cock forming thin trails, of syrup like material, running towards the awaiting spoon which I will lick up later. I am enjoying the restriction she has placed upon me with my feet tied snugly together, my hands raised, bound securely over my head and my eyes covered completely. I feel a fingertip slide into my mouth and along the top of my tongue "suck it" says a sweet voice, the finger motions in and out a few times. The cold spoon then touches the tongue of my open and willing mouth and is tipped to allow the taste to enter and mix with saliva.

Kelly Pt. 01

fetish Hugo_S 2017-10-31

Kelly nodded and smiled at me, her hazel eyes lit up when she spoke about it and I could tell she was very proud to work there. She's growing up so fast right before my eyes!" Kelly looked down on her daughter sleeping and had a soft, sweet smile on her face and a glow about her. "Oh it's not as bad as I make it sound." Kelly put one hand on the pram and pushed it back and forth a little to settle Claire. It was probably like this so that when Kelly's mum came home they could both sprawl out on the sofas and watch TV together without being in each other's way.

Wife Works At Our Friends Resort Bar

fetish captjim51 2017-10-31

One day she said, Phil’s resort bar was in financial trouble and he needed something to draw in the young boater crowd to increase his business. They all thought it would be cool to work at the bar in full makeup, wearing the skimpiest shorts they could find, sexy white gym socks and a bikini that would accent there gorgeous young bodies. Three weeks later I came back early from a business trip one Friday night and I was really surprised when I saw my wife parading around the bar in a thong bikini and the skimpiest top I have ever seen. The young guys in the crowd went crazy and began yelling “Suzy, Suzy, Suzy”, money came from everywhere as my wife reached back spun around and untied her bikini, letting it fall to the floor.

Online Cuckold Looking for Love

fetish subboy129 2017-10-31

Tight as hell dark wash jeans with a black double grommet belt, a black halter top that showed off a ton of her cleavage, black 6'' stiletto heels, big silver hoop earrings, and of course the silver Bracelet I got her that night for our anniversary. She was screaming from joy: "Fuck me Brad, fuck me like a real man, fuck me better than my pathetic cuck of a boyfriend ever could" I was so hard I was basically ready to burst out of my cock cage. Eventually you'll get to fuck me, but for now I'm having fun tormenting you with other men and their huge cocks." I laid next to her, running my hands through her hair, looking at her with a big smile "Babe, I was so happy to do that for you, I've never been happier.

First Time

fetish klammer 2017-10-31

door swung open, and Diana, Stephanie's s****r, stood there looking at me Diana had left us, bound together, with my cock deep inside of Stephanie's cute Stephanie looked bound and helpless in her room, and remembering how nice Diana and Marcy stepped over immediately and told Stephanie that she had recounted Stephanie's words, good, long and hard and began striking, making She told Stephanie to apply the warm towel to my cock told them all to watch as Stephanie manipulated my cock. The older woman stepped in and told Stephanie that she was holding a Marcy told Stephanie she had to go, and Amy would be in shortly to Stephanie feeling my balls and cock and I saw her pull out a small

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 01

fetish Tdisk 2017-10-31

Mike invited Becca to dinner and they agreed on a mutually convenient time and place to meet near the trade show venue. You look good, too." She then leaned forward and in a soft voice said, "Thank you for the compliment but I doubt you've noticed anything about my body other than my breasts. Mike's dilemma was that he thought he'd seen a small circle of wetness on Becca's left breast. Having tricked Mike into the conclusion that she'd had a boob job, Becca feigned indignation and said, "You think I had my breasts enhanced don't you?" Becca added, "I'm not looking forward to having even more milk stretching my tits. Still covered in the thin blouse Becca cupped her large breasts in her hands and said, "So...

Brod: Elasticity Ch. 03

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-10-31

"I'll show y'all how we ride bulls where I come from," she said, reaching down and rubbing my cock's crown, her big blue eyes looking into mine. I grabbed Anita's thigh and rolled her body, flipping her 180 degrees, my cock twisting inside her. I wrapped my meaty hands around her waist and began to pound her from behind, my thigh-thick cock pulling out and shoving in. As much as I loved Thalita and her powerful body, it was a new sensation to be gripping a pair of soft, big hips like Anita's while gooey heat surrounded my entire cock from glans to base. Anita's head bounced against the bed, her body almost completely limp, her eyes rolled into her skull, her tongue lolling out.