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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Perversion As She Sleeps

fetish ChinaBandit 2017-10-30

Her sometimes dulled sexuality was reassuring in this way. Taking a quick look back toward the bed, I moved toward the curtain to better inspect her intimates. Her size is 36B and there is no way it can fit me. My nose could have done this but I want to see her discharge. As I increase the rhythm on my cock I realize that, sometimes anyway, it is better this way. There she lay with my illicit spunk in that dark mane. If I cum in her bra it will be possible to enjoy the smell of her cunt as I release too. Lay there baby. It is such a turn on to violate her in this way.

SchoolRoom Escapade Ch. 2

fetish Grmln 2017-10-30

He wasn't sure but was going to try not matter what and soon was forcing the fourth finger into the hot cunt, her asshole sucking his tongue deep inside her as he tongue fucked her tiny little hole. She felt fingers reenter her but within seconds she began to realize that it wasn't just a finger or two, his whole hand had begun to enter her tight little cunt, pain seizing her cunt while her ass felt the pleasure of his tongue deep inside. The lips of her cunt had inched up his forearm with each forward motion and he was as deep as her body would allow now and began to open and shut his hand again, feeling the violent orgasms rocking her body until he felt her body go slack as she became nearly unconscious.

Soccer Dommes

fetish rick_oh 2017-10-30

"At the time I didn't think it was a lot of fun, but looking back, it's kind of arousing." I felt a slight twinge of an erection forming as I recalled the vigorous fucking that Lorraine had given me with the other two girls watching. When I had gotten rid of the enema and cleaned up, I went back into the bedroom and saw Kimber, naked except for her strap-on, standing spread-legged with her hands on her hips and a wide smile. Kimber paused, her strapon probe all the way in, and said, "For your insolence, maybe I should let Cindy do you without giving you any more 'training' back there.

Porn addiction

fetish 2017-10-30

It could lead to you feeling dissatisfied with your behaviour or how you look, attempts to introduce sexual practices that your partner is not comfortable with, a compulsion to act out fantasies that put you at risk, financial outlays that put you under pressure or eschewing real life experiences in order to live out fantasies online. If you’re not sharing an aspect of your sexuality (i.e. your porn preferences) with a partner, it’s harder for them to be on the same page as you, and increases the chances of a rift forming over time. If you’re in a relationship, and believe that porn addiction is affecting you or your partner, then this page from Relate’s website is a good place to start reading, or you can call them on 0300 100 1234 to begin the process of talking to someone either together or on your own.

Tales Of A Slave pt. 4

fetish azid619 2017-10-30

Then I ran the tip still slowly right over her cute little fanny flaps, being real careful not to scratch the sensitive area hard, just applying enough pressure to make her feel very exposed to pain yet trusting me not to cause her any... I then used my finger and thumb of my other hand to hold her lips open wide, revealing her little pink clit, and began to tease it with the bottom end of the pen, rubbing it playfully as she began to try and stifle her moans of pleasure but unable to. "Yes Master." Was her reply as she did that, and I quickly slapped the cuffs onto her, entrapping her wrists together, she gasped feeling the cold steel.

Are you Circumcised?

fetish goalei1234 2017-10-30

"Stroke it up and down Padma and you will see that it will become bigger." She began to stroke it while I took Anita's hands and got her to play with my low hanging balls. Anita now took over the stroking of my cock while Padma squeezed my balls. Padma and Anita began to discuss something again in their native tongue. With both Padma and Anita on the table I lifted up their legs and quickly slipped off their panties under their saris. Her wetness made my entry easy and soon I was fucking her on the office table with Anita's pussy beside her. I made Padma remain in the doggy position while I fucked Anita hard.

Peeing on the Peeper Ch. 06

fetish adoration 2017-10-30

The two black women planted kisses on Barbara's cheeks and as my wife disrobed to reveal her lovely 35-year-old body clad in an equally scandalous bikini, Keisha smiled at me: "Hi Peeper, that rubber cape must be awfully hot?" "Right," said Keisha, when the six dominas were all assembled, "let's go inside and get Peeper here started on his wine tasting!" "On to wine sample number 4, which the Peeper said he thought came from my darling daughter, Alysha." "If you'd all like to have some sandwiches and some drinks, Alysha and I will get Peeper here prepared downstairs, and then we'll call you all downstairs for his 100-stroke flogging – plus his extra little surprise."

Alice and Rabbit

fetish ZonkerTheDude 2017-10-30

Alice is kneeling before the Rabbit, sucking his cock DEEP down her throat, her finger deep in his asshole, massaging his prostrate. As Rabbit's slams back and forth, Alice drools like crazy, soaking Rabbit's cock and balls, spilling on to her dress, making a huge wet spot across her tits. Finally, he screams out his orgasm as she pulls his cock from her throat so that she can taste and feel his cum across her face, warm and slimy. Alice starts producing even more cum, her cunt drooling around Rabbit's cock, stream down his balls and onto the front of his pants, staining them. Rabbit then bends over to Alice's cunt, and sucks the cum out of her, swiring it around his own mouth, getting the mixed flavours of Alice and himself.

