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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Business Trip

fetish suburbanperv 2017-10-31

About a year ago, my lovely wife Anne and myself came to the realization that if our relationship was going to last, we would have to make time in our busy schedules for "us". "Judging from the way I'm dressed, I suppose you think we are going to have sex" she says with a grin. As she looks down at her glass, rubbing the rim with her finger, she says "There is the possibility of us having sex tonight honey. Protocol for this requires me to stand naked in the corner until Anne comes up to spank me. She gently caresses my ass and begins spanking me from cheek to cheek with her hand. She takes the paddle in her hand and says "I am going to give you 10 on each cheek.

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 04

fetish Lou Thomas 2017-10-31

One of the girls pulls the towel of articles down by your hip, within easy reach; the other kneels on the bed by your side -- her bare ass and cunt impudently facing one whole wall of anonymous mirrors -- and kisses you, long and deep, one of her hands lightly caressing one of your naked breasts as, faintly, you hear my voice telling your audience, “You’re about to watch a woman do in reality what she's fantasized about for years. before things start happening very quickly: your heels begin sliding upward toward your toy-punctuated ass, your legs open, your knees spread wide to lay on each side of you, your left hand placing fingers on the tip-ends of both the small vibrator and the dildo, not just to jiggle them for added sensations but also, I know, to keep your forthcoming inner erotic convulsions from forcing them out of your erotic portals like two rockets.


fetish 2017-10-31

I take the cock out of my mouth and begin to tell you I'm going to cum with you stroking my cock but you slap my ass again and tell me to shut and suck. You start to fuck me hard and are asking me "How does it feel to have a cock in your ass and one in your mouth". I begin to tell you that I've cum twice and don't know if I can a 3rd time but you cut me off by saying "Shut up and start stroking your cock." I do as I am told.

Her Fantasy: His Fetish

fetish Learningfast 2017-10-31

Sir let his right hand drop from her shoulder and placed it with the back on his fingers on the skin of her torso, gripping the multiple folds of her saree. She let it happen and was not even surprised to feel the cool smoothness of his left hand with soap washing over her stomach, down her thighs a little, between her legs and over her bottom. Oh please!" He gave her the big grin and his eyes crinkled again as he shifted his weight to lie on her so that she could feel the stiffness between her legs, pressing gently on the same creases and the clitoris where his hand had been a minute earlier.

Cuckolded on Wedding Night...

fetish vanita 2017-10-31

And within no time I could feel Ron mounting me in presence of his friend watching us so closely.I could feel his stiff hard cock parting my pussy lips and forcing it's entry deep in me. Ron continued slowly starting stroking me hard and deep, His cock knew what it was doing. The stroking felt nice as Ron's cock was big and hard and his nuts juicy. I kept fondling the small cock while Ron kept stroking..I could feel the strokes getting harder and faster. I had never experienced such joy in sex never before in life..And hubby's small cock in my hands once again made my hands sticky as it had once again given out it's thin cream...

spanked by deputy head

fetish flumpermunch 2017-10-31

'Home at the usual time, dear?' It was her mother's routine query and routinely Nicola said yes. Mr Russell repeated his querying 'Yes, Nicola?' as if he didn't know why she had come. Mr Russell took hold of her arm and the next thing Nicola knew she was over his lap. 'I'm sorry but I couldn't resist it,' Mr Russell said in answer to Nicola's unspoken question. Nicola just looked at him as Mr Russell went to sit in that self-same chair at the side. Because although the school prospectus did mention corporal punishment in general terms it certainly said nothing about spanking girls on their bare bottoms.

A Case of Misbehavior

fetish falcon29 2017-10-31

"Well," she said quietly, "at least 'warm her up' first." She was referring to a fairly sharp hand spanking to precede the harsher paddling. I felt a twitch in my pants as I thought about my hand on Lori's naked ass. What she said was, 'Better you than somebody else.' She knew what would happen if I spanked your bare ass." That reminder caused her to roll to her belly and again rub her half moons. Her finger went between her lips before she said, "I'm not sure that was much of a punishment, 'Daddy'." I smiled at her and rolled into her, throwing a leg across hers.