Blind Faith

fetish Leigh Brant 2017-10-30

Kissing up Tyann's body and placing hot lips around her right nipple, her captor starts to suck very hard all the while sliding a finger in and out of her pussy, faster and faster gaining speed with every thrust. Tyann feeling herself getting closer and closer to climax starts to arch her back trying to slam her pussy as hard as she can down on the fingers that are probing her hot cunt. Tyann's pussy drips with her sweet juices and all she can do is lay there, feeling her whole body on fire, wishing the person would come back and fuck her hard. Breathing hard, her body quivering, she feels the restraints on her legs start to get pulled up lifting her ass off of the bed, at least a good foot.

Freshman Balls

fetish inezknight 2017-10-30

I imagined, I could almost feel her, kneeing me in the balls. And then, when I was on the floor, placing one of those stilettos on one of my balls, and pressing down. She kicked his hands away and placed one beautiful stiletto on his balls. It happened, right there on the ground, in an alley, as she pressed on his balls. "I don't think they will bother you again," she was about to let go, but I couldn't end the moment. I felt her against me, one hand down my chest, the other unzipping my pants. She smirked, and then placed the heel of one of those beautiful stilettos on my right ball.


Florida Women Ch. 02

fetish KimMarcone 2017-10-30

The word was out that this year's theme was "pirates." I talked to Claudia and she said that she could get me an invitation on the basis of my looks (as I said, the host had a bit of a reputation), and I had it on good authority that Gemma and her husband would be there too. All of the electronics were off: the lighting came from real lamps they had hung from the ceiling; the air conditioning was turned off, leaving the room just below sweltering so that the sweat beads popped out on my face and body; and the only sounds were talking and the noises carried by the hardwood floors.


My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 06

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2017-10-30

Julie reached over and grasped my cock, just as Cathy had done three times already tonight and began to softly stroke me as she said "Darling, you can pick any two items on this bed to wear to dinner. The soft ruffles and softie feel of the material called out to me and I turned to look at Julie, trying to sense her approval if I selected these panties to wear. As I lifted one leg and then the other, Julie reached around me and grasped my cock and held it up against my stomach as Cathy slid the soft ruffle panties into place. The sight of her standing there, holding the matching bra and panties in her hand, head cocked with the questioning look on her face was priceless.

Getting Dirty Like a Star

fetish TwistedPlayr 2017-10-30

"I didn't mean to be intrusive, but you looked like you were having a terrible day, and they really should not have moved you once they gave you a room." Gabe explained. But, I'm also wondering if you only like to watch those kinky films or do you like playing as well." She said so bluntly that Gabe wasn't sure he had heard her correctly. Angelica watched the television screen and her grip on Gabe's cock tightened as she watched her thick tube of shit fill his mouth. "Wow, I really was full of shit." Angelica said after she had turned around and straddled Gabe's waist.

The Main Event

fetish Jaxon16 2017-10-30

"It looks like you have less than 4000 chips left." He pushed in his much larger stack and declared, "all in." I called in an instant flipping over my kings. I pulled away from Paige taking her hand, and we watched the dealer flip the king of diamonds on the river. Since my status as chip leader had garnered me great attention with ESPN and the poker bloggers, Paige finally related the haircutting story to Tracy. He pointed at her head then over at Paige, and he mouthed the word "beautiful." At the same time the dealer flipped the king of diamonds. At the bar about an hour later Paige and I already had a good buzz going, when Dan and his beautiful wife sat down with us.


Nothing More Gratifying

fetish MarthaD 2017-10-30

Somewhere along the way I'll start rubbing my booted legs up against him and tell him that I can't wait to feel his lips sucking on my nylon covered toes and feel his hands slide up and down my calves and feet. When he asks if he'll be allowed to cum I'll tell him that he will need to do a really good job and then maybe after a lot of begging I might let him masturbate for me, which I know is not what he really wants, but will be more than sufficient incentive for his best efforts.

Panty Husbands Wife Goes Crazy

fetish DrLit 2017-10-30

A couple weeks after my wife and I returned home from a trip to Key West where she fucked my virgin ass real good things were calming down. I said, "I love your fucking me and am ready any time you are." Let's talk more when I get home. My wife quickly moved my red panties to the side and placed her big black cock right on my ass hole. I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly my wife said, "Pound my cock, I am going to cum. While I was doing this I screamed out, "I love you baby, fuck my ass with your big black cock.

Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 03

fetish qexiqex 2017-10-30

He quickly tied a noose into the end of the bandage and pushed it over the bloated melon until it was neatly sitting right at the rim of the hole, where the ballooning breasts stuck out of the ceiling. Richie carefully pulled the strong bandage tight while he proceeded to cover the bloated boob with the elastic material, making it squeeze the trapped flesh into a weird, new form. Only the tip of the girl's breast was still uncovered, and the small globe of tit-flesh that sat on the blue stem glowed in an angry red. "Just helping the girl out," Richie chuckled, "She is too big for the holes she got, and apparently she needs to go to the bathroom urgently.

The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 21

fetish 2017-10-30

You’ll be working less and making more money and fucking young guys with big cocks. “You left me for Barry, you cost me a lot of money, and now that I’m treating you nice, you won’t help me, slut?” There’s a whole market that pays money to watch young guys with big cocks banging MILFs like you and treating them like fuck slaves. “Now…since you got me all agitated, you need to take care of this” he said and he had me lay on the couch and he slid his cock in between my legs and began to fuck me. I needed to protect my identity but the thought of fucking lots of young men on camera and having thousands of people see me turned me on.

Jane Entertains

fetish NiceNastyMann 2017-10-30

"You look so damn sexy sitting there, of course daddy wants to see his pretty, sexy, slutty little girl get rid of all that dirty water. But daddy wants his sweet girl to hold it for just a bit more." With that I get up and walk over, kneel on the floor in front of you, and gently pull your knees apart. Oh please daddy, make sure my pussy is clean and sweet smelling." You stand up, turn to face me smiling, hands clasped in front looking innocent and demure. You get an anxious look on our face, cup your hands over your sweet pussy and bring your knees tight together, "Oh daddy, I should have stayed on the toilet.

After a Tough Day

fetish 2017-10-30

All I could think of was getting home and have my slut Miem fix me a drink and dinner. I sat down water dripped from slut miem as she shook. My useless slut miem eating garabge. Miem my filthy slut, cunt whore stood there. not today slut was going to learn what it menat to disappoint and suffering. One of the twins ran over and started to kick my slut in the stomach. The twins start to beat the shit out of my bitch miem! One twin took a wire brush and scrubbed sluts cunt1 She screamed through two orgasms! My slut miem ahd given up fighting and screaming she layed there in shock! All night long i heard my useless cunt miem crying in pain.

The Collegiate Milkmaid

fetish ZotDragon 2017-10-30

After collecting a few milliliters of the fluid seeping from Kelly's breasts the doctor drew some blood, asked for a urine sample and announced he would be back shortly. It stood up proud and erect, after only a few rubs she gasped loudly enough to startle Simon to inaction as she clamped her legs around his hand, nearly crushing his fingers, and let the orgasm take over her body. The class was finally over after what seemed like days but was only an hour, she rushed back to her dorm room—certain that everyone could see what had happened to her, like getting her period for the first time in junior high—and carefully examined her breasts.

Control Games

fetish nikki4723985 2017-10-30

Placing clothespins down the insides of her pussy lips, and then, cruelly he places one directly on her aching clit, he smiles as he watches her writhe in torment as the pins pinch her skin and her body reacts to the escalating sensations she feels as he deftly removes the water bottle from her drenched pussy. Leaving the bobby pin resting a little ways inside her pee hole, he starts to circle her clit with his thumb, rubbing it firmly and flicking it on occasion with his index finger, causing her to moan even more and beg for release. Keeping his thumb firmly rubbing her clit, he removes the clothespins on her nipples with his other hand, and as she screams as the sharp pressure is suddenly gone, he quickly covers her aching tits with his mouth and tongue.

The Annual Black Friday Party

fetish 2017-10-30

It's usually a couple hours till one of the girls pulls a guys cock out in the kitchen and starts to suck him off. As I was sucking cock and getting my pussy pounded I felt a stream of lube hit my ass. The guy fucking my ass had hold of my garter belt with both hands pulling my ass into his dick as I could feel Jimmy getting harder and in my pussy. They shot several streams across our faces and we licked it off each other as the guys milked the residual cum out of their dicks and let it drip into our mouths.

Doctor's Hands

fetish LookingGlassLicker 2017-10-30

"No," I said, shaking my head, feeling my cheeks turning red. I turned and placed my hands flat on the bed, feeling Melissa lifting my gown out of the way. "Good, now, hold on to that thought," she said, sounding like she was grinning, and pushed her finger deeper. "If you don't mind, there's one more thing I'd like to check," she said, slowly releasing me and dragging her fingers back down over my balls. Her free hand returned to my cock and began stroking it as she slowly pushed her fingers deeper inside me. "Yes, thank you," Melissa replied, "sorry we ran over a little, David took a little while to open up," she said.