Leak Ch. 01

fetish NastyPierre 2017-10-31

His granddaughter, Laura, was born in her mother's bed, on that unseasonably cold and storm-laden night of April first, nineteen hundred sixty-nine. This sixty-nine year old ex-communicated Catholic priest was the toe-sucking slave to Laura's mother, the late Mrs. Betsey Paines. Reele Paines and the late Betsey are Laura's parents. Like many females born to Paines Manor, Betsey grew up on its ether, in a dream, a fairy tale. Betsey had left Laura, her poor bewildered daughter, alone and at the mercy of wolves. And the entire time she has lived as a prisoner in a large gilded cage of a room, under the authority of her mother's iron thumb, somewhere within the confines of Paines Manor.


fetish Jizzylady 2017-10-31

Sharon said he was like a wild a****l in the room.She thought he would be careful with her as she told him her old b/f's had been tiny boys. She looked at his eyes and he was in a trance now, with a fixed stare he was looking at her cunt.He for a moment looked at her face, took the weight of the big heavy shaft into his huge hand, raised it to an angle she could see the slit in the bell end just above her-fucking massive dripping monster- then let out another wad of black juice!!! She took both hands and wiped the spunk from her eyes, then saw that Leon was working the sticky bell end into her cunt.


fetish cumslutt77 2017-10-31

oh gawd!" Luke groaned, feeling Link's cocksucking mouth slowly pulling Luke's hips into him as he rocked his head back and forth, sucking his cock. "Ohhhh fuck....." Harvey groaned, plastering himself to the wall, aching while the mouth continued to slowly suck his cock from base to tip and back. Harvey sank to his cocksucking knees, played with Harry's cock through his panties, then slowly slid them down and wrapping his luscious lipstick'd lips around his hard fucking cock, eliciting moans and groans from Harry's succulent lips! fuck me on all fours like a wanton little cocksucking slut that I am, darling!" and Harry got on all fours, lubing up his asshole and spreading his cheeks in anticipation for Harvey to impale him with his throbbing hard cock!

Diary of a Cum Junkie

fetish LunarSolstice 2017-10-31

Jack was your typical guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, tight abs, loved football..." Carrie looked around the room "Ahem, anyway, he only had this one hang up, and that was that he really wanted to cum on me, talked and joked about it all the time. Straddling me, I pushed my breasts together hard so that he had a nice little hole to fuck, and he started thrusting faster and faster as I was laying there my nipples started to get rock hard and so I'm trying to pinch them and hold them together at the same time, my mouth slightly open to let out a moan when my boyfriend comes with this huge sigh, and he shoots more cum that I thought could come out of three cocks all over my face and into my mouth."

I introduce Anthony to strapon love

fetish nmdomme 2017-10-31

"What I am saying, Anthony, is that one of the things I really love is to strap on one of my dildos, bend my man over, and fuck him in the ass just like the women in your movies. I didn’t want the cage to be uncomfortable, even if it restrained his erection but I’d decided that I needed the dildo that I fucked him with to be just a little to big. "God, I'd love to stretch your tight ass with this but I think I better start with this one" and began in insert the Share into my pussy and through the harness. Are you sure you want me to fuck your tight little ass with this monster?” Why don’t you suck it first and give some thought to whether you’re sure.”

Stocking Tops Pt. 07

fetish Egmont Grigor 2017-10-31

"Oh, he had curly blonde hair and looked a little like Lee Peach and I knew I'd show Mr Peach my stocking tops so I said, 'Ruben, I'm going to give you a real treat. The performer who said she'd heard something commented, "Lee Peach single-handedly liberated women in Australia on that eventful day a little over five years ago when he inspired women to flash their stocking tops. After Polly handed Lee his coffee he said, "Polly, despite his preference David would like to see your stocking tops." Lee grabbed his jacket and took David out to a café and talked to him about eight bikie girls who wore motorcycle boots, fishnet stockings, something that represented a skirt and leather jackets with support from their tattooed motor-cycle gang guys who interrupt a rehearsal.

Started Innocently Ch. 02

fetish Kaotiks 2017-10-31

I lean back with my eyes closed and feel her tongue over my shaft and her throat muscles on my head, pulling more of my cock down her willing throat. I moan softly and she starts to rock her head back and forth, fucking her own face with my cock. Her head was now hitting the headboard of the bed to get more of my cock into her mouth. He mouth continued to piston down my shaft and I pulled her hair harder and pushed her face more and more onto my cock, making her take more of it on every stroke. She licks and kisses the head when it is near her mouth. The next time my cock is near her mouth, I began to blow my load.

St.Trinians' Gardener's Sex Lessons

fetish Richard963 2017-10-31

There was this large old sign which said First Aid Nursing Yeomanry School and below it Territorial Women's Army Training School. There was a large building at the entrance to the old walled area which was converted into a changing rooms, showers and lavatories for the girls to use. Then Wendy came over and started to run her hands over my body. Her cunt tasted delicious if a bit salty from her last piss, she held my head tightly and gave a big shudder and pushed me away. Then she grabbed hold of my prick, rubbed it up and down her slit and then bore down on to it; she waited a moment as she shuddered with a small orgasm, then she began to fuck me.

A Cuckolds Lust

fetish DickLover59 2017-10-31

I had never before felt anything like what I was feeling as I sat there alone, stroking my hard-on, while watching porn, all the while my wife was off fucking a much younger man than me! Then, as I felt the orgasm passing the point of no-return, I sat up on the very edge of the couch, and leaning over the edge of the clear glass table top, I pointed the head of my cock towards the open space where the lap-top had just been setting, and several strokes later---I exploded a truly MASSIVE load of sperm all across it in spurt after spurt after spurt!

Tales Of A Slave Final Part.

fetish azid619 2017-10-31

I held my mouth open over her throbbing soaking wet hole and placed my index and middle finger between the little space between my chin and her clit, and continued to pleasure her clit with my fingers, rubbing on it ferociously really fast and hard, as she carried on screaming out ecstatically. Seeing as I was still feeling real turned on, I decided to move myself so that I was now on my knees between the gap of her legs and, taking hold of them with my arms, I held them up to her body so that her knees was by her tits, and then I leaned over on top of her, pushed my real thick helmet into her little wet hole I began to fuck her real deep with my rock solid cock, fucking her roughly, hard and fast.

Menstruation Message

fetish hotpup 2017-10-31

I played in her sloppy bleeding cunt for only a couple of minutes and diddled her hard clit briefly before she rolled onto her back. But, thinking fast I went to the bathroom and used my finger to wipe her bloody juices off my cock and balls and eat the lovely sweet pie. Speaking of which, I'd love to feel your bloody pad or tampon and get a deep whiff of it before I eat out your cunt or fuck your nasty little cunt. Don't forget me when that time of the month rolls back around as I love the smell, taste, and texture of your red hot cherry pie.

Act Out Ch. 3

fetish Tristmegistis 2017-10-31

I watched her angle her head up and deep throat the twelve inch rubber prick while fucking her slick, naked cunt with its slightly littler brother. She was shouting every obscenity she knew, screaming at the top of her lungs what a cheap, nasty slut she was, how much she loved what I was doing to her, that she was cumming non-stop now and never wanted it to end. Her mile-long legs ended in her favorite shoes, a pair of six inch stiletto heels made of what looked like stainless steel with only a metallic mesh holding them to her feet. I handed her a dildo and she went crazy fucking her cunt with it - still watching the screen, still calling herself every whorish name she knew.

Michelle's Big, Sexy Pussy Ch. 01

fetish vid_35 2017-10-31

The next week she wore a similar pair of shorts to class and I didn't notice her adjusting them like she normally did when she got up to go to break. Michelle caught me looking a few times and finally learned over to whisper in my ear, "You do realize that the reason you can see the outline so well is because it is kind of big." Michelle said "Most guys like small and tight and that is all they want." Michelle reached down and pulled her lips apart to expose her big hole some more and said, "It is huge isn't it. I said "Michelle, your pussy is huge, but extremely sexy...I absolutely love it.


fetish homlyp 2017-10-31

Her barely-covered pussy was just an inch from my nose, and I could see that from her prior dancing around the cloth had worked its way between her lips slightly, and was showing a little crease in the cloth running vertically, and showing the edges of her outer labia on either slide. But Ann turned her head toward me, kissed me on my ear and whispered into it, "I'm a very horny girl." (Now it was my turn to give a little shiver.) She worked her way across my cheek to my mouth and started nibbling on my lips. She did the breath thing again, then started nibbling on my cock through my shorts, working her way out to the tip, at which point she turned her head and got her lips encircling my tip, and sucked and nibbled some more.

The Prescription Ch. 03

fetish caring elf 2017-10-31

"Lynn honey...if you enjoy a little spanking as part of sex play, that's can be very's a great kind of like of foreplay." "Tell you what," Karen said, "Jim is taking the kids skiing tomorrow…I don't go since I hate the cold and it gives me free time to do some Christmas shopping and pamper myself. For the first time in my life I was conscious of the fact that I was watching another woman's ass and thinking how, not only would I like to see it bare, but I would love turning it rosy pink.

Neighbour Fantasies....Part 15

fetish Croozer 2017-10-31

She stepped back, pulled her panty back into place, put her bra back on, and said, "Well you shit...I was going to wear the white stretch pants again tonight, but with you inside my panty, don't think a big wet spot would be good...guess I'll just throw a sundress on." She went into her closet and put on a yellow sundress with a flowing skirt, added a purple belt and earrings, and stepped back into her purple heels.

A 50 shades just for you

fetish 2017-10-31

We pass the threshold and I gently kiss your neck and tell you thank you for joining me on this evening. I pepper you with soft kisses on your neck, back, shoulders and arms. I kiss you silky tummy while still rubbing my giant hands all over your heavanly skin. I lick kiss and suck you clitoris until you are so wet my face begins to drool. I continue kissing all of your soft- tender areas one at a time. My other hand is caressing your tummy, breasts, and soft skin. I wet a soft cloth with warm water and gently clean your thigh. I wake you by kissing your soft cheeks and allowing you to breath deep the fresh aroma of coffee so invigorates your nose.